Yachtmaster Sailing School, Melbourne, VIC Videos

Videos by Yachtmaster Sailing School in Melbourne. Gain confidence, knowledge and seamanship skills in Melbourne with our highly experienced RYA Yachtmaster instructors. Teaching sailing and navigation from beginners to professional qualifications. Come and experience joy of sailing with us.

Wish it was this easy when I was his age

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Wish it was this easy when I was his age

Love me some rum

Trousers point. Flinders island

Rodondo and the Glennies for breakfast

So easy an 11 year old can do it

Nice high line transfer at speed

Getting this rhibs away in the nick of time

Melbourne From clear sky, 25 degrees, and 10 knots of breeze. 10 minutes later!

Nice place for breakfast

Where to be for breakfast?Refuge cove

They have missed us due to lockdown

From clear blue sky to this in one hour

The visual as we transition from low to high

Interesting weather. And I can walk to the boat again

Remember when we could go sailing

A well balanced yacht

Not going to start on time

Which way round the mark does your fleet go?

2 handed race off syc Pleasing to keep up to them#syc#2handedrace#yachtmaster.com.au

Don’t need a lot of sail to go fast