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The Kumon Method is an individualized learning method. The starting point for each Kumon student is determined individually in order to match the material to the current ability of the child.

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These kids will be ready for the next school year 😊

Blast from the past... Do you recognize anyone?

Learning to write is no easy task and requires the right tools for the job. Kumon supports early learners through each step using the correct pencil for each stage of development.

Last chance to register 😊

Love my morning sessions 💕💕

Kumon kids are still learning even in the school holidays ⭐️⭐️


The Importance of Good Sitting Posture for Handwriting - Occupational Therapy Helping Children

Some good advice

occupationaltherapy.com.au Maintaining good posture ensures your body is in good alignment and that stress on your muscles, joints and ligaments are distributed evenly across your body. Poor posture can cause increased strain on your body, leading to fatigue, tight or achy muscles in your neck, back, arms and legs, joint stif...

Let us help your child become the smartest in their class 🤩

We wish Tzom Kal for all Jewish families observing Yom Kippur today. May your year ahead be filled with health, happiness and prosperity.

Pencil-and-paper for the digital age

Kumon is a pencil-and-paper programme that prepares students for the digital age. Watch this video to learn more.


There's a reason your child wants to read the same book over and over again


Every skill that we learn and develop requires practice.

Riding a bike, baking a cake or playing a sport. All new skills require continuous effort and practice to perfect and grow.

The same applies to learning to read and learning to calculate.

theconversation.com Children need the same information repeated to encode it permanently.

Happy 21st to my beautiful daughter! Not quite what we planned with stage 4 lockdown but special anyway. Love you heaps 💕💕💕💕

Happy Father's Day

Did you know the Kumon Method was created by a father who wanted to help his son with his maths?
Toru Kumon created handwritten worksheets after he saw his son was struggling with maths. These were the precursors of today’s Kumon worksheets. We wish a happy Father’s Day to all Dads! We thank you for the love and support you provide for your children.

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Keep guarding those precious worksheets 😂👏

Have your children seen these popping up around South Morang?


Welcome to Little Assets South Morang Spoonville, where we love to see and meet new bright, colorful and fun spoony friends to put a smile on our dial.

We would love our families, friends and the community to join in on our spoony fun and add one to our spoonville!
Our fairy spoon mother and her spoon fairy’s have just arrived! 🧚‍♀️

Be sure to secure your spoony into the ground.
Have fun, be creative and snap a picture.
Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram! 😊

At sunset every night, the world's largest colony of Little Penguins walk up the beach in Phillip Island to their homes. Since visitors are not currently allowed due to COVID restrictions, Phillip Island Nature Parks will be live streaming the Penguin parade from 6 PM Tuesday 25th August. The live stream will happen on their page and YouTube channel (links mentioned below). Let's tune in to watch their first ever live stream. This free 30-minute stream will run nightly from Tuesday. According to Phillip Island Nature Parks, this is perhaps the world’s first live stream of a natural wildlife event at a regular time.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PhillipIslandNatureParks/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PIPenguinParade

More details >> https://www.penguins.org.au/virtual/live-penguin-tv/

Note: Explore Melbourne is not affiliated with Phillip Island Nature Parks. This event is simply aimed at watching their livestream. Direct livestream link for Facebook and YouTube will be shared once they make it available on Tuesday.

Reading books with our children is so important, not just for the pleasure they bring but also because of the important messages they contain

💖I’ve recommended this book before, but I’m going to take a moment to do it again.

😝 This book is the easiest, funnest, funniest way to talk to your child about some really important stuff.

📖 Using this book, you can explain to your child that some people might seem friendly, funny, and playful... but they are actually people who can’t be trusted. And if we come across them, we need to get help.

📖 Using this book, you can help your child practice their assertiveness skills, by teaching them to shout “no!”, “no way!”, “I said no already!”.


Maybe your child is really good at saying no - to you.

💭 But just for a moment, think how many times a day children are expected to do what they’ve been asked, do what they are told, ‘don’t argue’, ‘don’t talk back’, ‘be polite’ and get in trouble when/ if they are rude.

Even if we are trying not to send these messages so explicitly, our children’s total dependence on adults to meet their needs, will probably still see these messages sent in implicit ways.

❓How then do we expect them to speak up firmly to someone who is asking them to break the rules, someone who is being inappropriate with them, someone who makes them feel unsafe?

We can’t.

💖 So talk with them. Let them know that not everyone out there is a trustworthy person - there’s actually a lot of tricky people, wanting to get them to break the rules, trying different tactics to get their own way, for their own gain.

💖 Let them know it isn’t their fault if they realise they’ve met one of these tricky people, or even if this person has managed to convince them to break the rules (most especially, their body safety rules).

💖 But if this happens, they need to talk to you about it, as soon as they can. They won’t be in any trouble; you just want to help them stay safe.

❓What might this conversation sound like?

Well, using this book, it could sound like this:

💬 “My goodness this is a tricky pigeon. He tried everything to get you to say yes. He was friendly, he told stories and played games, then he sulked, then he even tried to scare you! I’m so glad you kept saying no.

There’s people like that.

People who want to break the rules and who could try all sorts of things to get you to agree. Remember you can just say no. It doesn’t matter who the person is. Even if they are way bigger than you! Sometimes you might have to say no really loudly and even a bit rudely. Especially if they were making you feel unsafe. And then you need to tell me all about it as soon as you can”.

🔄 This is what I told my daughter once again tonight.

❓Did she look worried? No.

❓Did she look like she’s someone lost her innocence and is going to be more intimidated by the world? No.

She’s fine.

💪 Teaching her that she can say NO WAY to someone who makes her feel unsafe, regardless of who that person is, is one of the most important conversations I will ever be able to have with her.

❎ Conversation about safety, respect, and consent don’t start when their teens.

✅ They start right now.

❎ They don’t happen just once.

✅ They happen every day.

🚪 Open the door to these conversations while they are little, they’ll know they can talk to you when they’re big.

It’s worth it.

⬇️ For more help having these conversations, check out my next course, “Get Smart”. The link is in the comments 💖

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The benefits of doing Kumon with your siblings are endless:

• You can keep each other accountable.
• Older siblings make for the best role models.
• A little friendly competition might be just what you need to reach the next level.
• There's always someone there for you during the rough patches. (long division, anyone?)
• And of course, you can compare thinking faces!

What's your favorite part about doing Kumon with your siblings?

Don't forget to show us your #KumonThinkingFace! Enter at https://showusyourthinkingface.kumon.com/ for a chance to win.

Have you ever been curious to know why your Kumon Instructor asks your children to write their start and finish time on their worksheets? Or what bearing these times have on the worksheets your children will be given next?

If you would like to learn more, we invite you to click on this link to visit our website: https://au.kumonglobal.com/kumon-standard-completion-time-the-hidden-benefits-for-your-children/

Kumon for early learners

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Special offer for early learners ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Now is the time to start preparing your preschooler. Early learners love to learn. Kumon worksheets provide parents with a simple, systematic approach.

Contact us now to find out about our special offer for families with young learners 0431 543 446

Sunday morning maths

Get your preschooler ready for 2021.
Start them on an individualised program, gently and carefully while they are young, to give them a secure and solid foundation for Primary school, in maths and reading.

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