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•Hi All - my name is Britt.
• I am a mum living in the wonderful village of Bilambil who is following her passion of educating the young, beautiful and amazing minds of the next generation.
• I have over 5 years experience working as an Early Childhood Educator and happy to share that I am taking a step in a new direction by opening my own Family Daycare on 8th Feb 2021.
• I am excited about this new journey which is providing the opportunity to give your Little Wildlings a safe, calm and home like environment where they are invited to learn through play-based experiences which will help to instil a connection to nature, sustainability and the wonderful world around us.
• We have limited spots available, so if you are interested in becoming apart of our Little Village .. please contact me for more details on 0488900376 // [email protected] or feel free to contact the lovely ladies in the office at Northern Rivers Family Daycare on 0755875300.

Click the link below for our page 👇🏻
ᗷiᒪᗩᗰᗷiᒪ ᐯiᒪᒪᗩge KIᗪᔕ

Instagram 👉🏻 .fdc

• Quality Childcare Service located in BILAMBIL Village
• Registered with Northern Rivers Famil

Operating as usual


Mud Kitchen was a popular little spot today!

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Op Shopping is a favourite for finding loose parts for play.


• Tinkering Table
With help from our community and families we have been able to set up a Tinkering Table. Hands on learning, finding out what’s inside & how things work..

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• Jumping into 2023
with some model painting.

In our Atelier this year we are going to be exploring many artists, techniques and art forms.


• Bees working their magic on our Nectarine tree . 🐝

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• Imagination
Watching the children create and immerse themselves in their own small worlds play.


• Math Provocation
Hoping to provoke thought and investigation amongst my friends today.



We really need to get back to a better place...

For some reason, the preschool years are flooded with crafts and product-driven experiences. But why?

- Do adults feel more comfortable with recognizable pieces of "art?"

- Do we struggle recognizing the learning that happens though the open-ended art experiences and processes?

Are we driven by "cute" products, even if that means the teacher does more work than the child?

When I challenge crafts, I get A LOT of pushback. Let's clear some things up...

MY RESPONSE: "Yes, but to a MUCH more limiting capacity. Because the teacher is doing more of the cutting, fixing, arranging (to all 10+ crafts) they are getting more of the fine motor workout than the children. When simply providing the children with materials and letting them explore, THEY are the ones who can now cut, rip, roll, pile, attach, detach, pinch, paint, scribble, pat, pull, etc. the materials. And because there is no end product in mind, there are no limitations as to how long they can keep exploring and exercising fine motor skills. So they're hitting a broader range of fine and gross motor skills, while doing so for a longer period of time. AND because it's open-ended, all children can approach and engage in the experience in a more individualized and engaging ways."

MY RESPONSE: "Let's give children more credit than this. From infancy, babies recognize facial features. They'll know it's odd if a person has eyes on their elbow, or a mouth on their forehead. Just because a child doesn't place googly eyes, mouth, etc. in their "appropriate" place, doesn't mean they don't recognize or understand facial features. When you give them these materials, they aren't focused on assembling a face, but rather their focus is on learning more about the materials in their hands; how they feel, what they can do, how they work/dont work together, etc. As they get older and begin mastering these materials, let them FIGURE IT OUT and place features accordingly when they're able and wanting to do so. Showing someone where to paste eyeballs and other pieces is basically removing the thinking PROCESS. Again, our focus needs to be on the process/learning, and not an outcome. "

MY RESPONSE: "We are not babysitters. We're early childhood leaders/educators. We need to understand developmentally appropriate practice and advocate for it. Parent's will be far more receptive if we explain the "why" and "how." When they know these experiences fuel holistic learning across the board, they'll too be on board.

MY RESPONSE: "This is definitely progress. You're allowing for greater autonomy and choice of where the children place the materials. But the problem is we're still putting an emphasis on a product. So if you have a board with a bunch of owl cutouts saying your class is a "hoot!" we're subliminally saying the children "made owls," even though the teacher cut out a bunch of owl silhouettes, beaks, etc. Even though the child put the eyes on top of each other, the beak on the wing, etc. Why do we have to do any of the child's work for them. Bulletin boards should be of their authentic work from start-to-finish, with some photos of them working and corresponding descriptions of the learning - keep it authentic and meaningful!

MY RESPONSE: "These product driven crafts destroy creative thinking. A child can't utilize prior knowledge, imagination, and creative-thinking to make a cat if they have a specific model and specific materials in front of them. They're just going to learn how to copy a cat, not THINK about how they could make one. Giving children the answers does hurt them cognitively. It also hinders flexibility and independent exploration. I can not begin to (sadly) tell you how many children I've worked with that have been so accustomed to seeing a specific model and given so much direction that the idea of not having that cripples them. "Show me what to do!" "I don't know what to do!" "Can you do it for me?" This is a big deal. This is hurting the children. Children shouldn't have such pressure on them to produce measurable results. And we need to get out of their way with answers and outcomes and focus on learning HOW to learn. Crafts are fine to do here and there, as long as a child is able to do it from start to finish, independently."

MY RESPONSE: "take off your coats, sit down, line up, go to this center, clean this center, leave this center, raise your hand, put your hands down, look at me, voices off, pack up, coats on, etc. Children follow directions all day long, probably more than they should. Now we're controlling their art. What is the point of art? What are the learning objectives? Again, in these moments if we're directing the children, we're removing their opportunity to think. This is the last place we should have directives - granted we probably do, such a don't bring the paint out of the center, clean off your hands when you're done, switch centers, etc. We have to be more comfortable in promoting a child's ability to self regulate, make decisions, be autonomous, and embrace creative and critical thinking. They can't exercise these essential skills if they're constantly directed.

I know this can be a super foreign concept, making it quite uncomfortable to even consider. But when we know better, we can do better. When we're open-minded, receptive and willing to try new things, we take our practice to whole new levels. Here's to growing and learning together!

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• Hammering
They were so excited to give this a go!
& felt super proud of themselves when they were able to hit the nail into the wood using the “real” hammers. Something we aim to see more of this year - Real tools for kids.

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• 26th January
This week we rewrote our Acknowledgment of Country together, explored & learnt about Australian animals through play, painted logs, listened to Little Yarns and created our own mud paint which turned into face&body paint - it was messy but so much fun!

(Of course my post is a little late, accidentally saved it to drafts 🤦🏼‍♀️)


• Welcoming 2022 with a Splash!

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• NAIDOC Week 🖤💛❤️

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• International MUD Day •
Today the children had an absolute ball with our edible MUD! Gooey, Slimey, Sticky & Messy.
The way we love to play!

I can’t wait to be taking our kids out into the Veggie patch to be digging in the real mud & making the biggest mess we could ever imagine!

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This week we had fun cleaning up “our Ocean”. We talked about rubbish pollution and how it can greatly effect our Ocean Animals and their environment.

I went for a really simple hands on approach to share the importance of putting our rubbish in the bin.

Blue Chickpea Foam which acted as “our ocean” & included some common forms of rubbish the children would see in everyday life.. such as Yogurt pouch lids, fruit netting & plastic ziplock bags.


• Dirt Dough
We are all a little a Digger Mad over here so today we experimented with Dirt Dough which we made out of left over Coffee Grounds. Our small construction world was thoroughly enjoyed.


• Coloured Rice Play
Experimenting with funnels, spoons, pouring..

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• Beautiful Vintage Poster Prints
Sourced on request and now stocked
Kids love them, especially Insects&Butterflies at the moment.

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• Transient Art
Found some old frames at the Op Shop last week.. Couldn’t wait to set these up with our play dough to see what our little artists would create.


With the warm weather and rain we’ve had lately, we have been enjoying using our collected rain water to keep ourselves cool through play.


Mobile & Internet Service is down.
Will respond as soon as possible!


• While we patiently await our Mortar & Pestle.. today we improvised and it was still a lot of fun.


• Painting.. Drawing..

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• Ice Painting
Something I’ve wanted to try with the kids for a little while now.. it was a bit messier than I imagined/prepared for 😅 but WOW it was fun! & Perfect for all ages!


• Welcoming some new friends to the Village! Yet to be named as we are still waiting to see if they are Girls or Boys.


• Textures & Painting
Painting is always a fun and messy activity. We are enjoying finding many ways to use our paints.. today I thought we’d incorporate some of our natural resources and explore painting on different textures.


• Ice Cube Fishing
Practising our Hand Eye Coordination but also their Patience and Concentration.

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Numbers, Animals & Nature.. children’s choices from our open ended play shelves.


• Car Painting
The boys showed a lot of interest in cars last week so we decided to test them out with some paint.. & it was a hit!


• Trainset
Lots of benefits come along with trainsets... Fine Motor, language/vocabulary, imaginative play, turn taking - just to name a few.

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• Science
Had fun with a little volcano experiment today and bonus was we got to play with coloured sand afterwards.


We are now OPEN!

Are you seeking Care for your Little One in a small group & home like setting?
Our Daily group ratio of 1Educator:4 Children allows for lots of focus, planning and 1:1 interactions with the Children each day.

Operating under Northern Rivers Family Daycare Scheme. CCS Approved.

We are located in Bilambil Village and currently have a few vacancies available.

If you are interested in becoming apart of our little village, these spots won’t last long.. so Please contact Britt for more details or to organise a Meet&Greet today.
📞0488900376 or
via our page - Bilambil Village Kids.
📷 Instagram .fdc


• Painting and Drawing
Some indoor messy play for a Rainy Day.

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• Counting
Today we got really creative and made some Wooden Numbers. Then the kids collected some items from around the room that they wanted to count with.


• Flower Ice Blocks
Some Sensory play to cool down the warm Afternoon.. Brushing around the flowers to free them from the Ice in one piece proved to be a little tricky.

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• Small World Play
This experience raised so many great questions.. After a bit of research, we all learnt some really cool facts.
Did you know that Hippopotamuses can sleep underwater? They have a reflex that allows them to bob up, take a breath and sink back down without even waking up!


• Sidewalk Paint
Had fun decorating our pathway today with some of our homemade, edible&washable, sidewalk paint.


• Potion Making .. “Itch Witch Juice”
Cooling down the day with some Water Play.. pouring, stirring, mixing colours and combining nature.

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