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Here's Daisy..

Daisy is a qualified hypnotherapist who recently completed our 'Foundations of Conversational Hypnosis' training. Hear what she has to say.


Ainsley recently completed our 'Foundations of Conversational Hypnosis' training program. Here's what she had to say.


Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rebecca Doughty, gives her experience of our 'Foundations of Conversational Hypnosis' training.

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Photos from Australian Hypnosis Training Academy's post 29/10/2023

What an amazing 6 days!!

Thank you all, for opening up, and unlearning, all the things you didn't need... to fill that space with the things that will make the most difference, for you.. and all the people, you haven't even met yet... so when you do, you will be the you you need to be for them to become the person they're not yet.. but will be... and you know now.. that inside.. is everything you need.. to do that... and even more.. 💫

I'm so excited to watch your progress and hear about the difference you all make in the world!!


Ready for another amazing 3 days of Conversational Hypnosis Training 💫


🧠Three days in and our minds are feeling the burn! 🔥 Hypnosis training has our brains on overdrive, but we're loving every mind-bending moment. 💪


🌟🎉Jumping into an incredible weekend of mind-expanding knowledge and transformative learning! Our Conversational Hypnotherapy Course has officially kicked off!


Ready for an amazing weekend of Conversational Hypnosis Training 💫


Last chance to enrol to learn this life changing modality.

Rather than learning rigid NLP techniques or memorising hypnotic scripts. Learn the principles behind them and become adept at crafting your own strategy, in the moment, to specifically suit your client.

Final days to enrol. Training starts 9am Friday in Helensvale.


Are you already a hypnotherapist?? Looking for ways to make a quicker, more profound difference in more lives?

Our Foundations of Conversational Hypnosis Training Program is recognised by the AHA (Australian Hypnotherapists Association) as Continuing Professional Development.

Enrollments are now open (and filling fast) for our October intake.

The total investment is only $295/month over 6 months, or just $1475 when paid in full.

For more information


📢 Exciting News! 🎉 We are thrilled to announce that the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) has officially approved our Foundations of Conversational Hypnosis Training Program for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)!

🌟 The AHA's approval is a testament to the high-quality and value of our program, designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of hypnotherapists. We are proud to be recognised by the largest and oldest Hypnotherapy Association in Australia

🔍 What can you expect from our Foundations of Conversational Hypnosis Training Program?

🧠 Comprehensive insights into the principles and techniques of conversational hypnosis.
🗣️ Practical guidance on using conversational hypnosis in your therapeutic practice effectively.
💼 Approved CPD points that contribute to your professional development with the AHA.

🤝 At the Australian Hypnosis Training Academy, we are committed to empowering you with the best tools and training, helping you excel in your career and provide exceptional care to your clients.

🚀 Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your expertise and grow as a hypnotherapist. Enroll now and take your practice to new heights!

For more information or to register, visit

Let's continue to learn, grow, and make a positive impact in the world of hypnotherapy together! 🌟


🎉 Exciting News! 🎉

Hey everyone! We have some amazing updates to share with you about our Conversational Hypnosis Training! 🧠✨

First things first, we have made a few changes to the upcoming dates.

But that's not all! We have something truly special in store for you. 🌟 Greg has been working tirelessly to enhance the training program and take it to a whole new level. You'll be thrilled to know that we are introducing cutting-edge techniques and exercises that will empower you to tap into the power of persuasion like never before. 💪💭

Imagine being able to effortlessly influence and positively impact your conversations, whether it's in your personal relationships or professional endeavors. Our Conversational Hypnosis Training will equip you with the skills to unlock the hidden potential of your communication abilities, helping you achieve your goals with ease and finesse. 🌐✨

Stay tuned for more updates. Make sure to follow our page and keep an eye out for future announcements.

Don't miss out on this life-changing opportunity! Grab your spot today by visiting our website or contacting our friendly team. Let's embark on this transformational journey together! 🚀🔮

Conversational Hypnosis 22/05/2023

Attention Therapists, Healthcare Professionals, Counsellors, Coaches, Sales Experts, and Business Leaders!

Are you frustrated with the slow progress in helping people change? Do you want a more effective method to create rapid and lasting transformations?

Imagine having the power to help individuals break free from years of stagnation and achieve profound personal growth. How incredible would it be to witness the rapid and positive shifts in their lives?

Look no further! Join us for an extraordinary 6-day Advanced Conversational Hypnosis Training where you will discover the cutting-edge techniques to...

Rapidly reprogram negative thoughts and beliefs

Unleash the hidden potential within individuals to achieve their goals

Effortlessly guide clients to overcome deep-rooted emotional blocks

Create powerful behavioural changes in a fraction of the time

Empower others to embrace new perspectives and unlock their true potential

In this transformative in person training, you will learn the art of persuasive communication, mastering the skills necessary to influence and motivate others effortlessly. By harnessing the power of conversational hypnosis, you'll be able to help individuals reshape their thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and beliefs with astonishing speed and precision.

Without scripts, language patterns, rigid NLP techniques, or progressive relaxation...

Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to revolutionise your approach and make a profound difference in the lives of those you serve. Secure your spot now by clicking the link below, and get ready to experience the incredible power of conversational hypnosis today!

Conversational Hypnosis In Person Training - Gold Coast - Beginner to Expert


Brian, a highly successful business and franchise owner, shares his experience after completing our 2-day Introduction to Conversational Hypnosis Training.

Brian's testimonial serves as an inspiration for individuals seeking personal growth, even if they are already accomplished in their respective fields.

If you're curious about how Conversational Hypnosis can enhance your communication skills, improve your influence, and unlock new possibilities in your personal and professional life get in touch.

Join the Australian Hypnosis Training Academy and embark on your own journey of growth and transformation today.



We are thrilled to share this incredible video testimonial from Louise, who attended our Conversational Hypnosis Training Program. 🎉 Louise had an amazing experience and recommends our course to anyone interested in mastering the art of hypnosis. 🤩

Not only did she feel empowered with these new tools, but she also discovered a newfound sense of self-confidence, creativity and personal growth. The program's supportive community fostered a safe space for her to learn, practice, and exchange insights with like-minded individuals. 🤝❤️

If you're curious about conversational hypnosis or interested in enhancing your communication skills, this testimonial is a must-watch! Our training program can equip you with the tools to make a positive impact on the lives of others while boosting your own personal development. 🌟

Feel free to tag your friends who might find this testimonial valuable. Let's spread the word and help more people tap into the incredible power of conversational hypnosis. 💫



🗓️ Tomorrow is the big day! Our much-awaited introduction to Conversational Hypnosis Training Course is just around the corner, and we couldn't be more thrilled! 🤩✨

🎉 Preparations are now COMPLETE! We've been working tirelessly to ensure that everything is set for an unforgettable learning experience. From crafting the perfect curriculum to arranging a comfortable and inspiring environment, we've left no stone unturned. 💪💼

✨ This course is all about empowering you with the transformative skills of conversational hypnosis. You'll discover the art of captivating communication, understanding the power of suggestion, and unlocking some of the secrets to influence and persuasion. 🧠💬

🌐 Our trainer, Greg has years of experience in the field and will guide you through practical exercises, engaging discussions, and hands-on demonstrations. He'll help you unlock your potential, boost your confidence, and take your conversational abilities to the next level. 🚀🎓

🔥 We can't wait to witness the incredible growth and breakthroughs each one of you will experience throughout the course. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, and prepare to amaze yourself with the results! 💫

⏰ Don't forget, the course starts tomorrow at 9am. Please arrive a few minutes early to ensure a smooth check-in process.

📚 Remember to bring your enthusiasm, an open mind.

👥 We're thrilled to have such an amazing group of participants joining us for this training. Together, we'll create an environment of growth, support, and endless possibilities!

✨ Get ready to unlock the power of words and make a lasting impact. Tomorrow, our journey begins!

See you all soon! 🙌


I hope you're all having an amazing week so far. I wanted to share something truly fascinating that's happening this weekend – a Conversational Hypnosis Training Course! 🌟✨

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly is conversational hypnosis, and how does it differ from traditional hypnosis? Allow me to shed some light on this intriguing subject.

🗣️ Conversational Hypnosis vs. Traditional Hypnosis 🌙

Traditional hypnosis typically involves inducing a trance-like state in a person through direct suggestions and guided imagery. It's often associated with stage hypnosis and therapeutic interventions, where the hypnotist plays an active role in guiding the subject's state of mind.

Conversational hypnosis, on the other hand, takes a more subtle approach. It focuses on the power of language and communication to influence someone's thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours in everyday conversations. Instead of explicitly inducing a trance, conversational hypnotists skillfully use persuasive language to guide the listener's subconscious mind, subtly influencing their decisions and actions.

💼 Professions that Benefit from Conversational Hypnosis 🤝

Conversational hypnosis offers incredible benefits for a wide range of professions, empowering individuals with powerful communication skills. Here are a few examples of professions that can significantly benefit from learning this art:

1️⃣ Sales and Marketing Professionals 📈: Mastering conversational hypnosis techniques allows salespeople and marketers to build rapport, influence buying decisions, and create compelling persuasive messages that resonate with their audience.

2️⃣ Therapists and Counselors 🌼: Conversational hypnosis techniques can enhance therapeutic interventions by facilitating deeper rapport, encouraging positive changes in behaviour, and accessing the client's unconscious resources to support their personal growth.

3️⃣ Leaders and Managers 🌟: Effective communication is crucial for leadership success, and conversational hypnosis equips leaders with the tools to inspire and motivate their teams, build strong relationships, and navigate challenging conversations with ease.

4️⃣ Negotiators and Mediators 🤝: Conversational hypnosis techniques can be invaluable in negotiation and conflict resolution scenarios. They help negotiators and mediators influence outcomes, build trust, and foster win-win solutions.

These are just a few examples, but the applications of conversational hypnosis extend far beyond. It's a fascinating skill that can transform the way we connect, communicate, and impact others positively.

So, if you're as intrigued as I am about the wonders of conversational hypnosis, I highly recommend attending the upcoming training course. It's an opportunity to learn from an expert in the field, expand your communication prowess, and unlock your potential in ways you never thought possible!

Feel free to reach out to me if you're interested, and let's embark on this captivating journey of mastering the art of conversational hypnosis together! 🌈💫

Conversational Hypnosis 16/04/2023

Master the Art of Persuasion.

Build Powerful Relationships.

Hypnotically Negotiate, Communicate & Lead.

Are you ready to make a real difference in the world? Take your impact to the next level?

With these unique skills you will learn to turn almost any issue around, create win/win situations, achieve positive change and develop deeper connections that leave people feeling uplifted and empowered in a way that potentially changes the direction of their entire life!

This course is designed for all healthcare professionals, coaches, counselors, leaders and anyone else looking to transform their life and the lives of others. It is for the beginner and the seasoned professional hypnotherapist who wants to develop their skills to reach the people they had not been able to help using traditional methods.

In this unique training Greg has broken down the techniques he uses into bite-sized chunks with practical exercises. This allows you to get real experience, in real life, face to face, on the day!

This 2 day introduction to conversational hypnosis will not only give you tools that you can begin using from day 1, but will allow you to 'dip your toes in the water' and discover how conversational hypnosis can improve every aspect of your life.

Conversational Hypnosis


Learn conversational hypnosis from Master Hypnotherapist, Greg Thompson.
With over 10,000 hours of real life experience healing thousands of people, he will teach you the powerful techniques he uses every day, to make powerful, positive change.


Welcome to the Australian Hypnosis Training Academy, where the power of the mind meets the art of suggestion. At our Gold Coast-based hypnosis training centre, we offer the opportunity to unlock the secrets of the subconscious and tap into the immense potential of the human mind. Whether you're looking to expand your skill set as a hypnotist or simply curious about the incredible power of suggestion, Master Hypnotist Greg Thompson is here to guide you on your journey. With cutting-edge techniques and a practical approach to hypnosis training, we're dedicated to helping you unleash your full potential and achieve your dreams. Are you ready to join us on this transformative adventure?

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Here's Daisy..Daisy is a qualified hypnotherapist who recently completed our 'Foundations of Conversational Hypnosis' tr...
Ainsley recently completed our 'Foundations of Conversational Hypnosis' training program. Here's what she had to say. #M...
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rebecca Doughty, gives her experience of our 'Foundations of Conversational Hypnosis' training....
📢 Exciting News! 🎉 We are thrilled to announce that the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) has officially appr...
🎉 Exciting News! 🎉Hey everyone! We have some amazing updates to share with you about our Conversational Hypnosis Trainin...
Brian's Testimonial of our 2 day Introduction to Conversational Hypnosis Training
🌟 TESTIMONIAL 🌟 We are thrilled to share this incredible video testimonial from Louise, who attended our Conversational ...
I hope you're all having an amazing week so far. I wanted to share something truly fascinating that's happening this wee...
Learn conversational hypnosis from Master Hypnotherapist, Greg Thompson. With over 10,000 hours of real life experience ...



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