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Never too early to start our 3 year old!

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Never too early to start our 3 year old!

Never too young to start our 3 year old!

Word work with our little learner.

How good is her mental strategy?Nope, it wasn't us. We are not taking credit for what our students already know. We work...

An activity to learn about place value.Use playing cards to make a four-digit number.Write down as many ways you can thi...

Getting students to talk about the maths helps to develop mathematical thinking and communication as well as a deeper le...

'M' is learning to count more effectively, firstly by bundling groups of 10s and skip counting by 10s then 1s.

A Numeracy activity for our little learners to practise identifying numbers before and after.

Helping Little Writers to Compose Sentences
To help students who are struggling to compose sentences, provide them with the words to put together like a jigsaw puzz...

Tutoring Homework is Better than School Homework!
'A' explains why he likes tutoring homework.

Counting on to Subtract
Counting on is a mental strategy for addition and subtraction. The aim is count on from a larger number to add or subtra...

Reflecting on the CUBES Strategy
'J' reflects on how the CUBES strategy helps him to solve word problems in Mathematics.