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Operating as usual

This week in the Paperbark Studio, we have been focusing on our term project. The children have been looking at the differences between all 4 seasons and spoke about what clothing would be appropriate to wear in cold/hot weathers. The children were that fascinated that our conversations led to storms and tornadoes. Depending on the children's interest, our term project could possibly change to natural disasters.

We absolutely love it when our community share their positive experiences with us 🥰 …

Thank you Atish for taking the time to share this wonderful feedback, it makes us even prouder of our team.✨

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The Best Musical Instruments For Young Children To Learn | Brighthouse ELC

Music is amazing, and little kids absolutely love getting into it. 🎶

This weeks blog explores which instruments 🎹 🎸are best for young kids to learn...

#Brighthouseearlylearning #musicandkids #childrenlovemusic Looking back, many of us wish we had picked up an instrument earlier in life so it’s a great idea to offer your child this great opportunity when they're young.

The wonderful Eucalyptus children participated in creating their own race day hats. Together we used recycled cardboard, coloured spare cupcake paper, coloured feathers and colourful glitter to create the race day hats. Once the excited children finished their hats they got to wear the hats for the rest of the day showing how proud they were of their race day hat creations. The wonderful children are continually building on social skills, imagination, creativity, verbal skills, recognition of colours skills and sensory skills.

Halloween Activities
The whole of last week we were participating in Halloween related activities. It was lovely to see children dressed up in different costumes every day : pumpkin, skeleton etc.

We made a witch hat and tried it on the babies, some loved it others were a bit hesitant to put something really big on their heads.

Painting activity continued throughout the week for children to get familiar with Halloween shapes and colours.

Hope everybody had a spooky Halloween.

🎃🧟‍♀️🕷 The Bottlebrush Studio children were positively engaged in Halloween activities extending on our knowledge, sensory play and creativity.
Our Black Bat activity allowed children to apply their decision making, practice their fine motor skills and enjoyed curiously .
Opened-ended play experiences are providing stimulating learning opportunities enlightening senses and confidence.

This week we had an amazing week of celebrating Halloween.
A big thankyou to all the children & staff that dressed up, we definitely had a lot of fun.

This week the wonderful children participated in shape painting. The children used recycled paper plates, sponges, shape tinsel, red, green, orange, yellow and blue paint. The children were encouraged to practice identifying the shapes on the tinsel and practice saying each colour they used in their paintings. The amazing children are continually building on their positive verbal skills, communication, imagination, creativity and recognition of colours and shapes.

H A P P Y C H I L D R E N ' S W E E K 👭👫👬

This week we celebrate Children's Week here in Wattle Studio🤩
Children's Week is a national celebration that recognizes the talents, skills, achievements and rights of children.
The theme this year is: Children have the right to choose their own friends and safely connect with others.
Aligning with 2020 theme, the children chose their friend that they wanted to do a drawing for and spreading love and kindness describing why they are a good friend.
These symbolic and personalized drawings have been displayed for children to reflect on and a way to honor and respect the drawings and children's voices.

S T I C K I N S E C T P E T S🌿

Today Kindergarten children were super excited and intrigued when Miss Seval brought in 6 stick insects that the children have given names for.
Meet Critter, Sticky, Mini, Honey, Greeny & Stuart.
Our new Wattle friends enjoy a shower once a day and the children are given the opportunity to take care of our friends providing water and gum leaves!
Class pets allows children to increase responsibility and aligns with our science curriculum focus about nature and the environment🌿✅

Halloween Week

This week we are in full Halloween spirit in the studio. Children are coming dressed up in lovely costumes.
Children have participated in an art activity. We cut out pumpkin shapes to colour. Children used brushes and fingers to colour pumpkins. Children have shown curiosity towards the shape and colour. Some used both hands others preferred only one. Children observed the texture, temperature as they applied colour.
This experience has provided an opportunity for children to be part of the Halloween by colouring their own pumpkin.

This week in the Grevillea Studio it is all about HALLOWEEN!
Today we made some slime with a few hidden friends within the slime. We found scary spiders and snakes. We pretended they were real and tried to scare each other with it.
We all enjoyed this sensory activity so much.
Don't forget to dress up in your scariest costumes throughout the week!
Happy Halloween! 😲👻🍊

5 Fun Ways To Teach Your Child About Nutrition | Brighthouse ELC

The foods kids are exposed throughout childhood shape their eating habits for the rest of their lives. 🌽🥚🍝 🍏

So it pays big-time to teach them about nutrition as early as possible. But it’s not always easy 👿 ...

So we’ve put together a list of fun ways to teach your child about nutrition while avoiding the meltdowns! 🤗

Have a read.
#childcareblog #childdevelopment #childeducation #childcareaustralia #parentingtips #parentingblog Luckily there are plenty of fun ways to teach kids of any age about nutrition and healthy eating, and avoid the meltdowns…

F O O T Y W E E K🏈🤩

What a fun week it has been here in the Wattle Studio, celebrating Aussie Footy!! Our Kindergarten children have been super excited to come dressed in their favourite footy team all week and have been such good sports respecting one another's favourite team. As the children are such good sports, they have been increasing gross motor skills kicking the footy around outdoors with their friends. Children increased their catching, kicking and giving it a go to handball to one another.

Next week we celebrate Halloween, and it will be spooktacular here at Brighthouse 👻🎃

Today while we were playing outside we had a surprise visitor come and join us for play time! The Grevillea children decided to call him Mr cat. Mr cat laid happily in the sun watching the children play.
Peyton noticed that Mr cat had two eats on top of his head and 4 "arms and hands", which we then learnt that cats have 4 legs and 4 paws. James, Leanne and Niamat invited Mr cat to come and join them in the sand pit, but he was very happy just to watch. After a while Mr cat decided to roam around the yard so we decided to go inside and watch him from the window. Naomi, Aria, Jayden and Harper followed Mr Cat while he was walking alongside of the window, we could hear him purring!

This week in Bottlebrush children were invited to celebrate and feel the spirit of Footy Week through art, decision making, creativity and team work.
Children were positively engaged in decorating their own football participating in using a preferred colour and manipulated their motor skills as they showed enthusiasm and curiosity throughout the activity.

Footy week 👟👟🏈🏈🙂🙂
The wonderful Eucalyptus children participated in creating amazing paper foot ball t-shirts. Together the children used coloured paper to create the shirts. They used cut out shirt shapes and pasted different football shape colours onto their shirts. Then the children with excitement watched as their printed out photos of their faces were placed on the shirts they created. The children then happily participated with the educator's in glue tacking their football shirts and photos up in the room to be displayed. The amazing children are continually building on their fine motor skills, imagination, social skills, creativity, verbal skills, colour recognition and are continually sharing laughter together.

Footy Week- Painting

Footy finals are approaching next week, so we ignited the the footy spirit in Banksia studio throughout the week. Children have participated in painting the footy shapes with red and black color's. Most of them loved using their fingers but some choose not to mess their hands and preferred brushes instead.

Children observed the footy shapes and were excited to roll their paint dipped fingers on them. Footy is a celebrated sport in Australia and so children have been introduced to it by a simple experience in the studio.

For the past couple of weeks the children in the Paperbark studio have loved this construction activity. We challenged them to build a bridge that would go over the imaginary water. From this experience they had to apply their engineering knowledge, mathematical and team working skills. It was fantastic to see some of the bridges they created and the children being so proud of their achievements. You are awesome Paperbark children.

The wonderful Eucalyptus children participated in a Halloween activity they created ghost spiders. The children each took turns painting their hands with white paint and pressing down their hands on a sheet of brown paper to create their own little ghost spiders then together we added the big goggle eyes in the middle of the hand prints. The wonderful children are continually building on creativity, social skills, imagination, fine motor skills and are continually sharing moments of fun with others.

Our beloved children in our Bottlebrush Studio have shown a great interest in engaging in artistic experiences enlightening senses and abilities...
With our little fingers we managed to hold textures creating our unique creations for our annual Calendars...
Expressing our thoughts and ideas through art enables freedom of choice and healthy self esteem.

Gumtree learns Emotions!

For our Term 4 Project, we are focusing on EMOTIONS!

😄 😂 😡 🤪 🥰

Everyday, we have been playing an emotions game. The children learn about a specific feeling and associate it with a color, then find this color in the room. This game will enhance their memory, emotional intelligence, language and social skills.

We have the colours red, blue, green and yellow around the room. These colours associate with angry, sad, calm and happy.
The children are asked what feeling is on the color card we have made, then are asked different questions about the feeling before going to find the color in the room.

Before we play this game, we have been reading the books from the 'I am feeling' series. These can be found at most large retailers.

Welcome To Banksia Studio

As we are getting back to normallity these days, in Banksia Studio we welcomed four new faces Hudson, Chloe, Grace and Rory.

We are delighted to have all of our babies in our studio and look forward to having a fun filled learning journey together.

New children are settling well into new environment and trying to make connection with the staff and peers. Other children are very kind and gentle to welcome their friends by exchanging toys and trying to converse.

It shows children are developing sense of belonging and they connect themselves with world. It will enhance their social interactions as well as physical and emotional wellbeing.

This week, the Paperbark children went camping. They were so excited to have the tent setup. It has been lovely to see the pretend play that they have created while playing in the area. They have been cooking all sorts of meals on the campfire, having picnics with their friends and having some quiet time by reading books in the tent.

This week the wonderful children participated in a messy finger painting activity. Together the children used yellow, green, red and blue paint to create their masterpiece art work with their fingers. The children mixed all the colours together creating new colours before placing the paint on their art work. Once the children finished their art work they helped put away the art work to dry. Then they participated in messy play were the children mixed all types of coloured paint over the table for fun and were encouraged to create finger patterns in the paint. Then the excited children practiced their hand washing skills at the sink with slippery soap and water and then happily worked together to clean the table as a team. The wonderful children are constantly learning about teamwork, social skills, creativity imagination, open learning, fine motor skills and are always sharing moments of fun.

C O M P O S T I N G🌱🐛🍊

As part of our science curriculum, the Kindergarten children have been taking great care of our growing vegetable garden and are beginning to understand the fundamental elements of what we need to do to help support a sustainable environment. Children are practicing hygienic awareness as they compost their fruit scrapes in the compost bin. Aligning with our Term focus, school readiness, children are enhancing responsibility for the environment by practicing to compost their scrapes.

This week our valued children actively participated in sensory activities exploring different textures such as sand, natural resources, pine cones enabling them to extend on current interests and support further learning proving learning opportunities.
Also children were engaged in artistic experience utilizing recycled materials such as pegs,cotton balls to create paint brushes creating our unique creations.

This week the wonderful children have been continually learning about colours and shapes. The children participated in many creative wonderful activities during the week. Today the children participated in a pasting activity using different coloured cotton balls, coloured paddle pop sticks, chalk and glitter in groups. The children were encouraged to practice their verbal skills in identifying the different colours and counting together in a group. Then the wonderful children were encouraged to observe the shapes of the pasting materials which were the circle cotton balls, square paper and long shaped paddle pop sticks. The wonderful children are continually building on their verbal skills, colour recognition, social skils, nursery skills, confidence and imagination.

This week we had many group discussions in the Paperbark Studio. As we believe that the wellbeing of the children is important, we wanted the children to reflect on how they are as a person. We spoke about various things, for example:
-When I am strong...
-When I am kind...
-When I am helpful...
-When I am smart...
-When I am honest...
-When I never give up...
-When I am grateful...
-When I am loved...
-When I am enough...
Through these discussions, it encourages the children to think and consider how we can be happy, healthy and comfortable individuals. It also enhances the children's social and communication skills. This could be a discussion you can have with your children at home as well.

Welcome Back Gumtree Studio!

This week we reopened the Gumtree Studio, and welcomed a lot of our families and children back to care.
We have been lucky to have had most of this week be great weather. And what a better way then to spend our outdoor time, working on our gross motor skills and balance on an obstacle course.
The children walked and balanced across the stepping stones, working their way over to the large cushions to jump onto.
Everyone did really well working on their gross motor skills, turn taking and social skills while doing this activity.
It was great to see the children enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

As Term 4 approaches, our Gumtree Friends will be learning about EMOTIONS! Stay tuned for our awesome activities and experiences!

T I E I N G S H O E L A C E S👟😀

As we approach our Term 4 Project- School Readiness, the children have shown an interest in tieing their own shoelace which aligns with our rituals and goals of self-care and self-help. Children have began practising the steps of tieing a shoelace using a wooden shoe in a group which supports children to learn from one another as well as independently practising. Children are increasing their fine motor skills as they explore and develop fundamental skills that will be useful for their primary school journey

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