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Don't forget CCSA is here to answer your calls during COVID 19. Members & Non Member Community Preschools and Mobile Children's Services can call on COVID 19 related questions.

Contact CCSA 1800 991 602 select 2 and we will return your call or email [email protected]

NSW Department of Education has sent out a reminder for those services that were unsure about Job Keeper to seek support as required.
Hi Everyone,
Our service was wondering how long daycare mobiles staff their days. Currently with travel and set up some workers are doing 9hrs 15 mins to offer 5hr 30 mins of preschool. Parents would like us to increase preschool hours, but how to staff it????

MCSA is the peak body which supports, enhances and advocates for mobile children’s services in NSW. The Mobile Children’s Services Association of NSW Inc.

(MCSA) is the peak advocacy and resourcing body for mobile children’s services in NSW. The Association resources services in NSW by providing information, advice, referral, mentoring, advocacy, networking and training and is funded by the NSW Department of Education and Communities. PO Box 39
Boolaroo 2284

Phone: 02 4958 7888
E-mail: mobiles*

Operating as usual


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Timeline photos 15/04/2020

Timeline photos

What if it takes you 5 hours (round trip) to get to the supermarket? The empty shelves and the supermarket imposed rationing are going to really affect you.

To start with you simply can not buy a few weeks food for your family with the current restrictions families and businesses on remote properties are struggling to get supplies.

Nerida one of our board members at Contact talks to the 7.30 report on the ABC


Timeline photos 07/04/2020

Timeline photos

CELA has developed a new tool to help members to navigate the multiple funding mechanisms available to your service type.

The tool covers the following areas:

- What you need to consider to determine viability
- Early childhood education and care relief package details
- JobKeeper
- Supporting apprentices and trainees
- Boosting cashflow for employers grant

We suggest you work through each consideration and funding mechanism to determine the level of funding you are likely to receive. If you are still struggling to continue service provision, please contact us and we will work with you to find a solution.

Members can download the new resource here (login to view):

Long daycare, OOSH, family daycare and occasional care:

Preschools and mobile preschools:

Timeline photos 07/04/2020

Timeline photos

CELA has been advocating across Australia to ensure preschools are funded in a viable manner despite reduced attendance due to COVID-19. The situation regarding funding remains fluid – we are expecting more announcements soon and will keep you updated with the latest information.

What are the new arrangements to date?

We were very pleased to announce in March, following extensive advocacy by CELA, governments in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland are using previous year census enrolments as the basis for funding preschool for the remainder of 2020. For NSW funded mobile preschools, contracts will be extended to 31 December 2020 to support funding continuity and viability.
The Australian Government has also announced preschool funding will continue in 2021.

Members can download our latest issue of Broadside here:

Timeline photos 05/04/2020

Timeline photos

New childcare funding - what you need to consider

This announcement is relevant to services in receipt of Child Care Subsidy, such as Long Day Care, Family Day Care, Out of School Hours Care and Occasional Care.

The Prime Minister announced the Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package yesterday. The package represents a major change from the current funding mechanism, and commences on the 6 April. It replaces the existing system of Child Care Funding.

Our initial guidance is provided below to enable your service to work through the implications of the new package, which will be in place for 3-6 months with a review to be held at one month.

Members can download our latest issue of Broadside to find out more.


Chameleon demonstrates how to hand wash

Timeline photos 05/04/2020

Timeline photos


(For services previously funded by Child Care Subsidy including LDC,FDC,OC and OOSH)

Please submit your final batch of session reports, relating to care provided in the fortnight ending 5 April, by 11:59pm (AEST) Sunday night. This will ensure your session reports are processed prior to the system being closed with the commencement of the new payments under the Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package.


All mobile educators - MCSA now has a private group just for you. It is important that we all pull together and share our experiences in this pandemic. Search for the group: MCSA Group Therapy to join. See The icon photo below

Photos from Mobile Children's Services Association of NSW's post 03/04/2020

Debbie at Monaro Mobile have developed home Learning Packs that are being hung out the front of all their venues this week for collection containing two weeks of learning. Their families were so excited and they have had some amazing feedback. The packs will be supported online via their secure page including reading stories so the children do not lose their connection with the staff and retain some sense of normality.

Photos from CCSA's post 01/04/2020

Please check these resources online as they are being updated at various times.

ECEC approaches to social distancing - Community Early Learning Australia 31/03/2020

ECEC approaches to social distancing - Community Early Learning Australia

ECEC approaches to social distancing - Community Early Learning Australia Print or PDFSocial distancing is one of the key measures currently being utilised to contribute to Australia’s ability to severely limit transmission of COVID-19. The topic of social distancing in an early education setting has led to heated discussion and incredulity, as educators question how it...


Keep a look out for information about this.


Michelle and Renee are busy this morning packing resource kits to deliver out to all our families later today.
See you all soon 😊



Photos from CCSA's post 31/03/2020

Photos from CCSA's post


Hello, How are services travelling with provision at the moment? Are you still operating? Are you able to use your usual venue? What questions are not being answered for you? We can organise a group chat for you to share thoughts.


Patrol Car

Talented, connected and dedicated worker.



As a result of the Prime Ministers announcement this afternoon, MCSA and CELA have decided to
We will be in touch with “what’s next” in coming days.

Vick Olds


Quadruple Amputee’s Motivational Speech



Notice of Annual General Meeting
Our association has been granted an extension the hold the Annual General Meeting during the Mobile Meet.

Timeline photos 20/02/2020

Timeline photos


Please stay safe on the roads.

If you are thinking of driving through flooded roads, no matter how shallow you think they are, please remember this photo. "If it's flooded, forget it"

Photos from Northern Roads Activity Van - Delungra and Gilgai's post 20/02/2020

Congratulations on the grant money. Awesome idea.


Regulating and relating, or as I refer to them - containing and connecting - BEFORE any discipline, explanation or reasoning is so important.

There is zero point trying to reason with, or discipline, a child in the middle of the fight or flight response, you have to help them to calm down and reduce their cortisol secretion before they can listen or learn.

This is why I would always support a child during a tantrum, or other difficult behaviour! It’s not “rewarding the bad behaviour”, as so many incorrectly’s understanding and being mindful of simple neuroscience and working with your child, so that they can ultimately (truly) learn to behave better!

More here:

And how to respond here:

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Timeline photos 14/02/2020

Timeline photos

I know that preschools play an important role in bringing communities together. This has particularly been the case in bushfire impacted communities.

Today we announced more than $2 million in funding for community and mobile preschools in bushfire affected areas. The $10,000 payments, for each preschool, can be used for a range of measures including fee relief for families, counselling support, and fixing fire damage.

Payments will start being made this week and will be paid automatically to eligible services.

Thank you again to our early childhood educators who provide such an invaluable service to our families and communities, especially during difficult times.

Gurmesh Singh - MP
Coffs Harbour Community Preschool

Understanding the National Quality Standard for early childhood education and care services 14/02/2020

Understanding the National Quality Standard for early childhood education and care services

Great to share with families.

Understanding the National Quality Standard for early childhood education and care services The National Quality Standard (NQS) has seven quality areas that are important for better health and education outcomes for children. Early childhood education and care services are assessed and rated against the NQS by regulatory authorities in each state/territory. This factsheet explains the NQS....


Hello all
I received the following request from a fellow mobiler and wondering if there is anyone out there who can assist? If you have any information you can share, feel free to reply below or perhaps email me at [email protected], and I can pass the information on.
Thanks in advance :)

I'm wondering if you could please find another service who is closing doors of venues due to low attendances please. We would like to write a policy that states that if we get below 5 children that the venue will be recessed until further notice.


There has been communications with services in regards to an extension of funding for a period of 6 months. Has your service received any communication around an extension of funding? If so, please share your experience with MCSA. We are here to advocate for you.

Popular kids books translated to Aboriginal languages 26/11/2019

Popular kids books translated to Aboriginal languages

Popular kids books translated to Aboriginal languages More than 5000 children's picture books translated into Aboriginal languages will be distributed to Families as First Teachers sites across the Territory to support early years bilingual literacy.

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