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Personal coach, emotional health care, couples reconnection, embodied breath work. A focus on heart opening, mind-body-spirit connection, intimacy, trust, healing, balance, freedom, simplicity, relationships & personal transformation.

Zoom & in person. Wendy wild.earth focuses on the deeply personal areas of life to create embodied balance, clarity, connection and joy. Quality relationships, loving connections, happy families and confident parents. Live a radiant life through embodied grounded simplicity. Sacred living... luscious life... radical self.care and wild.hearts wide open.

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And so… the year begins. I feel inward, settled and ready. Much has changed in the last two years. Requiring more bravery and resilience than ever before. Also a of mix of trust, surrender and commitment. Everything I’ve done has got me to this point. I’ve spent lots of time pondering, reflecting and journaling. I’ve allowed things to release and ripen.

I’ve created lots of space for the cauldron to bubble.

My theme word for the year is ‘refine’. My affirmation is ‘I am refined through slow connected living’. I’ll be cultivating an intimate relationship with the ‘spirit of water’ this year.

My time feels precious.
My family feels precious.
I am a tigress tending to her cave, cubs and community.

Life is precious.
Don’t miss a moment.
Keeping the home hearth warm.

Connection. Community. Culture.
Tend to your intimate relationships.
Build loving community around you.

Breath deep.
Connect to nature daily.
Talk. Touch. Move slower. Take notice.

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Where do you go when you are stressed?

What part of nature calls to your spirit to calm and nourish you?

Earth... Water... Wind... Fire...

We are all deeply connected to nature. But sometimes we lose our way in all the rushing about. So I ask you now... What is it all for? Why are you rushing about? What are you doing all those things on the ‘to do’ list today? Are you just going through the motions? Or is it apart of something more beautiful and meaningful?

It’s a powerful thing to ponder today.

Who are you?
What are you becoming?
How are you changing?
What have you learnt?
What are you letting go?
What are you calling in?

You might have seen these journal questions before. So this time, feel deeply into how you are doing life and the kind of life you really want to be living.

Feel into the person inside of you, and what you dearly long for... really.

We are in a very potent time in so many ways. All around us the world is changing. You are either awake to this or not. You might know it deeply in the blood that runs through your body and feel it in your bones. Rapid change. Collapse of the old ways. Authentic living. Building community. Connecting to yourself and the earth in a new way.

We are entering the eclipse portal.
Clear positive intentions now are vital.

Over the next few days...
Write a list of your key lessons this year.
Write a list of all that you are letting go of.
Write a list of the new good stuff you are calling in.

If you know whats happening... no more dwelling on the bad sh*t – cast your vision forward right now.... this week... and through the dark moon eclipse portal... cast your magic spells to call in the new you, and the new world you are creating for all our children. This is it.

You won't see this eclipse... you will need to feel it.

I embrace the change I am becoming.


I recently completed my End of Life Death Doula training. It’s been an ongoing immersion all year long studying the journey of dying, death culture and grief.

❤️ Thank you to all my wonderful teachers from around the world.

An end of life Doula is a practical, emotional and spiritual companion. From planning, deep discussions, exploring fears, celebrating life and preparing for a good death. And, supporting those left when their person dies.

You know how so many people feel alone in their daily struggles and grief, doulas are a vital bridge to close the lonely and often frightening gap. They are all over the world, and becoming more recognised in Australia as an essential service.

Death needs to return and become an important part of our lives in order to live well. Those who have faced death tend to lead more connected, present and happy lives. Why? Because they know how precious each day is.

🌹Death and grief journeys deliver upgrades in maturity, grace and wisdom. Through pain, we embrace living.

My personal areas of interest are emotional support, grief work, sacred deathcare, ritual and ceremony.

I became interested in all of this through the death of my own loved ones, how death became lost from our homes and what is needed to heal grief well. Plus now we are living in times utterly saturated in change, loss and grief.

Soon after, we all jumped in the car to get city to be with my dying 95 year old grandfather.

It’s a very present and humbling experience. Centuries of old memories float around at the same time being faced by his frailty. His old body dying while he is asking when can I get out of here!

Lots of signs from the otherside I know my dad and grandma are close to escort him to the village of the ancestors.

Death is all about facing what is. Grief is a long winding journey where you must learn to become the change thrust upon you.

It all means facing your fears, being okay with big emotions, knowing how to feel and heal. None of which we are meant to do alone. This is all messy and loving work done in community.


Who are we in this changing world?

Who am I if I am changing?

As everything around us is shaking, collapsing and rebirthing.

How do we hold ourselves steady in the extended chaos?

Whether you know it or not, it’s happening all around you.

I feel it in every cell of my body. I feel my own worries, grief and weariness. I feel the collective uncertainty and turbulence.

How do we take care of ourselves in a practical way?

🌳 Simplify your life. Cut everything loose that’s not essential. Free up time and space. Lay low.

🌳 Drift in and out of outside pressures (Eg: social media). Much like being immersed in grief constantly, it’s too intense. So have times for the reality of the chaos and change, and know when to step away for daily quiet time. Move in and out of stresses.

🌳 Be in nature daily. It’s vital.

🌳 Find ‘home’ in your body. Safety lives in you. Daily active belly breathing is a must.

🌳 Your truth is in your gut. Trust this.

🌳 Feel the love in your heart. Practice self compassion and extend this gently to others.

🌳 Be around supportive like minded people. Find your crew. Build community.

🌳 Allow yourself to feel your emotions. This is healing. Place your hands on your body and feel the tension, sadness, grief, fear, anger… allow it to be, as a feeling… it will unravel and release.

🌳 Reflect on who you are, how you want your life to be, what you are letting go of and what you are calling in. Call in the person you want to be and the world you want to live in. Journal.

🌳 Take it day by day. If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, day by day is enough. (Rather than loop stories or catastrophise).

🌳 Practice joy and gratitude. Notice the simple pleasures that already surround you.

🌳 Have one future thing that excites you. What’s something coming up, or you want to do that fills you with excitement? (A camping trip, dinner with a friend, a new garden you are planting, an online course etc).

🌳 Reach out. Talk to a caring friend.

🌳 Get a massage. Do something that makes you feel good in your body. Nourish you.

I use all of these tools myself ❤️

I embrace the change I am becoming.


This is something I have been working on and studying this year... a larger wondering about the way of things, as the world around is rapidly changing... I would dearly love to you to read this and share with me your thoughts and feelings... xW
Its here too: https://www.mycoachwendy.com.au/vision


How to take good care of yourself through challenging times.

1) Take good care of your human needs. If you are feeling stressed or emotional for whatever reason, first be kind to your human self. Life is bumpy and has its ups and downs. That’s normal. So ask yourself... ‘What support do I need right now to get through this’? Call in and ask for what you need. Ask yourself ‘How can I be taking good care of my human self in simple ways?’ Write a list of things you need to make you feel good and fill your cup. Do one of those daily. Stay in your body and feel what is there to be felt.

2) Pull in the vision of the new world you want to live in. Often when we are feeling challenged we are thinking things like... ‘when this is all over, when life is back to normal, when this goes away, when this is all better, when I get on the other side of this... things will be better'. So ask yourself ‘How do I want this to look when Im on the other side’? Imagine, sense and feel it. Then pull in that new vision. This is a powerful way to lift you up and out from feeling down and stuck, into a higher visionary frequency. The one you want instead. How you really want things to be.

So here we have two practical solutions. The first one is not bypassing the human experience. Hold space for yourself to be in the discomfort. This is a vital step and not to be missed. Before we jump into ‘fix it’ mode. Give yourself space to feel what needs to be felt to heal it, and to receive the lessons and gifts.

The second invitation is to pull in your personal vision for the future. In alignment with who you are, the gifts you have to share with the world and your values for living a good life.

Don’t do challenge alone. We are good at reaching out when we are in a good place. But when we are down, we tend to hide away and suffer through it, until we feel strong again and ready to get out and about. So try this... when you are down and out, reach out and share your pain or worries. Have a cuppa with a trusted friend. Be the change you want to see in the world by re-connecting, re-kindling and re-tribing.

Lastly, redirect any ‘time wasting’ energy towards number 1 and 2. 💕

Our Story

When my Dad was killed my heart smashed open. I begun to feel. Before this I was pretty numb and just going through the motions of life, but not really feeling the joy of it. Everything might have looked bright and shiny from the outside, but something big was missing. I had tried lots of ways to find myself like partying, people pleasing and over achieving. Still, when I was all alone there was an emptiness, a loneliness.

I was carted off into the mental health system by well-meaning family to ‘get better’. And found a place that only made me feel more wrong and broken. I was already a master of the mind. What I needed to learn was how to become a master of my emotions. I needed emotional healing. I needed to clear out old stuck toxic emotional baggage from the past that was weighing my down. I was so tired.

I didn’t need mind therapy. I needed emotional therapy. I also needed to learn how to soften into myself and embody the feminine. And so my personal journey begun.

My journey has been long, heartbreaking, raw and rewarding.

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