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Resonant Voice Online is a platform that provides accessible resources for all things vocal. We believe that everyone deserves to explore their voice and discover it’s beauty in a sustainable way.

Let’s make quality vocal tuition accessible for all.

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IT’S CHRISTMAS! And for our last Resonant gift, we wanted to spread the holiday love and joy to you! Here are our very own students singing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”.

No matter your circumstances or background, your wealth or identity, you are deserving of a safe and wonderful day, today and everyday.

Our wish for you in the new year is strength, happiness and unconditional encouragement to follow your dreams, no matter your circumstances. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

[12/20/20]   Join us at 6pm to end your year on a resonant note. Featuring the students of Resonant Voice Online, our end of year concert is one not to miss!

Also available on YouTube at from 6pm

Look at these two having a fun & festive time with A Resonant Christmas!

Free local delivery ends at midday tomorrow (Sunday) so make sure to get your orders in.

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IT’S ONE WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS! And our Resonant gift today is another exciting announcement!

Don’t forget to tune in on Sunday at 6pm for our End-of-Year concert 🎶


With our CD’s ready to be delivered by our Resonant elves, we are so excited for you to hear the finished product super soon. Buy your copy of ‘A Resonant Christmas’ by midday Sunday and enjoy free local delivery (Newcastle and Hunter) just in time for the Christmas week.

If you have already ordered your copy of our first ever album, keep an eye on your letterbox today 😉


Because of this, we have quickly covered the costs of making the CD’s and EVERY SINGLE CENT will go straight into the Sing-It-Forward Fund. This has all happened in the last 48 hours!

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a CD. We do only have a limited number of copies available, so if you haven’t already, support aspiring artists on this album and beyond and purchase your copy at

BUY IT NOW: ‘A Resonant Christmas’ - A Christmas album featuring the students of Resonant Voice Online.

From fun and festive tracks including Sleigh Ride, Last Christmas, and the 12 Days of Aussie Christmas, to the classics such as White Christmas, Silent Night and O Christmas Tree, this album will fill the hearts of all listeners.

And not only is this album available to purchase just in time for Christmas, but all of the proceeds from the sales of this album will be going straight to the Sing-It-Forward Fund.

Buy now for $20 at

It's 3 weeks until Christmas, and this resonant gift is one that is so close to our hearts.

To contribute or find out more about the Sing-It-Forward Fund, head to

It’s 4 weeks until Christmas! What does Resonant Voice have for you today?

Announcing our end of year concert! End the year on a Resonant note (literally) and join us to celebrate our students, accessible vocal tuition and everything Resonant Voice.

Featuring our fabulous students, plus a few extra surprises, this concert guarantees joy, love and happiness for all. And the best part? You don’t even have to leave your home!

More details on our scholarships! Applications are now open.

Apply on our website:

Applications close on the 10th December, 2020. The recipients will be announced at our 2020 end-of-year concert in late-December.

Our first Resonant gift, from us to you!
This gift is just too good to be true.
A years worth of lessons or money for gear,
These scholarships could truly make your year!

More details have been posted on our socials. Applications are open now!

Apply on our website:

Ooh what could it be? Come back to our page at 6:30 AEDT find out!🎄🎁🎶 #singing #onlinevoicelessons #resonantvoiceonline #christmas #holidays #singinglessons #singinglessonsaustralia


We had a fabulous first two days of Term 4 last week, and we can’t wait to welcome back even more of our students this week!

Are you wanting to join the Resonant Voice Family? Or wanting to learn how to sing in a safe and convenient new way? We have a limited amount of spots available for Term 4, so check out our available times and send us a message.

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[10/04/20]   Resonant Voice Online presents: STORYTELLER SUNDAY
In this concert, we invite you to join some of Resonant Voice Online's students in an afternoon of stories, tales and melodic narratives.

Featuring songs from Hadestown to Alicia Keys, this concert is the perfect way to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon exploring musical stories from varying genres.

Brianna Budden
Dallas Bartlett
Matilda Bevin
Sage Brooks
Sameh Duncan-Neal
Samuel Brien
Samuel Jenkins
Steph Hanlon
Tahlia Budden
Riley McLean
Rory Worthington
Ruby Edwards
Violet Edwards

Please note: This concert will be available to view for 24 hours on both our page.

If you would like to find out more about online voice lessons with Freya at Resonant Voice Online, please visit or simply send us a direct message!

Freya is attending the @anatsaust 2020 conference “Come Together” today and tomorrow - and she will be sharing lots of goodies through our story on IG and Facebook. #singingteacher #anatsconference2020 @anatsvic

Check this out! Resonant Voice Online student Riley has written a play (that’s an understatement!), and RVO student Sam has been cast in it! We are so so so proud of you both. 🏳️‍🌈❤️🎉

'Do Your Parents Know You're Straight?' Cast Intro #1

Introducing Samuel Jenkins as CASEY 📓🏳️‍🌈

Samuel Jenkins is an 18-year-old, Newcastle based actor and has been involved in theatre in Newcastle since the age of 8. Samuel has been a long-time student and recently appointed tutor at Young People’s Theatre Newcastle for the past 10 years, studying a variety of disciplines including drama, musical theatre, technical crew and directing. Some of his show credits include CATS Abridged (Young People’s Theatre Newcastle, 2017), Alice in Wonderland Jr (Young People’s Theatre Newcastle, 2018) and the Hot Mikado (Young People’s Theatre Newcastle 2019). Samuel has also extended his theatrical experience internationally after being selected to become apart of the Australian team for the Junior Theatre Festival in Atlanta earlier this year and has also had the opportunity to act as a CONDA Youth Ambassador for 2020, representing the Youth theatre community of Newcastle. Samuel is very excited to be making his ‘Bearfoot Theatre’ debut and can’t wait to work with the amazing team and cast!


Resonant Voice Online presents: STORYTELLER SUNDAY - our Term 3 online concert.

In our next online concert, we invite you to join some of Resonant Voice Online's students in an afternoon of stories, tales and melodic narratives.

Featuring songs from Hadestown to Alicia Keys, this concert is the perfect way to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon exploring musical stories from varying genres.

This concert will be available to view for 24 hours on both our Facebook and YouTube pages. To RSVP and set a reminder notification, simply click "Going" at

- SAPPY POST AHEAD 😭 - Resonant Voice Online would like to congratulate these three insanely talented peeps on their graduation today! Alice, Bree and Sam have been students of Freya’s for a looooong time and she has had the beautiful privilege of not only watching them grow as performers, but also as inspiring and hard-working young adults. With strength, passion and maturity, they have completed their schooling in possibly the toughest school year in recent history (all while remaining fiercely dedicated to their vocal craft with us)!

To Alice, Bree and Sam, we are so proud of you. Keep shining (and singing) and being the amazing humans you all are 🎉 ###


This is your opportunity to pop into a free Zoom session with Freya to talk all things repertoire.

Whether you want to expand your repertoire folder, or you want a specific song for an audition, Freya will be there to help!

These one-on-one sessions are limited, so registration is essential. Register at

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We have been absolutely INUNDATED with new enrolments and enquiries in the last two weeks that we have had to open up our fifth afternoon for voice lessons!

While Freya is experienced and knowledgable in teaching a variety of different vocal skills, she has a particular interest in:
- Music theatre performance
- Pre-professional/vocational applicants
- Adolescent voices
- Transgender voices
- Vocal coaching and audition prep
- Professional voices

With our Resonant Voice family growing, lesson slots are quickly becoming VERY limited. To book a lesson with Freya at our safe and inclusive online studio, simply go to

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Spending a simply fabulous afternoon teaching on #wearitpurpleday2020 - this day reminds us (not that ANY of us should need reminding) to support and celebrate diversity, especially in young people! [Today also reminded me that I need to buy more purple outfits!]

As a proud and inclusive performing arts studio, we love love LOVE our LGBTIQA+ friends! With our movement for inclusion and accessibility in the performing arts, we will always do our part in advocating and empowering our Rainbow family.

Wear purple, support and love your Rainbow pals, + be kind ###

#singing #singinglessons #lgbtqia #wearitpurpleday @wear_it_purple #transgendervoice

Thanks to technical difficulties, you still have a little time to get your snacks ready. The Bearfoot Theatre Pride concert will be starting soon! Be sure to join Resonant Voice student Riley and their inclusive company in celebrating equality and being yourself without judgement 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧

We are so looking forward to the Bearfoot Pride Concert TONIGHT at 7pm! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧

Learn To Warm-Up

Our latest YouTube is now available to watch. In this informative video, we talk everything warm-ups! Check it out below:

Learn how to warm-up with Resonant Voice Online! In our second video in learning how to sing, we are providing you with all the tip and trick when it comes t...

Articulation: Some of our Favourite Exercises — Resonant Voice Online An important aspect of our warm-up routine needs to revolve around articulation. Find out how to warm up for perfect pronounciation here!

Thank you to everyone who came to our “Quick Learning for Auditions: Hamilton Edition” workshop this morning (or tonight for our friends from the US)! We had so much fun learning skills and techniques from Hamilton: The American Musical! If you want to be involved in our workshops, simply follow our socials and register at

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Join Bearfoot Theatre next Saturday for their Pride Concert!

Bearfoot Pride Concert: Saturday 22nd August 7:00pm!

The Bearfoot Pride Concert will be streamed ONE TIME ONLY on our page! Save the date 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧🐾

Learn To Sing!


Have you always wanted to learn how to sing? In this video, we give you the exact steps you need to take to become a healthier and stronger singer. Check it out and subscribe for more!

Want to learn how to sing? Well, you are in the right please! In this video, we are giving you the essential steps to success in your singing journey. Learni...

Our YouTube video “Learn to Sing” is live right now on our channel. Check it out at

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It’s time to announce our next free workshop, and wow, we are so excited! With many of our students wanting to pursue careers in the professional music theatre industry, we will be beginning our “Quick Learning for Auditions” workshop series!

We will be starting this series with the incredible ground-breaking musical, Hamilton: An American Musical! This workshop is ONLINE, FREE, and OPEN FOR ALL, so if you want to be in the room where it happens, sign up at

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Sing it louder for the people in the back! You. Are. Beautiful!

#resonantvoiceonline #resonantvoiceaffirmations #singingaffirmations #singing #singinglessons #voice #useyourvoice #vocalidentity #beautiful

Webinar - The Basics of Singing

At Resonant Voice Online, our mission is to provide accessible vocal tuition for all. Based on the reception from our first live webinar about the singing basics, we knew we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves - It is not live on our YouTube page! In this free webinar, Freya talks about breathing, vocal anatomy, postural alignment and the beginnings of vocalisation. Check out the video below, and subscribe for more voice geekery...

When our free webinar, The Basics of Singing, premiered, we knew this was one that we had to share to all! If you would like to sign up for our weekly free o...

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT - Let’s celebrate our students! We may be a little bias, but our students are simply incredible and we can’t help by celebrate them. We are first celebrating Resonant Voicer, STEPH! Steph has been a singer for forever, but after not having lessons for a long time, she came to Resonant Voice Online to help with her vocal health, belt tuition and vocal consistency. Here is our Amazing Steph singing “Gimme Gimme” from Throughly Modern Millie! We also sat down with Steph to talk about her process with this song.

I love the range that the song showcases and once you get it right it’s such an amazing song to sing. It’s also really good for working on your acting.

It makes me feel so happy singing this song! Doing it well is just the best feeling because it is actually really hard, so it’s great to learn and perform.

For me it was mainly about the vowels when i was trying to learn it. It’s hard to belt high on specific vowels, so I had to to alter them to be able to find a comfortable spot to belt it. I think you just need to have fun with it because it’s such an energetic and exciting song and emotion definitely helps with getting it right!

#singinglessons #resonantvoiceonline #singingstudent #gimmegimme #throughlymodernmillie #suttonfoster #broadway #musicaltheatre #onlinevoicelessons #onlinesinginglessons #belt #belting #belttuition #mezzosoprano

Have you signed up for our newsletter yet? We share everything vocal, including resources, remainders for events and unique opportunities! Sign up on our homepage at!
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The Resonant Voice Story

Resonant Voice Online is a platform that provides accessible resources for all things vocal. We believe that everyone deserves to explore their voice and discover its beauty in a sustainable way. Your voice is a part of your identity; Lets make quality vocal tuition accessible for all.

Through this platform, we aim to not only provide you with limitless information about the voice, but also:

  • Voice lessons and ensemble classes with music theatre professionals, with exclusive content and performance opportunities.

  • Coherent articles and videos dissecting current research regarding vocal health and hygiene, tuition, repertoire and more.
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