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(Regular price: $245)⁠
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Create vivid worlds that transport readers through time with our Historical Fiction course. Learn how to conduct research that goes beyond dates and facts, captivate readers with a compelling and genuine story, and develop characters that resonate across the ages.

Check out the course details here:


"One of the many wonderful things about the AWC is the dynamic variety of courses they have on offer. I would recommend the Writing Picture Books course because it’s the most wonderful foray into the magical world of picture books."
– AWC grad Ryan Abramowitz


Ever wondered why how the pronunciation of words evolves, why accents are formed – and why the way we talk differs depending on who we're speaking to? Rob Drummond discusses this and also phenomena like the Australian tendency to “uptalk” at the end of sentences, the Great Vowel Shift and whether Julia Gillard’s accent really was “too Australian”!

Listen to episode 577 on your favourite podcast app, or here:


WIN THIS BOOK – This week, we’re giving away three copies of The Seven – the latest thriller from one of Australia’s best crime writers. Chris Hammer is the acclaimed and award-winning author of international bestsellers Scrublands and The Tilt. You can also meet him on episodes 447 and 361 of our podcast. Here’s the blurb:

Yuwonderie's seven founding families have lorded it over their district for a century, growing ever more rich and powerful.

But now—in startling circumstances—one of their own is found dead in a ditch and homicide detectives Ivan Lucic and Nell Buchanan are sent to investigate.

Could the murder be connected to the ex*****on of the victim's friend thirty years ago—another member of The Seven—or even to the long-forgotten story of a servant girl on the brink of the Great War?

What are the secrets The Seven are so desperate to keep hidden?

With the killer still on the loose and events spiralling out of control, the closer Ivan and Nell get to discovering the truth, the more dangerous their investigation becomes. Can they crack the case before more people die?

To win, enter here:


Get up to 40% OFF on dozens of our popular online writing courses – right now!

If you want to become a better writer, know how to get published, finish your novel, write with confidence or gain lifelong career skills, don’t miss this limited time offer:


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Ready to turn your adventures into captivating tales? Our Travel Writing Course is your passport to mastering the art of storytelling on the road!

Gain insider knowledge on getting published and building a successful travel writing career.

Check out the course details and start your journey today: ​​


“Creative Writing Stage 1 was the beginning of my writing career with all its valuable tools, tutors and feedback. Novels are a series of rich scenes with fleshed out characters in vivid settings. This course teaches you exactly that.” - Megan White, graduate of the Australian Writers' Centre and author of ‘The Anatomy of Song’ (pictured)

Find out more about Creative Writing Stage 1:


(Regular price: $345)
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Experience the wonders of creativity with Dare to Dream. Created and presented by award-winning author Kate Forsyth (), this unique and inspiring course will help YOU unlock the door to your unconscious and find joy, inspiration, vitality and empowerment in telling YOUR story – and it’s at a special price right now.

Are you ready to become inspired, empowered and energised?


“AWC courses are professional, relevant and on point. If you are serious about becoming a writer you need to invest in yourself. The courses offered by AWC are an investment that will pay dividends.” - Susannah Glenn (pictured), graduate of the Australian Writers' Centre and author of ‘Between Husbands and Wives’

Check out our courses at


Our popular range of Fiction Essentials courses allow you to approach each specific core area of fiction writing with confidence. And they’re ALL on SALE right now!

Regular price $195
SALE price $137

If you’re interested in creating compelling characters, writing authentic dialogue, grasping the fundamentals of ‘point of view', improving your story's structure, crafting vivid, engaging scenes OR perfecting your grammar and punctuation, take advantage of this limited-time offer NOW:


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💡Are YOU ready to enhance your skills as a writer?
🌱Perhaps you’re new to writing and looking to take your FIRST STEP?
👣Or maybe, just maybe, it’s time to step outside your comfort zone?

Whatever the case, we invite you to make Australian Writers' Centre your next step as we take up to 40% OFF dozens of our popular online writing courses.

If you want to become a better writer, know how to get published, finish your novel, write with confidence or gain lifelong career skills, don’t miss this chance to achieve YOUR writing goals:


The more believable your antagonist is, the greater the threat to the main characters, and the higher the narrative tension.
Join us TONIGHT Thursday 16 November for FOCUS ON… Villains – award-winning author Pamela Freeman will explore what makes an antagonist work in a story so YOU can create your own memorable, threatening and believable villain that readers won’t be able to resist.
Get your ticket now:
We’ll see you there!


If a place has the most number of people, is it the “most populated” or “most populous”? Is there a difference between the two? And what do pastrami and convicts have to do with any of it? Pop by this week and join us as we populate your brain with all the answers on our blog right now:


Submissions are now open for the 2024 Penguin Literary Prize! Submit your manuscript for your chance to be published by Penguin Random House and receive an impressive $20,000 advance.

Here are the details from Penguin:

In 2017, the Penguin Literary Prize was established to discover, nurture, and develop literary fiction writers, providing a unique platform for new and diverse voices to emerge. Offering aspiring authors from across Australia the chance to become a part of the Penguin Random House (PRH) community, the prize includes $20,000 and the opportunity for the winner to publish with PRH AU, home to over 80 Nobel Prize laureates and hundreds of the world’s most widely read authors.

Submissions will be accepted until 11.59pm AEDT Monday 11th December 2023.⁠

For more info and how to enter:


Ahhhh, villains, we meet at last. Villains are a story’s antagonists – the ones who create the obstacles, barriers and PAIN for your main characters. Whether they’re Dark Lords or Mean Girls, these are the ones that readers love to hate… and love to LOVE – especially the dark, brooding ones!
So, how do you create an antagonist readers can’t resist? One that ratchets up the narrative tension while revealing the depths of your main characters? Find out in our live seminar, FOCUS ON… Villains THIS Thursday 16 November!
During this 90-minute session (including 30-minute Q&A), award-winning author Pamela Freeman will explore what makes an antagonist work in a story – and how to make your villain memorable, threatening and believable. It’s a real-time, interactive story workshop – and all for just $55!
Register now to attend live AND get access to the recording for 7 days after the seminar:


AWC alumni Joanna Nell is a bestselling author and her fifth novel is 'Mrs Winterbottom Takes a Gap Year'. She has carved out a successful literary career alongside her work as a medical doctor. When Joanna first explored the world of writing, she completed several courses at the Australian Writers' Centre. One of the writing exercises she did in her first course planted the seed for what would become her breakout novel 'The Single Ladies of Jacaranda Retirement Village'! We love her books and are so thrilled for her success.

Listen to episode 576 on your favourite podcast app, or here:


WIN THIS BOOK – Jaclyn Moriarty is a bestselling, multi award-winning author and you can also meet her on episode 209 of our podcast. Her latest book is The Impossible Secret of Lillian Velvet and we have three copies to give away. This whimsical tale takes us to the world of Kingdoms and Empires, where a young girl journeys through dangerous situations with her magical jar of gold coins, meeting fascinating characters along the way. Here’s the blurb:

Lillian Velvet lives a very lonely life with her cold and remote Grandmother. That is, until her tenth birthday, when she is given a pickle jar of gold coins, along with a note with clear instructions: don't go out, don't open the door for anyone, and don't spend all your coins in one day.

What happens next seems impossible. The coins whisk Lillian away to a different time and place. There she meets a small boy in a circus about to be crushed to death; a lively family, each member in a distinctive form of mortal danger; a boy with a skateboard; and a girl who can Whisper. And a web of dangerous magic closing tight around it all.

Why is Lillian here? How is she supposed to help these new friends? And – most importantly – what happens if she fails?

An exciting tale in the magical Kingdoms and Empires world, where seemingly disparate elements are spun until all is revealed as one delicious, tantalising whole.

To win, enter here:


To niche or not to niche? It’s a question I get asked a lot so I thought I’d interview Lynne Testoni, a leading content creator and copywriter. Lynne specialises in some of the most coveted topics – interior design, homewares, gardening, food, cookbooks and much more. She has carved out a niche writing career that enables her to write about what she wants, when she wants, and to work with the people she wants. If you’d like to learn how to successfully niche your copywriting business, become a subject matter authority and get paid what you’re worth, this is the episode for you.

Listen to the latest episode of 'So You Want to be a Copywrite‪r‬' on your favourite podcast app, or follow the link:

Photos from Australian Writers' Centre's post 12/11/2023

Our live FOCUS ON seminars are hugely popular. At just $55, they're great value.

If YOU want to experience golden insights and epiphanies like Adam, join us on Thursday 16 November for FOCUS ON...Villains. Pamela⁠ will delve deep into what makes an antagonist work in a story so YOU can create a memorable villain.

Don't miss this real-time, interactive story workshop! Get your ticket now:


We hear it all the time these days – people “pushing the envelope” to achieve new things, create new art, challenge ideas and more. But where and when did we start on this envelope-pushing path? Will any size envelope do or must it have one of those windows on the front? And what do NASA and Tom Cruise have to do with it all? Join us as we ask for the envelope please and share our flighty findings on our BLOG right now:


Villains and antagonists.
How much of the narrative should they take up?
Should they have their own point of view?
How can you make their actions and motives believable?
What kind of villain suits your genre?
Join us on Thursday 16 November from 7pm (Syd/Mel time) for FOCUS ON...Villains with award-winning author Pamela Freeman – perfect for anyone who wants to create an antagonist readers can’t resist. In this dynamic live seminar, we'll answer these questions and more.
Register now to attend live AND get access to the recording for 7 days after the seminar:


Christine Wells on her journey from lawyer to full time author and her latest novel 'The Royal Windsor Secret'.

Listen to episode 575 on your favourite podcast app, or here:


WIN THIS BOOK – Matthew Reilly is the internationally bestselling author of the Scarecrow series, the Jack West series and numerous standalone novels. You can also meet him on the podcast. We have three copies of his latest book Mr Einstein’s Secretary to give away. It’s a gripping story that follows a young woman swept through some of history's most perilous eras. Here’s the blurb:

All Hanna Fischer ever wanted to do was to study physics under the great Albert Einstein.

But when, as a teenager in 1919, her life is suddenly turned upside-down, she is catapulted into a new and extraordinary life – as a secretary, a scientist, a sister and a spy.

From racist gangs in Berlin to gangsters in New York City, N***s in the 1930s and Hitler's inner circle during the Second World War, Hanna will encounter some of history's greatest minds and most terrible moments, all while desperately trying to stay alive.

She is a most unique secretary and she will work for many bosses – from shrewd businessmen to vile N***s, to the greatest boss of them all, Mr Albert Einstein…

Spanning forty years, this is the thrilling tale of a young woman propelled through history's most dangerous times. But read it carefully, because all may not be as it seems…

To win, enter here:


What does it take to become a successful author?
Where can you get inspiration?
How do you persist through challenges and rejection?
How can you secure a book deal and get published?
Four acclaimed authors answer these questions and more in Unlock Secrets From Bestselling Authors – and YOU can get instant access for FREE!
In this dynamic session, you’ll get insider knowledge and actionable advice from:
- Bestselling author Pamela Freeman
- Award-winning crime novelist Candice Fox
- One of Australia’s most successful middle grade authors, Allison Tait and
- Freelance writer and editor and CEO of the Australian Writers' Centre, Valerie Khoo
Learn from the best. Get YOUR free access now:


We're thrilled for AWC graduate Susannah Glenn who has scored a two-book deal with Pantera Press!

When life hit a crossroads at 48, she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a published author. Her debut novel 'Between Husbands and Wives' is due out in 2024.

Read about Susannah's inspiring journey to publication on the blog now:


The term “gaslighting” has become a popular catch-all in this age of conspiracy theories, lies, deflection and misinformation. But where did it come from? Why is it so gassy? And what do Billy Joel, Ingrid Bergman and Dr Seuss have to do with it?

Join us as we gaslight you for far too long before revealing the truth… on our blog right now:


Are you ready for Furious Fiction? If you're new to it, it starts at 5pm on the First Friday of every month. You get Fifty-Five hours to write a short of Five Hundred words or Fewer. Join the Furious Fiction Fan Club and be part of the Fun.

Sign up here:


We’re thrilled for AWC graduate Pamela Jones whose debut picture book ‘Ayla’s Christmas Wish’ is out now!

Pamela loved our Writing Picture Books course and especially valued how targeted and industry-based it was. She’s now achieved her childhood dream of becoming an author. Congratulations Pamela!

Read all about her journey to publication on the blog now:


WIN THIS BOOK – This week’s giveaway takes us back in time to Victorian England. We have three copies of Tania Blanchard’s latest book, A Woman of Courage, to give away. Tania Blanchard is an acclaimed author of historical novels The Girl from Munich, Suitcase of Dreams, Letters From Berlin, and Echoes of War.

We’re particularly delighted for Tania, who is a graduate of the Australian Writers' Centre and now a bestselling author. Her latest novel is a testament to the women who fought relentlessly for their right to vote, and promises to be a powerfully gripping tale of passion, love, loss and self-discovery.

Inspired by a true story, A Woman of Courage is more than just historical fiction – it's a timely reminder of how small acts of courage can change the world.

Here’s the blurb:

1890, Northern England. Hannah Todd dreams of a future where women have the right to vote.

Fresh from her teaching studies in Durham, she joins her parents in a rural village, brimming with newly found passion and the groundswell towards women's suffrage unfolding in London. Working tirelessly to help women and children in the county, Hannah is determined to make the fight for the vote her life's work, adding her voice to the rising chorus across the nation and hopes of a new world and a new way of thinking.

But soon she must fight a new, unexpected battle – that of the yearning of her own heart. As Hannah grapples with her conflicting feelings she discovers that when power is threatened, darkness, brutality and dangerous, closely guarded secrets are never too far from the surface. How far can she go to fight for what's right?

From the exciting, progressive hive of London to the traditional villages of the rural north, A Woman of Courage rings with the strength and struggles of women at time of momentous change ... and the choices one woman must make to help forge a new future.

To win, enter here:


Our October Furious Fiction story showcase is here! Could one of the stories be YOURS? Here were this month’s criteria:
1. Each story had to feature someone looking through either a TELESCOPE or BINOCULARS.
2. Each story had to include a five-digit number. (E.g. 90210 or 10,000 etc)
3. Each story had to include the words BLIND, WIND, FIND and MIND.
(Longer words were okay if original spelling was retained.)

The Furious Fiction showcase is our monthly spotlight on our community’s creativity and the opportunity to have YOUR OWN story featured or acknowledged. Read this month's stories here:


Vikki Marmaras scores three book deals and reveals the process behind her latest book, 'I Spy Treasure'.

Listen to episode 572 on your favourite podcast app, or here:

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Sydney?

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