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Focusing on 1 on 1 and small group coaching. Specializing in the art of movement through strength Hey Guys! Huh? Sounds odd right? Keep reading.

My name is Abhi, and I am the Owner and Coach of Silverback Training Co. This all started 6 years ago, when I watched a Youtube video, and realised that aesthetically pleasing physiques were actually attainable by everyday people. This sparked something in me. An aspiration I have always had to be the best at everything I did. Whether it was Tennis, playing the drums, or just being the best dresse

Operating as usual


Things happen.
Time doesn't stop for anything. Or anyone.
Do not overthink. Especially in that moment.
Allow all the events to unfold before you decide how to deal.
Practice patience and restraint.
Learn to truly forgive and forget.
Most importantly, have faith in all that surrounds you.
Most of us will trust the trees to grow and the sun to shine.
Why then do we always anticipate the worst?



Soo much talk these days about functional fitness and functional strength.

I am a huge believer in all things that are functional! First, let's try and define what 'functional' truly means..

This is no dictionary meaning, however, logically thinking, you would think 'functional' would relate to something being applicable to everyday life. A functional movement or exercise, to be something that teaches you real strength and proper movement to translate into the everyday life of us.

Although you may not be pulling a rope throughout your daily activities, this particular exercise hits all the targeted muscles in a 'functional' way. Working the body as unit, the way evolution designed 👊

Want to learn more?

Message the page or head on down to The Yard to find out more about the fun (torture) we get up to!

OR! Comment below with interest on a video breaking down why a rope pull is a functional movement, and why YOU SHOULD BE DOING IT!



Everyone has different needs.
Everyone has different aspirations.
Most importantly, everyone is different.
Why then, would you train the same as someone else?

I am incredibly excited to now offer.. Assessments!

These are sessions that I do with anyone and everyone, usually to kick off the personal training journey. Whether you are a potential or current client, a group training participant or just someone with questions!

As most of you know, I like to talk, a lot. This is because I am incredibly passionate about why and how I do what I do. In order to share knowledge with those wanting to learn, I am now giving you the opportunity!

When your car is having trouble. You take it to the mechanic to get it looked at. Or maybe its time for a service? Either way, it can take days before you learn whats going on, let alone the time to repair it. When its serviced, they follow a checklist, run some tests, to establish any faults. This occurs FIRST. Before a solution is even established.
This is the same with any material object we own.
Now, let's think about when something 'medical' is wrong.. It can take weeks to months and a circus of medical professionals and specialists to investigste. To ask questions, run tests, find a starting point. This all happens BEFORE any treatment is prescribed.
Why is it then, when it comes our 'physical' health, that we think its enough to jump right in?! Or completely restrict our efforts because of limited abilities?!

These very real examples outline everything I want to offer.
These assessments will be strategically booked to allow as much time as possible so that we can learn as much about you and your body as possible. To allow the time and limit distractions so we can talk back and fourth, test, analyse, question, answer and hopefully establish the 'WHY', the 'HOW', and the 'WHAT'.

These sessions are for anyone and everyone! A beginner wanting to find their starting point. An intermediate wanting to learn where they're at. An advanced athlete wanting learn how to get even better! Or just anyone who wants to learn more about their body and the amazing things it can do, and the little things holding you back!


Comment below, tag a friend or family member, or messaage the page.

You'll be surprised by all the things you'll learn 👊



Here it is guys and gals,

Silverback Training Co. Is proud to offer to all of you the following Group Training Sessions!
We tried our very best to speak with as many of you as possible so that we could offer exactly what you guys WANT, with a little sprinkle of what you NEED! ;)
Each session is capped at around 6 people. This allows me to give each of you the time and attention you deserve in order to be better!
More importantly, this allows any and every session to be scaled to any level or ability. We want this to be the opportunity for anyone and everyone to build themselves up. To be the strongest they can be. To have no excuse or limitations holding them back! 👊

Monday @ 5:30pm + Wednesday @ 5:30pm

Tuesday @ 6:00pm, Wednesday @ 6:00am, + Thursday @ 4:30pm

Thursday @ 6:00pm

Friday @ 6:30pm

Saturday @ 6:00am

Message the page or head down to The Yard - Strength and Fitness to find out more about the Silverback and The Yard Group Sessions!


Aaaaaaaand WE'RE BACK!!!

Sincerest apologies from the Silverback!

We have been adjusting to our new home, which we are officially proud to announce..

The Yard Strength & Fitness
The new home of Silverback Training Co. 👊

By far the greatest facility I have had the opportunity to train at, let alone the honour of running my business from. Thank you to Mandi and the awesome crew of coaches and members for allowing us to be apart of your already EPIC family!

It has been such a pleasure training and coaching here, and now I have to do what is neccessary to show case to all of you the amazing things we have been accomplishing!

So stay tuned for more info on our current group training timetable, 1 on 1 offers, and all the videos and pictures showing the Silverback family monkey-ing around!

Photos from Silverback Training Co.'s post 27/07/2017


6:30pm Tonight.

Unsure if happy, seductive, fearful, or painful faces happening right now.. But they keep on coming back for more!

Yet another fun and challenging class in store for tonight!
Don't miss out. Don't be that person.

Try it for yourself! Comment below or message me at the page, and find out how you can try our classes for FREE!



The Air Mill Bike.

Our newest piece of equipment added to the repertoire of torture devices! Low weight-bearing on your joints, low skill, the perfect scenario for applying high intensity.. As seen by Ashu Sharma

Head down for your chance to test out our Air Mill Intensity Challenge! 👊

Purchased from the awesome crew NC Fitness!

What is a coach? 26/07/2017

What is a coach?

Why do I coach?
How do I coach?
What do I coach?

Always. Always resolve to your grounding principles.

"A person with fundamental principles can apply almost any method. A person who only applies methods without principles, will almost always run into trouble."
Julien Pineau StrongFit

What is a coach?




Don't forget, OPEN GYM @ 4:30PM.
Head down, warm up, get your work in, ask your questions and prepare.


Timeline photos 25/07/2017


As we mentioned before, we decided to open our timetable to timings and sessions that suit not only our current, but also prospective and potential future troops!

Introducing, the new Silverback Training Co Group Class Timetable!

Main updates are the addition of 2 x 6:30am sessions for the early risers.

Altering 'Olympic Weightlifting' to now 'Weightlifting'. This allows us to work with a greater variety of movements such as the Bench Press, Deadlift and Barbell Row, including but not limited to, olympic weightlifting.

Also to clarify, 'Open Gym'.
These are sessions when anyone and everyone is welcome to use the facility and all of our resources. This includes P.T. Clients, Group Class Members, and anyone who wants to get a workout in! It is a great way to see what we have to offer and how we do things!

If you require any further information or have any questions on how we can help you, hit tge message now button on the page or comment below for us to contact you!



Hey guys and gals!

Regarding our last few posts about our group classes..

We realise that what we have, in terms of sessions, timings, and days, suit our current community. However, we want to give you all the opportunity to give your opinion, suggestions, and all around feedback, informing us on how we can welcome you and everyone else to the Silverback Family!

If you're an early riser (by choice or force), we would love to add in some early morning sessions for you!
If you're a sunday funday kind of person, we can cater for that too!

Just remember, between all of you and our current community, all I need is at least 2 or more people to commit, for a session to be added in on a particular day at a certain time.

So let's do this!
Like and share to get your friends and family involved! Comment or message to give us your feedback and suggestions!

Let's grow together!!!
Silverback 👊

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As mentioned previously, here's some insight into what we do and how we do it!

Torque. One of the main principles we follow as the basis of movement. The following classes are how we teach, utilise, and strengthen torque to become stronger, fitter, and ultimately, healthier!

Monday @ 6pm
Using the complex movements, the sn**ch, clean and jerk.
Breaking down the components of the lifts to ensure safe and strong movement to develop the powerful and explosive side of human function!
Complex, yes. Easy, no. Fun? Absolutely!

Tuesday @ 6:30pm + Wednesday @ 4:30pm
The functional sessions.
Although all our sessions are functional, these in particular target all the ways, we as humans, should move. To lift, to carry, to hold. Using all styles of training to apply torque in all the ways we need!
Simple, yes. Hard, yes. Fun? The warm up games, definitely!

Thursday @ 4:30pm + Saturday @ 4pm
Strongman movements have been most know to begin from the cultures of strength that began in the celtic and nordic regions. However, it is forgotten that traditional strongman movements and implements were adapted from the daily lives of village men and women who used things like yokes and farmer's handles to work, to live, to survive.
That's true functional strength and fitness!
We adapt these low-skill, high-intensity movements to get you as strong as our ancestors!
Let's be real, how often did they see a physio or chiro after a day's worth of work..?

Friday @ 6pm
Crossfit defined fitness. Using certain workouts, they were able to test an individual's ability to perform. The ability to work, under pressure, and push their limits. More than physical, your mental strength gets a workout!
You will only grow and progress as much as your mind is capable.
Screw the weighing scales and tape measures. Try a test of fitness to see your progress unfold!

Message us now to find out what combination of classes suit the goals you're trying to achieve! 👊

Timeline photos 12/07/2017


Your chance to understand, learn, and test the principles of movement!

Here at Silverback Training Co. we know that movement is the foundation for health, wellbeing, strength, and fitness.
Afterall, all we want to do is MOVE and PLAY!

I am putting together a FREE workshop that will cover, in as much detail as possible, the WHY's, HOW's, and WHAT's behind our fun and successful training system.

As per everything we do and offer, the only requirement will be a desire to learn, to share knowledge, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

This is a day dedicated to anyone and everyone who is wanting to know more about their body and it's amazing potential. To learn more about strength and conditioning and how crucial these are for your health and longevity.

Whether it be a beginner, athlete, coach, mum or dad, or even grandma! Come one, COME ALL and join in on what is guaranteed to be an awesome day!

Once we generate some numbers, a date will be confirmed, and limited spots will be released. So let's share this around, and comment with what you would like to learn more about!

This is going to be fun! 👊

Photos from Silverback Training Co.'s post 10/07/2017

Here it is..


This has been designed and tested to cater to people of all ages, all abilities, all goals, and all motivations.

What do you need..?

The desire to want better. To do better. To be better.

Do not waste your time 'creating a better version of you'. A 12-week temporary illusion.

Open your mind. Do the work. Learn and share knowledge. Be yourself. And grow.

We do not encourage transformations.
We teach, we share, we encourage GROWTH.
We aim to inspire growth.

The mental.
The emotional.
The physical.

Sessions are open and available to all, and I would love the opportunity to welcome you to the SILVERBACK FAMILY!

For session prices and inquiries, please message the page or arrange a time so we can discuss our options.

Stay posted for a video coming soon, going into a bit more depth on the classes.

I wish you all the best for your week.
Go out and smash it!


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Why replace food with powder?
How would you even implement such wizadry?
What would you even start with?

I believe supplements have their place in a person's life, depending on their day to day lifestyle.
So many of us live on the go, on the run. There always seems to be something more important than looking after ourselves.

PUTTING YOURSELF FIRST, is such a foreign concept, or at the most, misunderstood.

We start slow sometimes, with training, with nutrition, it's one or the other, rarely together.
Not to mention, we live in a world where the nutritional value and yield of the food we eat is decreasing. How can we even imagine what we're consuming is enough?

With so much rubbish out there, coupled with fantastic marketing, it is so easy to end up with the wrong advice, let alone products that will hinder and possibly danger your health.

In my experience working at a supplement store whilst using anything and everything, I find that simple is best. The less ingredients, the cleaner and healthier the product is for YOU and YOUR GOALS.

I am incredibly happy to announce that I have teamed up with the amazing crew at FitBits to bring you the cleanest, healthiest, and definitely the most delicious supplements available!
They are Australian owned and take it upon themselves to grow their knowledge with health, wellbeing, fitness and strength.

I highly urge you all to head over to their website, check out all their incredible products (especially the vegan range 😉) and have a read on their why and how behind what they do!

Use the coupon code 'SILVERBACK15' to recieve a 15% discount on your first purchase!

If you have any questions on supplementation, if and why you should use them, how to implement them into your life, and what the best products are for your lifestyle, ALWAYS ASK! That's what I'm here for!

Check them out below!


Photos from Silverback Training Co.'s post 16/06/2017


Does it mean something to you?
Why do you strive for it?
How do you acquire it?
What is it to you?
Physical? Emotional? Mental?

I see and hear of so many people striving for strength. A pursuit I dearly believe in.
Why then, do so many of us give our all in the pursuit of strength in differing forms, isolated from others?

Is strength in it's purest form subdivided?
Are YOU in your purest form subdivided?

Strength means everything to me.
I strive for it because I am human, I have my weaknesses, and as a human, I must grow.
I do not acquire strength, because it cannot be acquired. It is not something that has an end. However, I will forever pursue it, for it helps me be a better coach, a better friend, a better son, a better husband. A better person.
To me, strength is the ultimate unification of its equally important outlets. The physical, the emotional, and the mental.
Just like YOU. You are the perfect unification of your equally important outlets. Your heart, your mind, your soul.
That is what makes you unique.
That is what makes you perfect.

That is what makes you strong.

If you agree, like this post and share it.
If you agree or disagree, comment below with your thoughts or message me so we can share our thoughts and share some knowledge!

Happy Friday Troops! 👊

Photos from Silverback Training Co.'s post 14/06/2017


Of course they do!

But in all seriousness.. What are you training today?!

If your answer is NOTHING..


We cater for all ages, abilities, and goals.

C'mon. You know you want to.


Photos from Silverback Training Co.'s post 14/06/2017



My aim with this page is to showcase to all of you how we can move and perform as humans. How you, just like the many of us, can be the best you can be!

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Monday 6am - 8pm
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