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Located in the education hub of the Gold Coast, Australia, AIOL utilises highly innovative training We pride ourselves in after hours and weekend training.

We specialize in corporate and business training from Cert III to Advanced Diploma level. Most of our courses are Government funded to Australians - eligibility exists. All courses can be completed online.

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🎓Congratulations, Glow College 2023! 🙌 Your hard work paid off! Embrace your new Diploma of Leadership.


This is a snapshot of true determination and dedication. Facing the challenges of early parenthood with courage. Despite the hurdles, she made a conscious decision to pursue her dreams.

Not just studying for herself, but also for her little one. 🍼 👩‍🎓

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Excited to show you our fresh, inspiring workspace - a hub for creativity and collaboration!


Find Your Path to Success! Gold Coast, Australia or Online.

Feeling unsure about which direction to take in life? Don't worry; we've got you covered!

Our program is designed for individuals like you seeking an alternative to traditional schooling or uncertain about their career choices after school. We believe in empowering you to uncover your true potential and discover the path that's right for you.

Join us and embark on a transformative journey with our specialised Diploma program.

You'll gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to pursue the exciting jobs of the future.

Whether you have a brilliant business idea or need guidance in turning your dreams into reality, our course equips you with the essential skills to navigate this journey successfully.

Still not convinced? Hear it straight from the Bestt family! They took a leap of faith and chose our program as an alternative pathway. Their lives have been completely transformed, and they are now thriving and empowered. And let's not forget about Harry, who achieved multiple distinctions in his Bachelor's degree, along with many other graduates who chose our program.

Now is the time to embrace an alternative pathway and create a brighter future for yourself. Get in touch with us today for a confidential discussion about our amazing alternative pathway programs.

Your success story starts here!

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The Diploma of Leadership and Diploma of Business hold the key to unlocking your full potential. 🌟

Embrace the force within, ignite your passion, and pursue greatness. Talk to us today about alternative educational pathways.


Learning the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship with my awesome students! I'm constantly amazed by the creativity and passion of these amazing minds. 💯🙌


Most leaders don’t look at the hidden costs of low emotional intelligence. Yet, these significant risks are becoming harder to ignore in the current economic climate. Some of these costs are tangible: turnover, absenteeism, errors and customer dissatisfaction. Many leaders underestimate the role of low emotional intelligence because they’re insulated from the hard truths. For example, we know that people don’t leave companies; they leave leaders. Yet, how many people will be direct enough to tell a boss, “I’m leaving because you’ve let toxic people pollute this company? I can’t stand working here anymore”? That would burn bridges. Instead, exit interviews have vague assertions about “seeking new opportunities,” and companies ignore the root cause.

Don't let your business suffer because of a lack of emotional intelligence. Take action and learn how to improve your leadership skills with our course on Emotional Intelligence. Don't wait until it's too late; start investing in your organisation today.


Check out this inspiring moment from the Diploma of Leadership program! It brings me so much joy to see lives changed and people empowered through this amazing initiative. It's even more rewarding when I get to witness the impact of our teachings on the real world.

I'm incredibly grateful for organisations with vision and passion that invest in equipping and training individuals in leadership. The core values of leadership - integrity, empathy, accountability, vision, and the ability to inspire and empower others - are the foundation of the program, and seeing them come to life in our students is truly humbling.

Thank you to all our students for your hard work and dedication, and to the organisations that believe in the power of leadership. Let's continue to make positive change in the world together!

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Congratulations to our amazing leadership graduates! 🎉👏🏼 Your hard work, dedication, and commitment have paid off, and we are so proud of you for completing the program. Keep shining and making a positive impact! 🌟


🌟👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Unlock Your Child's Potential with Australian Institute of Learning! 🎓💼🌟

Hey parents! Are you looking for the perfect opportunity for your children (aged 16-21) to develop invaluable employability skills while empowering them with strong entrepreneurial and leadership abilities? Look no further! 😃🔑

Our cutting-edge courses are designed to nurture and develop the leaders of tomorrow, ensuring a successful future for your children. 🌐🏆

With Australian Institute of Learning, your kids will:

✅ Gain practical experience through our hands-on learning approach that caters to diverse learning styles 🧑‍💼
✅ Develop essential 21st-century skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and effective communication 🌟
✅ Build a strong entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to create innovative solutions 💡
✅ Engage with industry experts and successful entrepreneurs for guidance and mentorship 🤝
✅ Participate in immersive projects, workshops, and real-life case studies 📚

Our programs are limited to a select number of students to maintain the highest quality of education and personalised attention. Don't miss this chance to invest in your child's future! 📈

📣 Enroll your kids NOW and take advantage of our early bird discount! 🐦💸

Let's work together to unleash your child's inner entrepreneur and leader at the Australian Institute of Learning! 🚀💪🏽


Leadership training is an essential step towards adapting to the changing workforce. As the business world evolves, leaders must have the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the challenges ahead. It's easy to get overwhelmed by the big picture and all the responsibilities of being a leader. But the truth is, every great leader started somewhere, and it was often with small, simple actions that they took every day.

Maybe it's taking the initiative to speak up in a meeting or volunteering for a new project. Perhaps it's making a conscious effort to be more organised or learning a new skill to benefit you and your team.

Whatever it is, remember that every step counts, no matter how small. As you continue to take these small steps, you'll begin to develop the habits and mindset of a leader. And before you know it, you'll inspire others to take action and achieve great things.

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The journey to becoming a great leader begins now! 💪🏼 Welcome to the Leadership Course! Let's make the most of this opportunity to learn, grow, and make a positive impact. Let's do this!

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Excited to welcome all the new leadership students to this amazing journey! Let's learn, grow, and lead together! 💡💪


"Excited to announce the start of ! Get ready to ignite your leadership skills. See you all this week for the beginning of an amazing experience! 🔥💡 PS. The sliced bread will make sense when we meet Thursday 😉

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Not only do our courses teach practical skills which will propel you in the workplace, once you start to uncover exactly what it is the mind can achieve, you realise that anything is possible and your life has limitless potential. At the AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF LEARNING, you can become whoever you want to be!


Soli Deo Gloria


Q: Hey Ricky, someone tried to correct me when I wrote that they should “enrol in one of your courses”…
A: But it sounds like such good advice!
Q: I know right? Anyway, they said it should be “enroll” – with two Ls??
A: Hmmm. Are they from America?
Q: How did you know?
A: Because that’s how they spell it there, obviously.
Q: How unusual – I thought they normally drop unnecessary letters.
A: True, that’s their usual M.O.
Q: Hey, remind me what “M.O.” means again?
A: Read as “emm-oh” – it stands for the Latin “Modus Operandi” – meaning “a particular way or method of doing something”. You typically see it a lot when describing a serial killer.
Q: That makes sense with the way that America is bludgeoning English to death…
A: Now, now… this is an ever-evolving language. No one is wrong or right.
Q: Except that “enrol” just makes more sense.
A: Does it? If you roll down a hill, then you have rolled or are rolling. Americans are applying the same logic with “enroll”.
Q: My head hurts.
Q: So to recap – only in America they say “enroll”, “enrolls”, “enrolling”, “enrolled” and “enrollments” yeah?
A: That’s right – they’re “LL cool” throughout. Whereas outside the US it’s less consistent, opting for “enrol”, “enrols”, “enrolling”, “enrolled” and “enrolments”.
Q: I always wonder ‘about’ how Canada gets on in these situations, aye?
A: Haha. In this case they prefer “enrol”, but being so close to the USA, they list “enroll” as a variant and typically both are accepted.
Q: I’ve just thought of something… Is that why Australian Institute of Learning resources has no jargon and simple English so anyone can progress regardless of their academic background
A: Actually yeah, it’s one of the reasons!
Q: I’ll let my friend know that it’s safe – just be sure to “rol” out the red carpet!
A: We always do at. All of our students have one thing in common: they don’t leave the same way they came in. LIVES CHANGED, PEOPLE EMPOWERED ™


Love my Zoom moments with these guys in Canberra.

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Legends Part 2.

Photos from Australian Institute of Learning's post 07/10/2022

Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until you grow into the person who can. These legends are on their way to accomplishing their Diploma of Leadership in under 12 months. Blessed to walk the journey with them alongside our incredible trainer

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We may not be able to help you in all these areas. Still, we will help you develop a solid mindset to navigate the challenges of life with our Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Mental Health and Wellbeing units, and so much more. Invest in training that will set you up for success. Start while at school and gain a head start.


A happy, healthy, well-trained, productive workforce means reduced turnover and less conflict. These guys learnt strategies today to develop strong critical thinking.

Award Winning College. Government Funded Courses. Live Zoom Training. Study Online or Class. 03/09/2022

When students are planning to study a diploma, it’s quite often these individuals are looking to enter into a new industry/pursue a certain career path. Studying a diploma gives these individuals the opportunity to learn new skills + receive a recognised qualification.

So, why study a diploma with AIOL?

All our courses are taught in a fun, friendly, and relaxed environment designed to put you at ease so that you can get the most out of the tools we offer. We hone in on your unique traits to provide you with a teaching style and approach which will help you get the most out of your course.

All of our courses are structured to be relevant for your future, which means that you won’t be wasting a year of your time that you’ll never get back! All the coursework, assessments, and in-class activities are designed to help ALL of AIOL’s students with the life ahead of them, by utilising real-world situations.

If the description above sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out the link below:

Award Winning College. Government Funded Courses. Live Zoom Training. Study Online or Class. Government Funded Business Courses. Gold Coast. International. Live Zoom sessions. Study self paced online. Certificate Courses. Diploma courses. Courses in Leadership, Human Resources, Marketing, Quality Auditing. Business College. Digital Marketing training. Government Funded Programs. 100% Positi

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Set a goal. Work toward it. Achieve it.

All our courses are taught in a fun, friendly, and relaxed environment designed to put you at ease so you can get the most out of the tools we offer. We hone in on your unique traits to provide you with a teaching style and approach which will help you get the most out of your course.

Check out

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Lives Changed, People Empowered

Voted TOP 20 PROMISING BUSINESS SCHOOLS IN AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND - 2018: International Higher Education Review Board

Australian Institute of Learning is proud to announce our Diploma graduate students can now qualify for up to 1 year off a Bachelor of Business at Southern Cross University on completion of the Diploma. Alternatively complete 1 Year in our program and just 1 year at SCU to achieve the Associate Degree of Business. Credits also apply against other degrees. Talk to us for more info.

Certified to train and issue accreditation in 20 Countries.

Queensland residents, contact us for Government Funded Cert 3 in Business and Cert 4 in Small Business Management.

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Find Your Path to Success!
🌟👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Unlock Your Child's Potential with Australian Institute of Learning! 🎓💼🌟Hey parents! Are you looking for the pe...
Discussions in class that are relevant to the theory that has been learnt! Amazing to see the Diploma of Business/Leader...
We love what we do. More importantly you will love your experience being empowered at Australian Institute of Learning
Interview JP Morgan Chase Bank USA
$99. Do you qualify?





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