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I’m sure we all agree that one of the trickiest jobs, as a new parent, besides navigating lack of sleep, is to begin to understand your newborn baby’s needs.

As a new parent with reality biting at your heels, you will no doubt experience some mixed feelings and challenges as you transition into the world of parenthood.

Australian Doula College
We would love you to join us for an afternoon of networking and collaboration with other Brisbane based Doulas and Birth Workers, sharing and engaging in conversation with like-minded professionals in our community. Light refreshments provided.

Please RSVP

When: Saturday 5th March
Time: 2-5pm
Where: Indigo Soul Wellness - 46 Shottery St, Yeronga 4104
Thank you ADC for my lovely notebook and Christmas wishes. I'm very proud of the training and ongoing support I receive from you all.

Can't wait to bathe in all your Doula expertise and glory at the retreat in Feb 2022!
"For over 60-000 years Yolŋu childbirth happened on-country with skilled djäkamirr- midwifery caretakers -using ancestral wisdom and bush technologies to support women and babies.
Since the recent arrival of Western missionaries in the 1920s and the removal of childbirth to hospital, Yolŋu have been suffering. Women are now disconnected from their support systems and the region has profound health inequities including the highest rate of preterm birth in Australia.
DJÄKAMIRR is a privileged insight into the aspirations of remote First Nations communities to reclaim their birthing culture from the stronghold of Western medicine; and be part of the solutions to improve health.
Filmed over a two year period on-country in Arnhem Land, the documentary is a rare invitation to experience Yolŋu women’s culture and hear their aspirations for maternity services.
This is a journey of hope, demonstrating that when Yolŋu and Balanda (non-Yolŋu) Australians work together, positive change and community empowerment is possible."
Screenings for this important documentary are happening now Australia wide.
To find screening dates and locations, or to host a screening, click through to .film or visit their website or
Additional Dates
Byron Bay - 18th October
Sydney - 9th November Australian Doula College
Melbourne - 16th November Australian Doula College
Currently completing my training through Australian Doula College
The Darwin premiere and fundraiser screening of DJÄKAMIRR at the beautiful Deckchair Cinema was held Thursday 12 August. This event was proudly hosted by Northern Institute & Molly Wardaguga Research Centre.

It was a full house last night as all 350 tickets (full allocation) sold out in only a few days. The event was opened by Mike Wilson, CDU Deputy Vice Chancellor along with a wholehearted Welcome to Country by Larrakia Elder, Aunty Bilawara. Star of the show, Co-Director & Co-writer Ḻäwurrpa Maypilama then said a few words, introducing the film to an excited Darwin audience.

Following the film, a recorded Q&A with bloopers had the crowd giggling. The screening ended on a serious note with a Call to Action - urging people to please visit the DJÄKAMIRR website - - to support a birthing centre on Galiwin'ku (Elcho Island) and help drive change so that maternity services meet the needs of all Australian First Nations women and families.

There is another Darwin screening planned for Monday 6 Sept 6:00PM at BCC Cinemas Casuarina. For tickets go to

Molly Wardaguga Research Centre
Charles Darwin University
Australian Doula College
Deckchair Cinema
Dee Bee Catering
We are so proud of the abortion doula program that we run in partnership with the Australian Doula College. Edwina attended our training earlier this year, got involved, chatted to participants and wrote this beautiful piece.
Kicking off International Women's Day celebrations with day 1 of our Abortion Doula Training. This years theme is Women in Leadership. Thanks to the efforts of everyone in this room for shaping a more equitable and compassionate future. 💜 to the Australian Doula College for partnering with us on this journey.
Until recently, women in Galiwinku travelled alone to regional areas to give birth. However this is changing with the work of local Yolŋu women and their djäkamirr (doula or childbirth companion) program. See how:
Charles Darwin University Australian Doula College
Need birth plan advice? We have you covered! Experienced doulas and educators from the Australian Doula College will be part of our amazing Advice Hub at the Baby to Toddler Show!

They will be on hand to share all of their amazing experiences with you. You'll come away better equipped to make informed decisions that are right for you!

Register for the show here -

Support the crucial international movement "Birthing On Country" (BOC) Project for returning childbirth to First Nations families and their communities. For Mothers to give birth on the land of their ancestors to ensure a spiritual connection between the baby and the land.
Nhaltjan limurr dhu djäka miyalkku galŋa-ŋonuŋgu limurruŋgiyingal wäŋaŋur.

Visit: for more info.

You can help with donations to the fundraising web page:

Partnerships with Charles Darwin University Australian Doula College Yalu Aboriginal Corporation Molly Wardaguga Research Centre
Help Victorians 🙏

The ADC provides education, support and continuity of care for all of life's transitions.

Operating as usual


What does birthing on country mean?

For over 60,000 years first nations women have birthed on their ancestral country. Modern ways of birthing, colonisation, medicalisation have disrupted, displaced and at times destroyed their birthing places and traditions.

This important, thoughtful video might help you to learn and understand birthing on country and what it means to First Nations women and people.

Featuring interviews filmed during the Best Start to Life 2022 National Gathering at Mparntwe (Alice Springs) alongside breath-taking Australian landscapes, this educational documentary explores the many meanings of Birthing on Country.

Watch it here:

We acknowledge and pay respect to the First Nations people and their countries across Australia.


- Interviewing & Production: Sarah Ireland
- Filming, Editing, Sound & Post-Production: Pat Josse
- Narration: Shellie Morris
- Co-production Molly Wardaguga Research Centre , Central Australian Aboriginal Congress & Charles Darwin University
- One20 Productions ©2022

Photos from Australian Doula College's post 11/10/2023

Join us for our November Masterclass with Michelle Gomes from .io and Renee Adair as they talk about • LEGACY •

When: November 14th 8pm AEDT
Where: online via zoom

In this masterclass Michelle and Renee will cover the meaning of personal and family legacy and how as a doula we can support our clients and families in their end of life journey in this space.

Michelle will share the story of Evaheld and what their users are creating and why. Providing attendees with tips and guidance for creating this type of content and how to help your clients - no need for the platform, just helpful tips!

An overview of how the platform can help Doula’s during the content creation process, and look after the entire process after their clients’ deaths, so that they don’t have to worry about it.

Register on the website. $33 to register and ADC Community Members get this free!


The Molly Wardaguga Research Centre, Central Australian Aboriginal Congress & Charles Darwin University have made this video to get you thinking.

"Have you ever thought about what Country you were born on? Australia is internationally recognised as a country but has over 250 sovereign First Nations countries. Every birth in Australia is a birth on First Nations Country."


We acknowledge and pay respect to the First Nations people and their countries across Australia. Always was, always will be.

Learn more:


- Interviewing & Production: Sarah Ireland
- Filming, Editing, Sound & Post-Production: Pat Josse
- Co-production Molly Wardaguga Research Centre, Central Australian Aboriginal Congress & Charles Darwin University
- One20 Productions ©2022


signing on for the final virtual doula training course of 2024. WOW, how this year has absolutely flown.

Only two final opportunities to train with us in 2023.

Birth and Postpartum
👉 Sydney / WEEKEND 1: 3-5 Nov 2023, WEEKEND 2: 23-26 Nov 2023

End of Life
👉 Correspondence / Online Learning Platform / Starts 28 November 2023

Get in touch with us for information or to book!


Recently Renee spoke with Marjorie at the South Sydney Herald all about end of life doulas. Have a read.

"Being an end-of-life doula is about filling the gaps, offering resources, information, kindness and compassion, but most importantly, providing continuity of care. Continuity of care is missing today in our systems, and most people will die in hospital not knowing that they have other options. Research has proven time and again that when we’re going through major life transitions, continuity of care is key for how we experience that transition and how we carry that forward, whether that’s positively or negatively, into the rest of our lives.

In Australia, we do death and birth pretty badly. There’s little to no emotional support within the systems we’re birthing and dying in. We’ve lost the experience of caring for our dying person and, as individuals, we are frightened of death. Death was handed over to funeral directors about 100 years ago. I think a medium like a doula has a really unique opportunity to bring back that compassionate community that was lost, and to give families the power and the dying person the power to die in the way that they want to, surrounded by loved ones – because that’s what we deserve, to have a better experience of dying and, for those left behind, not to walk away feeling traumatised."

Read more:

Photos from Australian Doula College's post 06/10/2023

There's one spot left in our upcoming virtual training starting next Tuesday. If you've been thinking about it... now's your chance 😍

We have limited opportunities to train with us in 2023.

Birth and Postpartum
👉 Virtual / Online via Zoom / October 10th, 12th, 17th, 19th, 24th & 26th (09:30am-2:30pm)
👉 Sydney / WEEKEND 1: 3-5 Nov 2023, WEEKEND 2: 23-26 Nov 2023

End of Life
👉 Correspondence / Online Learning Platform / Starts 28 November 2023


"The real, measurable, important milestones that signal your baby’s actual development can influence your baby’s sleep, or lack of it. So, when your baby, who has been sleeping in peaceful blocks, suddenly starts waking more frequently, it usually means he is approaching a real developmental milestone – he is not ‘regressing’, he is ‘progressing.’" - Pinky McKay

We are so excited for our upcoming masterclass with McKay next Tuesday via zoom at 8PM AEST.

Pinky McKay is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Mum of five and best selling author of Sleeping Like a Baby, 100 Ways to Calm the Crying, Parenting By Heart and Toddler Tactics.

You'll have the opportunity to hear from Pinky on gentle, respectful ways to help your baby (and you) sleep without compromising breastfeeding or the beautiful bond between you and your little one.

You can download the first chapter of her book 'Sleeping Like a Baby' FREE :

Register for the masterclass online:


Have you heard of a living funeral? You may have heard of it referred to as a "life celebration"

It is a ceremony held for a person who is still alive, allowing them to reflect on their life, share their thoughts and feelings with loved ones, and celebrate their life while they are still able to participate. It provides an opportunity for individuals to have some control over how they are remembered and to express their wishes, values, and sentiments before their actual passing.

What you might encounter at a living funeral...

You'll find friends, family members, and sometimes even work mates come together to participate in the living funeral. It's a way to show support, love, and appreciation for the person who is still alive.

Space for reflection and sharing. The individual being celebrated often has the opportunity to speak about their life, share anecdotes, express their thoughts and feelings, and even address any unresolved issues or regrets. This can be a deeply emotional and cathartic experience for both the individual and their loved ones. The person being celebrated might also share life lessons, advice, or wisdom they have gained throughout their journey.

Loved ones may also offer eulogies and tributes, sharing their own memories, stories, and heartfelt messages about the person's impact on their lives. Enabling them to say all the things they wish to their loved on while they are there to hear and feel all the love.

Some living funerals may incorporate symbolic gestures, such as the lighting of candles, releasing of balloons, or planting of trees, to represent the person's life and legacy.

Feeling creative, some living funerals have music, poetry, art, or other forms of creative expression can be included in the ceremony to add depth and meaning to the event.

Some individuals use the living funeral as an opportunity to showcase or discuss their legacy projects, charitable endeavours, or causes they care deeply about.

Living funerals are often documented through photographs, videos, or written accounts to serve as a lasting record of the event and the person's reflections.

Like traditional funerals, there is often a social aspect to living funerals, with food and refreshments provided for attendees to enjoy together.

A living funeral can vary widely depending on the individual's preferences, cultural background, and the intentions of the event. Some may prefer a formal ceremony, while others may opt for a more informal and relaxed gathering.

Pictured is Heidi and her husband sharing a bittersweet dance to the same song played at their wedding. Image via New York Post / Facebook / Jenna Satterthwaite

You can read the article about Heidi's story online "I threw a ‘living funeral’ for my dying sister — it was magical, not morbid" here:


There are still a few more opportunities for you to start your doula training with us in 2023. We offer both birth and postpartum as well as end of life doula training. First breath to last.

Birth and Postpartum:
👉 Sydney / WEEKEND 1: 3-5 Nov 2023, WEEKEND 2: 23-26 Nov 2023
👉 Virtual / Online via Zoom / October 10th, 12th, 17th, 19th, 24th & 26th (09:30am-2:30pm)
👉 Correspondence / Online Learning Platform / Starts 17th October 2023

End of Life:
👉 Correspondence / Online Learning Platform / Starts 28 November 2023

Here's Bron with her very first doula group who started their training in Melbourne a few short weeks ago. The smiles say it all.

Photos from Australian Doula College's post 18/09/2023

Birthworkers know that Birth Matters. Join Nicole for a one day intensive workshop.

9:30am - 4pm
Tuesday Oct 3rd
Australian Doula College premises, Marrickville

As a species we have the capacity to foster Love & Connection.
To ourselves, each other, our Earth.
The time has come where we can no longer assume recapitulation of these qualities - due to the last few hundred years of division, disconnection and nervous system damage.

We know we need to consciously heal, and reinstate Love & Connection as a priority.

Well supported, autonomous birth brings that healing, to families, Mothers and of course, incoming souls.

Is this why you’re interested in working in birth support, or the healing arts?
Perhaps you’ve committed to the idea that women should not suffer in birth?
Maybe you’re subliminally healing your own traumatic entry to life, or birth experiences?
Or you’re a wonderfully nurturing soul with extra love to give, and a desire to turn your unique super power into a livelihood?

The way we are born impacts our lives.
Our relationship to love, to ourselves, to our ability to feel safe in putting ourselves ‘out there’ in business or the arts, to share our opinions, to make our own decisions… To be strong in our convictions and to speak truth, even when it’s hard.

We need all this in these times, and even more so as Birthworkers, Birthkeepers, Birthnerds, and Advocates.

Explore your own birth imprints, and create new ones in a one day intensive created especially for Doulas and Birthworkers.

We can consciously invite experiences into our limbic system that better serve who we are and want to experience life as, today.

I have hope that we can bring in the next generation in safety, trust and love.
You too?

Feel free to explore the Birth Into Being Method and how it all relates to conception and birth preparation; Or download a free viewing of the iconic birth film (25min), which also shares the origins of this body of work;
Birth As We Know It

Early Bird Discount
$50 off if paid by 22nd Sept.
Coupon Code: EARLYBIRD
Canx fee of $50 applies, $100 if less than 2 days prior


wrapping another wonderful doula training course in Adelaide yesterday with connection and joy 💫

“Thank you to these gorgeous women who held space for each other for the last four days of their face to face birth and post natal training. We laughed, cried, contemplated, shared stories, hopes and dreams.

After all these years, it’s still such a gift to facilitate a doula training knowing we are sending out such well equipped and compassionate doulas into the world.

Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves ladies. You are all going to be fabulous doulas.
Till next time 🥰🙏💜”




Hey Adelaide folks, if you’d been planning to pop by for the community gathering. We’ve had to cancel but will organise a new time/day in the near future x

What does Birthing on Country mean to yo | Birthing on Country 15/09/2023

Congratulations to the amazing Molly centre, Sarah Ireland and team on these new offerings launched this week at the National Midwifery conference in Adelaide.
The ADC is proud to be a partner of the Molly Wardaguga Centre

What does Birthing on Country mean to yo | Birthing on Country Featuring interviews filmed during the Best Start to Life 2022 National Gathering at Mparntwe (Alice Springs) alongside breath-taking Australian landscapes, this educational documentary explores the many meanings of Birthing on Country.


✍️ by .ra__

Are you okay? R U OK? How are you going? Do you want to talk a bit more about it? What’s been happening? You don’t seem yourself lately? Is there someone else you can talk to?

There’s so many ways to ask if someone is okay.

Ask, listen, support and check in.

Thanks for the annual reminder of the importance of asking this question each and every day.. and that it’s more to an okay to say “I’m not okay”.

There’s support out there:

Q Life

Photos from Australian Doula College's post 10/09/2023

Join us online at 7:30pm AEST on Wednesday 13th September. ADC Founder, Renee Adair will host a QNA session to ask all of your questions about our accredited training (11123NAT) Certificate IV in Doula Support Services. This 18 month course provides vocational education and training in practical and theoretical skills relevant to the provision of Doula support services and the underpinning knowledge required to apply these skills in a variety of workplace situation.

Photos from Australian Doula College's post 10/09/2023

What a weekend of doula training it has been, our educators are heading into the last hours of Sunday with very full cups and grateful hearts for the open hearts of our wonderful new students who are embarking on the start of their doula journeys.

We had Bronwyn guiding her first group of students as and educator (can you tell she’s excited!) and Jacki up in Brisbane absolutely transforming the learning space as only she does.

It’s also nice when the art at the teaching space is on point (image 3).

There’s still a virtual, correspondence and face to face course (Sydney) for birth and postpartum courses in 2023. And one final end of life doula course.

Head to the website for more details ❤️‍🔥


Happy Father’s Day. Here’s to the dads.

The step dad, the solo dad, the people like dads to us, the should and would be dads, the mums also being dads, the dads we miss to bits..

To every dad, in all their uniqueness.

We hope your day is filled with the people you love, hand drawn artwork telling you how great you are and a day of things that you love doing or seeing!

Sending love and a little sunshine to anyone who finds today big, tough, sad, challenging or complicated.

Photos from Doula Jenn B's post 01/09/2023


Photos from Australian Doula College's post 31/08/2023

As we are about to enter the spring season we are so happy to announce that our annual scholarship program applications open tomorrow at 9am on September 1st 2023.

As part of our continued effort to always help the people that need it most, The Australian Doula College is proud to offer three annual scholarships. The ADC is honoured to continue the legacy of three trailblazing women who the Scholarships are dedicated to.

We received over 80 applications for our Scholarships last year!

If you have a calling to work in birth, postpartum or end of life but find yourself unable to afford the training fees, the Australian Doula College Scholarship Program could be for you.

The scholarships (valued at up to $3,990 depending on your course choice) can be used for all delivery options for the Birth and Post Natal Statement of Attainment or our End of Life training or you can choose to credit that amount towards the (11123NAT) Certificate IV in Doula Support Services .

Applications are open from 9am 1st September 2023 and will close 5pm 30th of September 2023

The scholarship program is driven and represented through three very special women, with whom the Australian Doula College has a deep connection and it's truly an honour to offer these scholarships in their names.

❤ Elaine Ḻäwurrpa Maypilama Annual Scholarship
❤ Sarah Buck Annual Scholarship
❤ Marie Burrows Annual Scholarship


We want to send love and light to all the bereaved fathers out there.

“Each persons grief is as unique as their fingerprint. But what everyone has in common is that no matter how they grieve, they share a need for their grief to be witnessed.” - D Kessler

We see you 💫

Posted • “...We hope that in some way, Billie knows how much she is loved by her Mum and Dad. No matter how tough times may get, the love and happiness she gave us will stay with us forever. She will never be forgotten and we will make sure Billie is remembered by all, and will always be part of our family.

Continue on your journey dear girl and take with you our love and may you rest in peace …"

Heartfelt words shared by Robb , father to beautiful Billie.

Thank you Robb for sharing. Visit link in bio, to read Billie’s full story ( and other experiences shared by father’s in our community.

Sending all our love and support to all the dads and father figures in our community on International Bereaved Father's Day. Your precious babies are so loved, and forever in our hearts.

If you or someone you know needs support, please seek assistance from your health professional or call Lifeline Australia: 13 11 14 • Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636 • Emergency: 000 • Mensline: 1300 78 99 78 • Relationships Australia: 1300 364 277 • Sands Australia / Red Nose: 1300 308 307 • Bears of Hope: 1300 114 673 •

📸 provided and

Photos from Australian Doula College's post 25/08/2023

Our CEO shared some her fave reads for book week.

💫 Some birth essentials coming from many different angles that assisted my learning when I started as a Doula with a sprinkle of necessary crystal and warrior magic … of course

💫 Some OG gold, depth and powerful education that has allowed me to expand my knowledge and approach to the birth space particularly when working with survivors, victims and the countless women we serve who have been exposed to trauma

What are your favourites? Tell us in the comments 🤍


Never too late to take a moment to acknowledge National Rainbow Baby Day 🌈

A rainbow baby is a baby (or babies!) born after the loss of a baby, no matter how or when the loss occurred.

Here’s to all the rainbow babies across the globe and their siblings who came before them who aren’t here with us on this earthly plane.

Love and light to all those parenting while holding equal amounts of joy and grief. In all it’s beauty, difficulty and complexity.

Sending love to all of those who never got their rainbow baby or who eagerly await theirs.



We’re absolutely launching into spring with two face to face Birth and Postpartum Doula courses offered via our face to face training option.

Melbourne, starts 8th September with the epic as your educator 💫

Brisbane, starts 8th September with the wonderful as your educator 💫

If you’ve been chatting to us or you’ve been thinking about it and yet to - get in touch, book your spot. It’s just around the corner and we don’t want you to miss out on starting your doula journey along with all the blossoming buds of spring 🌼

We’ve also just launched the (11123NAT) Certificate IV in Doula Support Services and now offer accredited training in the Birth and Postnatal doula space. We’re wrapped, can’t you tell?

If you any more information, get in touch or visit the website 🤍


Books are a beautifully rich resource of ongoing learning and growth for doulas(and for us all!) . It’s book week this week and why let the kids have all of the fun.

Today we have .diqual our End of Life Doula Liaison with her pick to share.

“Dr Atul Gawande takes us on a thought provoking journey into the world of death and dying - weaving lessons into what matters most!”

Photos from Australian Doula College's post 19/08/2023

In the news, where it should be. To everyone who put in a submission, you did it. For everyone who wanted to and couldn’t or didn’t, we send you love.

Posted • Front page news. Three page spread. Birth-related trauma in the spotlight.
What is clear is that whilst birth can sometimes not go to plan, how we are treated is traumatic. These stories are about mothers not being trusted, respected, and supported to have our babies. It is obstetric violence. And we have had enough.

The unprecedented number of submissions - 4270 at this stage - detail a crisis in a maternity system that is perpetuating harm and causing trauma that could be prevented.

Thank you Kate and Lis for sharing your stories publicly.

Please take care when reading this article.

Please share this Front Page news with your networks.

👏🏼👏🏽 Kate McIllwain journalist for the does an outstanding job of weaving together stories, facts, and perspectives.


Ready to jump start your work as a birth and postpartum doula?

We have a face to face course for Birth and Postpartum in Melbourne starting on September 8.

Bronwyn will be working with a small, intimate group of emerging doulas - and she can't wait!

The course is 7 days of in person training as well as modules and coursework to be completed online.

Our course becomes a journey for you and offers a holistic approach to supporting transitions with an opportunity for the you to grow and understand how your life experiences and beliefs can impact on your work.

We believe that it is essential to understand your own vulnerabilities and fears in order to be able to assist others though theirs. This is an intricate part of our trainings.

Collectively, as doulas and educators we have over 100 years experience. You will be extremely well supported during your training, having an educator on call for them 24 hours, seven days a week.

Payment plans available 💫

More information on the website 🙌

Image via
Doula BB

Photos from Better Births Illawarra's post 10/08/2023

Here pictured is a carved tree of the Wiradjuri people of what we now call New South Wales. Once stood hundreds of these trees at the burial sites of what is believed to be important men in that community.

Each design specific to the person and to serve as a pathway for their spirit to return to the "sky world". The design looks to the burial site to let people know the spiritual significance of the site. These sacred trees were wrongly removed and over time many have been rightly returned to their communities as reparations seek to be made and space made for healing.

An opportunity to remember how important it is that we learn about the different ways we individually and as cultures, move through dying, death, grief and remembering. Especially of the First Nations people of the lands that we live, love and work on.

Each person, with their stories and own unique life, beliefs and cultures will seek to be remembered in ways that are individual to them. So often though, we skirt around the topic of death; and these conversations go unsaid. This can often lead to grieving loved ones trying to navigate big decisions about what they think you would want rather than knowing your wishes in advance.

Today is Dying to Know day. Whether you're in your 20s, 50s, or beyond, Dying to Know Day is an annual campaign all about YOU and your choices.

Important arrangements for you to have sorted include the five documents below.

👉 Will
👉 Financial and Legal Matters
👉 Enduring Guardian
👉 Superannuation
👉 Advanced Care Plan

Some, or all, may be essential for you; this can differ from state to state. Without these documents, the government may decide for you. Take action to make your own decisions. Decisions that suit your values and wishes.

Conversations around your wishes should happen now, not later when it's imminently needed. These conversations may happen with friends and family, people who are important to you, but especially those who will support you in executing your wishes.

You can choose one, two or three people (or more!) to finalise your documentation. They should all have an understanding of your documents and commitment to follow through with your wishes.

There are a number of different roles for people assisting you with your wishes including:

👉 Executor
👉 Enduring Guardian
👉 Substitute decision maker

How do you want to be farewelled and remembered, planning your send off is an important part of .

Decisions around with planning your funeral or other death rituals are best made without the pain of grief immediately after a death or in the lead up to a death. This is a personal and unique process, you might consider your cultural heritage, family traditions, what you want or do not want.

There are so many choices to be made and financial costs to be included, so inform yourself of your options, document your decisions and ensure that those who need to make the arrangements are aware of your wishes. This can remove the stress and worry of arranging things quickly and at short notice.

Some of the choices you might want to consider:

👉 Cremation or burial or something else
👉 Your environmental footprint in death
👉 A funeral home package or something more individualised
👉 An event at home, in a park or outdoors setting (with permission) or in a place of worship
👉 A party afterwards or no fuss.

So let' start talking about death, dying and how we want the experience to be for us and how we would like to be farewelled. It's never too early or too late to start!

The Dying to Know website is filled with helpful guides, toolkits, and resources to support you on your journey to 'get dead set.' Conversations with your nearest and dearest about your unique choices and wishes are essential.


Let's take a moment to acknowledge and cherish the incredible natural process and individual journeys of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is not just a biological process; it's a beautiful bond between a mother or birthing person and their baby, filled with innumerable benefits for both.

We have been feeding our babies in this way, forever. The beauty and wonder of breastfeeding has so lovingly been been captured in art throughout time, this piece titled 'Motherhood' by Stanisław Wyspiański, from 1905.

Why are we always banging on about how great breastfeeding is? Well here's just a few reasons. Breast milk is nature's perfectly designed food, uniquely tailored to meet the nutritional needs of infants. It contains essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and antibodies that help strengthen the baby's immune system. Breastfeeding fosters the connection between mother and baby. The skin to skin, eye contact, and gentle cuddling during nursing create a secure and nurturing environment for the little one.

he act of nourishing a child from their own body fosters an intimate connection unlike any other. It's not about just food! Breastfeeding stimulates the release of oxytocin, which helps the uterus contract and return to its pre-pregnancy size. Breastfeeding has been associated with a decreased risk of breast and ovarian cancer, as well as a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in mothers.

This year's theme is all about making breastfeeding at work, work. A supported breastfeeding journey is going to be unique to the individual however, there are some key things we can do to optimise the experience for mothers.

How can we make breastfeeding at work, work?

Read more👉

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Sydney?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Jacki, lead educator, has been with the college for 14 years. She is so happy to be part of the team at this awesome tim...
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Ash, our epic CEO comes in to celebrate day 5 of our birthday week.She loves working here every single day, having been ...
A special moment at the end of a big day of connecting, learning and leaning into this work. Sharing one thing they woul...
3 sleeps to go!! Eeep!Liz @liz.diqual is part of our epic end of life team. Liz loved supporting end of life students th...





Level 1, 61-65 Shepherd Street
Sydney, NSW

Opening Hours

Monday 9:30am - 4:30pm
Tuesday 9:30am - 4:30pm
Wednesday 9:30am - 4:30pm
Thursday 9:30am - 4:30pm
Friday 9:30am - 4:30pm
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Richard Crosland's School of Fine Woodwork Richard Crosland's School of Fine Woodwork
43/566 Gardeners Road, Alexandria
Sydney, 2015

The students produce their own work after learning the basics...

Australian Writers' Centre Australian Writers' Centre
55 Lavender Street
Sydney, 2061

Online and classroom courses in all genres of writing.

800 Blackburn Road, Clayton
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Landmark ANSTO research infrastructure producing an intense light source - x-rays and infrared radia

Social Status Social Status
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Social Media training, advice, and assistance.

Australian Human Rights Commission Australian Human Rights Commission

For a free and equal Australia.

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Practical, strategic media, crisis and communication training workshops and seminars www.claritysolut

Rod Benson Rod Benson
120 Herring Road, Macquarie Park
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Ethicist and writer living in Sydney, Australia.

Supporting Men With Depression Supporting Men With Depression
Sydney, 2000

Having suffered Depression my entire adult life, and now just getting better, I have made it my miss

Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL) Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL)
Level 6, 201 Kent Street
Sydney, 2000

Developing Conscious Connected Leaders through Coaching Training, Executive Coaching & Leadership De

The Writers' Studio The Writers' Studio
Lugar Brae Avenue & Leichhardt Street
Sydney, 2024

If your dream is to write, our inspirational courses, unique creative processes and tutor coaching wi

Deadly Vibe Deadly Vibe
26-28 Burton Street
Sydney, 2010

Deadly Vibe Magazine is a popular national monthly magazine focusing mainly on health, sport, music a

Gymbaroo Ryde Gymbaroo Ryde
Ryde Masonic Hall, 142 Blaxland Road
Sydney, 2112

Gymbaroo RYDE provides the best baby & toddler program for 0-5 yrs in Sydney, Hunters Hill, Gladesvi