Zoharo Dawn

We study Natural Horsemanship, We also have a few vacancies for horse agistment. Horses live in natural herds in large paddocks. Great riding facilities, round yards, arena’s Day yards etc.

[12/17/17]   Yay, elvis has left the building..... well not actually elvis, but tully one of lockys babies, has made the first step towards his new life in perth with owner Andrea, yesterday he had his first very successful float trip to town ready to catch the truck to perth..... self loaded into float, DAF went along as buddy and with Malcolm at the wheel off we went, much more stressful for me with all the what ifs than for tully..... l think.

[10/08/17]   Good float loading training day, finn went on and off float first time ever like a champ....

[10/07/17]   Our farm is looking good, plenty of feed, room for a few more agisters, area is looking amazing, have round yards, day yards, stables etc available..... email or phone if you have a horse that needs a summer holiday.

[01/02/17]   Phew really hot weather, lucky horses are all out on summer break.....

[06/06/16]   Great river ride yesterday missed the rain not a bike or car in sight just us horse riders, oh and a great Dane that wanted to play with locky, bit disconcerting when you are on a pony and dog is looking you in the eye, but hey we all survived.

[05/12/16]   Hi to all my horsey friends my shed accommodation is vacant so if anyone would like to come visit with horse?? Let me know great weather this time of year

[04/24/16]   Well busy five days, we are half way through a fantastic horse clinic with Jeff Sanders, big thanks to Kathryn Peat who has done another fab job organising this clinic, I just love learning new things and practising new moves on horseback in the Aussie sunshine. So proud of my two horses who are going so well, who thought little locky would prove to be the cow working pony.... think he has found a job he can get stuck into, just hoping I can stay put in the saddle when he starts to get serious with the cow cutting... ha!

[03/05/16]   What a fantastic morning great ride out with friends followed by 2nd ride for holcim out and about around arena, good day

[01/22/16]   OK so its only 4pm and I'm curled up on the couch in my pj's but guys I have had a very busy productive day 3 horses worked/played with 1 ridden all yards de-manured lots of clearing and cleaning done no silly of course not in the house!!

[01/19/16]   Planning on doing some On Line Horsemanship group session on Wednesday Mornings in Feb/march let me know if you would like further info....... love to have you come join us. Janella.

[12/31/15]   Wishing all my friends a very happy new year

[12/30/15]   Travelling Perth to gero this weekend need chat/travel buddy slow truck trip with horses

[12/21/15]   Well yesterday was exciting..... King (my dog) rounded up the biggest roo you have ever seen, I was really worried that a) he would bring it to me... b) it would attack my dog, finally it managed to jump (step over) the fence and left..... phew, and we both lived to see another day. yay.

[12/21/15]   Hi All I am about to send out the info for Steve Halfpenny's clinic In April please message me your email address if you want to be added to the list, cheers janella.

[11/28/15]   Today we had a great ride out to Lucy's beach followed by lunch at the Greenough Hamlet, thanks to those who attended, it was a very nice way to spend a saturday..... will do again sometime soon. cheers janella.

[10/24/15]   well some days are quiet, and you dont see anyone, and then there was today, Cattle truck came for cows, windmill man came to fix windmill, Gary was driven out by David to supervise windmill repairs, Phil, Garys brother came just in case the windmill truck got bogged, I had Andrew here doing young horse work, etc etc, bit of quiet time now before Bethny comes to visit this arvo...... phew. Apparently we will have water in the tank by morning, YAY, hopefully will get enough money for the cows to pay the windmill man. In one hand out the other, just a normal farming day.... ha!

[10/02/15]   ok ok I know clean the hay shed..... maybe one more coffee?

[10/01/15]   That awful farming feeling when you have just finished moving the last of last seasons hay out of the shed to make room for the new hay, and you realise that the very next job is clearing the floor........ bring on the hay fever, sneezes, wheezes and rakes.

[09/28/15]   wanted, single person or quiet couple to rent live-in shed on horse property..... room for own horse. 28klm from Geraldton Post Office. semi furnished, ready to move into..... beautiful outlook. worth a look.

[09/25/15]   Well busy busy Friday, staying home has knobs on it.... ha! managed to build a bit more of the great wall of Browne, I am placing truck tyres 5 high along the arena wall to help block the easterly winds, its starting to take shape and look good...... just need shift a few hundred more tyres ha: then float/truck loading practise for two of the youngsters, lunch and into town with Harmony who at the great age of 20 is returning to help out at RDA, she is so good.

[09/23/15]   one step forward, two steps back, have had the saddle on Holcim and he is going really well, Smoke on the other hand, managed to get his tooth stuck in the gate chain, so I now have lots of mouth friendly stuff to get done, he has stopped bleeding and is eating ok so guess we are on the way up.......

[09/07/15]   Got to love September its definitely MOWING MONTH, got my trusty tractor/slasher out the shed at 7am and got off at 10am still haven't really made a dent on it all....... Maybe a little more after lunch..... such a great day for it.





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