Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre

Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre


We were pleased to be there when Daryn McKenny from Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre recorded humpback whale songs aboard our boat, Atmos, for this documentary with ABC TV + iview.

Daryn explains how "language is a gateway to our knowledge systems... which has helped us to learn about country and the environment".
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Awabakal Animal Flash Cards

Learning about Wildlife from
Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre
A great resource for all early childhood services and families.

Thanks to The Project for this coverage of recent Regent Honeyeater recovery teamwork in amazing habitats in with ⭐️ 🌟 interviews from Mindaribba Local Aboriginal Land Council and BirdLife Australia.


Find out more about why this area is so important at our website: www.ourbushland.com

Hunter Bird Observers Club Hunter Local Land Services The University of Newcastle, Australia Department of Planning and Environment
Quorrobolong Wollombi Valley Landcare Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre Cessnock City Council
It's Threatened Species Thursday, and we just had to share this adorable footage taken on the edge of Newcastle near Mount Sugarloaf - showing how important this area is for Koalas.

Recent surveys here by Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre revealed outstanding numbers of Koalas along waterways – far exceeding initial expectations!

Hunter Local Land Services is working with landholders across the Hunter and Mid Coast to protect Koalas by supporting revegetation, cultural burning and habitat improvement projects.

Our Biosecurity team is also working directly with the Miromaa group, providing advice and support to protect other native fauna in the reserve.

If you’re interested to plant trees for Koalas, you can watch our webinar on revegetation in the Hunter available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIk15naV_lw

You can find out more about Koalas by accessing our Koala Fact sheet here: https://www.lls.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0009/1334808/KOALA_NEW_WEB.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3bAnuLQuVH1Dfb7zHNOYjhFAGQXsagn3M8cNl24kTpcg-Zy2OPb6EHTfY

Or by watching our video with local Koala specialists available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vib06AYn8A

Hunter Region Landcare Network MidCoast2Tops Landcare Connection MidCoast Council

Lake Macquarie has become one of the first cities in Australia to dual name all cultural facilities with both an Awabakal and English name 🎧⬇

Lake Macquarie City Council
Awabakal Ltd
Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre
We remember and respect the Ancestors who cared for and nurtured this Country. It is in their footsteps that we travel these lands and waters. Lake Macquarie City Council acknowledges Awabakal People and Elders past, present and future.

Dhumaan ngayin ngarrakalu kirraanan barayidin. Ngarrakalumba yuludaka bibayilin barayida baaduka. Lake Macquarie City Council dhumaan Awabakala ngarrakal yalawaa, yalawan, yalawanan.

We thank Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre for this translation.

Awabakal Ltd Reconciliation NSW Reconciliation Australia
Hey Miromaa, thanks for the FANTASTIC tech boxes. Opal and Thaliil-thaliil have been busy interviewing Gudaa. Jugi-jugi likes the presents too, but she tried to eat the cables. She thinks they are worms!
This Sunday, 6/28, at 1pm EST! Episode 2 of Voices of Resilience: let's talk about making records of languages for future generations, and how language documentation supports language reclamation. With Dr. Emmanuel Ngue Um of the Archive of Languages and Oral Resources of Africa, and Daryn McKenny of Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre! Listen here: http://radio.montezpress.com

SPECIAL THANKS: Music by Jeffrey Shapiro; cover image by Armando Silva; closing song: "Meditjin" by Baker Boy; in collaboration with Montez Press Radio and Mostyn Gallery.
“The IMW has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of mapping and documenting our knowledge systems through maps. It has also reinforced the important role that languages play in Indigenous heritage.”

Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre's Daryn McKenny discusses how the Indigenous Mapping Workshop Australia has helped him in his work with Language Conservation and shares his journey.

Read Daryn’s story here: https://bit.ly/2TkOkdE
We caught up with repeat attendee, Daryn McKenny from
Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre to discuss how the Indigenous Mapping Workshop has helped him in his work in Language Conversation and to talk about his journey.

Read Daryn's story here: https://bit.ly/3bKuw9R
I wish Alex all the best on his quest to raise $10,000 for the Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation's First Language literacy program, which provide people in remote Indigenous communities with access to resources to document, conserve and learn their languages.

It is important that these languages continue to be spoken and taught and we do not lose them forever.

If you want to contribute visit - https://www.gofundme.com/languagepreservation

Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre
Daryn great news about this pic and how i accidently came across this built in app in my Iphone and Ipad - I thinks its cruel. I started our Wergaia Language group on FB late last year and told all about 2019 and this app. Cheers!! Ron Marks
When people ask, what do our Profits go towards?
Towards This!
So Very Proud of all the team at Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre, First Languages Australia and of course the staff and incredible students at Edgeworth Public School!!
We celebrated in our cafe, a milestone to collaborate with Playschool this morning and are excited for the rest of the Languages series on future Playschool episodes!

Miromaa - Using technology to empower and train our people to preserve our traditional languages toda

Operating as usual


The countdown is on!!
PULiiMA is coming to you, 21-25 AUGUST 2023
Head to PULiiMA.com to register now!!

Timeline photos 25/03/2023

Find out everything you need to know about the PULiiMA 2023 Indigenous Language and Technology Gathering by subscribing to our enews. Head to www.PULiiMA.com

Timeline photos 27/02/2023

Join us for Puliima at the Darwin Conference Centre on 21-25 August to celebrate The Aboriginal International Language Decade.
This Decade aims to ensure indigenous peoples' rights to language preservation, revitalisation, and development, as well as mainstream linguistic diversity and multiculturism issues in efforts to promote sustainable development.

Timeline photos 23/02/2023

Listen in, be inspired by Gerry Turpin, a Mbabaram Traditional Owner who is 'as far as he knows' the first fully trained Indigenous Ethnobotanist in Australia. Gerry has helped seed and lead groundbreaking research that bridges two worlds and empowers Elders and communities to research, record, protect and derive value from their plant and cultural knowledge and to share it in ways they want.

This is the final deep dive, long lens conversation for Nourishing Matters 2022. It's one that book ends the series since its inception in late 2019 when I was blown away by Gerry's keynote presentation at PULiiMA 2019 and the power of his work for culture, community, environment and food sovereignty.

LANGUAGE EDUCATOR & RESEARCHER - Awabakal Language Program Job in Boolaroo, Newcastle, Maitland & Hunter NSW 17/11/2022

An immediate opportunity to join our expanding Miromaa team.

LANGUAGE EDUCATOR & RESEARCHER - Awabakal Language Program - based in Boolaroo, Lake Macquarie NSW


LANGUAGE EDUCATOR & RESEARCHER - Awabakal Language Program Job in Boolaroo, Newcastle, Maitland & Hunter NSW Rare opportunity for an Aboriginal person to work for a globally reputed Aboriginal-led NGO, researching and sharing Awabakal language and knowledge.


August 2023 dates are announced :-)

We are excitedly announcing that the PULiiMA 2023 dates are now official

21st to 25th August 2023

More information can be found at https://puliima.com/ and please sunscribe to our newsletter

Call for presenters and everyone else will be made over the coming weeks, get ready!

Photos from Esperance Tjaltjraak Native Title Aboriginal Corporation's post 15/09/2022

An amazing opportunity to share and learn from the Far West Rangers in SA and the Tjaltjraak Rangers WA as we all came together in Ceduna SA, a huge topic for this big week back in August was data collection and mapping country(supported by IMW Australia) and the role langauge centres can play and are there supporting this amazing on country work by our Rangers and Communities. We can not explain how much admiration we have for their devotion to sea and land country management. If only someone had brought some firewood to have kept us warm when flying the thermal drone late at night.
Far West Aboriginal Languages Centre Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation Esperance Tjaltjraak Native Title Aboriginal Corporation Indigenous Mapping Workshop Australia


Many thanks to Kimberley Language Resource Centre for the opportunity to support this inspiring historical "Story Telling Journey" of the many proud, strong Kimberley people over many decades who have and continue to stand tall in keeping their languages alive

Lake Macquarie introduces dual names for cultural facilities in Australian first 01/10/2021

We know we are a quiet lot on FB, anyway we hope our local community like this project which we supported Lake Macquarie City Council with, we congratulate them for their bravery in doing this in the manner they have

We are all on a language journey, and each year we ourselves discover more secrets about the languages of here, and the unique sounds and rich meanings within. Our own work evolves as we constantly challange and question it, you can't bring back a language overnight, unfortunately it can take years and for many decades

We also do not take for granted the simple and purposed translations and spellings which happened in the 1830's, whilst they have formed the foundation of our work they are not the rule, but we are brave to put every effort we can so that the unique and rich words and phrases of not just here but all of our languages can be once again heard, spoken and sung with the manner in which they originally were and we now hope will once again be

Each word is knowledge and knowledge is "our everything", as such we will continue to do everything we can to help get this right of seeing and using our languages in a world they were not originally part of, but are needed to be

Lake Macquarie City Council
ABC Newcastle

Lake Macquarie introduces dual names for cultural facilities in Australian first New dual cultural names have been added to a number of facilities in Lake Macquarie.

Photos from Far West Aboriginal Languages Centre's post 03/06/2021

Huge week over in the Far West with the FWLC Team, big but awesome week, huge thanks for the welcome and support for being out on country with you all last week

The Miromaa Team


MUST SEE! PULiiMA 2019 was Australia’s largest celebration as part of the UN’s International Year of Indigenous Languages . Last week on the 18th of December, following the conclusion of IYIL2019, adopted the resolution on the rights of 👉 https://bit.ly/38PJo6I. This included 2022-2032 as International Decade of !!! PULiiMA 2019 was more than just a conference, it’s about continued support of each other in the restoration and revitalisation of our languages. We’re happy to share with you highlights from PULiiMA 2018. Please watch the video.


A Unique Fundraising Mission! - ALNF 25/06/2019

I know we have many people like Alex already in our community working tirelessly to support our work of saving our languages and helping provide empowerment to our people everywhere, but I am hoping that in this special year celebrating the International Year of Indigenous Languages you may be able to get behind his goal of raising funds. Every dollar raised by Alex will go towards the Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundations First Language work, which empowers communities to become their own change-makers, teachers and language experts. Please share this post.

A Unique Fundraising Mission! - ALNF


Hi Everyone,


New location is now 57 James St, Cnr Milton St Hamilton NSW 2303

Our contact details have stayed the same


Please support and share, it's an amazing opportunity to support:

WANALA 2018 Collections Management Workshop | Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages 25/10/2018

The Miromaa team was thrilled to have been afforded the opportunity to be involved with Collections Management Workshop at the WANALA conference last week in Batchelor NT. Also catching up with mob far and wide was pretty damn awesome too!

WANALA 2018 Collections Management Workshop | Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages The Western and Northern Aboriginal Languages Alliance (WANALA) biannual forum was held in Batchelor last week. It brought together interested people from language centres around WA and the NT, as well as some other interested parties. One of the streams focused on collections management, which is a...

PULiiMA 2019 - DARWIN 11/10/2018

PULiiMA 2019 - DARWIN     PULiiMA 2019 Announcement PULiiMA 2019 is pleased to announce that the event will be held at the Darwin Convention Centre in August 2019. This year will be even more important as the world's Indigneous languages become centrepoint throughout 2019. As stated on UNESCO's website at https://en.iy...

Photos from Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre's post 23/08/2018

🎶 Kurrawan! (open wide!)
🎶 Andila! (come inside!)
🎶 Playschool ani! (It's Playschool!)

Miromaa Language Team are thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with Edgeworth Public School, First Languages Australia, and ABC TV's longstanding children's program - PLAYSCHOOL!
The first episode in a new language series for the ever-popular "Through the Window" segment, will be aired at 9am tomorrow morning (Fri 24th August) on ABCkids!



A ground breaking document for the whole of NSW with the Aboriginal Languages ACT 2017 no 51of NSW now available for your reading and download as a PDF



For all the Gamilaraay mob hungry for language make sure you follow this page and their posts, too deadly!

Gamilaraay This page is for the Gamilaraay community to share and speak their language with each other.

Solid Rock - Street Warriors featuring Shannon Noll 16/03/2018

...and whilst we are talking about Kangaroo's today, here are two of Miromaa Aboriginal Language Centre's founding directors singing about the "Land of the Kangaroo"

Solid Rock - Street Warriors featuring Shannon Noll Indigenous hip hop crew Street Warriors recently teamed up with former Australian Idol favourite Shannon Noll to release their own version of Goanna's 1982 A...

Instagram Photos 15/03/2018

We would like to give our Barista Renee a few days off near Easter, so we are after a temp Barista to fill in who could be after some hours, you never know where this could lead as we get busier

Contact us ASAP if you are interested

We are seeking a temporary Barista to give ours a short couple of days upcoming break!
Experience in Coffee skills is a MUST.
Food Handling/Service is prefered.
Need to be available ASAP.
Send email to [email protected]
Or pop in and introduce yourself ASAP

Andrew Bolt’s disappointment - Griffith Review 09/03/2018

An essay by Bruce Pascoe

Andrew Bolt’s disappointment - Griffith Review MY FRIENDS TAKE a breath, lean across the table and assume the tone of Richard Dawkins explaining dinosaurs to intelligently designed Christians. They believe that in my promotion of Aboriginal achievement I’m simply being loyal to family or wanting to take a belligerent stance on our country’s ...

Photos from Tim Crakanthorp MP's post 28/02/2018

It was great to have Tim come and visit our centre today, thank you 😊

We really enjoyed your surprise and acknowledgement that we have a pretty special place in the heart of Newcastle

Photos from Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre's post 27/02/2018

“These words are from the old days before we were born but they are for us today to learn and write. The words come from our ceremonies to teach us about places and relationships.” Gula Lalara, Anindilyakwa language Group. A visitor came to our centre and donated this magnificent book, non-Aboriginal, and as kid was more fluent in Anindilyakwa than English, son of church missionaries @ Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre


Hashtags help us tell the world, our favourite of course is

But now in support of NAIDOC 2018 we will be adding

to our favourites!


We were so excited last week when we received this gift from all of the amazing language warriors at Pama Language Centre The work which everyone is doing comes so much from the heart and lives within these stories and language learning books. These will be available in our knowledge library for anyone to come and view. Thank you to everyone up at Pama Language Centre

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