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Operating as usual


I aam baack on that ! 😀

When I was in Europe, I neglected split training. Now I am back on day 3!

Didn’t reply experience as much discomfort as I thought I would, yay!

On the first pic and video it is my deepest passive range after 3rd round.

On the third and forth slide you see the maximum depth in an active range, also in the 3rd round.

At my deepest range, I use my hands as support and try to get them off the floor – engaging my here. I want to focus that my chest is not too low and to keep the upper body as much upright as possible – what ya think?

Since it can be very easy to overload the medial knee I still will take it cautiously – more consistent though! 😊

Here I did short holds, deep range of motion, multiple reps.

If you work on something long and hard enough results will come, your body is adaptable. 🤗☀️

Wanna get bendy or get your body moving? Flick me a PM for details, happy to connect! 🤗

🇩🇪 Hab an meine Splits nicht gearbeitet ich in Europa war, und jetzt ist’s wieder so weit,.. 🙂

Ich hab gar nicht so viel Unbehagen gehabt wie ich dachte, yay!

Auf dem ersten Bild und Video ist es meine tiefste passive Reichweite nach der 3. Runde.

Auf dem dritten und vierten Foto/Video ist es meine maximale Tiefe im aktiven Bereich, auch in der 3. Runde.

In meiner tiefsten Reichweite verwende ich meine Hände als Stütze und versuche, sie vom Boden abzuheben – wobei ich hier meine einbeziehe. Ich möchte mich darauf konzentrieren den Oberkörper bissl aufrecht zu halten – was meint ihr?

Da es sehr leicht sein kann, das mediale Knie zu überlasten, werde ich es trotzdem vorsichtig angehen – aber konsequenter! 😊

Wenn Du an etwas lange und hart genug arbeitest, werden die Ergebnisse kommen, Dein Körper ist wunderbar anpassungsfähig. 🤗☀️

Willst du biegsam werden oder deinen Körper in Bewegung bringen? Oder Dich gesünder ernähren aber weißt nicht wie? Schick gern ne Nachricht! 🤗


We still got another 3 month (a little less then that) to go in 2022! Why not using it, instead of procrastinating? ☀️

I want to share with you some thoughts:

☀️ Set SMALLER goals that help achieve you your BIG goal. E.g. if writing a book is your goal, you may want to start writing a few paragraphs or pages or break down your writing goal or captures.

☀️ Set goals that matter to you, that EXCITES you, that bring actual EMOTIONS with it.
Think „how will this achievement make me feel?“ Try to mute the voices from your friends or family for a moment to figure out what matters most to you. If you set goals that are not truly your own, they'll likely be harder to stick to. Questions like „Why do I want to achieve this goal?“ makes it even stronger.

☀️Visualise! See yourself achieving this goal! Don‘t fear the failure, instead fear being in the very exact same place on the 01/01/23 or even in a year time as you are now, today, when reading this. Keep , watch yourself thrive! ☀️🙂💪




Big love,


🇩🇪below! Smiles are contagious! 🤗
Let’s start spreading them this week even more! 🥰
Happy Monday & lots of love ❤️

🇩🇪Lachen und lächeln - sind sooo ansteckend und vibrieren wunderschöne Energie! Wie eine gratis Batterie Aufladung! Heute schon gelacht? Fang am besten gleich damit an - und ich möchte euch einladen, diese Woche mal besonders darauf zu achten! 🙂💕


Photos from AnLo_Motion's post 30/06/2022

“Follow your dreams, they know the way” ✨✨ Kobe Yamada

Look in the direction of your dreams and start walking. Step after step. Each step brings you closer. 🤗🐾✨

I personally want to focus on the small little steps instead of the end destination, goal or desire. It is a rewarding feeling when you can tick ✅ one step off and continue with the next 🐾! ☀️🤗
It also puts me less under pressure and I can enjoy the ride.

Are you following your dreams? 💭 How are you going after your dreams?

Much love 💕,



Obligatory 😄🤸🏼‍♀️🤪

Doing more of handstands in 2022 🙂 ☀️🤸🏼‍♀️☀️

Reminder: do more of the things you love!

Throwback to our beautiful week in ❤️


☀️ 💪

Photos from AnLo_Motion's post 14/06/2022

This one kept me nice and cosy and warm for my winter swims in Sydney! 🤩🥶
Apparently it is the coldest winter here since 1970!? 🤷‍♀️😶
But nooow: E.U.R.O.P.E 🤗


Stiff neck adios!

Stiff neck? Sitting all day at the desk or in the car? Feeling tension and pain in the shoulders, neck and back? Try this!


I suggest you to do the work and to aim to try to use it thoroughly! 💕

An example is… shifting your focus. 𝒀𝒐𝒖 𝒘𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝒂𝒕𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒄𝒕 𝒎𝒐𝒓𝒆 𝒐𝒑𝒑𝒐𝒓𝒕𝒖𝒏𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒆𝒔 if you are in peace and in love with yourself, calm. Now, being calm on a lazy rainy Sunday as today might be super easy, ay. But then, during your working week, how to keep calm in a stressful moment, you ask?

Take deep breath through the nose! Draw inwards! Positive self-talk! Short meditation! Listen to music! Dance as nobody is watching (even if you got a flatemate wondering whats up with ya! He/she might join the fun! 😀💃)! Go for a 5min dip in the ocean or jump into the cold shower! Go for a walk! Grab your yoga mat and move! Flow! Go outside sit under a tree! Watch or listen to birds! Find what works for you and come back to it whenever you need it! 🤗

Feel free to share your go-to method for calming down those nerves! 💕💕

🐒 Coach An

Photos from AnLo_Motion's post 03/02/2022

First ice bath last Sunday! 🥶

2min, which felt definitely waaay longer and I counted nearly every single second of it.

I tried to focus on my breath, to relax and to just let go, but I found myself tense, shoulders went up to the ears and it was a bit of a inner battle with myself, feeling my body and the sensation.

But I tell you what, the feeling afterwards - throughout the whole day, besides the many, many benefits it has,… amazing!

Also, I couldn’t have asked for a better company to do it with! Thanks to all of you!

Last week was simply a blissful time! Such a phenomenal recharge in nature with wonderful people!!

More photos and videos to be uploaded shortly - but now I am on my way to Snowy Mountains to deepen my knowledge and understanding of breathing with ! And yes, to have much more cold water exposure! 🥶💪

Much love,
🐒 Coach An 🤙


While going to check out some waterfalls near Shellharbour, we saw this beautiful water flowing,… and it invited us to flow as well!

So here we go, a very spontaneous short little flow in nature - surrender, let go and just flow! 😀

Why do I practice Animal Flow and what is it? It’s a great form of body weight movement which improves your mobility, increases your strength, power as well as coordination and furthermore your consciousness - all that with lots of joy, playing around & seeing what our body is capable of!

What’s your favourite animal?

✌️Coach An


Handstand practice - I absolutely love it! 😁🤗
But it's not negotiable to do a proper warm up prior to going upside down! Are you preparing your body, warming up for it, or always just flipping the legs into the sky?

I left one video of one of my favourite movements to prepare here!
Which exercises are you doing to get the body juicy, ready to go? 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️🤸

Photos from AnLo_Motion's post 15/12/2021


YessSs, it's a journey!
A beautiful one I am enjoying more and more and more!

Let's be honest: The perfectly timed photo does not tell the whole story. A lot of work, practice and consistency (and patience! 😉) goes into it.

... the different feeling every time I am upside down though... 🤩

Here I was playing around with the different alignment of my head / spine and how stable or strong or weak and uncoordinated at times I am feeling. Also how confident and strong my kick up is.

Is handstand practice part of your exercise routine?

Happy hump day,
Your coach An


I have a lot of reasons why I workout, why I keep moving and why I try to push myself and explore my limits,...

But: your turn! 😃🙂

Fill in the gap:

"I do sports / I workout, because...."!

Photos from AnLo_Motion's post 27/09/2021

*L*U*N*G*E*S* & Happy Monday! ☀️

What would be your lower body go to exercise, if you would need to choose one for your rest of your life, I asked?😃🤔

For me I really believe it would be (and I do love lower body exercises in all forms and variations) > LUNGES!
Overall and especially Walking Lunges! But let's stick with Lunges.

❓Why, you wonder? Those can be addressed and used for assessment, perfectly usable for warm-up, as an exercise as such and for imbalances as a corrective exercise.

Depending on what you want to target on, you can focus more on the glutes or the quads (aka different position at the hip, pelvis, ribcage)...
Can be loaded bilateral, unilateral, ipsilateral, OH, BTN ,... with so many variety in equipment as the VIPR as in above pic, KBs, DBs, Torsion Bars, BBs, everything - to water bottles, backpack filled with books, ... Not to mentioning your bodyweight only or wearing a west!

And well then you can do them reverse, forward as static or walking (😍), elevated front or rear foot...

🤙 Coach An 🐒

Photos from AnLo_Motion's post 13/06/2021

Those Teals... Challenging! Yet exicitiiiiing! 🤗

Next week I'll come back trying to finish them off 😁 with my new climbing shoes from 🧗🌟✨

Happy long weekend! 💞

@ 9 Degrees Waterloo


The struggle was real 😅🥵

Working on form, technique, strength - everything! 😁

But most important: having fun & loovee to challenge myself.



Walking my way into the weekend 🤣🐒

Happy Saturday & Sunday peeps ❤️


Yesterday I gave many different Push Up variations a go and put them into a little circuit workout. Some I have never done before, others I haven't done for many many month. Was fun & at times challenging and together with I had a blast! 😁
(I will eventually post the other videos too, stay tuned, you will have a giggle😁)

💡While most people consider a push up a chest exercise it is involving as well abs, our wing muscles (serratus anterior) etc!

❓Do you have a favourite Push Up Variation? 💪

🥅 My goal is to do more reps, more sets, more explosive, stronger. 💪




What's your favourite Exercise Ball exercise? 💥💪
Have you tried those? Try it and tagg me in your post - maybe even the progression without a partner holding! 💪💪👌🏼

Photos from AnLo_Motion's post 26/09/2020

Hello beautiful people!

I wish you all a great Sunday with laughs and ♥️

In two weeks we are back and flow together on the mat! 🤗🧘🕉️

(I will soon create & publish the events too! :))

Big hug,


Puppy Pose / Anahatasana

This is definitely one of my favourites! ♥️

☀️ It openes up the shoulder and I like to use it for grounding as well as a prep for some handstands or deep backbendings!

Stomach and Spleen lines are getting stimulated too! 🤗

Lot's of love,


Deep hip opener - Happy baby pose

Looks a but funny ay?
I really like this asana!

❓But what is it all about, especially holding it for a period of 2 up to 5 minutes in a Yin Practice?

☀️It stimulates the spine and thus the Urinary Bladder and Kidney meridians.
It also stimulates through the inner groins, working on the Liver meridians!

Bit of Yin for yourself today? 😊


Photos from AnLo_Motion's post 09/08/2020

Photos from AnLo_Motion's post


Come and join me - together we are breathing into the edges of our strength, flexibility, and awareness in postures. ☀️

Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact me!

Photos from AnLo_Motion's post 08/08/2020

In Yoga we put the body, breath and mind together 🙂♥️🤙


Yoga classes with An

It doesn't matter if you have never done yoga before.

Yoga is for everyone!

Now you might think, but I am not flexible and cannot reach my toes?

You do not need to be flexible! (You will automatically with time of practice get more flexible anyways :))

Have some fun whilst giving your body a round of beautiful movements, twists and stretches, combined with cleansing breathe.

Do you want to improve your posture?
Are you a runner and having tight hips?
Are you suffering from back pain,
maybe working at the desk all day?
Are you feeling exhausted?
Are you having feelings of restlessness?
Would you like to give your body a cleanse and improve your respiratory system?

If you are answering yes to any or more of those questions, I would like to courage you to leave me a message or participate in one of my offered classes very soon! 🙂

My beginners yoga classes are accessible for everyone and designed to build up your fundamentals.

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I aam baack on that #middlesplittraining ! 😀When I was in Europe, I neglected split training. Now I am back on day 3!Did...
Stiff neck adios!
While going to check out some waterfalls near Shellharbour, we saw this beautiful water flowing,… and it invited us to f...
Handstand practice - I absolutely love it! 😁🤗But it's not negotiable to do a proper warm up prior to going upside down! ...
The struggle was real 😅🥵Working on form, technique, strength - everything! 😁But most important: having fun & loovee to c...
Yoga classes with An




Yoga classes, PT sessions, Functional Training
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