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Applying for jobs and going for interviews is a very daunting experience for most people – especially if you haven’t had much practice.Unfortunately it’s not as simple as writing a letter, sending it off and hoping for the best.You need to have a strategy, and you need the tools to present the package that is 'you' in the best possible way. Bronwyn Frazer is the author of 'employ me - A guide to f

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Regional tourism is booming. Are there local tourism businesses you can approach for a job? Or is there an opportunity to create your own business? Be brave. Investigate opportunities today.


Thank you to the Valla and Nambucca community for a great day at the Valla Beach markets today. Meeting creative, resourceful women is always inspiring and today I was surrounded by three. Major gratitude also to Rachel Burns, Editor for the local newspaper and reporter for 2NUR. I was interviewed on the spot for both media outlets so stay tuned for that coverage.


Volunteering is a great way to help others, while helping yourself.

Why? Because every skill you gain through volunteering work can be transferable.
For example: managing paperwork, filing, photocopying = administration / book keeping skills
answering phone calls = customer service skills

Is there a local community group or charity that you can contribute to? Find something that you are passionate about and contact them today.

Why do I volunteer? Because I believe each of us can make a difference in making this world a better place. : )

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I like to help people stay in jobs by buying locally as much as possible. For ideas on how you can too, check out the Australian Made campaign sites.

We plan on looking as relaxed as this Koala over the weekend! What are your plans? 🐨
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It's a lonely feeling being unemployed. Often it triggers depression and anxiety. If you know someone who is unemployed or about to become unemployed, make a phone call today and check that they are ok. Let them know they are not forgotten. And suggest a catch up that won't cost any money, like a walk.


If you're serious about getting a new job, make time this weekend to: search + update your resume + tailor your cover letter + apply.

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Top 10 most-asked interview questions (and how to answer them) - SEEK Career Advice 28/02/2021

Top 10 most-asked interview questions (and how to answer them) - SEEK Career Advice

Here are some things to think about and prepare answers for, before your next interview. I hope these help. : )

Top 10 most-asked interview questions (and how to answer them) - SEEK Career Advice Preparing for an interview? Practice is key. Here are the top interview questions employers might ask you, plus tips on how you can answer them well.


Your social media channels (i.e. Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) tell potential employers and recruiters a lot about you.

They are an easy way to ‘profile’ your personality and values by finding out what you do inside and outside of work.

This means that if employers don’t like what they see or read, you might be instantly eliminated from the interview shortlist.

Tip: Before you send off your next job application, do a quick check of your social channels. What will employers / recruiters see if they do a Google search on you?

Do you need to remove any photos, posts or comments that might be perceived as inappropriate or unprofessional?

Or at the very least, do you need to put your privacy options on - so that your images and posts can’t be seen by the general public?

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Photo by Steven Lasry on Unsplash 07/02/2021

Photo by Steven Lasry on Unsplash

Looking for work, starting a new job and changing careers requires courage.
Not everyone will be supportive of you making a change. But that's ok.
Choose a few cheerleaders (friends or family members) who will support you through thick and thin. They will be the ones that catch you (metaphorically) when you're feeling fragile or doubting yourself.

Photo by Steven Lasry on Unsplash Talented young cheerleaders performing in the streets of Oslo 🇳🇴. Download this photo by Steven Lasry on Unsplash

Photo by Joseph Frank on Unsplash 04/02/2021

Photo by Joseph Frank on Unsplash

Finding work requires patience.
However if its been a few weeks since you sent your application in or had an interview, it's ok to give the employer a call to follow up.
Just remember to be polite. Let them know that you're super keen. And ask if they have any feedback for you.

Photo by Joseph Frank on Unsplash Loading Tech. Download this photo by Joseph Frank on Unsplash

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash 01/02/2021

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

A kick and a pinch for the start of the month. And a reminder to get cracking on tidying up your resume and cover letter.

Why? Because now that we've cleared the Christmas and school holidays, employers are going to start moving full steam ahead with their plans for 2021.
Which means they will be advertising for new and vacant roles...very soon.

So keep your eyes peeled for opportunities and be ready to apply when you see or hear of one.

Much love and good luck. x

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash The Earth and I. Download this photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Timeline photos 30/01/2021

A major employment growth area is health.
So if you are passionate about helping people and have a caring nature, then this is a great opportunity to step up and make a difference.

Aged care, disability services and nursing are three health careers that desperately need good people now. If you're qualified already, write a list of local healthcare providers and contact them with a short cover letter and your resume. Ask that they keep your information on file, for future openings.

Or alternatively if you're open to studying, contact your local TAFE, University or employment agencies.


JOB ALERT - positions vacant. Real Estate Agents wanted across Sydney. Contact HAYS Recruiters.

PS. Share this with someone you know.

Job ad as follows /

We are currently looking for experienced Real Estate Sales Agents looking to be part of a growing boutique company in Western, North Shore and Eastern Sydney. We are looking for independent Agents working on their own portfolio and business as their own and operate autonomously.

You will have the ability to structure your day in a way that works for you and we will provide all the tools and contacts for you to be able to run your business.

In this role you will:

Service existing builders and developers
Service the Database of buyers
Source New business and listings
Find development sites opportunities
Work from home and anywhere in Sydney you choose your location
We will look after the administration and advertising process
Opportunity to be involved in developments with the company and grow your property portfolio and investments
Be surrounded by experienced leaders to support and train you.

This role offers two exceptional revenue streams that best suits your profile:

Commission structure of 50% on selling a property and a $2000 base salary a month.
Or for high performing Sales Agents 70% commission Only (no base).

Essential Requirements:

- Must have a Real Estate Licence
- Must have an ABN
- Minimum 2 years' experience
- Must have a driver's licence
- Full time-Must have laptop access/Internet
- Must be able to work Saturdays

To apply

If you're interested in this role, please reply to this email with a WORD copy of your CV or call us now 02 8860143

Stella Anton
Senior Consultant
T: 88601643
E: [email protected]

Timeline photos 27/01/2021

When it comes to looking for work - my number one tip is - BELIEVE in yourself.

Self belief will get you through any challenges. Including looking for work...scary interviews...and job negotiations.

But if you're struggling (in any part of your life) right now, I encourage you to connect with your support team...to help you get through this moment in time. It's just a moment...and this too will pass. Much love x

7 habits for effective job seeking after job loss - SEEK Career Advice 29/07/2020

7 habits for effective job seeking after job loss - SEEK Career Advice

Many people have recently become unemployed, due to circumstances out of our control.

Here are some job seeking tips to keep you (or someone you know) motivated.

7 habits for effective job seeking after job loss - SEEK Career Advice If you've lost your job and you're looking for a new one, these habits can help you stay positive, productive and on track to finding your next role.


When you're looking for work, it's important to be clear about what you want.

That way, you're clearer about what jobs to apply for and you can also tell employers and recruiters, in your interviews.

Before I start hunting for jobs I write a list which outlines:
- what type of role / job title I'm after
- how much I want to be paid
- the location / area I want to work in (i.e. suburbs versus the city)
- what hours I want to work
- the type of employer I'd like to work for
- the industries I'm interested in (i.e. banking, charity, government etc)

I've found that when I'm clearer on what I want, the right job comes to me faster.

I hope this helps. Happy hunting. x

5 things that employers wish they could say about your resume - SEEK Career Advice 06/07/2020

5 things that employers wish they could say about your resume - SEEK Career Advice

Make your resume work for you.
Here are some tips from SEEK - one of the largest online job listing sites in Australia.

5 things that employers wish they could say about your resume - SEEK Career Advice Recruiters and hiring managers can receive hundreds of resumes when advertising an available position – and among them are usually some doozies of examples of what not to send when trying to put your best foot forward. Here are five of the top things rec


Mental health reminder.

Looking for work can be tiring. Added to this, there's a lot going on in the world that we can't control. All of these things combined can create a feeling of being overwhelmed.

So this is a gentle reminder. Be kind to self and take time (at least 10 minutes) to just 'be'. Sit quietly, by yourself. Put the phone away. Allow yourself time to let the thoughts come and go as a you breathe deeply. Allow yourself time to recharge.

Nature helps me reconnect. My favourite thing at the moment is to watch the clouds drifting by. So peaceful. I encourage you to find what works for you. x


Earlier in the week I caught up with my good friends and neighbours, M and H.

H the week before had been on a high, having been 'head hunted'. (This is when a recruiter or employer call you out of the blue, for a job that you haven't applied for.) H told the recruiter he might be interested.

After going for an interview, he was told (via the recruiter on a phone call) that he had the job. He was then asked to supply referees - which he promptly did. A few days later, after he hadn't heard from the recruiter, he chased them. This is when he was told that the employer had decided to go with someone else.

H, as to be expected, felt extremely let down. We discussed options but all came to the conclusion that there was nothing he could do about it, because he didn't have the offer in writing.

The moral of the story? Get everything (i.e. money, title, job duties and offer) in writing before you commit to a job. Even if it's just an email - this is a legal document, which people have to stick to.

I personally don't even share my referees with anyone, unless they have requested names after and interview...and after I've received written confirmation that they want to offer me the job.


I figure that someone needs to hear this message right now...because situations for all of us are challenging.

So I'll repeat this message. Don't give up!

Keep looking and applying for work. Ask friends and family too, in case they have ideas. Then apply, apply, apply.

Because job seeking is a numbers game. The more jobs you apply for, the more chances you have of getting an interview and then a job offer. 😃😃😃

I know things are super tricky right now, but please don't buy into the negativity you hear on the news, via your phone or friends / family. Please...don't give up.

And if you need to (you have my permission) play:
'Don't give up' by Kate Bush. Such a great song and good reminder too. x


I’ve been missing in action from social media (and this site in particular) for quite a while because I lost faith in my purpose and doubted that anyone needed employment skills. The negative voice in my said was saying ‘everyone knows this stuff’.

But this thing that we call COVOID-19 has had worldwide impacts and reminded me that many people need what I take for granted - back to basics / 101 employment seeking skills.

So from here on, I’m going to try harder to post more regularly. This is not my natural tendency – I’m a bit of an introvert. However it’s my hope in doing so that you will get helpful tips and reminders about what you can be doing to improve your situation or help someone who is struggling right now.

Since I wrote the first version of my book (over 15 years ago), I’ve gone on to work in many more professions and industries. For each of these jobs I’ve needed to write applications and cover letters, redo my resume, talk to recruiters, go for interviews and hone my ‘employme’ skillset. These situations have helped expand my skill base and knowledge about how to get jobs.

I’m looking forward to sharing what I know in the hope that it will help you or someone you care about. I encourage you to share my posts with anyone who might benefit. 😍😍😍


It's a sign.


Fun day. Very successful. Lots of wonderful customers and conversations.


Thank you for buying my book Moira.


Perfect weather. No rain in sight. Had a lovely chat to taxi man on way to markets who told me his son needs a job. Good sign. Should have sold him a book.


To market, to market. I'm at the kirribilli markets tomorrow. Pop in and say hi if you are in the vicinity.


A reminder for us all...especially when looking for work...


A big thankyou to all of the people who bought my book today. But a bigger thankyou and shout out to all of the people who provided support with messages...calls...and drop ins.


Volunteering is a great way to get skills ( to make you more employable ) while helping a good cause.


Last night i wrote a resume for a 19 year old. I'd forgotten how challenging it is to make yourself sound impressive to potential employers when you are young and need experience. Thankfully a lot of good organisations are willing to give young people a chance.





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