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The Maven


We love feeling good, yet, so often we don’t. Or we get the occasional glimpse of that ‘feel good’ feeling and this alone can be so fleeting that we desperately yearn to get teleported back to a time of when we experienced those ‘feel good’ vibes!

Did you know that feeling good feels so good because it's in those moments that you are in true vibrational alignment with who we really are?!

So here's the hack to feel good more often - be unapologetically and authentically YOU! Yep.. that’s it my friends🙌

Discover all there is about you, and be it… ALWAYS. The more you are your true self without the conditioning of cultural norms, society, other people, situations, events, circumstances - the higher you align with the real you and the better you feel more often! Give it a go; your higher self will love you for it 🤍

With love, Ves xx

✨ Minimalism ✨

Minimalistic living is something that I’m very deeply attuned to and this is how I embody it metaphysically, going beyond just the materialistic realm. I introspect by going inward, getting curious with what’s lingering in my energy system, then release it out via my body, my mind and my spirit!

It can be different for everyone, and for me this looks like daily physical movement for my Body. Journalling and release writing for my Mind. Meditation, sound healing and seated-stillness for my Spirit. The culmination of these allows you to let go of what no longer serves so you can show up and be whole - you‘re simply RELEASING the clutter within you.

Here is a self-honouring way of practising conscious minimalism for a lighter and joyful way of being. Can you remove any of these to have a more minimalist existence and experience within yourself and your surroundings?
✦ One toxic person
✦ One belief that is keeping you stuck and in a holding pattern
✦ One daily practice or habit that is keeping you from progressing forward
✦ One commitment that is not worth the effort you are currently expending

Who knew that living with LESS in your life can give you so much MORE✨
Here are 50 incredible ways to give and receive love.

Always choose L🤍VE.

If there's only one thing you had to do today, do this! Self-trust is powerful and completely changes you from the inside out. This is where the real magic happens💫
✨ Uncertainty is Life… or is it? ✨

Can you dive in? And what does tomorrow even bring? Why vie for something that has not yet arrived? Can you just be with what is; to still your mind and listen to what’s within you? To feel into your heart space and listen to your soul speak? The soul’s speak is quiet - a whisper in comparison to what your mind fires at you constantly. To be present with 'now' and listen to the voice within, allows a certainty to flow within you unlike any other. The soul’s speak can give you the gentle guidance and the clearest of clarity for a life rich in self-trust and deep in fulfillment.

I hold expansive space to explore your inner world with openness, freedom and radical authenticity. We all have inside of ourselves the wisdom to guide us on the path of our soul's true calling and for pure love to beam into all aspects of who we are. And... with the light we seek, there is also darkness, and for many it can be hard to even see into the darker parts of ourselves. To consciously look with curiosity and intent can we see where we may be stuck, the self-sabotaging patterns and what may be holding us back to alchemise into who we are destined to be. This is the prickly work of personal growth, and to see its prickles for all they are – is like finding the pot of gold at the rainbow’s end!

It's my honour to hold space for you and your inner guidance system to uncover what is blocking you and to work with the shadow parts so you can create beautiful peace within and live a life you truly love. When we tap in, tune in and turn on to who we really are, only then can we live a life that is destined for us – one that feels aligned to our true calling.

If this is piquing your curiosity and want to see how we can expand your own growth journey, please DM me 🤍

With love,
Ves xx

We often unintentionally block our intuitive flow by engaging in negative and somewhat unassuming practices resulting in a decrease of our high vibrational, spiritual selves🤯

However, it can be easy to revert this by first recognising these habits/practices, and then making a conscious effort to thwart the egoic thoughts in order to allow your intuition to flow through freely! Intuition is so powerful in guiding you through life and can direct you toward your higher purpose and highest self if you choose to let go of the noise and listen to the subtle, softly spoken whispers within you. Can you use this week to tune-out the noisy mind chatter and instead tune-in with openness and mindful reflection? Engage your intuition and let your inner being flow through 🤍

✨ Self-Love✨

Loving yourself everyday is a practice worth cultivating on the daily, as it’s easy to lose yourself to self-deprecating and negative inner thoughts. Adding these practices into your daily routine can significantly upgrade your life trajectory by instilling positivity within and around.

✦ The universe responds to daily gratitude with reward. When you regularly and actively recognise the great things in your life, even better things follow.

✦ Soil is said to have healing properties within and by wriggling your toes in soil or sand and connecting with the earth can be beneficial to your psychological and physical health.

✦ Moving your body for at least 20 minutes everyday keeps the blood flowing and your muscles thriving. Ideally doing this outside amongst fresh air and a dose of vitamin D is a double win!

✦ Sleep is often underrated as a means of producing positivity and recovery. Get at least 8+ hours a night and avoid blue light screens 1 hour prior to sleeping so you can have a restful and restorative sleep.

✦ You are what you eat! So eating wholesome, nourishing foods that are rich in nutrients affects how you feel, look, move and live! Try to eat as close to whole source as possible without denying yourself foods that also bring you pleasure – think 80% whole and 20% soul.

✦ Setting 10 minutes aside to sit by yourself and silently reflect within allows you to take inventory of everything happening in the moment, as well as your present thoughts and feelings. This pairs beautifully with journaling and meditation and can improve mood, memory, reduce blood pressure and inflammatory cytokines.

✦ Be kind to yourself. Honouring and acknowledging parts of yourself that you’re proud of including the shadow parts of yourself can have a big effect on your overall self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-compassion. When you can love “you” without condition or judgement, the world around you will love you too – it’s law 😊

Much love xo
Are you willing to tune in and listen?

The Maven… is a real mood ✨🌕
The new Maven moodboard and colour palette, and I am in love! Thanks to the creative wizards

Wild & Free went above and beyond and created something better than I could have even imagined!

~expansive ~soulful ~feminine ~earthy ~unique ~divinity

Your Soul Friend. For a high vibe life. Guiding you to wholeness. Through personal growth, holistic

Operating as usual

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s e l f . l o v e 〰️

Be someone you love, first.
The relationship you have with yourself is the foundation of all other relationships you will ever have in your life. 

Nurture the deepest and most genuine love for yourself and it will touch everyone that you seek to build a strong and solid relationship with. 

Cultivate self-awareness, honesty, guiding principles and integrity in your daily choices. Help yourself navigate through the demands and stressors of life better. Constantly level up your behaviours, any negative patterning, self-sabotage, societal conditioning and excess of the destructive kind. Get to the root of who you are and what you have to contribute in this lifetime. Invest in yourself, constantly learn, grow and evolve. Is the life you are now living the life of your childhood dreams? Are your emotions free-flowing and easy? Do you smile and laugh a lot? Do you have abundant health? Are you authentic? Do you genuinely love the life you have created? 

Know, honour, trust and love all of you.






j o u r n a l i n g 〰️

Did you know that journaling can help you if you are an overthinker? (hello, me)! I want to share a few of my favourite journaling practices… they’re a great elixir to soothe any pent-up anxiety✍️

If you've ever found yourself stuck in your own head, thinking way too much and to the point of overwhelm, then journaling can be a great tool to dump all thoughts directly onto paper, rather than swirling around in your head.

If this sounds like you and you can't focus from the noise of your incessant mind, well then, journaling is your magic bullet! As an avid overthinker, you typically need an outlet to release thoughts before they lead to negative emotions. The idea is to take some time to be with your thoughts, grab your journal, and then write your heart out. Here are 3 ways I love to journal📓

1. Release writing ✍️
You're not necessarily connecting to your emotions or trying to process them - it's merely a brain-to-paper dump of ‘thoughts’ or whatever is coming up for you. It’s usually messy and unplanned, and a process of dumping and releasing thoughts (as messy + muddled as they are) to paper. This helps to get perspective and clarity on a situation/circumstance/random and unrelated internal dialogue. Another way to release write is to draw a line down the page with two headings and write ‘what is working’ and ‘how can it work better’.

2. Letting go ✍️
With this style of journaling, you can jump around topics, thoughts and feelings you may be experiencing and write whatever comes to mind. It doesn't even have to be complete sentences. It is a process of ‘letting what’s within go’. This is very much a clearing process, and I love this doing this type of journaling around the full moon as part of my monthly ‘letting go’ ritual.

3. Clarity and clearing ✍️
The point is to just get your thoughts out so that your mind becomes clear, and you can gain focus. Set an intention and commit to one thing you can practically work towards seeking clarity of what is.

I love to write for two pages or ten minutes, whichever comes first ~ this writing is very soothing and meditative for me.

Do you journal? Let me know in the comments 🤍

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e s s e n c e 〰️

You are source ~ that is your core.

And when you fully trust yourself, you are trusting in the wisdom that created you. That is the piece of you ~ that is divinity.

Tune in. Tap in. Turn on to the energetic expression of who you really are ~ your life force.






i m a g i n e 〰️

Imagine feeling so whole, that it becomes impossible to ‘want’ because you feel as though you already ‘have’ it. When you come to that moment and realisation of wholeness, that’s when the magic of manifestation unfolds ~ because now you are truly worthy to receive.
The universe serves you only with what you believe you are worthy to receive. 

Find out about a FREE online workshop where you can learn how to access wholeness from within to live a life that serves you in a deeply fulfilling way.






h o n i n g 〰️

We are all born with intuition that is impeccably attuned to our true North. Your intuition is your most trusted source, your confidant, your guide, and I’ve got 5 easy ways on how you can tune in, tap in and turn up the volume on that trustworthy inner being💫

1. Ask for signs 〰️
Ask the Universe, Divinity, Source, God to give you a sign or synchronicity that shows you are moving in a direction that feels fully aligned with you. Learn how to listen to the signs (whatever they are for you), by tuning into your higher consciousness and awareness🪧

2. Stop overthinking 〰️
This holds you in resistance mode. Doing exercises that are repetitive is an amazing practice for shutting off the conscious mind and tapping into your subconscious mind, which is where intuition resides. Repetitive activities anything you enjoy like dancing, walking, playing an instrument, writing, yoga, cleaning, just to name a few🧠

3. Self-Trust 〰️
Tune into your body's reactions. Take notice and trust your gut feeling and your heart space more often. How does your gut feel when something is off? Do you get a tightening when something doesn’t feel good or align? Spend time each day reflecting on your body's physical reactions to the various circumstances you find yourself in. If you can harness trusting your feelings more often than not, it will not let you down✨

4. Meditation 〰️
What can I say… except to take the time to empty your mind of the incessant and insidious chatter! Even if only for 10 minutes every day; this is imperative to allow your vibration and intuition to rise so you can fully reconnect with your higher self 🤍

5. Take inspired action 〰️
When you have a sudden feeling or impulse to do something (something that feels very natural much like a sensation) ~ do it! You probably experience this more often than you know, however you may not be tuned into it. Please remember that everyone has intuition ~ including you! ✔️

Find out about a FREE online workshop where you can learn how to access higher intuition to live a life that serves you in a beautiful, honourable and deeply fulfilling way.


s i l e n c e 〰️

Embracing silence for many can be a terrifying space to be in, especially if you have not faced your core wounds. This usually looks like being busy, and always looking to the external or for something to stimulate you and keep you occupied to avoid facing any deep-seated fears that lurk in the background when the quiet is looming.

Stillness and silence can be an overwhelming space for many to reclaim and truly rejoice in. This is typically a learned coping mechanism and is a way for the brain (aka the ego) to keep you safe. It is looking for external control due to the lack of internal certainty and clarity.

If you can embrace the pure peace that silence brings, and slow down with introspection; the stillness of this enriching practice can become your most welcome, most loyal and most loving friend.

When the mind is silent and you can connect with your heart to receive the answers from within, this becomes the highest expression of who you really are ~ this is when embracing your silence becomes your superpower ♡






f o c u s 〰️

When your aura glows✨
Your energy flows 〰️






The Maven

〰️ i n t u i t i v e . g u i d a n c e

Working with my intuitive connectedness, is what I truly love doing most🤍 I love the connection with my people ~ and the deep soulful conversations always bring about reflection, healing and real, positive change.

I guide you in uncovering your shadow-self, your soul needs and desires by providing clarity with an empowering, supportive and open energy. Identification and resolve are all part of the guidance you receive to realign you on your path of least resistance and greatest desire.
We can all get caught up in the problems and stressors of day-to-day life, and at times can feel as though we’re stuck. Your soul however, has an expansive perspective of your life, more than just your physical being. With my intuitive guidance, you receive insightful, practical, grounded, enlightened downloads, and I am your conduit to facilitate this direct and receptive experience of your higher self.
Each guidance is unique. You can ask specific questions about any area of your life. If you’re stuck on your path or unsure of the direction, we energetically decipher what is preventing you from progressing and where potential blockages and resistance may appear.

I have a beautiful, new space at The Junction and am available for your first in-person ‘guidance experience’ to find clarity, alignment, healing, and inner peace. Feel into the energy of love, light and healing with intuitive guidance.

Message me today and book your first consultation at 50% OFF for the remainder of 2022.

Much love my beauties🤍





The Maven Your Soul Friend. For a high vibe life. Guiding you to wholeness.

Through personal growth, holistic support and intuitive guidance, The Maven is for women seeking abundance, fulfilment, wholeness and wellbeing; so you can be The Maven of YOU.

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b e c o m i n g 〰️

How do YOU know when you are becoming who you’re meant to? Well… you can only know when you go within!

When going on a journey seeking your authenticity, your purpose and a deeper sense of fulfilment, the initial tendency for many is to go outside of themselves to find these layers of ‘happy’ ~ ignoring that it can only truly come from the inside. Becoming ~ is the ultimate inward journey ~ it’s when your internal compass is pointing in the right direction.

We are all destined to become who we’re meant to if we can navigate our way through the uncomfortable, challenging moments. These difficult times are a catalyst to learn, grow and evolve from so we can get to the other side impeccably attuned to our true path and ultimately, our purpose. On the other side you gain a deep sense of knowing who you are, which feels like clarity, alignment, joy, freedom, grace, serenity, love, infinite peace.

Create a life that feels good and whole on the inside, instead of chasing what looks flash and shiny on the outside.

Swipe across for FIVE simple yet clear signs to show how you are becoming who you are destined to be✨






r i t u a l s 〰️

Sundays are for honouring self-care… and Mondays are for creating magic.

Here’s to Monday my loves ♡






i n n e r . w o r k 〰️

Doing the inner work is foundational to our self development journey, and it guides everything within us ✧ our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviours, actions, results.

✧ Inner work begins with self-awareness and consciousness of our internal world.

✧ Inner work gives us the opportunity to fully understand our ‘operating system’ ~ aka our mind, body and spirit connection, and is the basis of all consciousness.

✧ Inner work is the process of identifying the source of negative emotions, tuning in and rewriting any sub-optimal programs that have been embedded in our subconscious.

✧ Inner work allows us to update our limiting beliefs, old behaviours, negative patterns, false perceptions, the shadow-self and societal conditioning that no longer serves us and our highest good.

✧ Inner work is the deep integration between the mind, body and the soul, and is the holistic model of wellbeing.






i n t e g r i t y 〰️

I have so much love and reverence for Integrity, and feel so aligned when I hear this word let alone embody it.

Being in integrity means that you are whole, and that all aspects of yourself are harmoniously aligned.

Integrity is the Latin term for Interger which means whole or intact ~ if we are in integrity and fully interconnected as a whole human, true happiness, peace and sustained joy is our natural state of being.





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y o u r . v i b e s 〰️

Here are 10 ways to boost your vibrational energy sky high, radiate joy and protect your inner peace.

I love you ♡






〰️Anything you fear, is teaching you courage to overcome it.

〰️Anything you can’t control, is teaching you how to let go.

〰️Anything you resist, is teaching you how to accept.

〰️Anything that agitates and frustrates you, is teaching you patience.

〰️Anyone who abandons you, is teaching you how to stand on your own.

〰️Anything that angers and hurts you, is teaching you forgiveness.

〰️Anyone who is harsh toward you, is teaching you compassion.

〰️Anyone who is hostile with you, is teaching you kindness.

〰️Anything that brings you suffering, is teaching you ease and flow.

Anything is possible, when you look at it from a higher and wiser perspective 〰️





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