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With a strong focus on natural environments and sustainability, Tiny Seeds FDC prides it self on bei Welcome to Tiny Seeds Family Daycare.

My name is Nicole and I am an Advanced Diploma trained Educator with over 12 years experience in the Child Care Industry. I believe in creating a natural and sustainable play space for the children in my care, a home away from home where children can feel safe to explore, to make decisions and to learn through play. I believe in creating an environment where the children feel safe, secure and supported, When you enter Tiny Seeds Family Day Care you become part of our extended family.

Operating as usual


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This week Mr. B put a small cardboard box on his head and told me he was a robot. He then put his hands inside empty Pringle containers and moved about the room like a robot. We sat down together and Mr. B added some eyes to his robot head and I covered the Pringle containers with alfoil and the robot started to take shape.
The next day I had a surprise for Mr.B.... a body for his robot!!!! He was so excited as we sat together and cut out holes for his head and arms from a large box and then used alfoil and sticky tape to cover it. The joy on his face as he put on the robot costume was absolutely priceless and by the end of the day the robot became Buzz Lightyear by adding some buttons to his front and some wings to his back.


The children helped to make a batch of gingerbread men this morning. They all took it in turns at adding the ingredients to the bowl and used the electric mixer to beat them all together. Using a rolling pin the children rolled out the dough before cutting their own gingerbread man out. We placed them on a tray and popped them in the oven, keeping a watchful eye on them to make sure that none of them jumped out and ran away.


This morning we experimented with bicarbonate soda and vinegar. We have previously explored the effects of mixing these two elements and the children have enjoyed watching how they react when mixed together. Today we spread the bicarbonate soda across a tray and filled cups with vinegar and food colouring. Using eye droppers the children squeezed the vinegar into the droppers and then squeezed to release the vinegar mixture onto the bicarbonate soda creating mini explosions. The children giggled as the vinegar made the soda bubble.


Today we went on an adventure to Dreamworld.
Using our best listening ears and walking feet we made our way to the bus stop. We were all so excited to be going on a big bus and as the bus moved along we chatted about what we could see along the way.
At Dreamworld there was so much for us to see and do. We enjoyed a few rides, visited the tigers, took a ride on the train and listened as Leonard played different animal sounds on the didgeridoo. What an amazing day we had full of fun and laughter.




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Today we also fostered the children's curiosity by doing the 'Skittles' experiment We worked as a team to place the Skittles in a circle around the plate and Miss Nicole added some warm water to the middle of the plate and we waited to see what would happen. Very slowly the water melted the colour from the Skittles and the colour slowly spread across the plate to create what the children called "A rainbow!!"


With the addition of our science table this year the children have been able to explore a variety of experiences that broaden their curiosity and allow them to investigate.
This week we have been looking at cause and effect and the children have enjoyed participating in an experiment that explores chemical reaction. The amazement on the children's faces says it all.......


Yesterday Mr J asked if he could do a puppet show. We set up the theatre and lined up some chairs for the audience. Mr J was fabulous and when he was finished Mr Z said "my turn, my turn" We had a lot of laughs and the boys were all very respectful of each others time in the spot light!!


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Today we had fun exploring our senses while playing in shaving cream. I added a drop of yellow and a drop of blue food colouring and the children mixed the colours to make green. Mr. Z began rubbing the foam all over his stomach with a cheeky smile and that's when I knew I was in trouble.......Mr. A followed suit and soon they both looked like the Incredible Hulk. Mr. M was a little more hesitant about getting completely messy but enjoyed putting his hands in the shaving cream and rubbing them together. This experience allowed the children the freedom to express themselves through messy play, explore their sense of touch and interact positively with each other.


NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia in the first full week of July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC week is celebrated not only in Aboriginal communities, but by Australians from all walks of life. We will be celebrating NAIDOC week by participating in experiences that promote awareness of the indigenous culture of Australia. Today we read a Dreamtime story called Tiddalik the Frog, talked abot the colours in the aboriginal flag and what they represent, listened to the sounds of the didgeridoo and used stcks to paint on paper bark that we collected from the park.


This week we have been utilising our recycling station by checking all of our rubbish before throwing it away. We have done such a great job at recycling that our box was overflowing. Luckily it was recycling day today so we took our box of recycling out to the yellow bin and checked for the recycling symbol before placing each item into the bin. We then waited patiently for the recycling truck to come to collect our recyclables. The garbage truck came first but even though the children were excited to see him they shouted to him that he had taken the wrong bin. ..... Finally the recycling truck came picking up the yellow bin and tipping it into the side of his truck. We gave the driver a wave and he honked his horn at us which was really exciting. What a great way to contribute to the world around us and connect with our community.


Today we enjoyed a busy morning of cooking. It all began when Mr. A made delicious cupcakes with the yellow play dough. He had made so many cupcakes and put them in the fridge that there was no more play dough left. I asked if the boys would like to make some more so we got out all of the ingredients that we needed. I also got out a jar of cocoa and some peppermint essence. We made some delicious smelling peppermint chocolate dough which was perfect for making cakes and cookies. The boys kept very busy rolling out dough to cut out cookies and rolling balls for cup cakes. They put them in the home area oven to cook and used a tea towel to get them out as they were very hot. After morning tea we gathered the ingredients to make real cup cakes. The boys helped to add the ingredients into the bowl and Mr. A even helped to mix with the electric mixer. We can't wait to try them for afternoon tea.....


Every Friday we watch the garbage trucks collect the bins from the kirb and talk about where the rubbish is going. It has also sparked conversations about recycling and the recycling symbol. Mr. A has shown a lot of interest in the recycling symbol pointing it out whenever he spots it. Today we took a look at different types of packaging to see which ones could be recycled. We were able to add plastic bottles, tin cans and cardboard boxes to our pile of recycling and made our own recycling box to start our very own recycling station.


The wonderful sound of children giggling filled my back yard this morning. The simple pleasure of running through a floating parachute broughr such joy to the two boys in my care today. The parachute eventually turned into a bat cave by adding old tyres for the bat mobile. It seemed such a shame to end play and go inside for lunch so we had a picnic in tne batcave before heading inside for a much needed rest.


A fun way to keep active on a rainy day.....jumping and rolling in the ballpit!.


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This morning at group time we looked at some colour flash cards and the children were encouraged to name each colour and go and find me something of the same colour. This experience not only promotes colour recognition, it also encourages the children to follow simple instructions and turn taking.


Today the boys helped to make some play dough. Using measuring cups and spoons to measure out each ingredient. We talked about how many cups or spoons we needed of each ingredient and counted them as we added the ingredients to the bowl. As a group we decided to make the play dough green and I added some peppermint essence to awaken our senses. The boys put their head in the bowl to have a smell and said " mmm yum!" I added the hot water and mixed it all together and the boys used a variety tools to manipulate the dough throughout the morning.


Today we explored reusing different materials to create something new. We took a couple of cardboard boxes, cardboard rolls, an old postage tube, lots of tape, glue, aluminium foil and a few bits and pieces to create 'Rocky' the robot. There was lots of collaboration and cooperation as the children discussed where things should go, we were very happy with the end result. Reusing materials for a new purpose rather than throwing them away promotes recycling and sustainable practices.


Today our experience began with the boys transporting water from the water trough to the sandpit to make a big sloshy pit. They jumped up and down making a big splash laughing so I got the hose out and added to the fun. I added even more water and while I was at it I gave the boys a good hosing down too. They splashed and dug in the wet sand, picking the sand up and letting it run through their fingers. We ended the morning by turning the slide into a water slide and slipped down into the muddy puddle at the bottom in fits of laughter.


Today we enjoyed the beautiful weather outdoors. We enjoyed play dough on the veranda, fly swat painting at the easel, making a cup of tea for our friends and using the tools to fix the car before heading off to work!
These experiences encourage imagination and creativity as well as enhancing social skills such as cooperation.


Today the children engaged in some sensory play. I squirted shaving foam all over the table with some blobs of yellow paint and the children used their hands to mix it all together. There was lots of laughter as they swirled their hands through the foam, squished it through their fingers and clapped their hands together to make the foam splat.
Sensory play encourages imagination and creativity and develops fine and gross motor skills.


Today we went fishing.....To follow up on one of the children's interests we set up the swimming pool and added some cardboard fish with paperclips on their nose. We made some fishing poles with cardboard rolls and added a magnet to the end of the line. The children dangled the line into the pool until the magnet connected with the fish and then pulled it up and out of the water.
This experience encourages the development of hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, it also improves concentration and persistence


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With the addition of our science table this year the children have been able to explore a variety of experiences that br...
Yesterday Mr J asked if he could do a puppet show. We set up the theatre and lined up some chairs for the audience. Mr J...





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