Glen Harrods Transformation

Follow my Transformation as i go through the 12 Week Challenge with my Clients Follow me as i try to power through Personal Best and get my body back to where it was when i started as a Personal Trainer

Operating as usual

[11/07/18]   Come get a scan this Saturday

[07/18/18]   Smashed out a 75kg push press today. Pretty happy with myself 😁

[07/16/18]   Get Ready for Summer with Semi Private Personal Training. Leave a Comment to Express your interest

[06/20/18]   What's your plan of attack through this lovely winter to keep you going with your Health & Fitness Goals?


DEADLIFTS & PULL UPS | DAY 1 | Glen Harrod's Transformation

My Workout today

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The start of a new beginning | Glen Harrod’s Transformation

Guess who’s back, back again.. no it’s not shady.... it’s me!!

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#SorryNotSorry SGT AMRAP | 20/07/17

Challenged by my 5:30am Small Group clients
Yup that was hard struggling to get back into training. i think i have just kickstarted myself back into it now


Evolved Fitness

What can you achieve in 8 weeks? starts July 1st

Only 1 week to go before the 8 week challenge starts. Don't miss out on a chance to better yourself and make new friends


Second run for the week done. Now for some rolling 06/06/2017

HIIT Session with my Awesome Clients | 06/05/17 HITT session with my clients 1 minute on 30 seconds off Box Jump Rower Deadball slams Kettlebell Swing Wall Sit Skip Before Session i did a back session Cabl... 04/06/2017

I'm BACK BABY Getting my eating back on track with HFLC eating and training that I got the best results from within the 12 week challenge. Monday - recovery bike ride Tues...


Evolved Fitness

Making an order Tomorrow. We have sizing measurement if you can't make it in

Order you new Evolved Fitness Training Singlets by Friday 2nd June!!


Evolved Fitness

Order you new Evolved Fitness Training Singlets by Friday 2nd June!!


8WC sneak peak | InBody Scan | Cleans | Deadlifts | 27/05/17

My training over the last couple of days

A little taste of the weekly challenges that will happen within the Evolved Fitness 8 Week Challenge starting july 1st 25/05/2017

30 Minute AMRAP | Clients Vs ME!!! | 25/05/17

My Awesome AMRAP session from this morning Struggle to get back into a routine after the 12 week challenge STILL!! Thanks to my clients i am still doing 2 HIIT sessions a week


Glen Harrods Transformation | The Journey | 20/05/17

Just a little bit late

Did a 45 minutes session of pad holding with one of my clients then 8 sets of 8 reps of chin ups. 3 sets body weight then orange band assisted red band assis...


YUP the hardest part


My Awesome but hard HIIT session this morning 16/05/2017

Glen Harrods Transformation | The Journey | 16/05/17

First Session back after having a chest infection....YAY!! First Training Session after the Goodlife 12 Week Challenge ended. About 3 weeks until the Gala Dinner for the 12 Week challenge and 6 Weeks until Evolved Fi... 15/05/2017

Glen Harrods Transformation

Just letting you know that it doesn't stop here. I am continuing with my transformation and will still be doing videos. So please head over to my YouTube Channel and Subscribe to stay motivated and to help myself stay motivated. I will be uploading videos 3 times a week. Tuesday 5pm, Thursday 5pm and Saturday 12pm. Hit that Subscribe Button and don't forget the notification button so you know when i have uploaded a new video Join me on my fitness journey to get my fitness back to where i was when i became a trainer and started putting my clients health and fitness before my own 12/05/2017

Goodlife 2017 12 Week Challenge - Day 84 - 12 WEEKS DONE!!

Not the best results, but i did finally finish a 12 week challenge I finish up the challenge being sick with not so good results. I had an awesome first 6 weeks then easter happened and went down hill from there. I did manag...


12 Week Challenge - Day 81 - Trainer Vs Clients AMRAP

Not the best workout I've done in a long time

feeling very crappy i take on my clients in an AMRAP. failed big time 06/05/2017

12 Week Challenge - Day 78 - WOW #12

Done and Dusted WOW#12 WOW 12 completed and only 2 days after doing WOW 11 soo still sore, but i just wanted to get it done. Still a little unwell. Hopefully, i sweated this cold o... 05/05/2017

12 Week Challenge - Day 77 - InBody Composition Scan

One week to go of the 12 week challenge i do a body composition scan after being sick for a week and only working out once between scans 04/05/2017

12 Week Challenge - Day 76 - WOW#11

Finally did WOW 11 Finally did my WOW 11 after being unwell for a week


Me at the moment


I've done a full week of bad workouts 😞 28/04/2017

12 Week Challenge - Day 69 - CHEST DAY!!

My New Chest Workout Today i do my new program for my Chest workout 27/04/2017

12 Week Challenge - Day 68 - New Training Program!!

My New Program...And i'm so sore now i start my new program based off my 1 Rep Max exercises that i did last week


12 Week Challenge - Day 63 - 1RM SQUAT!!!

Easter was good to me. Check out my Scan and Squats below

Today i test out my One Rep Max with Squats


12 Week Challenge - Day 62 - 1 Rep Max DEADLIFT - YouTube

Me lifting heavy round things Today i do my One Rep Max on Deadlifts Check out my Facebook My Food on Snapchat: pudgt 20/04/2017

12 Week Challenge - Day 61 - 1RM Bench Press

Testing out my 1 Rep Max This Week Working out my 1 Rep Max for my Bench Press so i can write up a program to finish the 12 Week Challenge with My Food is on my Snapchat: Pudgt Check out my Fa...


12 Week Challenge - Day 59 - EASTER CHOCOLATE COMA

Struggled today with way too much easter chocolate eaten over the weekend. To now check out my food jump on my snapchat : Pudgt To check out my Facebook and ...


Winner of the Bulk Nutrients Voucher

The Winner of the Bulk Nutrients Voucher is???

[04/16/17]   The Winner for the Bulk Nutrients Voucher has been Drawn!!
Watch Tomorrows Video to find out who the Winner is!!!!

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Winner of the Bulk Nutrients Voucher
Win a Bulk Nutrients Voucher
Come and join us Goodlife Mooroolbark on Tight Ass Tuesday. Look out for Jason he will be running the 9am group. Absolut...
Reverse burpees! One of the core exercises in this weeks group PT. Yes, they make it look easy don't they
Me giving wow #1 a go. Damn it was hard. 10 push ups, 15 body weight Deadlifts, 20 60cm box jumps. X4
Had an Awesome Group session tonight at Fenix. Everyone put in and pushed themselves. Can't wait for next week!!
Boot Camp
Week 2 Boot Camp
22nd April Hike/Run at Mt Dandy




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