Cichlids Madness Australia

Cichlids Madness Australia


My breeeding pair of show angels and their new family ❤️❣️🌸
can you pls identify this fish
Hi I have a 5 ft thank and I’ve got a number of African cichlids. We’ve just noticed there’s some babies. What’s everyone’s advice on age and what  species? Thanks
Hi I have a 5 ft tank and a number of African cichlids and we’ve just noticed there’s babies ? Now I’m not sure of there age ? Or who the parents maybe. What’s everyone’s thoughts on age and  species? Thanks
Hi members please help with this survey for my tech startup
Came home yesterday night to almost all the fish showing bleeding marks across there bodies. All my levels are normal ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 20 salinity 1.05 ph 7.4 temp 26 the test kit is only a month old and doesn’t expire till 2025. I’m at a complete loss as to what’s caused this all my other tanks are completely fine.
Looking for a female. What do you think the sex of this fish is?
Does anyone have a large green terror male for sale need ASAP
My albino Oscar has something wrong with his eye any ideas on whats wrong?
Lew Turnbull this is my mate with all the fish i was telling u bout it
HI there everyone I am building a 11000 liter Malawi cichlid pond There will a lot of plants and natural rock formations in it, drift wood, the filter system would be 6 x 140 liter Gravity flow filters each capable of filtering a Koi pond of 5000 liter but I am now just thinking of how many Cichlids I can put inside the new pond ( this was going to be a Predator pond but I changed my mind)
Fresh water fish from Riau Province, Indonesia ::black line rasbora

Hi Everyone, I’m Remi 2 years in this fish keeper Hobbies, This Page is all about sharing my daily Activities and Maintenance Base in Queensland Australia � No Business Related Advice is welcome �

Operating as usual

#Morning Feed #happyweekendeveryone

Cichlids Madness Australia

Kinda missed this setup

Recently took another 70 young juveniles out to the ponds, Tank start to get the colours I wanted!
Will definitely take a few more out ( OB females )on my next water changes, Yes it’s wasn’t easy job to catch them out,especially the females! They’re very smart on hiding 😤😅
My young juveniles roughly around 6-8cm
HD Music 🎶 ON

To wet out there in Australia, let’s watch this short video 🌱😆 #HappySunday

Just over 2 months since 5cm turn to 10cm
Update my #LittleSh*tTheFlowerHorn

5 weeks progress with Dymax Lighting and Fertilisers 🌱 #Dymax #happyscaper

Wishing all the scaper & cichlids madness out there a Happy New Year 🥳 2021

What’s the best about Keeping a predator fish is when’s is feeding time 😆

Check out this little dude at size 7cm already fire up!!! #FH #Littlesh*t

Will do half dozen today and the rest tomorrow 💪
This will be my breakfast menu 🍳 lol 😆
#MorningExcercise #Motivation #maintenanceDay

Side View 🌱

Added 40 pcs Silvertips Tetras

Got to love the shimmering from Dymax Space X
#Dymax #DymaxAustralia #Tetras
HD Music 🎶 ON

Young parents on a third batches of fry 🤩

HD music ON

Update my progress with different light settings from Space X Dymax
#DymaxAustralia #Dymax

Cá Cảnh Đại Dương Xanh

Everyone’s dream Tank 🤩 and over $100K worth of fishes in there 💰💰

Cá Sấu Platium Khổng Lồ
Video Sưu Tầm
#cácảnhđạidươngxanh #fish #cá #cacanh #cakieng #rarefish #exoticfish #monsterfish #uniquefish #arowana #tigerfish #carong #caho #datnoid #sumatra #sumatratigerfish #shortbody #shortfish #short #gar #gars #platium

HD music ON

Sharing my progress on this Newly setup tank
My very first pressurised co2 tank.
Still learning to get the right balance etc 😁
#dymaxaustralia #Dymax #ArtScape #shortvideo

Light feeding before the water change

WC Days 💪🍻

Natural Sunlight from the evening sun 🌞 love the shimmer #ShortVideo HD

Feeding Frenzy

900L Clown loaches
#4k_video music 🎵 ON

Some feeding action in the fishroom #cichlidkeeper #CichlidsMadness #Tropicalfish #Freshwaterfish
#HD music 🎵 ON

Starting to look like a tank 😜 still got a few more to do ( chase more background plants 🌱)
#Dymax #DymaxAustralia #AnimalObsession

5x3x1 paludarium

Need to do some trimming soon...
#GettingBushy #Paludarium #IndoorGardens
HD Music 🎶 ON

Natural light ☀️🌱 #happysunday

Waiting to get feed!!! 🤡 loaches #discusfish #OrageHeadTapajos #Harlequin #ButterflyRams

Little update #workinprogress

New Addition introduces my LS ( little sh*ts ) 😆
6cm n very bossy!!!!

Simple but fancy💰 Dinner Anyone?? 😝
#CopyPaste #Arowana

Excuse me 😃👋How’s everyone today? Hope you guys have a fishy weekends 🍻🤙

Cichlids Madness Australia

Cichlids Madness Australia's cover photo

No fish 🐟 for the weekends!! I need a break 😆🤙

2 new projects in progress 😆

Little update on my current Project 😁
#Gonna add a few more small Dragon Stone up the front.

Good Morning Cichlids Keeper, small update on my new project recently just got my new tank yesterday and some other stuffs..will slowly work on them today 😁 #staytuned #happyweekend

There’s NO Excuse when’s time come to upgrade 🙄😆💪 #FukYeah!!!!! #HappyHumpDay

Get so excited today on doing my water changes and other tank maintenance lol 😇 #HappyMondayCichlidsPeeps

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Added 40 pcs Silvertips Tetras
HD music ON
HD music ON
Light feeding before the water change
Feeding Frenzy




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