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Welcome to the Estuary. Estuary Yoga Space lives and breathes in the heart of North Melbourne. Our intention is to give help you cultivate your roots; to find centre, balance, and flow, on and off the mat. Vinyasa | Yin | Meditation | Sustainable + Creative Living Full schedule available now. LET'S JOURNEY TOGETHER. find connection 🌊| find community 🌟|

Mission: Nurture | Enliven | Grow

Operating as usual

Open over the holiday season! 🌈

How are you doing with the reemergence into a more open way of interacting?

Let’s not lose our appreciation for the quieter, more intimate moments to digest these renewed experiences, with care and with intention.

Our abbreviated timetable is up online and open for bookings. Still serving Flow, Yin and the Harmony of togetherness. 🙏

Happy festivities! What a year it’s been for the globe. What a privilege to be here together.

Remember what is worthy of celebration, for you. 🐚🧡

We are moving through a great mourning, and a great awakening. Polarities and spectrums can and do exist in simultaneity... and the world is far richer than any singular opposition of this vs that.

Yet how easily, how commonly, do we sink into the flattened experience of binaries?

One of the fruits of a consistent practice of yoga - or anything - is the way it calls us to reflect on what is here, in a context (the mat, the pool, the running track, the page) of familiarity. We stop running and land first. We consciously turn towards the sun of our intention. We notice the weather of this moment. Only then, we begin the journey with steady feet and an open heart, not grasping results but aware of the whole experience, here and now.

It takes effort to see clearly, and move diligently. It takes discipline to be kind. And it certainly takes a life of practice to keep widening our capacity for generous, inclusive attention, for all of Life.


Not the usual asana... but also not a usual time!

From tomorrow we will be able to accommodate a total of 10 yogis per class 🧡 Please book ahead and where needed, cancel your bookings at least 4 hrs prior to class.

While we don’t take ourselves too seriously, it’s important we take good care of one another. Thank you all for practising good spacing, hand cleaning and mask wearing within the studio - let’s keep this up as Melbourne keeps opening up! 🙏

Emotions are wave patterns, like everything else... there is power in watching them as a pattern rather than believing the story attached to them.

~Mary Taylor, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

From tomorrow, we will be able to share space again in exploring and refining our presence with Self - and with the relationships in Life.

2020 brings. Whole heap of emotions. Yes, our practice will feel different to the ‘normal’ we once knew. Yes, it might bring up challenges and unfamiliar sensations. The work for each of us lies not in meeting some ideal expectation, but meeting the reality of here and now.

Because this IS it. 🌊

For bookings (essential in-studio and via Livestream), link is in our profile.

See you with your mats and props and open heart-minds soon!

We won’t be holding hands with one another (for now), but the joy is real: 3 more sleeps until we gather together again in community!

If you haven’t booked in yet, please do so as we only have 8 spots per class in-studio (and these are filling up!)

For our timetable page and COVID-Safe Guidelines, see link in profile.

See YOU IRL soon!

🌊📸 @shaanrali

In-Studio classes :: returning one week from today!

No matter where you are at with your yoga experience, we start there. Our team is here to hold the space... and we are so excited to share in the practice with you again!

COVID-Safe is a priority, so please note that ::
- All yogis will need to bring personal mats, and if desired, props.
- Masks will be required except when on your mat.
- Classes will be a maximum of 8 people per session. Bookings are essential. Please be respectful of the limited spots per class.

You can familiarise with the full guidelines to help us all transition into a new and COVID-safe studio experience. Link in profile 🙌


Say what? Yes Aria, for real, it’s a date!

Monday 9 Nov will be a wonderful day, when we will be able to reconnect and practice in person together. We have started the preparations, with steady eyes on COVID safety for this transition and beyond. More to come on this long awaited re-opening, soon.

@estuaryyoga community we have missed you, and cannot wait to Chair pose 🪑 and cheer 🎉 alongside you again!

~ Moving the Spine: Lateral Flexion / Side Bends ~ ⠀⠀
It is a delicious feeling to stretch and yawn open the sides of our bodies. How does side-bending benefit our spine, and our state of being?⠀
Yoga on the mat is a practice of becoming more prepared for Life. Here's a little more on why and how we can incorporate side bending into our experience.⠀⠀
~ Link to blog in profile ~

Change. Chemistry is the study of change.
Elements combine and change into compounds. That’s all of life, right? Solution. Dissolution. Growth. Decay. Transformation. Fascinating, really.

~ Walter White, Breaking Bad

We are all chemicals processes in motion. The beauty of being human is, through a focusing of our attention - both a sword and an ocean - we can direct energy where its needed. This is what a yoga practice of any kind, can help to strengthen: conscientious attention.

We can give power to the powerless, we can comfort the disturbed, we can collaborate and concentrate positive action.

Or we can decide to destroy, neglect, be stuck in inertia.

We get to choose how we participate. Either way, change happens, and the vastness of Nature will find her balance.


🌊 Our next series of the 6 week ONLINE Pregnancy Yoga course, with @yogawithjuliarose, begins Sat 26 September! 🌊

"Coming together as a community provides pregnant mamas an opportunity to connect and learn from one another.⠀
As an expecting mama, navigating through varying protocols and systems, as well as determining personal preferences for prenatal and postnatal care, can be a little bewildering in normal circumstances, let alone a pandemic.⠀
During our Pregnancy Yoga series, I am always heartened by women’s willingness to share their experiences, thoughts and questions week to week. Their openness is powerful in creating a safe space to acknowledge and share their journey." ~ Julia-Rose⠀

This comprehensive course is designed to cater for different stages of pregnancy and yoga experience, tiered to suit your level of time and energy investment, and held by the intention of community. Most of all, it is created to support, strengthen and balance your experience not just on the mat, but in Life itself. We are thrilled to offer this grounding journey for the final time in (a very blustery) 2020!⠀

If you'd like to experience some beautiful short, accessible guided practices with Julia, check out her feed @yogawithjuliarose or DM us with any queries. Feel free to share with mamas-to-be who might be on your mind!⠀

Full details + bookings via our Events page // link in @estuaryyoga profile 🙏🥑

Growing and strengthening connection to Life is something we are all thrust into this year. We are thrilled to have @yogawithjuliarose holding one more round of our 6 week Online Pregnancy Yoga journey with us - especially while she is growing Life in her own belly!

See our Events page for full details and bookings :: link via profile 💙

[You can also find a variety of beautiful short practices to try right away, via Julia's curated InstaTV @yogawithjuliarose 🙌🏼]

It can be hard to know what suits you best during a changing time. Dont hesitate to DM us, or get in touch with Julia! Here to support 💛

Many of us don’t allow ourselves to be relaxed. Why do we always try to run and run, even while having our breakfast, while having our lunch, while walking, while sitting? There’s something pushing and pulling us all the time. We make ourselves busy in the hopes of having happiness in the future.

In the sutra “Knowing the Better Way to Live Alone,” the Buddha said clearly, “Don’t get caught in the past, because the past is gone. Don’t get upset about the future, because the future is not yet here. There is only one moment for you to be alive, and that is the present moment. Go back to the present moment and live this moment deeply, and you’ll be free.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh, 'The Moment is Perfect' via @lionsroar

Important #notetoself for your weekend.

You're invited to join us for a Livestream practice :: 8.30am Harmony (Flow & Yin) each Saturday morning with @lucy_lawes :: Hold space for your attention to concentrate, slow down, and return to the moment at hand. #simplicity

Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.
~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Estuary Yoga officially opened 3 years ago today. To you, individually and as a community - its been such a privilege to share a sense of home and sanctuary with you. To our teachers, who have been pillars in this journey - thank you for bringing the rare authenticity of who you are to the mat, and how you live your lives. To those who have been with us since baby @estuaryyoga began its first steps: THANK YOU for supporting us, and each other.

The last 8 months have been filled with change. The world as we know it - within our personal circles as well as the umbrella of our collective being - has been pummeled by storms and winds (and fires and viruses, among the conflicts of global proportions). One thing is sure - what a pivotal time on this journey we're sharing together...and how intimately we are all connected!

This is the beauty of community and why Estuary - an ecosystem in which life thrives in diversity - lives its name. When we come onto our mats, when we knowingly breathe in and out, when we practice exploring moving our bodies with curiosity and conscientiousness.. .we come together into a moment of intersecting paths and intentions. Differences fall away, and for a time, we are simply breathing, living beings, together. We have a chance to remember or shift our relationship with existence.

Though we are not currently sharing physical space, let's keep showing up for ourselves, for one another, in any means possible. When challenge arises is the ultimate time for the practice of yoga; to remind us to open our hearts and focus our awareness... to make us teachable. We are really in this together :: let's keep journeying together.

Happy birthday @estuaryyoga family!

= = =

As the Melbourne lockdown continues, you can find our presence online via two Livestream classes per week, and freely available classes via our Practice Online page. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have suggestions or need support around your practice.

💛💛💛 @ Estuary Yoga Space | North Melbourne

Pregnancy is a journey of transformation both inside and out. It's so rewarding to receive such positive, inspired responses about the nourishing and empowering work of exploring the pregnancy journey with @yogawithjuliarose :: we're excited to share the final intake of mama-to-be's for 2020!⠀

💛 Pregnancy Yoga | 6 Week Course for a Trusting Presence ⠀
Saturdays | 26 Sept - 31 Oct 🌳

At the heart of this course is space to delve inward, to observe and address the subtle yet powerful thoughts, feelings and emotions accompanying your journey. These sessions are designed to offer you tools to take into life, so you can feel independent as well as connected in community, through your pregnancy and beyond. ⠀

To support where you are at on your journey, the course offers three tiers of involvement. You can see full details via our Events page | link in profile // and see @yogawithjuliarose for beautiful practices you can start to explore, today! @ Estuary Yoga Space | North Melbourne

Every living organism straddles stability and change. In nature, in companies, in societies. If you change all the time, you go chaotic, disregulated...and distintegrate. if you don't change at all, you fossilize, and you may also disintegrate.

It is that interdependent dynamic balance between these two, that is where we really live.

~ Esther Perel @estherperelofficial

Whether it's in the moment from one shape to another, one breath to another, or the transition between different aspects of your day and your life - be aware. What is steady and consistent, in this moment? What is changing and evolving, in this moment?

Within these degrees of transformation, there is balance. 🌳

Understand where in your own life you are withholding Love from yourself.
~ Yogarupa Rod Stryker

Sometimes it's the simplest things which untangle the most complex enquiries. It may feel like a jar of worms at first (or always..!) to address such questions, and perhaps it is helpful to remember that:

1) Growth and healing always happen in tiny increments - one step at a time, the vastness revealed only when we turn around to realise a new vista 🌳🌳🌳

2) We are often our biggest source of a bind, block or disturbance (grief, anger, jealousy, name it) - yet we are also our most infinite source of power. To choose what we do and do not feed with our attention. What we water to grow trust, resolve and joy.

That's why yoga is a practice. Our choices on the mat help bring light to what wants to be seen. Like our strange but wonderful friend the worm, regular care can transform dirt into fertile soil. We begin to move with more integrity, with openness, and deep care for Life in all its forms.

🌕 Where is one place you can sense a withdrawal of care for yourself? How does that impact you, or your relationships? What wants to be seen, or tended to, and how?

Let the seeing lead to right action, however small a gesture. Start now. 🙏


*~To our Community~*⠀

As a part of North Melbourne 3051, we are following the regulations in closing our doors again. We found such collective joy in the almost 2 weeks of re-opening... With hope, we can return again soon. ⠀

There is a lot of discomfort and uncertainty moving around us in this (pun somewhat intended) testing time. The words of Father Richard Rohr rings particularly true at this time when self-care and community-care are both essential: 'What threatens us can transcend us.'⠀

More evidently than ever, it is what we make of a situation which gives it colour. And it is practices like yoga - including asana, meditation and pranayama - which can offer a space of respite as well as clarity. ⠀

If you currently hold a membership or multi-pass with us, see stories for what to expect [or click newsletter link in profile]


To those of you who are opting to continue your memberships again, as we move into another period of unknowns - THANK YOU. ⠀

With the current limitations, we will do all we can to support your practice virtually - including Livestream classes via MindBody, and creating new content to add to our growing library of online classes.⠀

If you wish to begin or continue your membership in support of what we do, please DM or email [email protected]. It can be a contribution different to your usual weekly amount; every part is appreciated greatly.⠀

The full newsletter was shared yesterday :: if you missed it, see the full details via the link in profile. 🙏

~* FREE Livestream Class | Saturday 20 June, 8.30am! *~

As we wave ourselves towards next week, and reuniting in community (hooray!), why not have a taste of what our classes will be like live from your own home sanctuary?

This Saturday's Livestream Harmony (Flow + Yin) with @lucy_lawes will be held via the platform of Mindbody, as will all future Livestream classes. To sign up (free), visit our timetable page, login or create an account, and be guided through the booking process. Lookout for a booking confirmation, as well as a link to join the class approx 30mins prior to the session.

If you enjoy a home practice, you can find more info on our online memberships or casual online classes on Mindbody, or our Pricing page.

To everyone new and familiar - we look forward to sharing the yoga practice with you!

" I am now better equipped to take on the challenges that come at me, and now see my labour as something to experience rather than fear... something I never thought I could do. This workshop has been the most beneficial thing I could have done during my pregnancy."⠀

~ Pregnancy Yoga mama, from 2019 course with @yogawithjuliarose⠀


Through a time of rapid change, in your body as well your experience of Life growing and moving within you, it becomes even more empowering to tune inward. The yoga tradition holds much wisdom on a philosophical level, but it also offers many tangible practices which ground us into the body, and harmonises the energy of the mind. When we are more present, we are also more available to all of Life - for the task at hand, the difficult conversations, the joy of warm sunlight on a Winter's day. ⠀

Receive the steady and nurturing guidance of @yogawithjuliarose over 6 weeks of online learning, moving, reflecting and strengthening these connections with Self as you move through your pregnancy journey. The practices can be paced at your comfort. The skills and community established in this course are designed to be a framework for not just pregnancy, but life beyond it too.⠀

First workshop session begins Sat 27 June. Bookings and more info via our Events page 🙏 @ Estuary Yoga Space | North Melbourne

Welcome to Estuary Yoga Space

Estuary Yoga Space lives and breathes in the heart of North Melbourne. Our intention is to give help you cultivate your roots; to find centre, balance, and flow, on and off the mat. The exploration is experienced individually, and as a community. Vinyasa | Yin | Meditation | Qi Gong | Sustainable + Creative Living

~* LET'S JOURNEY TOGETHER. *~ Full timetable online, or via MindBody. find connection 🌊|

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