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We are a network of pioneers driving awareness and adoption of Circular Economy principles in Australia. Join the conversation. WHY A CIRCULAR ECONOMY?

THE WORLD HAS FINITE RESOURCES. METALS, GAS, AND OIL ARE NOT LIMITLESS, UNLIKE OUR APPETITE FOR THEM. Our current model of dig, process, use, and chuck is by definition unsustainable. Something must change! A Circular Economy is an alternative model that anticipates and designs for biological and technical 'nutrients' to be continuously re-used at the same quality, dramatically reducing our depend

Operating as usual


***World's First Renewable Nappy***

Join in and contribute on an epic Circular Economy Australia project.

We are so proud, especially as a parents to be part of the gCycle revolution.

29 billion disposable nappies end up in or our oceans every year in the US, UK and Australia. Obviously much higher numbers globally.

Imagine using and throwing away between 5-12 bottles of water a day. These are nappies. A cup of oil to produce, they never disappear and they are heavily toxic once wasted.

gCycle founded by gDiapers, a Cradle to Cradle product has created the worlds first solution. A nappy delivered to nurseries which is collected and transformed into cool things like soil, power or fuel.

Having worked with the team on this truly Circular Economy solution for the last 4 years. We are now looking to the world, starting in the UK with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, welcoming community contributions, as we continue to trial and innovate towards our goal.

We believe gCycle has the power to divert millions of nappies from landfill for good and we would love your help to do it.

Please join us. We need you. We need to know the world cares enough to want to support this change. Nappies out of landfill for good!

Join in by liking gCycle and share with those who you know care about a future.

Never underestimate the power of what a group of committed citizens can do. Bethechange!

Thank You. Bring on the future. We are excited, are you?

gCycle gCycle is a world-first PAAS (Product As A Service) featuring a plastic-free nappy, delivery, collec

Lego starts producing bricks made from sugarcane-based plastic 05/03/2018

Lego has announced they will launch a series of sustainable bricks made from sugar cane.

When it comes to plastic and kids, we all love lego.

Today we love lego more for committing to have all of their products made from sustainable materials by 2030.

LEGO we are thrilled to hear this and we look forward to seeing the developments.

Lego starts producing bricks made from sugarcane-based plastic Lego has announced that it has started producing a range of sustainable Lego elements made from a plant-based plastic sourced from sugarcane. The soft, durab...


Design in transitional spaces is opening doors of opportunity.

Follow our updates 15/12/2017

We have been very quiet recently at Circular Economy Australia but there is good reason and now we are excited to bring you in on the secret.

We have been working with gCycle who have developed the World's First Renewable Nappy!

Nappies are a single use, primarily plastic product that we use a crazy amount of. 80 million a year in Aus, 3 billion a year in the UK and over 50 million a year in the US.

gDiapers has developed gCycle a full solution that delivers, collects and processes nappies, transforming them into valuable resources like nutrient rich soil and electricity.

This is a Circular Economy that is going to transform the nappy, waste and renewable markets and we want to invite you to watch the developments as they unfold.

We welcome your passion to join us by signing up to our updates. So much more to come, huge thanks in advance for your support.

Follow our updates As a member of our tribe, you will get exclusive access to updates, learnings and resources designed to support our mission for an abundant future. Thank you providing your email below. We will be sure to only share the what we know you will value.



We currently have a marketing volunteer role available. The role includes a professional development plan and mentoring with a circular economy practitioner.

INTERNSHIP – MARKETING/DESIGN/COPYWRITING WITH GLOBAL BABY PRODUCT Do you want experience working for a company of the future, a circular economy company? Flexible working, global experience, a business driven 100% with a purpose to rethink the way we make things. We are currently looking to fill a volunteer role, flexible 20hrs per week as a marketing

Save Plastic, Save Our Oceans– Join the OpenIDEO Challenge 28/05/2017

Calling Innovators. OpenIDEO have an exciting challenge on at the moment. If you believe in rethinking the way we use plastic. This is one for you. Tim Silverwood Cath Leach Justin Bonsey Two Hands Project Take 3 Sea Shepherd Global Responsible Runners

Save Plastic, Save Our Oceans– Join the OpenIDEO Challenge Did you know by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean? Let's change that in the Circular Design Challenge.


When we talk about systematic thinking this is an example of it operating in a human centered way.

Adidas Shoes Made From Ocean Plastic Are Finally Here 17/11/2016

Designing an economic opportunity for plastic waste. It is a down cycle but it does raise awareness which is absolutely needed.

Adidas Shoes Made From Ocean Plastic Are Finally Here It's no secret that the oceans are filled with plastic. Adidas is doing something about it.

DIF Live Launch - DIF 2016 11/11/2016

Disruptive Innovation Festival has launched and what a kick start to the event. So thrilled to see people power being a focal point for this years event.

Join us as we following the festival on the edge of our seats, over excited by just how many incredible steps are being taking towards a future design for abundance.

DIF Live Launch - DIF 2016 This is Just the Start The information technology revolution has only just begun, yet it is removing jobs faster than its creating them in a global e...

Australian communities are fighting food waste with circular economies | Food & Beverage 30/08/2016

Australia's Circular Economy activities in the food industry. Some exciting things happening.

Australian communities are fighting food waste with circular economies | Food & Beverage Australian communities are fighting food waste with circular economies August 29, 2016In FocusMatthew McDonald Bernadette McCabe Bernadette McCabe 1 articles published Latest News Plenty of activity in Food & Beverage sector Dropping the plan to ban junk food ads in prime time was a bad move – the U...

Economic thinking comes full circle 30/03/2016

Economic thinking comes full circle These days it’s not just local co-operatives that are promoting upcycling and reuse of goods. Multinationals, the EU and the World Economic Forum are also embracing the circular economy

Circular economy: Lessons from China 30/03/2016

Circular economy: Lessons from China The country consumes the most resources in the world and produces the most waste — but it also has the most advanced solutions, say John A.


Understanding the problem is the start to finding a solution. This film is certainly bringing the topic of plastic to the surface. DESIGN OUT WASTE.

Timeline photos 03/02/2016

This is great news!

The latest work from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and McKinsey & Company 'New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the future of plastics' provides for the first time a vision of a global economy in which plastics never become waste, and also outlines concrete steps towards achieving the systemic shift needed.

True in action that is very pleasing to read.

Download the report in full at:

Imagine a world without plastic pollution Take 3 Resource Recovery Great Lakes Circular Economy Australia Community Recycling Network Australia


"Relieving poverty will support better use of resources"

Timeline photos 22/01/2016

CHANCE TO INNOVATE. Water is one of our most creative and precious resources. So much potential for redesign and already some incredible things happening in the space. Lets us know what water projects you love.


We really need to do something about this. You in?

by Recycle by City.

Prinzessinnengarten, Berlín © 2010 Monocle 20/01/2016

After the war, Berlin was left with many areas of the city empty and abandoned. Prinzessinnengarten was built on wasteland. Created by Robert Shaw and Marco Clausen for locals to grow organic food and re-discover biodiversity.

Prinzessinnengarten, Berlín © 2010 Monocle Urban gardening: We spend a day on the farm in deepest Berlin to find out how urban agriculture is taking root in the German capital. © 2010 Monocle

Kamikatsu - Japan's Aspiring Zero-Waste Town | Oddity Central - Collecting Oddities 13/01/2016

The zero-waste town in Japan. Kamikatsu asked its people what their most possible is. They replied. Their aim is to recycle everything that they consume by 2020. Seems impossible but they're doing it.

Kamikatsu - Japan's Aspiring Zero-Waste Town | Oddity Central - Collecting Oddities Kamikatsu is a small Japanese town that takes recycling very seriously and plans to become the country's first zero waste community by 2020.


Innovation for Ocean Rubbish. Certainly an area we need to be seeing more innovation in.

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