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Photos from Surf Shape Method's post 15/12/2022

I quite often see beginner surfers, on longboards or foam boards trying to pump there board to produce speed.

This is a very challenging way to start your surf journey, you will never truly feel connection with the wave when you continuously flail your body around trying to push your board faster.

Instead, slow down your approach by setting your line when you pop up. Hold the rail in the wave face. Allow the wave to push you down the line while you gently push harder into the wave face creating this effortless movement that maximizes your time in the green section.

It is only then when you are ready to start attempting maneuvers, speed is the aim of the game. Control your speed, control the wave.

Keep this one in your back pocket, it’ll be handy sometime in this surf journey of yours. Stay stoked out there!



No matter what you’re good at, it came from repetitive movement. The more we explore and experience the more we understand internally the task at hand.

Repetition teaches the body what to do under tension, utilizing muscle memory to get you to your feet.

So let’s do this. 💥

I challenge you to 10 pop ups per day, for 1 week! On the days you surf and the days you don’t. Take videos of your pop up on each day, analyze and reflect. (Use ‘s reels for reference) Guaranteed you’ll enjoy the progression moving forward!

If you follow this each day, at the end of the week, send in your videos and I will analyze your pop up for FREE! 2022 is almost finished, may as well start your 2023 now.

Photos from Surf Shape Method's post 15/11/2022

How well do you know the ocean..


Or download these apps now.

The more you understand about surfing, the quicker your reach your goals.

Hope you enjoy! 🤙

Photos from Surf Shape Method's post 05/11/2022


Progression is a gradual approach.

Great things take time.

Trust the process!

Photos from Surf Shape Method's post 30/10/2022

Paddle efficiently to create strength.

Without an efficient paddle we activate the wrong muscles.

This leads to muscle soreness in all the wrong areas.

These beginner paddle tips are bringing you 1 step closer to an efficient paddle stroke.



Which 5 best suit you??

Maybe they change weekly?

All good.

There’s no right or wrong.

This symbolizes who you are as a surfer. What you crave from your passion.

Follow your 5 in the water and you succeed as a surfer! 🤙

Photos from Surf Shape Method's post 18/10/2022

How do you get better at anything in life?

Put in the reps, of course.

But surfing can make that challenging with all the important decisions in front of your progression.

Don’t be shy, ask away.

What are you struggling with?

Dm or comment below.


❗️ The Art of Stability ❗️

displaying a powerful and uncomfortable isometric hold.

Increasing shoulder stability
Increasing ankle stability
Increasing hip mobility and stability
Developing thoracic rotation
Developing core control

Longer the position is held the more knowledge the body will have!



🙌 That feeling..

🔥 Reaching goals..

🌊 Pure bliss..

🙂 Hire a coach.



More often then not when a surfer is exhausted it comes down to technique, not strength.

The finesse in your paddle will create a strong stroke, utilizing less energy.

It all starts with the above photo, your posture …

Arch in the spine
Scapula retracted
Glutes engaged

Paddle in this position and let me know how you feel!


Group fitness = Motivation

If you haven’t been to a class at I highly recommend it.

Great way to balance out your training!



To develop..

• Strong positioning

• Effective paddle techniques

• Navigate the crowds

Put a coach in your corner. 🏄‍♂️


Learn to navigate a crowded line up

Learn to pick the right wave / maneuver

Learn to read swell to find better surf

Your ability to learn is right in front of you.



Your ability to surf is your ability to learn


🏊‍♂️ How’s your paddle?

😴 Feeling fatigue…

❗️ Dry land training will help you get where you want to be out there.




❌ What are my bad habits?

✅ How do I develop healthy habits?


It’s easy, quick and efficient. Guaranteed improvement on each surf.

🤷 How does it work?

Before, during and after our session we will have a meeting, discuss the entire approach. Followed by a detailed and edited video analysis. All footage will be sent to you post session.

👏 Let’s achieve your highest level
📖 Let’s get you booked in


The best foamboard in the water.

Influenced by


My little grom, getting comfortable


The stoke after an epic surf lesson..

No better feeling.


My backyard, your backyard.

My playground, your playground.

Plenty of waves to go around everyone.

Remember why you started surfing.


A coaching moment..

That’s what lulls are for.



⁉️ How quick are your movements?

⁉️ How fast can you react mentally & physically?

❗️ Sharpen up your coordination & balance by booking an agility session with Offshore at !

Fast movements,
Fast transition,
Fast results!


Slidin into 2022 like .. ..

Photos from Surf Shape Method's post 27/12/2021


Let’s demonstrate good habits.

Let’s create healthy movements.

Build a solid understanding of the wave.

Avoid frustration with crowded line ups.

It’s all possible, here’s to 1 on 1 coaching. 👊



Photos from Surf Shape Method's post 20/12/2021


Epic session with helping her transition to a short board!

It can be quite the challenge without instruction, very easy to develop bad habits leaving you wondering if you have the right equipment or maybe even that you may not have the skill, which is often not the case.

The confidence I saw in Yolane after this session was remarkable, confidence is key. Enjoy the moment, take everything by feel and results will follow.

Next step, we hit the gym and continue our surf focussed training. Improving balance, muscle stability and agility!

📸 -
🏄‍♀️ -


oast #catchsurf


Every day we wake up with a choice, to live or to loathe.

Maybe you’ve had a long week, a rough month or a personal issue.

Remember, the best is yet to be seen.

Here’s to good vibes & happy souls!

Happy Saturday! Let’s all get some waves!





🏊‍♂️ How functional is your paddling?

🤸‍♂️How coordinated are your movements on the wave?

👟 Train in low impact exercise to stay strong for hours in the surf!

Strength, Mobility, Calisthenics, Agility..
Whichever movement suits you best,
Let’s take care of business!




🏄‍♂️ Private Surf Lessons

🎥 Film Sessions

🤸‍♂️Surf Mobility Training

🛹 Surf Skate Sessions

We offer it all.

Want to ride your first wave?

Maybe you want to work on your bottom turn or a specific maneuver?

Or just want to move better on the wave.

Offshore delivers an ALL OUT approach to all scenarios to find your specific needs and help you reach your goals with passionate and dedicated coaching to all clients individually.




Who’s keen for barrels?! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️


Up close and personal 🎥

Film it
Analyze it
See results




Cruise control 😎

Here’s to summer sunshine, beautiful waves and great vibes!





😂 Fins are sharp and may cut you!

✔️ Love a good wetsuit tear this time a year!

🤙 Have a great day everyone!



Photos from Surf Shape Method's post 13/10/2021


What has happened here???





This is my favourite part of a film session.

The stoke after a sick session or a quick meeting in the middle to analyze and diagnose.

It’s a great moment visually noticing accomplishment through body language.

This is just another reason, as everyone knows, why I love my job!





This has always been a memorable photo to me, quick capture of my man charging an epic swell.

The shade from the sun, the unfiltered colours, not to mention the fact there was 10 more barrels coming for him afterwards.

Stay low, go fast everyone.




Catch me outside ☀️

Summers coming!!

First time surfing ❔

Want to fix a bad habit ❔

Build your surf fitness ❔

Then you’re reading the right post..

Let’s get you out there!

Offshore can get you where you need to be, dm to book or for more information!





is opening the doors tomorrow at 12:01am! Come on in for a workout!

All group classes and PT sessions will go ahead as per usual!

🌟 Surf Fit will continue on the 9th of October. 🌟

There will be no Surf Fit class this weekend!

Dm to book or for more information about private or group sessions! 💪


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Who’s keen for barrels?! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️
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