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Kat's ART Club


We'd like to wish ANGEL a very happy birthday.

Angel recently joined our content team and has a solid background as a social media manager. From writing content to engage the target audience, through to video editing, blog creation as well as managing email campaigns.

Angel has an amazing work ethic and is a valued member of the team.

We ask you to join us in wishing Angel an amazing birthday and phenomenal year ahead.

🎂 Happy Birthday 🎂
Graphic created by Kat from Kat's ART Club
This week our artist spotlight focuses on Kat Fox, the talent behind the images for Hamish McGruff.

Kat is an illustrator, educator and entertainer.
Kat's journey began in the UK, as a child her entire life was textas, markers and pencils. Now, based in Geelong, she is a children's book illustrator and kid's illustrator. Kat is a full-time wife and mum to three creative children and two gorgeous fur babies.

As an illustrator, Kat prides herself in working with a diverse group of self-published authors. She adds whimsical visuals, working as a conduit between author and reader. Kat's gorgeous illustrations can be found in over 50 books across Australia.

As an educator and entertainer, Kat prides herself on teaching children how to make hilarious stories and cartoon drawings.

At Serenity Press, we have had the great opportunity to work with Kat and hope to continue to do so! To follow her journey, make sure to be following her! Kat's ART Club

[Description: An illustration of Kat holding a paintbrush.]

Congratulations Connor! What an amazing piece of artwork you have created!!

Connor you are going to love your fishing adventure and your Kat's art club membership!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our drawing competition it was so much fun! We loved seeing all the amazing drawings!!

For more fun and adventure pop over to Kat's ART Club and join now!

Ready to book your own fishing adventure? Head to www.2bentrods.com.au and book a class today!
* 2021 VIC & TAS AusMumpreneur award Women’s Business School Excellence category *

Gold winner - Stacey Barrass, Goddess Cleaning Group

Silver winner - Kat Rattray, Kat & Fox and Kat's ART Club

Bronze winner - Kristy Moore, Travel Moore

Congratulations to the winners!

👉 Visit here to see the winners list https://ausmumpreneur.com/2021-ausmumpreneur-awards-winners/
AusMumpreneur Award winners from Geelong, Vic featured in the news. Congratulations to Justine Martin Resilience Consultant and Speaker , Drsabaqutub , Hushabye Baby - Gentle Sleep Solutions and Kat's ART Club !

Congratulations to Marshall grandmother and cancer survivor Justine Martin, Armstrong Health's Saba Qutub, Hushabye Baby - Gentle Sleep Solutions' Amy Huebner and Kat's ART Club's Katharine Rattray, who all won big at the AusMumpreneur awards recently!!!
Let's meet one of our beautiful judges for the 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards!

Katharine Jane Rattray is the founder of award winning illustration brand Kat and Fox and award winning on-line children art club; Kat's ART Club . Kat has worked in the creative industries both as an employee and employer for over 25 years and she now describes herself as a whimsical children's book illustrator, entertainer and teacher with an entrepreneurial twist. Kat is all about bringing happiness through the drawn line. Providing services to self publishing authors, small businesses and of course frustrated parents wanting to nurture their child's creative pursuits. She believes that turning a hobby into a well oiled business and loving what you do is the best feeling in the world.

Join us in September for our retreat at the beautiful Sunshine Coast >> https://ausmumpreneur.com/2021-conference-and-awards/
Taking a leap of faith leads to outcomes you couldn’t have predicted.

Livvi from Livvi Music Media and Kat from Kat's ART Club joined Courage on Camera to learn about using video for their businesses.

Now they are collaborating!

This is a photo of Livvi interviewing Kat via Zoom to help her create a tonne of quality repurposed content for her socials. (It’s a thing she does called ‘Shine Online’ - go check out her socials).

Kat will then be able to let the world know more about her amazing online illustrating classes for kids.

Kat is filming herself, using the camera she bought on our recommendation, paid for with from the grant we suggested she apply for.

She is using the skills she used in Courage on Camera to frame the shot properly, with the right lighting and the best sound.

Livvi will then edit the video into many multiple snippets, using what she has learned in the course, to create social media content for Kat.

I love so much seeing these two ladies working together.

What collaborative relationships have you made?
Hey everyone, if you are stuck at home this week, I've got the answer!! We've been working with Kat's ART Club. Kat is a dear friend of ours and she makes amazing videos for kids. She also has a membership program (Kat's Art Club). So have a look and send me your elephants!!

Loui and the Grass Tree by Serenity Press author Leanne Murner and illustrated by Kat & Fox will release mid-year.

This is book 2 a series of Australian-themed books designed to educate little minds.

Has anyone read Franki and the Banksia (Book 1) yet?
It has been a busy start to the year for Katharine Rattray - Kat & Fox - who has launched her latest project, Kat’s ART Club. MORE >>> http://bit.ly/3s0AEDw
It has been a busy start to the year for Katharine Rattray - Kat & Fox - who has launched her latest project. MORE >>> http://bit.ly/3bgsBvL

Kat's Art Club is an online membership where kids can learn to draw and tell stories through video and live online tutorials in a fun and entertaining way.

It's about nurturing their creativity. Kat & Fox is all about bringing a smile through its colours and lines. Customised illustration services for authors, home decor use is part of our service. We offer to also guide and educate those with a desire for drawing, painting and even a career in illustration.

Operating as usual


To all my Katter members we will be having our next SPACE-tactular Live Class on Thursday 31st March at 4.30 pm (AEST).

And you guessed it! The theme is SPACE!

In this class we will turn a 2D flat drawing into 3D!

How awesome is that?!

To my non-Katter-members, what are you waiting for?

Sign up and let's have an out-of-this-world fun!


'Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.'

- Bruce Garrabrandt

Sarah Ferguson reading Franki and Banskia by Leanne Murner 17/03/2022

Sarah Ferguson reading Franki and Banskia by Leanne Murner

It was wonderful to illustrate for Leanne Murner Author and her beautiful book 'Frankie and the Banksia ' through publisher Karen Weaver Author and Serenity Press. Exciting to hear Sarah Ferguson read Such a wonderful book.

it's also part of a series there are 5 others!! You can purchase a copy @ https://www.5littlebears.com.au/products/franki-and-the-banksiia

Sarah Ferguson reading Franki and Banskia by Leanne Murner Don't forget to subscribe to the Duchess' channel.You can also follow her on her social media: https://linktr.ee/sarahferguson15

Sarah Ferguson reading Hamish McGruff by Marianne Rose 15/03/2022

Sarah Ferguson reading Hamish McGruff by Marianne Rose

Hi Katters!

Check out Sarah Ferguson reading Hamish Mcgruff by Marianne Rose.

Sharing this with you as this is a part of what I do as an illustrator and this is why I love sharing what I do.

Sarah Ferguson reading Hamish McGruff by Marianne Rose Don't forget to subscribe to the Duchess' channel.You can also follow her on her social media: https://linktr.ee/sarahferguson15


Art Fact:

Bob Ross helped encourage a color-blind viewer by spending an entire episode painting only in grey.


'Everything you can imagine is real.'

- Pablo Picasso


OMG. 😮😮😮

It is so great to be back!

I have so much in store for my Katters for 2022!

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‘Tis the season!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Enjoy this wonderful time with friends and family. Have a great holiday from all of us at Kat's Art Club x



So excited to share that a NEW KATTERTASTIC video has been dropped into the Kat’s Art Club YouTube channel.

Time to get your child occupied with Christmas drawing fun….

Time to draw 'Kevin the little boy that wanted to be a Christmas Tree!!! '


and don't forget to subscribe for even more drawing fun!!


You are INVITED!!

I have created an extra special LIVE Xmas party for all to come to celebrate the end of another KATTERTASTIC year and get in the Christmas mood!!

WHEN...4.30pm AEST

Lots of Christmassy drawing fun!!!

So hers the LINK

don't forget to bring a pencil, eraser, some paper and lots of Christmas fun!!!!


Come and join our Christmas Party!

We are celebrating our last class for the year and you are all invited!!
All you have to do to join the LIVE zoom party is join our 7 day trial, thats it!! Once you sign up we will send you your exclusive invitation invitation.
What are you waiting for! Let's party!!
CLICK HERE to sign up now! https://view.flodesk.com/pages/61b801233d946afb20c71ad5


It's an absolute honour to be accepted in the 'Australian Society of Authors'-STYLE FILE and I cannot wait to see what comes from this.

"In the years since it was first launched, the Style File has built a reputation for being a respected source of talented illustrators, willing and able to take on a wide variety of commissions.

Thanks to the generosity of a grant from Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund, however, we have been able to create a fresh new Style File, with a broader range of illustrators, along with a renewed commitment to do everything possible to secure their work, both in Australia and throughout the world."

Check out my work click here:


It was so good to receive these awesome words from one of my beautiful clients today in an email.

I loved creating charcters drawings of the children at her childcare centre and turning them into a keepsake picture book to hand out to the parents this Christmas.

Makes my heart sing ###

Timeline photos 11/12/2021

"The parent gets a break from the child while they get busy or chooses to join in on the fun! It's a win win! All delivered in a zany fun way that shares Kat's unique gift to us!"
-Nikki (Katter parental)



Did you know that when your child joins Kat's Art Club they are being taught by an award winning children's book illustrator?

There is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to Kat!

She has won many awards for her amazing illustrations, in fact her work has been published over 50 times! Thats pretty cool right?

Kat’s creative journey began as a small child in the UK, where her world was filled with pencils and texters.

Now a Geelong based children’s book illustrator and kids’ entertainer, Kat takes a playful and fun entrepreneurial approach to her work.

She is a wife and a loving Mum to three creative crazies and two fur babies. There’s never a dull moment in the KATTY house!

One thing is for sure when you become a member of Kats' Art Club you are joining a crazy Kattertastic Club!


Timeline photos 09/12/2021

Way back in 1843, the first commercial Christmas card was created in England by Sir Henry Cole, a civil servant who was responsible for the idea of sending greetings scribbled into the now familiar cards we get, and send around to spread good cheer.

Do your kids make their own cards each year? Tag us in some of their arty card creations!


"Absolutely the best thing I have done for my kids!! They are not just learning how to draw but they are story telling and bringing their ideas to life! Kat is amazing, bubbly, funny, my kids are obsessed! Amazing value for money! Thanks KAT!!"

~ A happy Mum



Prize draw time


Have you been curious about Kat's Art Club? Not sure if your kids will stick with it? Interested in giving it a try?

Great news! We are currently offering a FREE 2 week trial BUT there's a catch, we can only take limited numbers so you have to be quick to grab your spot.

Sign up now to secure your 2 weeks free!!

We can't wait to see you there!

Comment below if you want in!


“I love drawing every day and creating whimsical illustrations for clients and then sharing my passion with creative kids” If you want to follow Kats journey as an illustrator visit ✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️.


Yes, true I am the founder of Kat's Art Club, where I entertain and share my arty-farty skills, plus I illustrate children's books. BUT did you know I also create customised Characters for small business owners?

I Just had the privilege of creating this Character by Kat for Kristy Moore of Travel Moore to hang in her new office.

I met Kristy through the AusMumpreneur business network and I was inspired by her story and her amazing resilience...we made an awesome connection...I have now illustrated a children's book and a colouring-in book pack for Travel Moore. Both under the name of "Where in Australia is Kayla?", travel-sized colouring and storybooks.

Here is some more about the beautiful Kristy...

"Kristy Moore is a mobile travel agent, based in the Macedon Ranges, and is the only Certified Autism Travel Professional in Australia. She specialises in assisting families with their travel bookings, particularly those who have an autistic child. As the mum of a child on the spectrum, she is able to use both her personal and professional experience when planning your next holiday. She is passionate about assisting people with their travel plans, whether international, domestic or locally. "

check her out at https://travelmoore.com.au/

Also if you like what you see and want to commission a character for your business or even a gift click here:



Can anyone else relate?

Well the good news is, Kat's Art Club keeps kids SO engaged that they cant wait for the next week and the next and the next! There is so much to do and learn even between classes that the kids don't really get the chance to become 'over it', or bored with it. They evolve, and through doing so they continue to stay interested and engaged.
Our Katters are little artists that are all developing at their own pace. Is it a good laugh and a lot of silly fun? YES! But it is also a space for learning and leaning in to talents that they already posses.

How many activities have your kids tried lately?

Our Story

We at Kat & Fox are filling our beautiful planet with vibrant colours and whimsical lines. We believe that everyone should play and imagine regardless of age.

At Kat & Fox we create magical wondrous worlds through visual storytelling to escape to. We believe that this will lift the spirit and open doors to new vibrant possibilities. Kat discovered this back in 2010 as she sat beside her ailing father providing joy to him through her ability to draw, filling his days with brightness rather than despair…and this is where the Kat & Fox story began.

We are proud to state that being part of the Kat & Fox story is life long and we are changing the world through our KATTERTASTIC brand one drawn line at a time. For young, for old, for ALL we offer beautiful whimsical products to cherish and illustrative service’s to add sparkle. We give back through providing educational opportunities to those with a passion for the drawn line. We always support those less fortunate through donating literacy resources to remote schools and scholarship places within our academy. We can open the doors to a future in illustration for ALL.

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You are INVITED!!
Come and join our Christmas Party!
Imagination - Confidence - Self Esteem
What is a Character Author?
Member Benefits!
Sam The Surfing Staffy!
How to draw an Alien




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