Mama Movement Room

Mama Movement Room


*** November and December Locations***

We have plenty of availability for the rest of the year so contact us to book in. We also have availability at our base in Clarkson.

Thurs 1st- F45 Training Baldivis 4.30-8.30am
Sat 3rd- F45 Training Alkimos6-9am
Sat 3rd- F45 Training East Victoria Park 10.15am-12pm

Mon 5-Fri 9th- Amanda Kate Private hire
Wed 7th- AUS Bootcamps 5.45-7.30am
Wed 7th- F45 Training Joondalup 4.30-6.30pm
Sat 10th- HI-5 Fitness Group Private Hire
Sat 10th- Plus Fitness 24/7 Alkimos 8-10am

Thurs 15th- Embraced Mama- Healthy Fit Happy 9-10am
Sat 17th- 12RND Fitness South Perth 6-9.30am
Sat 17th- Chayson Fitness 8-9am

Mon 19th- 12RND South Perth 4-6.30pm
Tues 20th- 12RND Fitness Perth CBD 4.30-6.30pm
Wed 21st- 12RND Fitness Bedford 4-7pm
Thurs 22nd - 12RND Fitness 4-7pm
Fri 23-Tues 27th- Culture Conditioning Private Hire

Tues 27th- 12RND Perth CBD 4.30-6.30pm
Wed 28th- F45 Training Wellard 5-8am and 4-7.30pm
Thurs 29th- F45 Training Rockingham 5-8am and 4-7.30pm
Thurs 29th- F45 Training Belmont WA 5-9.30am
Fri 30th- F45 Training Baldivis 5-8am and 4-6.30pm

Sat 1st- F45 Training Ellenbrook 5.30-8.30am
Sat 1st- F45 Training Quinns Rocks 6-9am
Sat 1st- F45 Training East Victoria Park 10.15-12pm

Mon 3rd-Wed 5th F45 Training Halls Head hire
Mon 3rd - F45 Training Alkimos 4.50-9am
Mon 3rd- F45 Training Hillarys 4-7pm
Mon 3rd- F45 Training Joondalup 4.30-6.30pm
Wed 5-wed 12th- The HIIT chicks Hire
Wed 5th- Snap Fitness Ellenbrook 4-6.30pm

Wed 12th- EPIC Fitness + Wellbeing
Sat 15th- Morfit Personal Training 12-1pm

Sat 22nd- Chayson Fitness 9-10am
***August Scan locations **

Bookings can be made through, contacting us directly, or the gym the machine is at.
If you would like a machine set up at your location please contact us to arrange or we can also scan at our base in Clarkson.

Sat 4th- HI-5 Fitness Group private hire
Sat 4th- Supplement Mart Joondalup 10-12pm
Mon 6th- Snap Fitness Ellenbrook 4-7pm
Fri 10th - Embraced Mama- Healthy Fit Happy 9-10am
Sat 11th - F45 Training Alkimos 4.50-9am
Mon 13-fri 17th- Amanda Kate body and lifestyle coach hire
Wed 15th - F45 Training Joondalup 4.30-6.30pm
Thurs 16th - 12RND Fitness Mt Lawley 4.30-7pm
Mon 20-Fri 24th - Surge Clarkson with Kyle hire
Mon 20th - Plus Fitness 24/7 Banksia Grove 4.30-7pm
Wed 22nd - Anytime Fitness 4.30-6.30pm
Tues 28th - Home Group WA Balcatta am
Wed 29th- Raw Energy & Wellness 5.30am
Wed 29th - 12RND Fitness Bedford 4.30-7pm
**Insite Mind Positivity Consultant Profile**

Introducing… Elisa Bellairs-Pyburne

Elisa is an Insite Mind Positivity Consultant and runs her own successful business called Embraced Mama- Healthy Fit Happy helping Mama's reclaim their lives through movement and mindset.

Elisa is such a joyous energy to be around and we love having her as part of our amazing Insite Mind Family.

We love that Elisa lives her life by getting positive. She checks in daily when she wakes up to see how she is feeling, this helps her decide whether to shake her snow globe, rest, nourish her body and even what exercise she needs that day.

Her favourite affirmation is ‘I am enough’ (we love this one too!!) and currently her recommendation for a good book read is Brene Brown’s ‘Gifts of Imperfection’.

Elisa started her Insite Mind journey with the Mindset Reset Workbook. This helped her have the shift from conditional happiness to becoming unconditionally happy. 🙌!

Elisa believes the best part of being an Insite Mind Positivity Consultant is helping others with their mindset as well as being able to work on herself by teaching others.

Thanks Elisa - we love working with you, it is a pleasure to have you on board.
Today I made raw coconut chocolate and snicker slice for those insane bad chocolate (cadbury my weekness) cravings ❤ YUM ❤
Yewwwwww ❤
Good morning, quick question does anyone have that pad Thai recipe on hand that was posted last year Bella Creevey...I loved it want to cook it for lunch x
Sophie Perris this is Elisa's page! Heaps of useful info tips and tricks for us mums!
Hi There Ladies, just wanted to give a quick thank you to all the people who came to our little KETO taster the other week, was lovely meeting you all.
If you ever have any nutrition questions or you hear something about food /fat loss/ health you are not sure of- tag me in a post here and I will do my best to answer it- or PM me :)
Here is some food for thought... "Every piece of food you eat, has an effect on your cells, metabolism and performance- so knowledge = the power to perform at your best is in your hands (and mouth too) " Eat Well-Move Well
This is the bone marrow stuff i told you of Carolyn
Thank you for shopping with us Ultimum- Healthy Fit Happy, glad you love it!!
Drink bottles are back in stock at miami health solitions. $9.95
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Mama Movement Room |Nourishing healthy habits | Creating a happy balance of self care and family lif

Mama Movement Training | Online program | Private home studio | Nourishing healthy habits | Creating a happy balance of self care and family life |
Be a #embracedmama

Operating as usual



Can’t do this then you shouldn’t be running, jumping, lifting heavy loads, most especially if you are leaking or showing signs/symptoms of other pelvic related issues.
Take some time on return to exercise to get these in a more optimal order and or see a women health physiotherapist and you are setting your pelvic floor for a happy life 😉


Develop a connection with your pelvic floor, you only get one in your life so it’s time to get to know what’s going on down there.

Yesterday I explained the connection between your breath and the pelvic floor.
Today I show a great exercise to develop this new found relationship.
It’s also a great way to understand how other muscles like your adductors (inner thigh muscle) connect into the pelvic floor also, cus your PF isn’t just hanging there on its own 😅


Hey mama!
Let’s understand the relationship your pelvic floor has with your main breathing muscle, the Diaphragm. And why we need to be assessing this to be able to move onto to higher level exercises. This is a long vid, soz🤗 so I spilt it into two parts. Stay tuned for part two where I show a really great pelvic floor exercise that you can start from early post natal to any date past post natal (because once post natal, always post natal😉)


This is powerful message that all mums should be aware of and one of the reasons why we do what we do 👊


There are so many things women do not know about their pelvic floor.
How what is going on at the ankle can impact the pelvic floor 🙏


A sweet Mama Movement for your hump day!!

Mama, if you get upper back pain or are sitting feeding your babe a lot right now then you need this ✨

Elisa x
Mama Movement is our jam 💪


Did you know we offer Pregnancy Movement Assessments, coaching sessions and home Movement plans?

These are to help expectant women move through pregnancy without pain or to continue exercising safely through this important time ✨

Here’s what a gorgeous expectation mama had to say after our app last week. I’m so excited to see how she progresses after getting such positive results from just one session..

“Thankyou so much for this morning, honestly I'm still in pain but no where near as much 😍
I honestly can't wait for next week and to start doing my exercises cause I feel so much relief already.”

We love hearing results like this!
So much of our pregnancy pain can be helped with the right coaching ❤️


Last post for the Pelvic Floor Strength series!

Your Pelvic Floor is only as strong as it’s ability to relax ☺️

This is permission to RELAX your stomach.
This position is not only deeply relaxing but it’s a great way to relax your core muscles.


How to strengthen your pelvic floor

Another one I love!

Flat band press down.
In this position you really get to focus on “lifting” the pelvic floor not squeezing.


How to strengthen your Pelvic floor!

I love this movement 👏🏻

The Flat Band pull-up is an awesome exercise to integrate your kegal/pelvic floor work into 👇


Motherhood movement.

An exercise class for Mums who have core weakness, back pain and other Post natal concerns.
Improve your strength and fitness in a fun, social and safe way AND you can have your kiddies right there with you!

Come try your first class on us, pm to book 🙋‍♀️


How to really strengthen your core!

Today’s CORE vid is all about a everyday Movement, the squat or hip hinge.

Learn how you can integrate your pelvic floor kegals and your breath into this functional movement.

This is vital if you have pelvic floor weakness, back pain, Diastasis or POP. Protect your core ladies🌻


Motherhood Movement class 👇

A lil snippet of our WORK phase in our Motherhood Movement class today.
Every station has a Regressed Movement or a Progression, you listen to what your body needs.

If you are Post Natal, have back pain, getting back into it or wanting to strengthen your body then this is the class for you ❤️
And you can byo kids😜


How to REALLY strengthen your core post natal💪🏻

Learn how to really strengthen your core post natal using your breath in movement.

Every day this week I’ll share movements that you can easily do that can also work your core 💪🏻


We know the huge importance & connection of your breath and your pelvic floor and teach our mums how to breathe better.

If something could impact how well your body recovered after pregnancy you'd do it right?
Read below xx


Back pain?

Your glutes (butt muscles) are probably in-active.

Why does this happen to mums?
Well it actually can happen to everyone, however, pregnancy can heighten this issue.

The position that pregnancy puts the body into can actually cause or contribute plus once your babe is out, you then spend a lot of time sitting on it, your butt that is 😜.

This causes a shortening of the front hip muscles and inhibits glutes and deep core muscles.

Want to get rid of back pain or strengthen your core ?
Send us a message to see how we can help you 🍑


Back pain.
Body aches and pains.
Core weakness or dysfunction like deep core, pelvic floor or Diastasis.

Are you a Mum suffering with any of the above👆

This is literally our JAM!!

We are highly trained “Mum specific” coaches that can help you get out of pain, moving better and help you to work towards your fitness goals.

Get in touch via messenger 🌻

How to Massage Your C-Section Scar 21/02/2020

How to Massage Your C-Section Scar

Do you massage your c-sec scar??
If you’ve had a C-Section and you don’t like the way your scar’s looking or maybe you’re experiencing bladder frequency, low back pain or pain with in*******se😢, how to massage your C-Section scar can help you AVOID, HEAL or CHANGE the look of your SCAR.
***Please wait until your wound is heal though😜
↘️↘️ Watch my video where I show you exactly what to do!

How to Massage Your C-Section Scar Learn more at http:\\ Avoid or heal three major issues of bladder frequency, low back pain and pain with in*******se by massaging you...


Small group movement sessions are my fav, especially Outdoors ☀️

Functional movement for a sustainable body 💪🏻


I just love how Va**na Coach explains Kegals.

Ladies the pelvic floor is like every other muscle, it needs to be trained BUT unlike if you had a weak bicep or tricep where it wouldn’t affect the body too much the dysfunction that occurs with a weak pelvic floor is much bigger and much more global. I can tell you that from personal experience 😉

In other words it’s a vital area to be training.


Oh man, do us mums do this or what 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

These two really need to get it together. 🙃


Thinking about returning to exercise after pregnancy and birth?

Here are our top tips for a SAFE return💪🏻

- Prioritise the Pelvic Floor and deep core muscles. Assessment by a physio to see how they are healing and re-connect the beautiful synergistic relationship they have with the rest of the body. Then find a trainer who can coach you how to activate these muscles in your movements, that’s how they function after all 😉

- How do you breathe? This is a biggie for healing and re-connecting with your pelvic floor and core muscles. Diaphragmatic breathing for the win 🥰

- Mobility, how your body changed over pregnancy and PN have most likely affected posture. This then changes the way your body moves. Tissues may be restricted and cause pain and or damage. Working on lengthening and freeing up your body tissues is key to return to exercise and re-building strength in the best and safest way possible.

- Prioritise REST. Motherhood is tiring AF, let alone adding the pressure to exercise, lose weight or going at it too hard too soon or before you really feel ready. Rest, bonding, self care and stress management are the most important things right now. Take your time and


5 mins of our WHY😊😊
If you are a Mum or about to be a Mum 👇👇


There are many things to consider when we appraise new members.
The pelvic floor is a huge part of our coaching principles.
The reason why is that pelvic floor weakness or dysfunction can be masked in many ways and you may not have connected the dots yet..

Under active
Lost synergy

It can also come across as lower back pain or a Diastasis that isn’t healing.

And this sling of muscles has a relationship with other muscles too.

So we often get asked what our classes are about and what we do.

We take all these considerations and the individual needs of our members and create programs for our classes that will get you from post natal or dysfunction back to a thriving happy body that can do anything you want to do, be that getting back to CrossFit or running or just Dancing the night away without any pain (legit one of our awesome members said this to me 🥰👏🏻)👊👊
Image: physio detective


Motherhood Movement.

This class located in Erskine is for mothers at any stage of motherhood.
We help mothers move better, get stronger and fitter, improve restriction or dysfunction & reduce aches and pains that can be common in motherhood. Weight loss is a side effect of having a happy body 😜
If you are early post natal or have pelvic floor weakness, core weakness, diastasis recti or lower back pain/issues, this class is for you.
Get in touch via messenger 🌻


Can you breathe through your movements?
Can you also integrate MORE of your deep core?

We teach all our mamas how to breathe better and why it’s so important😻



Your body has been through a lot.
Growing your tiny human.
Bringing your babe into this world via means that are both traumatic and amazing.
Then spending your days and nights caring, feeding and soothing.

Your body has been through a lot.

So much demand.

So much has changed in this time.

Your body may feel weaker, strained and stretched.

And rightly so.

Your body needs time to recover.

And when you feel the time is right to re-introduce movement back into your body.

Movement that is both nourishing and restorative.

Take this time now to care for your body and it will hold you for life.

Too often Mothers are encouraged or guilted into returning to exercise too soon. Especially when their bodies just simply aren’t ready for that activity just yet.

Our approach is simply YET effective.
You gotta own your way to that movement.

If you don’t then it’s like asking your baby to sit up before it has rolled over or run before it has walked🤷🏻‍♀️

You can’t box jump your way to a strong and resilient pelvic floor or body for that matter.

We teach you how to re-connect with your deep core muscles. Help to work out your bodies tight or weaker areas and work on those before asking anything more of your body.

And these same rules apply even if your not Post Natal. If you’ve been in-active for a long time and you go out to run to get your fitness back, you can bet your bottom dollar your gonna hurt yourself.

It’s all about meeting your body where it’s at and progressing from there.

So, you wanna join The Mama Movement?
Pm us for info or check our cover photos for our timetable 🌻


What I think is so awesome about this moment?!!

Class had finished but because we have such a big focus on recovery after a workout our movement mama’s just hang around and roll out their bodies with our Self massage balls, enjoying each other’s company and convos 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


Isnt it sad that we live in a society that loves on a pregnant woman’s body but as soon as that baby is born that post natal body is then shamed...
Thoughts 👇


For mums who want to nourish their bodies with movement that is specific for where they are at, no matter where they are at.

Our biggest passion is helping the Mother’s of Mandurah better understand their bodies.

Whether you are dealing with Post Natal issues or wanting to focus on you again.

To understand that although you may feel societal pressure to lose the baby body, that you CAN nourish yourself there.

You don’t need to use restriction.
You don’t need to “Go hard or Go home”.
Your body is damn smart, let us help you get back in tune with it.


We’ve had a few new mamas join with their babies recently and just quietly I AM LOVING it.
Happy to hold your baby while you move😍
Cluck cluck 👶


Calling your b***y 📞 📞

Does you b***y need a Wake-Up call??
Does it seem flatter then it used to?

Most people think that the butt is just some aesthetically appealing muscle...
HOWEVER it’s so much more!!

Weak butt muscles are a major contributor to lower back pain and knee pain and are besties with your pelvic floor 💁🏻‍♀️

So we program a little or sometimes alotta glute work into all our sessions 🍑
And Thursday morning we did a lot 🤭

Come join us on $15 first week trial!
We got your back 😆

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Holistic & Functional Fitness for Mothers.

Holistic and Functional Fitness for Mother’s.

We take a holistic approach to helping our members to gain results because we believe that exercise is one piece to the wellness puzzle and that the way you feel emotionally and mentally is a huge part of gaining the body you want and to live a happy and thriving life.

Our team will coach you how you can tune into what your body needs on a daily basis with a functional and holistic approach to exercise and life. We can guide you how to strengthen your body in a truely functional way that carries over to your often-times ‘demanding’ Mama life and recover from Pregnancy issues like Back pain or Pelvic Floor conditions as well as any mama who just wants to reconnect back to themselves and get fit in a more holistic and functional way. Check out our stories for the occasional vid of our daily classes (we dont do these often as we value our mama’s privacy) or our videos section of our coach demos, OR send us a pm to try one of our classes for FREE.

Videos (show all)

Last post for the Pelvic Floor Strength series!
How to strengthen your pelvic floor
How to strengthen your Pelvic floor!
How to really strengthen your core!
Motherhood Movement class 👇
How to REALLY strengthen your core post natal💪🏻






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