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has anyone ever said you should write a book? now is your chance! fun life writing courses, coaching and workshops. everyone has a story. take time to tell yours ๏ฟฝ

it takes years to create a garden that reflects who you are. memoir is very similar. you may see yourself and think, 'this is it. this is who i am'. and then something happens and you realise you are more. there is always more. and you write.
a memoir is rarely written in an afternoon. be patient with your story. get to know it.
make friends with it. drag it around your everyday life. ask it questions. look at it and listen. your story is there, waiting to be told #lifewriting #thewritersjourney #letters #notes #diaries #longphonecalls #longdrives #gettingtoknowyourstory #diggingdeep #growingyourstory #summerthoughts

social distance square photos. one of the lesser challenges of 2020. sheesh. what a year. but we made it. my memoir editing class finally made it out into the sun for the last class of the year. the life writers also dressed up to see our year out in style. both groups and my coaching writers still going strong. we are all looking forward to a break even if i am still encouraging my writers to give one last push before xmas #finalpush #kickinggoals #coach #tutor #writers #theyearthatwas #workinghard #2020 #lifewriting #memoirediting #ownstory #mem #memoir

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I have two Summer workshops coming up ๐Ÿ :
* Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre on Monday 7 December 11am-12.30pm (in house) ; and
* Mackie Road Neighbourhood House Summer Program Wednesday 13 January 11am-1pm (may be blended - online and in house) ๐Ÿ˜
Bookings via phone or online โ˜Ž๐Ÿ“ฒ
* a great Xmas gift idea for someone who said they always would ..๐ŸŒฒ ๐Ÿ˜‰ Welcome back to Instagram. Sign in to check out what your friends, family & interests have been capturing & sharing around the world.

as kids growing up in the seventies, summer for us meant living at the local pool. we would buy a season's pass - a plastic disc that mum would sew onto our swimmers and we'd be set for the summer. our local baths has shady trees and an alluring red brick retro kiosk where the cool kids gathered - unlike this photo of glen waverley pool in the early days. skinny young kids, like wild things, alternated between the high tower, running and getting told off and lying on the hot wet concrete around the pools, before tying their towels into draping turbans for the walk home.
what are your summer memories?
get a headstart on your writing year with a summer life writing workshop at mackie road neighbourhood house for 2hrs on wed jan 13. no diving from the high tower required. booking link in my bio #tutor #writer #lifewriting #amwriting #amremembering #kickstartyourwriting #writinggoals #newyear

taking the writing to the streets! new class starting in Term 4 with @beaconsfieldnc starting online at first but gradually making our way back into one of the small meeting rooms once restrictions ease. yippee! message me or the centre for more details! classes are fun and include a weekly exercise. perfect for starting your life writing journey #writing #lifewriting #lifestory #memoir #onlineclass tutor #newwriterswelcome #startyourstory

beauty and the beast. with so much change that has happened this year, the seasons still turn. flowers still emerge and fresh leaves will appear. all we have right now is ourselves and those closest to us, nature on our doorstep and the resilience to keep moving forward. life writing requires time, energy and space. and in particular, balance. especially at this time. both in ourselves and in our stories. my senior writers have planned to continue to support each other during the term break. to keep the momentum going and to cheer each other on as they pull their final stories and manuscripts together. and for those writing their stories on their own. you don't need to do this alone. find a trusted relative or friend to go on this ride with you and to listen to your stories and to tell you what they like and where they want more. and for these readers, please be kind. it's tough putting yourself onto the page and it's tough here in Melbourne right now. and for those who seek professional coaching and writing advice, i still have space available. prices on my website. link in my bio. #writing #lifewriting #termbreak #writers #classes #tutor #coach #writinginlockdown #writinginapandemic #findabalance #beauty #nature #resilience #coaching #onlineclasses #support

wow. what a term! these are the happy faces of my Memoir Editing life writers. so impressed by their hard work and stories in this second lockdown, supporting each other's writing and sharing their own stories and ideas. i might be the tutor but each week i too learn so much about living in different spaces and time. today we dressed up for a spring event ๐ŸŒผ #celebrate #endofterm #history #herstory #yourstory #lifewriting #memoirediting #endofterm #term3 #mackierd #neighbourhoodhouse #onlineclasses #writers #tutor #anwriting #amediting #selfedit

this week, one of my Life Writers wrote a touching account of her great uncle who left the shores of Tasmania as a twenty-year-old to fight in the great war, living in a tent city in the Egyptian desert, not dissimilar to this iconic scene from the Australian War Memorial. the idea of that young man waving goodbye to his mother and family and never seeing our countryside or his family again is haunting. no matter how many stories i hear my heart goes out to all these people and all their families for the sacrifice these soldiers made. i am so proud of my writers, for researching and writing their own family's history and telling the stories that should never be forgotten #lifewriting #ancestors #familyhistory #australianstories #writing #writers #onlineclass #writingcommunity #lestweforget

Lisa Habermann Life Writing's cover photo

sometimes when you are deep in your memoir and you've been there a while, every path in and out can look the same. and just as our lives take time to live, so do our stories take time to unfurl. where your manuscript goes and the shape it takes is up to you. but if you are stuck or lost in your story and need some ideas and suggestions to bring it out into the light, reach out. i help writers find their way #lifewriting #memoir #ownstory #structure #storytelling #shape #coach #mentor #personalcoaching #giveyourstoryshape

today's Life Writing class brought to you by a drive down memory lane! we had lots of fun in our Zoom session today recalling old photos and memories that included a favourite peacock skirt; meeting a husband at uni; a special 85th birthday; a caravan camping trip with cream buns; and a school dance where nuns stood between amorous teens while encouraging the dance band to play faster songs ๐Ÿ˜‚ my own memories include adventures driving around in my friend Angela's dad's Holden and swimming in the Murrimbidgee River and lagoons miles from anywhere #oldmemories #specialtimes #funnystories #growingup #fifties #sixties #seventies #eighties #lifewriting #memoryprompts #classexercise #goodtimes #writers #tutor #coach #amwriting

a gorgeous winter's day today. it's easy to feel inspired to write when nature so easily puts on such a show. i am very lucky to live near nature trails (including a Where's Wally? Treasure Hunt today) that is part of my neighbourhood walk.
Term 3 classes are about to kick off via Zoom for Mackie Rd Neighbourhood House where my Life Writing classes began. on Wednesday I will have five in my class; followed by four in Memoir Editing two weeks after that. five new writers in total. thanks Mackie Rd for making online learning so easy! feeling totally inspired to help people find their unique storytelling voice and watch with delight as their stories unfold . i ๐Ÿ’› what i do ๐Ÿค— #lifewriting #memoirediting #storytelling #familyhistory #herstory #keepingyourstoryalive #writer #tutor #coach #mentor #prompts #tips #encouragement #inspiration @ Dandenong Ranges

some people know exactly what to paint on a canvas, others know the perfect fashion style to suit an individual. i am lucky that i can see great scenes in writing and imagine them on film. and for a biography or memoir, that's a great place to start your writing.
if you are struggling to see that in your own writing - and it can be hard to see the forest for the trees - shoot me an email and i will share my ideas ๐ŸŒณ new online life writing classes starting soon. group classes and private coaching ๐Ÿ’ป link in my bio.
[email protected]
#writer #coach #mentor #writing #lifewriting #ownstory #online #classes #letmeshowyouhow #itsfunipromise #getyourstorydown #lookingatlife #lookingback #writingitdown #history #herstory #yourstory

thinking about theme in memoir this week .. about where your story starts and where it ends and why and how the changes happen in between. if you are having trouble finding your theme, answer this question: 'what is your memoir really about?' #memoir #lifewriting #lifewriters #theme #ownstory #shapingyourstory #findingyourtheme

i have some exciting news .. i now have a website! ๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿ–ฅ super excited! after three years of running inhouse courses and workshops and now online classes and coaching, i'm so pleased that my little business has a home of its own ๐Ÿก thank you everyone who has supported me on my journey so far. your encouragement of me and commitment to telling your own stories means the world to me ๐ŸŒ #thankyou #website #linkinbio #havebeenwaitingtosaythat #goodnews #soletrader #womeninbusiness #writer #tutor #mentor #coach #classes #onlinelearning

A quick cuppa in between classes. Life Writing at 10.30-11.30am Wednesdays with Mackie Rd Neighbourhood House and Memoir Editing at 12-1.30pm.
Term 3 classes will be back in the classroom .. but exciting news .. there may be an online option as well for those out of the area or travelling .. stay tuned #lifewriting #memoirediting #biography #tutor #learners #online #willwearshoesinclass #definitelynotscrapbooking #writing #writinglife #writerslife #sittinginthesun #gorgeouswintersday

Old School Life Writing classes are back! Enough Zooming for now students - put away those devices - old school physical classes in an adult learning environment will return in Term 3 at two different locations! Feel free to message me for details .. or maybe write a letter! (just joking!) I have classes for complete newbies as well as those who have started their memoir and need a little guidance on Where To From Here? and for those who prefer individual coaching, I can do that too .. as well as separate online learning if you are really into that now! #askmehow #oldskoollearnin #classes #courses #classroom #options #neighbourhoodlearning #onlinetoo #socialdistance #welcomeback #writer #tutor #coach #mentor #lifewriting #memoirwriting #biography #writers #writingcommunity #ownstory #mem #bio #familyhistory #herstory

the sky was a brilliant blue today (shooting into the sun washed it out, but framed the effect beautifully) and the day was warm for late May, although the wind was coming up. it's always interesting to spend time at a place where you have previously lived, when your current self belongs in another place and time. it's worth sitting with those thoughts and observing the previous you. it makes for great writing. this experience aligns with the memoir i am currently reading. 'Memories of the Future' by Siri Hustvedt. well worth a read for writers who left their childhood home to forge a life in a strange city on their own #writer #reader #traveller #writerslife #country #city #beach #memoir #biography #amwriting #amthinking #amremembering

at the end of each four week Life Writing course I like to have a little party. it's not an easy thing digging into those memories, so it deserves a little brevity and celebration! usual it's a silly writing game and retro lollies. today it's a mini comp, a small party whistle and a retro glass of water. ah. the simple pleasures! ๐Ÿ˜‚ #lifewriting #onlineclasses

See?! We really do have fun! Course 2 Week 1 Memoir Editing is back in session via Zoom with Mackie Rd Neighbourhood House - complete with mood lighting! This term we are concentrating on the middle section of our memoir and identifying themes #onlineclasses #onlinelearning #lifewriting #memoirediting #livinghistory #history #herstory #biography #tutor #writinglife #writingstoriesthatmatter

new classes starting soon for Memoir Editing and Life Writing! make the most of these glorious autumn days, cosy down and get your writing into shape. the cooler months are a perfect time to gather your thoughts and organise writing and family history research into one great story. or maybe you want to start at the start and see where your writing will take you! classes are small and fun. loads of encouragement. individual feedback given. direct message me for details! #onlineclasses #tutor #learners #learnnewthings #writing #amwriting #lifestory #lifewriting #familyhistory #biography #memoir #memoirediting

blue skies and crunchy autumn leaves! my favourite ๐Ÿ‚ we are now into Term 2 and i'm excited to have one new Life Writing group underway and another set to start in a few weeks. if you are inspired by the opportunities that these times can bring, it could be the perfect time to start your story .. a fun four-week course continues via Zoom for Mackie Rd Neighbourhood House on Wednesdays at 11am. msg me for more info. bookings can be made here:

#lifewriting #lifewriter #classes #courses #tutor #adultlearners #neighbourhoodhouse #online #zoom #itsnottooscary #bebrave #startsomethingnew #letsdothistogether #writers #memoir #biography #lifestory #amwriting #mentor #awritinglife

had my first online class this week. success! able to gently navigate this changing space. able to connect and listen, imagine and feel. thank you to my learners for a preparedness to try new things. plus great stories already coming through. constantly surprised. always impressed #lifewriting #tutor #learners #onlineclasses #learningnewthingstogether #creative #creativelife

Life Writing and Memoir Editing courses now offered online at Mackie Rd Neighbourhood House!
Life Writing is for newbies or people who have just started writing and want to keep moving forward!
Memoir Editing is for people who already have a body of work and need some help whipping it into shape.
both are fun - most importantly i can encourage all writers to help them get their writing done ๐Ÿค—โœ’
#writing #anwriting #writingcommunity

We're moving online!
From the 14th of April, we are pleased to be able to offer a limited number of classes online. As the term progresses we will be adding more so please keep checking in.

Bookings can be made for the first classes at

trying to see things in a different light .. this year has all been about change and coping in new ways. this morning on my way to let out the chooks n put my laptop in my writer's room for a bit of a sesh, i was determined to see the garden in new ways. we still have so many choices about how we see the world; how we revisit our past; and what we make of what we find there. and that is true freedom.
* shameless self-promotion : some of my Life Writing classes may be online in Term 2. that means anyone can join from anywhere. no non-essential travel required (or allowed) shoot me a msg if u would like more info. i've been in online chats these past few weeks on a desktop, laptop and mobile phone. and many people have just discovered the camera-off feature so no embarrassment needed over all-day jarmies n morning hair! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’‚๐Ÿ‘ด #writing #amwriting #lifewriting #memoirediting #neighbourhoodcentres #adultlearners #tutor #stayconnected #online #getyourstorydown #keepgoing #dontgiveup #plusitsfun

missing my kids a bit more than usual at this time, so today's coffee cup brought to you by 'groovy chick' Easter egg cup my daughter got when she was little. the dog reminds me of my dog Teddy who died many years ago when the kids were babies. he was the best dog ever ๐Ÿถ use these memories to write, or if it's all a little too raw, especially at this time, take a little detour and write something else just for fun! give those writing muscles a workout! โœ’๐Ÿ’ช
register before 5pm today and you can join #furiousfiction each month via @writerscentreau it's free to enter - no scary mailing list surprises and you meet nice people .. oh. and you could win $500!
#writer #writers #amwriting #writingcommunity #writingmuscle #musclememory #memoir #biography #memoirholiday #fiction #writingfiction #writingforfun

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For the past two years, I have had the pleasure of conducting Life Writing classes and workshops in the Monash and Casey-Cardinia areas.

To date, more than 150 participants have joined me for one-off workshops and my popular Life Writing courses. Some of my Life Writers are now close to finalising their manuscripts, ready for publication.

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