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Pumpit Personal Training


💥Transformation Tuesday 💥
The last 12 months I have let my job consume my entire life, only focussing on that and really let myself go in training and eating, and let my family down, I made a promise to myself to focus on my health and fitness and family this year. 8 weeks ago I started my journey, training 3 days a week, eating healthy and focusing more on myself and my family. I have put 110% into every training session and I feel the results have really shown. The photo on the left is the day Grant left (12th jan) and the photo on the right is today. Progress Photos are such a good indication of how far you've come. I jumped on the scales and was shocked at what I've lost. Scales are not important it's how you feel with in yourself. I have more energy and feel so much happier with in my self.
Massive shout out to my family who support me (especially Grant all the over the other side of the world) and my Trainer Matt for pushing me to the absolute Max knowing that I can actually do it.
Bring on the next 8 weeks 🙌
Shout out to Matty from Pumpit Personal Training for working with my son lately while recovering from injury, the young fella had some time off and couldn’t do much then Matt came in and worked on a program with the boy to get him back on his feet and build on what he lost in the fitness department.
Well the boy got the clear to ride and first day out we noticed a massive change in his fitness hands down and I recommend if your looking for results give matty a buzz he’ll sort you out 💪
We have loved every bit of riding we have been able to participate in ;-)
Thanks to all of our friends and family xx
We look forward to the off season and also 2021!!

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Operating as usual


Congratulations to my client Luke Zielinski getting on the podium on weekend, in the Pro Division at the Sunshine State MX Series in Kingaroy👏 All your hard work is paying off💪


7 weeks into client Steve’s muscle transformation challenge💪

Steve is your typical busy family man running his own business, taking the kids too there sports but forgetting to invest time into himself over the years.

Steve is lucky however, that he has good genetics and has been able to stay pretty lean. He came to me to increase muscle mass and to get stronger. However it has been a challenge for us both as Steve has a shoulder injury and muscle wastage on one side of his upper body.

So I trained him focusing on those particular muscles to get them in balance with other side. 7 weeks in 6kg up of muscle and the results are showing. It hasn’t been easy, he has had to work extra harder to achieve these goals👏

Keep up the good work💪


Shout out to client Craig👏

Craig came too me approx 3 months ago, too help him lose some body fat and just too become healthy role model for his kids.

Craig had the size there however he wasn’t really training the correct way too achieve his new goal. So once we fined tuned his training program and started too train other muscle groups like “LEGS and BACK” more often his body started too change nicely.

Changing his nutrition plan was the major key too his results though. Cut out the bad carbs and sugars from his diet and increased his protein and good fats.

If your not seeing results it’s simple change what your doing or seek professional advice💪


We are back into it yea buddy💪

Kick off the new year and come join the Pump-it team.

Have a few spots this week available before another busy year ahead.

PM if you would like to book in! Hope everyone has a healthy year ahead🙏

Big Dog Out


Young gun Ryan getting his Pump on this arvo in our PT session😳


Just WOW😮

This young kid has been working his butt off over the past 12months under my guidance, and this is why I love what I do💪

Now that young Brodie has ripped off the weight, it’s time too focus more on weight / strength training and increase his protein intake a little!

Work hard and be consistent


Are you consuming enough protein?

Eating high-protein foods or drinking protein shakes has many fitness benefits, including:

Speeding recovery after exercise and/or injury.

Reducing muscle loss.

Building lean muscle.

Helping maintain a healthy weight.

Curbing hunger.

Have a awesome week💪

Photos from Pumpit Personal Training's post 08/08/2022

Summer is just around the corner let’s get moving💪

Who’s keen?? 😆


Young gun Ryan only 21 years old looking in great shape💪

Nice little simple exercise high reps too finish off his PT session tonight and getting plenty of blood in those arms👊


Happy Thursday💪

First visit back since this legends Operation, just working on his upper body for now.

What an absolute inspiration this kid is too everyone🙏

What’s your excuse?


Quick client check in today💪

Emm has lost almost 15kgs between pics now in 12 weeks🙌

Keep up the great work Emm smashing it💯

Photos from Pumpit Personal Training's post 05/05/2022

Big shout to my client and friend Lochie🙌

Lochie has been training with me for approx 3 years now to improve his strength and fitness for his competitive moto cross racing. Now there is something special about this kid that everyone who knows him would agree with me. So once you read this little story you will agree with me 💯 too!

Lochie was born with fibular hemimelia which is a birth defect where the fibular bone is missing , as is the associated limb length discrepancy foot deformities. Lochie is about to have his 3rd leg lengthening operation to correct and lengthen his leg to get as much as he can as he is fully grown. The aim of this operation is to gain 5cm in length with his leg🤞

Now that aside Lochie races competitive motocross all around Qld and trains in the studio with me a couple times a week alongside seeing Mitch Lochie’s awesome Physio. I just say WOW what a bloody legend of a kid in my eyes and sure in many others, to be able too achieve what he does both on the bike and off the bike and everyday life tasks💪

I really hope this can motivate and encourage others out there, to achieve there own personal goals or struggles they may face in everyday life.

So I would like to wish my buddy all the best with this major operation on Monday and wish him a strong recovery moving forward👍

Much love the Pump it family❤️


Happy Easter to all my clients family and friends🐣

Have a awesome weekend👌

Big Dog💪


Shout out too this guy Jakey!

Today is his birthday and today he has lost a massive 20kgs of weight over the past 4 months training with me🙌

He had let himself go over the past couple of years through poor diet and drinking too much alcohol. But after reaching rock bottom working 2 jobs he has turned things around. Now he is focusing on himself watching his nutrition and reducing alcohol consumption and training more.

This is the only before pic he had but trust me it’s a massive transformation👏

I hope your enjoying your day and treat yourself to some cake tonight😁

Photos from Pumpit Personal Training's post 10/03/2022

It’s been a big week giving the studio a makeover and couldn’t be happier with it💪

Thank You too everyone who has gone out of there way and helped make it happen🙏


Happy New Year💪

Trying my best to keep my clients training in a germ free environment🤙

Stay safe and healthy everyone🙌


I would like to wish all my clients a very Merry Xmas and safe healthy new year🎄

Thank You for your ongoing support much love the Big Dog💪


Shout out to Client Ryan👏

I first met and started training this young kid back in 2017 as a young lean kid 17years old, who has transformed into an absolute beast of a young man 21 years old now with a lot of muscle💪

Its been a good fitness journey for him learning different training routines programs that works for him. It’s even more impressive that he is 💯 natural in my opinion too.

Anyone that knows Ryan knows he works his absolute butt off in & out of the gym👊

I am super proud of how far you have come and the results you have achieved✅

Before Pic 65kg. After Pic 80kg


This kid just keeps getting better and better with time💪

Young Presto only 15 years old has dropped a whopping 25kgs over the past 18 months👏

Good nutrition getting rid of processed foods, with consistent training and results are showing👊

Keep up the awesome work buddy absolutely killing it💯

Photos from Pumpit Personal Training's post 08/11/2021

Just received these pics with a little story sent from my young client Brodie👏

Before seeing Matt for weekly training sessions I was really unfit and ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I had no motivation to get up and exercise and didn't feel good about myself.

Getting started I wasn't keen at all but Matt kept pushing me and motivating me.

Now that I'm starting to see results I'm looking forward to my sessions and eating so much healthier thanks to Matt!!


Photos from Pumpit Personal Training's post 03/11/2021

Shout out to client B Rad👏

12 weeks of working progress. Brad came to me to build some muscle get stronger and the pics speak for themselves💪

He trains 5 days a week isolating body parts. Keep things simple and be consistent and results will show💯

Keep up the good work mate!

Photos from Pumpit Personal Training's post 23/09/2021

Shout out to client Benny👏

We hit the BIG 20kgs weight loss this morning and to say we are pumped is an understatement.

8months of training consistently with many highs & lows along the way, Benny has achieved his next goal.

Just look at the difference from when he first stepped into the studio a unhealthily depressed man too now, a more confident healthy beast who does not stop flexing😂

Keep up the great work and dedication mate killing it💪

Happy Friday peeps👍

Photos from Pumpit Personal Training's post 14/09/2021

Shout out to client James👏

James came to me to lose weight and feel better about himself. Just look at the difference after 4 months of consistent training and better nutrition💪

“Consistency is the Key” 💯


Like to welcome our new recruit
The Big Dog😍💪


Happy Monday!

Shout out to client Grant. 8 weeks solid training and good nutrition and limited alcohol consumption.

Grant runs a very busy Earth moving business and still manages to come train with his son Jords twice week with me in the studio💪

Keep up the great work mate💯

Photos from Pumpit Personal Training's post 09/06/2021

Update on client Presto!

This kid just keeps digging deeper every week to chase better results. He has lost another 9kgs since last time I posted pics and now a total of 17kgs in these pics from start too now💪

Strength has improved heaps from focusing more on weight training which now is converting the fat into lean muscle.

Its so awesome to be part of this little legends weight loss journey🙌

Keep up the good work buddy your absolutely killing it!

Photos from Pumpit Personal Training's post 02/06/2021

Shout out to client Darcy!

8 weeks into proper training and nutrition and he has ripped off 10kgs already💪

3 intense weight sessions a week with me and 3 cardio sessions himself.

Not bad for a 53 year old bloke, just shows you age is no excuse👍

Keep up the good work mate💯

Photos from Pumpit Personal Training's post 27/05/2021

Shout out to client Josh👏

I have been training Josh for the past 5 years now. Josh was only 13 years old when he started training with me. He is now 18 years old and I have watched this kid change and mature so much over this time.

He came to me with low self esteem and wanted to lose weight and get healthier. At a young age it’s important to get professional guidance too make sure you are getting the best results possible. The first thing we did was put him on a healthy calculated macro meal plan and then give him a tailored training program to follow.

There has been many ups and downs along the way however it’s been a big life changing transformation too 🙏

Josh has lost a total of 25kgs now and has got his self esteem back and is feeling much stronger in every aspect💪

Keep up the awesome work buddy so proud of you💯


Happy Monday💪

Age is no excuse!

This lovely lady is 53 years old and trains 3-4 days a week weight training and trains every week Latin dancing, preparing for a comp coming up in May👏

Just look how great she looks from doing so.

Make time to train not excuses👊

Have a great week everyone!


Good luck to my clients Luke Zielinski Cody O'loan Ryley Fitzpatrick competing at the Pro Mx this weekend👊

All these guys have been training extremely hard with there fitness in the gym leading up this event💪

Stay safe and have fun🤟


I would like to wish all my clients family and friends Happy Easter stay safe💪

Photos from Pumpit Personal Training's post 18/03/2021

Shout out to this little legend!

This young man was recommended to me too show him the correct way of training and nutrition.

He is only 14 years old and like most at this age, are unaware of proper nutrition and trying to avoid processed foods. It’s great to see him eating smaller portions of healthier foods now and making a effort to change his lifestyle👏

We do a circuit of lights weights weekly incorporating cardio in each session💪

To see him come into the studio with a lot more confidence and giving more each session because he is seeing results is awsome.

He has currently lost 8kgs between photos with the body toning up nicely💪

Hopefully this motivates other young boys it can be done with the correct professional guidance💯


After a big weekend of racing yesterday for these boys they still made the effort to get back into the gym today, to keep there fitness on point for the next round💪

Big congratulations Ryley Fitzpatrick on taking out 1st in Mx1 Expert and 2nd in Mx2 Expert👏


Progress pics of client Benny!

12 weeks working progress from left starting with me too this morning.
Benny has lost a total of 15kgs now😳

Benny is feeling much healthier/stronger and happier after surgery 4 months ago from tearing his bicep of the bone playing footy.

Consistency once again is the key. You only get what you put in💪


Progress pics of client Matt💪

16 weeks from left when Matt started with me until now😳

Consistency is the key with training. Matt has not missed a session with me in this time.

Do the work and get the results pretty simple👍


The boys trained fast today😜

Photos from Pumpit Personal Training's post 20/01/2021

Shout out to client Simon!

4 weeks proper training and we are seeing results already💪 His weight has stayed the same so far, however he has dropped body fat and toned up👌

Simon said to me this morning his diet hasn’t been the best however he has been consistent with his training.

All I ask from my clients is to be consistent with there training and too try there best with there diet and you will still see results👍

Keep up the good work mate!


Merry Xmas to all my clients and thank you for your support in 2020. It’s been a big year and look forward too a bigger 2021💪

Have a safe Xmas everyone and remember to enjoy this time with family and friends🎄

Love the Pump-It family!

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Young gun Ryan only 21 years old looking in great shape💪 Nice little simple exercise high reps too finish off his PT ses...
Happy Thursday💪First visit back since this legends Operation, just working on his upper body for now. What an absolute i...
Happy New Year💪 Trying my best to keep my clients training in a germ free environment🤙 Stay safe and healthy everyone🙌






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