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🌷Spring Time🌷

Offering children different materials with play dough allows for creativity and thinking differently about how to play with it. This is an open-ended, free-time exploration.

The benefits of engaging with play dough include:

🍄development of fine motor skills
🍂creative & imaginative
🌾calming, therapeutic play
🌼hand-eye coordination development
🍁social skills (cooperation, sharing)
🪵promotes open-ended play
🍃involves senses in play
🌷To our wonderful team of educators at Sparrow Mandurah, happy educators day🌷
Thank you for all you do everyday for our children, we appreciate each and everyone of you.
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I knew my baby would need a lot of support before she was born. Her diagnosis (at 20weeks gestation) set my life on a whole new trajectory. Before my daughter Emmilou, the NDIS was just that, an acronym I didn’t dedicate any time to interpreting. Now, it is the essence of my working life.
Emmilou was denied access 3 times before the NDIS changed our lives for the better. I knew it would, and that is why I never stopped fighting.
Every rejection call I received, I was in hospital. Every reason for each rejection, gave me fuel. Every no, lit a fire within.
My teeth clenched, my nails sharpened and the Mumma bear in me came out of hibernation. My child not only needs extra help to live an inclusive and fulfilling life- but she damn-well deserves it!
RippleAbility was created to empower families with children of different abilities to access supports, live inclusive lives and have their unique abilities encouraged.
No matter where you are in your disability journey- we can and we WILL help you, and we are always up for a chat! Please, reach out- I would love to hear about your family and see how we can make things easier for you. Hope to see you in a workshop, details in the image (also: 100% billable from NDIS core supports) xx much love!
Thankyou so much for the Mothersday drive by! how thoughtful are you guys love from me and the boys and Happy Mothers Day to all of you mummas💕 💕

Welcome to Sparrow Early Learning, one of Australia's leading early education and care providers.

When attending a Sparrow early learning centre, your child will experience a high quality program with caring, qualified educators and beautiful facilities.

Operating as usual


We understand parents still need to work during School Holidays.

If you're looking for extra care this school holidays, you can check the ChildCareNow app for last minute vacancies. Enquire today by downloading the app or check out the website here :

Needing to find a Sparrow Early Learning Centre near you? Find one here :

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A huge congratulations to our beloved Kaitlyn for the safe delivery of her beautiful baby girl Kyah. Thank you for visiting us last week, we ve loved the baby snuggles and cannot wait to look after her 😊❤️
Kaitlyn Amy

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Thank you to all our amazing families and to all the people that have contributed to create a memorable afternoon for our children filled with bubbles, laugh, music and fun! We had so much fun in celebrating Christmas all together and we are definitely looking forward to spend another year together ❤️

A big special thank you goes to Laughing Horse Productions Inc to get involved with us and Adam and Renee from our Studio 2 for the equipments, the music, the people, the organisation, the kindness and for the best Santa ever! We are very grateful to our local community and their people ⭐️



Name: Sadia
Qualification: Diploma
Star sign: Scorpio
Favourite colour: orange
Favourite movie: RRR
Favourite song: Indian songs
Hobbies: in my free time I like to cook and look after the house
Why do you work in childcare: I ve always loved children since I was young and i always have something new to learn from them.


Dear Families,

As the Holiday season is fast approaching, we would like to share a friendly reminder of our Holiday trading hours.

If you have any queries or concerns, please reach out to our Service Manager.

We look forward to seeing our families back on Tuesday 3rd January 2023.



Big congratulations to our beloved Lisa for winning the educator of the month for the month of November!

Great job Lisa 😊


Did you know that we are a child’s led centre??

A child led centre is a centre that will listen to your child’s needs and tailored the whole day based on their interests and needs without imposing routines.

We are allowing our children to shine and to be recognised as active citizens: they can go in and out of their beds and leave or join the meal table without being restrain from cots or high hairs.
Check out our Studio 1 children recharged and ready to dance after their daily naps 🙌

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Native Nature and insects inspired provocation for our Toddlers to extend on their interests for insect and little creatures

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Our Studio 2 and 3 have been focusing on seasons and exploring Australian plants and nature: today we’ve offered to our children different types of flower (real and photos), contact paper, recycling materials and frames for our children to create magnificent art works to be display in our Studios 🌿🌼🌸🌷🍂🍃



Name: Mirieli
Qualifications: Diploma in ECE
Position: Room Leader Studio 4/5
Favourite colour: black
Star sign: Gemini
Fav food: BBQ
Fav movie: The hate u give
Fav song: country music
Hobbies: reading and painting
Why do you work in childcare: I love to see the multiple possibilities children find to solve problems: for children nothing is impossible and their imagination and creativity in problem solving process it never ends to amazed me. I love to be part and support children through this process of growth and never ending learning.

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This week we ve started an ongoing cooking project with one of our parent who express his desire to be invoke with our children: since it was Remembrance day today we thought about starting off with Anzac biscuits!

All the children were actively involved in the whole process and they had so much fun in creating their afternoon tea 😊

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This is week is Recycling week so our Studio will have fun in planting seed for our garden beds!

To extend on our community pantry and highlight the importance of recycle the resources that we have minimising the waste, our Cook will make sure to save veggies and fruit seeds for our children to plant and hopefully to re utilised one day in our kitchen! 🙌😊🥦🥒🥕🍎🍓🍋

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This week our Studio 2 and 3 children focused on explorations of natural
Elements: children were provided with different lose parts resources as well as leaves, flowers, sand, water, wood sticks.

Children had lots of fun in pretending to cook meals for each other, getting their hands cover with mud and water.

Open ended provocations are the key to promote creativity, investigation, problem solving and cognitive development for our little citizens.

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As we are focusing on community involvement through out the centre, Our Studio 2 and 3 children are creating their community walls in their Studio: children wil be able to find pictures of their families, themselves, dear people and educators.

A community wall promote a sense of belonging and positive relationships within the room.



A big Congratulation to our dearest Jade for winning the Educator of the month for the month of October!

Great job Jade! 🙌

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⭐️Bunnings incursion⭐️

This week we had few of amazing People that work at our local Bunnings to come in our centre and to revamp the yard and our outdoor plants with our children: we had so much fun digging in the soil and learn about our new garden vegetables! We are looking forward to use our new tomatoes and carrots in our kitchen soon!! 😊

Bunnings Mandurah

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Today we had a chicken incursion for the whole centre and our children absolutely loved them! 😊 one of our Toddler Family was excited to share with us their new chickens and were so kind to take them to the centre to show them to the children.

It was a great opportunity for our educators to talk about respect for each other and all living beings, learn more about chickens and life cycle.

Thank you again to our amazing families that likes to get involved with us! 😊🙌

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Here at Sparrow Early Learning Mandurah we work with provocations and emergent learning experiences rather than pre-set activities: our dedicated educators strategically planned out Learning spaces and environment based on our children’s interests to promote child’s agency, wonder and exploration.



Community and families are one of the main core values of our centre philosophy: we value the important role that our parents and families are playing in our children lives and we want to hear their voices too!

We ve established a Sparrow Dream tree so that we can hear what are our families wishes are for their children and get creative with them! This would be another beautiful and meaningful way for us to source out informations for our curriculum and practices 😊

What is your wish for your child? ⭐️



Name: Olivia
Qualification: studying towards Cert 3
Colour: purple
Star sign: Libra
Fav movie: white chicken
Fav food: sushi
Fav song: queen live aid 1985
Hobbies: painting, riding, swimming
Why do you work in childcare? I work in childcare because of my love for children, watching them develop,
Learn and grow, and how educators help frame their learning from the beginning.

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Tonight we’ve celebrated our dear Kaitlyn and her baby girl 🎀 Kaitlyn Amy we are counting the days to meet our new Sparrow baby! 😊

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⭐️Announcing the winner⭐️

Big Congratulation to our dearest Schapelle and Natasha Ruocco who won the prize for our recent Guess Who? game

A big thank you to all our families and Staff members who played with us, it was so much fun and we are looking forward to our next competition 🙌😊



A big congratulation to Emma for winning the educator of the month for the month of September 😊🙌


⭐️Team Brunch⭐️

Today we had so much fun! We had the first of many team lunches today: not only we love to work together but we love to hang out and get to know each other after work 😊 it was a beautiful day filled with laugh, food and good company. Looking forward to the next one 🙌

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Today we’ve named our fishes, and what a great fun it was to explore all the different options with our children!! 😂
As we are focusing now on our community we’ve wanted to acknowledge the love and affection that our children have for our fishes and named them. Our fishes names are Bob, Fishy, Franky, Red, Dounat, Bubbles, Hiding, Baby.

Children were so excited they all wanted to paint them a portrait! We will display our Fishes portrait next week in our foyer for everyone to see 😊



Here at Sparrow Early Learning Mandurah we love to have fun and involve our families with us everyday! As we do have few new staff members joining our team, we ve set up a guessing game for our families to participate and guess who is who: this is a fun way to initiate relationships between Educators and Families but also to make sure families start to familiarise with staff members of different Studios to benefit transitions and drop off in the morning.

We do have a beautiful self care pack and coffee gift voucher for the winner, the competition close on the 07 of October so hurry up! 😊


Very proud of our ongoing involvement with our local community and to play our part in contributing for a better future! ⭐️

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To extend on our Studio 2&3 Educational program and children’s current interest in trucks, our dedicated educators planned a tow truck incursion for our Toddlers today!

They were all excited to see a real truck waiting for them outside our doors: they all took turn in going up the truck, sitting in the driver spot, checking the lights, indicators and pretend to drive the truck. This was also a great opportunity for our educators and children to refresh road safety guidelines such as sit belts and practicing to walk outside the centre with the emergency rope.

A very special thank goes to West State Towing and Drew for being so kind to organise this special day for our Studio 2&3 with our Educators!!


Friendly Reminder: Following the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II, the Federal Government has announced a national one-off Public Holiday as a National Day of Mourning.
Our Service will be closed on Thursday 22nd of September 2022. If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Service Manager.

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At Sparrow Early Learning Mandurah we proud ourselves to provide an inclusive and culturally aware centre to every person that walk through our door: children are exposed to different opportunities through out the whole day to learn about each other difference and similarities. Children learns through play and we like to be as creative as possible when planning for our little citizens.

Check out Our Studio 2 and 3 children learning about different skin tones, facial expressions and feelings through play dough!



Name: Casey
Star sign: Sagittarius
Fav. Movie: Pippi long stockings
Fav. song: Adele and country music
Fav. Colour: pink
Fav. Food: Lollies
Why do you work in childcare:
I love to to watch children grow and be there to support them through their journey. I love to sing, play music and do art experiences with them



Name: Emma
Star sign: Sagittarius
Fav colour: Turquoise
Fav Food: Vegetarian sausages, mash and beans
Fav movie: Lord of the Rings 1-3
Fav song: Jason Mraz, I’m Yours
Why do you work in childcare: I love to encourage children’s joy and curiosity in the world, and to see little minds grow. I am passionate about conservation, inclusion, and education for all 🙂

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⭐️ R U OK?⭐️

Yesterday we acknowledge ARE YOU OK DAY in support of all our amazing Educators and people around us that struggles with their mental health: please make sure to check on the people around you and ask if they are ok, a simple question can help someone during their life journey ⭐️

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If you have been wondering why our foyer smelled particularly amazing today, it was thanks to the natural soap that have been kindly donated as samples from the local business Boho Soaps By Little Grange!!

If you did not grab your free sample today make sure to grab one tomorrow before they’ll finished!! 😊🙌

We love to support our families and their small business, at Sparrow Early Learning Mandurah we are all about community and supporting our families, feel free to pop in the office to have a chat with Cat or Sharnee for more infos 😊

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Today we wanted to celebrate and spoil our amazing Educators with a special morning tea, different types of gift including self care items, Gratitude note from our beautiful families, appreciation certificates and 2 hours free massages for everyone!!!



Yesterday we’ve received a beautiful donation from on of our amazing family!! A huge thank you for the beautiful plants for our children 😊🙌

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Here at Sparrow Early Learning Mandurah recognised the importance of self help skills and like to promote to our little ones as many opportunities as possible for them to learn through play. Here’ s a collection of daily snapshots from our Studio 2 and 3 children helping during the day in taking care of their environment and take charge of their daily rituals.

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Yesterday afternoon our children received an amazing gift for their yard: we had 2 mud kitchen delivered at our door!! A special thank you to Ashton for the beautiful gift.

Our children were super excited and we are very grateful to our local community and its kindness 😊🙌



A big congratulation to Crystal for winning the educator of the month for the month of August!

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At the beginning of the week our SM went to REmida to source out resources for our children to engage with: we were able to to found pipes, lids, straws, cardboard, boxes and so much more! All the Studios were provided with some either for outdoor and indoor and our children had so much experimenting and discovering throughout the whole week!

Sustainable resources are a great way for children to learn about the world around them as they promote imagination and experimentation. Stay tuned to see what we will create with our new pipes! 🍀🙌

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Welcome to Sparrow Early Learning Mandurah

At Sparrow Early Leaning Mandurah (formerly Buggles Childcare Mandurah), we pride ourselves on being part of a large community whilst still maintaining close and long lasting relationships within it. We work in a mutually supportive environment that strengthens and builds on our relationships with the children and their families.

For the convenience of busy families we are open from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm and offer early education and care for children up to 5 years of age. We offer children healthy meals, a comfortable and safe learning environment with large outdoor shaded play areas and separate play spaces for different age groups. We provide interactive learning programs for all children and tailor these programs to meet their individual needs. For older children, we offer a comprehensive Kindy program.

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