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Helping others to embrace the secret language of their emotions that keep them stuck in the cycles of self sabotage, poverty & addiction. Build self worth, increase their net worth & strengthen the essential qualities of the heart �

Break the addiction cycle's. For some of us it feels as if we have been constantly pushing a rock up hill. All of our efforts to be whole and complete seem futile no matter how much personal work we do. We end up spinning on our wheels to try to keep ahead only to fall back into feelings of helplessness, low self worth, depression and shame. Some days we wake full of the joys of life only to plung

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Yuan Tze's Full Moon Message - Jue Cha

December 30, 2020

One by one, we have worked through all the essential elements for a good state – relaxed, calm, natural, integrated, unified and harmonious. We put so much effort into this because the state we are in is the total manifestation of what we are. If you have paid attention to your state, it should not be difficult to see that it is very changeable. At any moment the qualities of your state can vanish and be replaced by completely different ones. We can go from feeling positive and hopeful to depressed and negative in just a moment. Our state can so quickly and frequently because we allow what happens to dictate how we feel.

But this is not the whole story. Clearly even when under the same circumstances, different people react differently. What truly determines the quality of our state is the patterns that process what happens in life. They determine what thoughts we have in reaction to it and what feelings will entail. For example, when we hear something and our patterns interpret it as a personal attack, defence or even anger will follow that interpretation as the way we react.

If we wish to stay away from problems and live a healthy and fulfilling life, maintaining a good state is essential. This means the state we are in does not swing all the time and we don’t lose the good state easily. This would not be possible unless we are able to get a grip on patterns so we are no longer passively and unconsciously controlled by them. To make this happen, we need to firstly catch them in the act. Jue Cha is a tool for that.

Jue Cha is using Shen’s awareness to observe everything we do, including our thoughts, feelings and action. Most importantly we need to observe our state and its changes, no matter how subtle they are. When there is a change, or more precisely, a deviation from the good state, we need to see it immediately and look at what has caused the change. At the initial stage of applying Jue Cha when it is not that easy for Shen to manifest, using the consciousness to observe is a good way to start. This is as though we have become an outsider, watching ourselves like watching another person. When this way of observing ourselves becomes a habit and we are constantly inwardly aware, Jue Cha will gradually show up. When Jue Cha is working well, we will be able to change the cause as it is identified. In other words, it is possible to transform unhealthy patterns on the spot!

Jue Cha is a simple method but a difficult practice. The main difficulty is maintaining it. To most people, remembering to swich it on after losing it is the biggest task. The key is to sincerely make it a priority and take it seriously. With a true intention to maintain Jue Cha, we can establish a self-reminder mechanism to keep switching it back on. Gradually Jue Cha will become a habit and a new kind of awareness will establish.

Keep practicing and you will get there!!!

Yuan Tze


So out of quarantine and happy to report NO Covid-19 or any other lurgies floating about ✅🥳😂

First shop I head to when I hit Dunedin is always my favourite, ‘Taste Nature’ certified organic all the way ♥️

Then out to the Beach!

It feels like a tonic to my system when I’m away from home.

Anyone resonate......

Do you have a must go to shop or place to head to when you are away from home, what’s your go to?

Toxic Food Patterns vs Healthy Eating:

Which one of us doesn't want to live a healthier life, eat healthy foods, feel healthy and uplift our vitality.

Yet many of us approach this ‘want’ from a place of Fear.

Mustering up all determination and willpower, a short lived Allie that soon or later turns against us.

You see you cannot effectively use willpower from a place of Panic, Irritation, or Disappointment.

You cannot use willpower from a place of Shame and Guilt.

This can only ever last for a short time until something draws the mind and attention elsewhere and the food fad or the exercise phase fly's out the back door and the love/hate relationship starts again.

Results are never favorable with a Battle approach.

Battle is the Cause - Self Hatred is the Effect.

Love the Body U R in and allow yourself to self heal.

Look at the patterns underneath and the overeating/underrating, binging and purging, love hate relationship you have with your body Will take care of itself!!

Love your Body and give it the very best care ♥️


How’s this for a gift that keeps appreciating.

1 gram of 999.9% pure gold bullion embedded in every card.

Can you get your hands on these and more beautiful branded gift cards - You sure can.

You can set up your own free gold account and purchase these OR you can choose to simply save in gold for as little as $10 at a time.

There is nothing like being able to save in gold in small increments that makes it available for everyone or anyone.

Gold will always appreciate over time as well as hold its purchasing power.

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Ain’t that a fact 😊

Love and accept all of yourself, the light and the shadowy aspects.

You are more than worth it ♥️

#selfworth #equals #networth


Health is wealth and wealth is health - The two go together like peas and carrots 🥕

It’s your thoughts that count.

Toxic Beliefs!

If we see food as our ‘Enemy’ what this really means to us in the big realm of things is......

'Every time' we sit down to eat a meal or put food into our mouths on any occasion, no matter how nutritious that food may be, and I’m even referring to the very best certified organic food.

Unconsciously, our brain is seeing this food as the ‘Enemy’ and instantly put's us into a state of full on Fight or Flight and launches into a full on battle.

Whenever we are in this state, conscious or not, we are in a catabolic state and the end result is, our very digestion is shut down and impaired.

Becoming aware of your thoughts around food and about food is vitally important for the functioning of the overall health.

Your thoughts are the top of the totem pole when it comes to your health, wealth, sense of happiness and well-being.

So, are you constantly in a battle with your food, or your body?

Check in with yourself the next time you sit down to a meal or go to put food into your mouth 👄

What are those thoughts running around in your head and then scan the inside of your body with your eyes closed - How are you feeling in your body in the presence of your food.

Are you relaxed in your body around food?

Do you enjoy the experience of eating?

What was it like in your family growing up around meal times?

These are a couple of questions you can use to guide you and we would love to hear some of your comments in the comment section below.

Loving your food is loving you, loving you is loving your food - It’s all the same ♥️


Taking care of every relationship you have with yourself.

Physical mental emotional spiritual personal financial social global s*xual plus plus

Saving in gold to your financial health is like organic food to your physical mental and emotional health. You don’t need more and more of it to sustain you as both hold their store of value and do the sustaining for you ♥️

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Join me and an ever growing group of extraordinary men and women at 7am AEST Melbourne/Sydney, all wth a common goal in mind.

To grow the 5 most important qualities of a human heart stronger and stronger in their lives. Uplifting their lives and helping others do the same ♥️

The qualities of trust, openness, love, gratitude and gongjing (True respect and Humility)

Tong Yuan (Qigong) is a still form of Qigong, so no need to fear that you cannot do this.
Simply be comfortable in your own home in comfortable clothing, even your Jim jams will suffice.

You can do this practice seated on the floor, a chair, or even comfortable in your own bed.

It’s FREE to join in and a powerful nourishing practice to add to your day, whatever that time is for you, to pay yourself first.

The zoom link is in the comments section below or you can PM me if you have any questions 😊


Untangling self worth from your net worth is an inside job.

Until we look inside and find love and appreciation for ourselves we are never able to fully accept, believe or receive the love from another.

We will literally push things, people, money away, because underneath we feel a sense of unworthiness and undeserving.

Helping another dismantle the old beliefs and wounds of feeling worthy and deserving is such an honour and a heart opening experience for all concerned.

And.... An open heart, definitely has a flow on effect to all aspects of life.

Including your bank accounts!

Shifting these past beliefs and judgements of feeling unworthy, not good enough, smart enough, handsome/pretty enough, loved, supported, wanted enough, takes courage to look within, but when you choose that enough IS enough and start recognising you’re own true values, characteristics and traits that you bring to the World 🌍 The rewards can and will be priceless.

Doing the work that matters makes ALL the difference.

You were born worthy and deserving!


It’s super important to check in with yourself and acknowledge what went well for you throughout your day.
Where you feel you could of done better and acknowledge yourself.
Keep yourself accountable for what you desire to achieve and how you can be of higher service.
Asking yourself high priority questions is one way of doing that .
It also presents a great opportunity to open your heart to love and gratitude.
For yourself first and then others.
#accountable #gratitude #foundations #success #principals


Only when we recognise both sides of the coin playing out at exactly the same time, can we be free of the restraints we put on ourselves.


When we work on ourselves we increase our self worth

Increasing our self worth automatically increases our net worth.


When all around seems a little chaotic it’s great to remember the simple things in life that are always a constant.

The sun comes up on the rise and sets again in the evening.
The seasons still come and pass just like they always have.
The sun and the moon are our constants.
The trees 🌲 around us, the earth that supports us.
Our eyes that open to a new day everyday, our muscles, bones, ligaments, joints, tissues and cells, our blood 🩸 organs and systems that unselfishly religiously work for us.
The birds and animals that comfort and frequent us.
All of these things we are times take for granted are still present and for the most part reliable events.

We get to choose how we respond to the rest.

Nature is there for all of us.

Simply take time out and breathe in the beauties.♥️


Once you believe....

Pic courtesy of Conscious Dimensions


The best seven doctors. You are your own best healer ♥️

Looking for a doctor? Look no further!



MJB Seminars

What is Addiction❓

Addiction is our inability to think or feel greater than we are currently thinking or feeling.

Low quality addictions come in all shapes and sizes. Drugs, ci******es, coffee, alcohol, junk food, anger, drama, stress, gossip - the list is endless....

When you truly understand the nature of Addiction it’s easy to understand we are all addicts in our own way 🤷🏼‍♂️

🧠 Intelligently we know that abusing drugs, binge drinking, eating that 3rd slice of cake or screaming at our spouse or children in a moment of fury is far from our finest moment🤦🏼‍♀️

Nevertheless at that precise moment in time our intellect simply can not override our emotional state....We are unable to think or feel greater than we are currently thinking or feeling.

At the root of all Addiction lies our desire to connect ♥️

We all have a primal wound where all we want to feel is loved. Addiction numbs what is really going on around us and leads us to perceive the subject of our addiction is providing us with something we are unable to feel without it.

Unfortunately if you are looking for something outside of yourself that can only be found inside, you are never going to sustain that momentary delusion of love.

Having a supportive Community is a great way to help with addiction. If you are struggling with an addiction and want help breaking the cycle we are here to help.

⭐️ Organise a time to speak with us free of charge 👇🏼

⭐️ If you are in the Perth area we are holding a FREE VALUES WORKSHOP on the 6th August that would be of great benefit to you. DM us for details ♥️

⭐️ Check out our Dorothy and the Dealer Podcast on Addiction

fmtv.com 25/10/2018

Free Worldwide Online Premiere - November 1-11

This will be interesting I am sure

fmtv.com Save your free spot today and get instant access to the first 12 minutes!

[10/13/18]   I've put $3 worth of fuel in my tank before and I’ve put $40 in my tank. I've had $5 to feed my family and I've had $500 to go out to eat. I’ve asked for rides and given rides. I’ve had a house full of food and I’ve been without food. I’ve given people clothes. I’ve been given clothes. I’ve been in stores cashing out with no worries and I’ve also had to add it up and put it back. I’ve paid my rent in full and I’ve had to pay it late too or missed payment, I’ve given money and I too have had to ask for it. 😩 We all have highs and lows in life, some certainly more than others, but we’re all just trying to make it. No one is better than anyone else, and I pity those who think that they are. No matter how big your house is, how new your car is, or how much money sits in your bank account - we all bleed red and will all die someday. Death has no discrimination neither should your life. Be kind to others. And know not everyone has the same heart as you...
If you know and see the struggle help where you can x
I Challenge you to copy & paste this,

thinkandgrowgroup.com.au 17/09/2018


This is such an amazing opportunistic way of getting into real estate, the content alone is so valuable if you are wanting to grow extra income streams.

thinkandgrowgroup.com.au Click here to get the full details and discover why most people struggle to create wealth while others do it so easily.


Walking away from debt in our lives is not only conducive to money.
This can relate to any area of your life that feels like you are living with a constant struggle.
What area's of your life would you love to see, feel and experience differently?



This is just one of the ways that you can pay yourself first. Looking after your health is looking after your wealth.
Only give your body the best of the best.
Butter is so easy to make:)

Did you know you can make butter in a mason jar? This is a really fun activity for kids too!
WRITTEN RECIPE: https://thestayathomechef.com/how-to-make-homemade-butter-in-a-mason-jar/



There are many ways that you can pay yourself first. Growing your own food is one of them.

Seeds the day and go replant these 9 fruit hacks!


Using afformations gives the brain a more empowered form of questioning than what is the normal line of questioning that goes on inside our own heads.

Ie Why does everyone else seem happy and I am not? Why do I have the problems? Why is it that other people seem to get it so easy? Why can I not bring in any money? Why do I not have any clientelle? What is wrong with me?

You get the picture! These are only some of the mind activities that pull us back from engaging with other people.

Human Be-ings are social beings so when we are not engaging or do not want to engage with others, this can be a sure indication that inside we are in a state of hiding and avoiding

There are many reasons why we do not feel safe to come out after all hiding and avoiding is just a pattern of protecting ourselves. It is a very deep pattern on the level of human nature and all of nature.

I personally had developed a Phd in this behavior:)

The use of afformations gives our mind an expansive way to break free from the habits that we have formed, even though there maybe a part of us that loves to avoid.

Joining together is a magical experience of adding richness to our lives.
If there are patterns lurking that you would lie to conquer because you have a greater mission in life then come on over to the prosperity game. It's prosperity with a positive purpose.


These are the kind of questions that the brain likes to hop on board with and solve.
Doing this allows our consciousness to go to work and open and expand, as opposed to being shut down and contracted with statements of not-enoughness, lack and scarcity.
How many times do you find yourself saying out loud, that I can't afford it, I don't have enough money, I never have enough.
This is a powerful way of allowing your consciousness to go out and show you all of the ways that you are rich.
You can then use this to show yourself that you have more than enough.
Get creative with this, find the places, even if that is with food in your refrigerator, veges in your garden, petrol in your tank, clothes in your closet, things in your draws, or in your garage.
Dvd's, Books.
Find all of the ways and remember to ask yourself this question and others like it, whenever you fall into lack self doubt or scarcity mode.
We fill our voids of not-enoughness with things!
This will ensure your vibration stays high and your emotions no longer need to dip into the scarcity and lack mindsets and patterns of the past.
We want to build a bridge to a richer future by changing our mindsets first.

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When all around seems a little chaotic it’s great to remember the simple things in life that are always a constant.The s...




NZ Native Flower Essences
Milk Kefir grains
Water Kefir grains
Kombucha Scoby's
Sourdough starters.



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