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Art Classes for kids. We also offer therapeutic art sessions which can be covered by NDIS! See for more information.

We have a range of art classes available, holiday workshops and weekend workshops available including drawing, sculpture, sewing, preschool classes and homeschool classes. Our birthday party options are a great idea for your arty birthday child, and we also offer one on one sessions for those artists looking to improve a specific area of their skill.

Operating as usual


We have so many holiday art workshops and here’s a favourite one!! Bling your phone!

Book at

We can’t wait to see you there!


🌟 Art is more than just colors on paper—it’s a gateway to teaching kids that anything is possible. Here’s how:

Freedom to Imagine: Art encourages kids to dream without limits. They can envision fantastical creatures, far-off galaxies, or whimsical worlds. Through their art, they learn that their ideas can come to life.

Breaking Constraints: In the creative process, children break free from constraints. They realize they don’t have to conform to other people’s ideas or expectations. Their unique perspectives matter, and their creativity knows no bounds.

Empowering Expression: Art provides a safe space for self-expression. Kids can communicate feelings, thoughts, and stories through their creations. It’s a powerful tool to build confidence and resilience.

🌈 Let’s celebrate the young artists who remind us that imagination knows no limits! Give your mini-artist the opportunity to share their passion, and inspire others to embrace creativity. 🎨💫

Holiday Workshops - Artlis Studios 20/06/2024

Have you got a plan for Monday?

As we all return to work on Monday, our kids are on holidays, and we have a great place for them to hang out.

Mondays classes have been programmed so that you can leave your kids with us from 9am-4pm ALL DAY in a safe and creative space.

They'll get to indulge their creative side with a range of art activities and even drawing games between sessions.

Pack them a lunch and send them along to the studio instead of worrying what they'll be doing all day!

Book here:

Holiday Workshops - Artlis Studios June July School Holiday Workshops,Currumbin, Gold Coast Check out Artlis Studio holiday workshops below or view our timetable here . Workshops do sell out


🎨✨ Day 2 of our Holiday Art Workshops is packed with creativity and fun!

Join us for acrylic painting and glitter jar sessions, perfect for artists of all ages, including kids as young as 3!

Don't miss out on the magic—reserve your spot today! 🖌️✨

Book at


Have you met Bobby?

Bobby discovered the healing power of art at age 12, using her trusty 6B pencil and sketchbook to cope with school bullies and a challenging home life. As an adult, she focused her career on sharing art with children and young adults. Witnessing her students also turn to art during tough times motivated her to pursue a career in Creative Arts Therapies.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Arts Psychotherapy in 2022, Bobby now brings her expertise to the studio. She offers creative experiences that promote emotional wellness, helping clients understand their unique emotional makeup and find meaningful ways to thrive.

This holidays Bobby will join us for two days of workshops offering:

🌈🖌️Tuesday 25th June 🖌️🌈
9am - Tropical Pastels Acrylic Canvas Painting
12pm - Mini-movie Makers Stop Frame Animation Workshop


🌈🖌️Tuesday 2nd July 🖌️🌈
10am - Fimo Earrings and Jewellery Making
1pm - Intuitive Painting

Don't miss out on booking your spot in Bobby's workshops!

Book here:


Check out this cool animation created in one of our Stop Frame Holiday Workshops.

In these workshops mini-movie makers learn about how to develop a story, create a backdrop for their scene, and then use iMotion to film a scene of stop frame animation.

It's always an exciting workshop full of ideas, imagination and a few crazy stories!

Our Stop Frame this holidays is on Tuesday 25th June from 12-3pm. ($40 for the 3 hour course)

Book here:

Don't forget our mini-moviemakers need to bring their own ipads and have the iMotion app installed.

If you don't have your own iPad, we have two in the studio that are available for rent ($5 for the session).


🎨 Our Holiday Art Workshops kick off on Monday, June 24th!

Don't miss out—book your spot for Monday's sessions today!

Need all-day supervision? Leave the kids with us, and we'll take care of the creativity and fun through the break! 🖌️✨

Book at


Art during childhood is more than just a pastime—it’s the bedrock upon which creativity and critical thinking flourish. 🌟✨

Through artistic expression, kids learn to observe, imagine, and communicate. They learn that their ideas are important, and they can bring their ideas into reality.

Whether they’re wielding crayons, sculpting clay, or splashing colors on canvas, they’re developing essential skills that extend far beyond the art studio.

🌈 Here’s to nurturing young minds through the magic of creativity!🌈

If your mini-artist is looking for a space where they can indulge their creativity and you would love them to grow these important life skills, we have classes suitable for everyone!

Check out the link in our bio to find out how we can help your mini-artist.

Photos from Artlis Studios's post 16/06/2024

🎨✨ Calling all creative adults! Our final classes of the term are happening on June 18th and 21st—don't miss out on the fun!

Now’s the perfect time to book for Term 3 and grab your term discount. Single classes are just $25 per session, but why not enjoy a full term of 10 weeks for only $200?

Join us for a vibrant and inspiring journey where you can unleash your creativity, learn new techniques, and connect with fellow art enthusiasts. Secure your spot today and let’s make art together! 🖌️🌟

Book today!


How will art help your child be successful as an adult?

Our most recent blog post explores this question that we hear so often, discussing the many ways that creativity fosters essential skills for future success.

Engaging in art helps children develop a host of valuable characteristics, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence, which can greatly benefit them in their adult careers.

Additionally, we've compiled a list of 40 art-based careers, along with a sub-list of surprising professions where art plays a pivotal role.

Discover how nurturing your child's artistic talents today can pave the way for their success tomorrow. Read more on our blog:

Photos from Artlis Studios's post 12/06/2024

🏖️🖌️🎉Dive into Creativity with Our Holiday Workshops!🌟🎨✨

Our School Holiday Workshops are booking now!

From enchanting mermaid adventures and garden-themed workshops for kids as young as 3 to advanced drawing and painting classes, there's something magical for every budding artist.

Kids can immerse themselves in digital animation, pottery, and the ever-popular skate decks and stickers.

Don't miss our AfterDark Glow Workshop, where children learn to paint under UV lights and explore the wonders of black light painting.

Parents can enjoy some well-deserved adult time, knowing their children are in good hands. We offer full-day supervision options, ensuring that your little ones are cared for between sessions.

It's a win-win situation—kids have a blast while you take some time for yourself!

Enroll your child in our holiday workshops and watch them thrive both artistically and personally. Visit our website to learn more and book now!


Have you ever paused to truly listen to the stories your child tells through their artwork?

In our studio, we cherish those moments when we let our students' minds wander freely, diving into whatever fantasy land their imagination conjures. We see dragons, talking frogs, flying hamburgers, monsters, and rainbows.

The beauty of art lies in its limitless potential. Children can create their heart's greatest desires or express their deepest concerns without uttering a single word.

Witnessing their artworks unfold not only makes them feel heard but also teaches them the first step to bringing their ideas to life. It helps them understand that they have the power to shape their reality.

Encourage your child to explore their heart's language through art, and watch as they discover the boundless potential within themselves.


Our young creators in the studio are buzzing with excitement for our holiday workshops, and we can't wait for you to join the fun!

We offer workshops for children as young as 3, as well as sessions where parents can stay and create alongside their little artists.

These holiday workshops are filling up quickly, so be sure to reserve your spot today!

See our timetable here:

Or go straight to the booking page:


The holidays are just around the corner, and they always seem to sneak up on us!

This year, we have the perfect solution to keep your mini-artists engaged and inspired. Our diverse range of workshops offers something for every budding creative spirit, including: pottery, painting, drawing, stop frame movie making and digital animation.

Plus our AfterDark Glow Workshop is back! Your mini-artists can paint under blacklight and discover the magical effects of different lighting on their art.

Explore our full timetable and find the perfect workshop for your child on our website:

Or go straight to the booking page

Bookings are essential!


Did you know that the QLD Gov offers families $150 per year per child to spend on sports?

Did you also know that creative activities are not currently on the list of eligible places to redeem the vouchers?


We see hundreds of kids come through the studio every year who are either unable to play sports due to disability or simply have no interest in sports (but love their creative endeavours!)

As someone passionate about our creative kids having a voice, and being supported in their dreams, I would love to see the eligibility list for the Fairplay vouchers expanded to include arts and music extracurricular activities. How about you?

By including creative pursuits on our state's Fairplay list, we tell our creative souls they are just as important as their sporty peers.

NSW already includes creative activities on its list, and as a result, the creative community in the Northern Rivers area is thriving and rich in creative culture.

There are so many reasons to support kids being creative, our future depends on their brilliant minds being able to problem-solve and create!

Here is a super easy way you can support our QLD creative kids...

Sign our petition to ask the QLD Government to expand the eligibility list, so that everyone has equal access to the activities that light them up.

Thankyou from the bottom of our glitter-filled hearts!

Much Love from
Alissa, The Artlis Team and all the creative kids in QLD!


PLEASE SHARE, even if you're not a QLD parent.
Parents of QLD creative kids would love your support!


Have you been to one of our AfterDark Glow sessions yet?
Using UV paints your mini-artist will get to experience a whole other world of creativity.
This special AfterDark workshop with our resident street artist, Gilly AfterDark, is all about blacklights, neons and glow!
Create your street art style canvas using a range of neon and standard acrylic paints and Posca's. Then, as it starts to get dark, watch as the blue lights come on, and your painting starts to glow!
Every student will also take home a UV mini-torch to recreate the glow show in their own room.
Parents, we also welcomeyou to join us for the final 15 minutes to see the Glow Show in action!
These are our most popular workshops so don't miss out! Tickets are booking now!


Let's talk about the power of art to speak.

For those who find it hard to express themselves, for those who feel like their voices are lost in the crowd, art can become their voice. 🗣️

Many kids, and even adults, grapple with the sense of being unheard. But art can change that.

🌈 Just imagine the impact on a child who discovers that someone is listening.

Suddenly, they're shouting their ideas and dreams in colours and lines.

Art isn't just about creating—it's about amplifying our voices, sharing our stories, and offering our ideas to the world. 🌟

The confidence that comes from being heard is enormous.

Photos from Artlis Studios's post 29/05/2024

What do all our studio assistants have in common? They have all been Artlis Students! Read our newsletter all about how much we appreciate our assistants. (Ps, this newsletter also has links for our Holiday Program, and our Creative Kids Voucher Petititon) -


Bookings for our holiday art program are officially OPEN! 🎉

Don't miss your chance to dive into a world of creativity and imagination with our lineup of exciting workshops and activities.

Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, there's something for everyone to discover. We have our sewing, digital animation, pottery and painting! Plus we're bringing our AfterDark Glow workshop back thanks to popular demand!

Secure your spot today and let the artistic adventure begin! 🖌️

See our full timetable here:


🎨✨ Exciting Announcement! ✨🎨
Get ready to unleash your creativity because our holiday art program is almost here! 🌟
From Monday 27th June, you'll have the chance to book your spot in our lineup of exciting workshops and artistic adventures.

From painting to pottery to sewing, and everything in between, there's something for every budding artist to explore!

Here's a sneak peek at the timetable.

Stay tuned for booking links!

Get ready to make this holiday season the most colourful one yet!


Is your art class not meeting your expectations?

Did you know you have the flexibility to switch classes at any point during the term to ensure your young artist feels comfortable with their teacher and fellow classmates?

We boast a diverse range of instructors and class styles, recognizing that sometimes finding the perfect fit may take a few tries – and that's perfectly normal! We're committed to accommodating your young artist until they discover the ideal environment for their creative journey.

Rest assured, there's no risk involved in trying out your first class or transitioning from your current one.

Our goal is to nurture your young artist, providing them with inspiration, challenge, and confidence.

Feel free to share any feedback or requests for changes by emailing [email protected] – we value your input!


Whether you're aiming for high school art excellence programs or pursuing tertiary studies in art, these 10 expert tips will help you create your portfolio.

1. Understand the decision makers. The school wants passionate artists, how do you show them that's what you are?
2. Be familiar with the requirements. Every school has different requirements.
3. Choose a diverse collection of artworks. Choose as many different styles and media as you are able! This shows you are willing to expand your horizons!
4. Don't rely on just artworks from classes. Pieces completed in art classes are rarely your best work. If you learn a technique, practice it over and over until you have many peices, then choose the best one.
5. Make your pieces memorable. What can you do to make sure you stick in the minds of the school when they look at your work?
6. Choose pieces that are a mix of real life observation and imagination. This shows that you are versatile!
7. Use only finished pieces. Show them that you are commited to each peice and that you don't give up!
8. Enter some art exhibtions and competitions. Show them that you don't mind a bit of hard work.
9. Present your artwork the best it can be! It will be the first impression the school has on you! Treat your portfolio as though it is going into an interview for you. Make sure it is clean and new, all your art well organised inside.
10. Have faith in yourself. Even if you don't get into the program you want, you are still an amazing artist. Don't give up.

We go into each of these points in more detail in our blog here:


🎨🔍 Lost & Found Alert! 🔍🎨

Hey, lovely parents and mini-artists! 🌟 Look at all these sad drink bottles who have lost their owners!

We've got a treasure trove of lost goodies here at the studio—enough to start a drink bottle shop! 🤣💧

If your little one has misplaced their drink bottle, hat, bluetooth earbuds, or even a pair of crocs, chances are it's hanging out in our lost property box! 🧢🎧👟

Pop by any afternoon to take a peek and reunite with your lost items. We'd be thrilled to see these beloved belongings find their way back home! 🏡💕

Parents, please help us spread the word by sharing this post. Let's get these lost treasures back where they belong! 🙏 🌈

Photos from Artlis Studios's post 16/05/2024

Did you know? Every single one of our incredible studio assistants started right where your mini-artist is now – as students with a passion for art!

We're thrilled to provide them with the opportunity to kickstart their art careers while still being a part of our creative community.

It's truly inspiring to witness their journey from eager learners to valued members of our team.

Whether they're assisting in classes, helping out with projects, or sharing their own artistic insights, they bring a unique perspective and energy to our studio every day.

Join us in celebrating their achievements and the exciting paths ahead as they continue to grow and thrive in the world of art!


Hey there, creative souls!

Here's your chance to shape the next school holiday program! We love to give you exactly what you want!

We're currently sculpting our upcoming holiday program, and guess who holds the chisel? That's right, it's you! We're eagerly awaiting your input to craft the ultimate creative experience.

In the past, your brilliant ideas have inspired some incredible workshops. From exploring fashion design to the art of sewing, and even hosting sessions for the whole family, we've brought your visions to life! And let's not forget about the timeless classics you asked us to bring back like skateboard deck painting – your requests never fail to spark our imagination.

So, what masterpiece do you envision for our next adventure? We're all eyes and ears! Share your ideas in the comments below or shoot us an email at [email protected].


"Queensland Parents! It's time to level the playing field for our creative kids! 🚀

Have you heard of FairPlay vouchers? Every year families can apply to the Queensland Government to receive a $150 voucher per child to use on extracurricular activities.

Did you know that currently, the FairPlay vouchers for kids can only be used for sports and active after-school activities? We believe it's time to change that! 🏆

Every child deserves the chance to explore their passions, whether it's kicking goals on the field or creating masterpieces on canvas. That's why we're petitioning the Queensland government to expand the Fairplay voucher program to include arts and music activities! 🎭🎸

✨ Let's show our support for the next generation of artists and musicians by signing this petition and spreading the word! Together, we can ensure that children have access to the things that make them happy, regardless of whether that is a creative pursuit, or a sporty endeavour 💫

Sign the petition now and let's make Queensland a place where every child's talents are celebrated and nurtured! 🌈

Here's the link to sign the petition:

The kids of QLD thank you for your support.


🌸✨ Last Call for our Mother's Day Workshop! ✨🌸

Attention all mini-artists and their special female adults! 🎨💕

This is your final chance to join us for a delightful Mother's Day Workshop! 🎁

Grandmas, foster carers, adult sisters, and of course, moms, are all invited to spend a magical 2.5 hours with their mini-artist creating beautiful teacups or platters from pottery clay! 🍵🌷

Discover the joy of hand building and decorative clay techniques as you craft a matching set with your little one. 🎨✨

Book NOw

Afterwards, we'll indulge in a small morning tea, and your mini-artist will present you with a gift bag filled with pamper goodies to enjoy at home! 🎁☕

Leave your clay creation with us, and we'll take care of the glazing and firing, so it's ready for you to use and cherish! 💫 Don't miss out on this memorable experience! 🌈


Want to stay in the loop about all the exciting happenings at our studio? Sign up for our newsletter today and get all our studio news straight to your inbox! Here's why you won't want to miss out:

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Don't miss out on all the excitement! Sign up for our newsletter today and join our vibrant community of creative families. Together, let's ignite imagination, nurture talent, and celebrate the joy of art!

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Our Classes

Our art classes will expose kids aged 5-14 to a broad range of materials and techniques, including Acrylic, Watercolour, Canvas, Paper, Clay, Drawing, and Art Journalling.
Private lessons for art and technical perspective drawing also available outside of group hours.
See my "notes" tab or contact me on 0400 382 617 for more information!

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Long your phone workshop this holidays!!
Check out this cool animation created in one of our Stop Frame Holiday Workshops. In these workshops mini-movie makers l...
Have you explored our adult classes yet?Tuesdays 5-7pm with Maddy: Join Maddy for a nurturing, step-by-step tutorial-sty...
Our young creators in the studio are buzzing with excitement for our holiday workshops, and we can't wait for you to joi...
Did you know that the QLD Gov offers families $150 per year per child to spend on sports?Did you also know that creative...
Have you been to one of our AfterDark Glow sessions yet? Using UV paints your mini-artist will get to experience a whole...
Have you been to one of our AfterDark Glow sessions yet? Using UV paints your mini-artist will get to experience a whole...
Have you explored our adult classes yet?Tuesdays 5-7pm with Maddy: Join Maddy for a nurturing, step-by-step tutorial-sty...
🎨🔍 Lost & Found Alert! 🔍🎨 Hey, lovely parents and mini-artists! 🌟 Look at all these sad drink bottles who have lost thei...
It's never too late to book your spot in our art classes—we accept bookings any time of the term! f you're a new artist ...
"Queensland Parents! It's time to level the playing field for our creative kids! 🚀 Have you heard of FairPlay vouchers? ...
It's never too late to book your spot in our art classes—we accept bookings any time of the term! f you're a new artist ...





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