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Intuitive Life Coach healing from Survive to Thrive, Embracing the Shadow Self
All healing ends con

Leave who you were
Love who you are
Look forward to who
You will become...

I was conceived in darkness and born in the shadows, I was raised in the shadows and gave birth in the shadows. Most of my life was shadowed in darkness, a shining light attracting tortured souls to whom they would bare their darkest secrets, seeking empathy and understanding, without judgment. Born a psychic, medium, tele

Operating as usual


You survived all your trauma, abuse and lost yourself along the way.. The person you were is no longer who you became. You stood up and rebuilt, you did what you did and became who you are to survive.. Now you are ready to thrive and live your life.. You must stop survival mode, it no longer serves you, it got you here.. Now we build healthy boundaries, we practice self respect and self love.. We become complete and we find gratitude and blessings in the little things everyday as we break the cocoon, spread your wings and learn to thrive .. Ask me how .. I am here to help you move past surviving and start thriving.. Living Your Best Life ..

Photos from Hidden Truth Healing's post 12/10/2021

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I accept people as they are... but this current division of people treating others horribly because of choices they make for themselves and their families is appalling to every fibre of my soul.. Fear is an insidious disease 🦠that has deeply infected the Australian population, while in other parts of the world the population stand together United despite the choices made..
Mark my words .. the time is fast approaching when we will all need each other to survive and many who adamantly criticised, persecuted and ridiculed some for their choices may find themselves needing them and maybe deeply regretting their fear based choices made in haste...
We are all in this together and to get through this to the other side we must respect each other’s choices and accept the consequences of our choices... Let’s show the rest of the world Australians can stand together for a stronger and free choice future ...
Stop the hurt and start focusing on what really matters ... 💕


When you wake up in the morning, close your eyes and allow your mind to fully align with your souls purpose for 10 - 15 minutes..
Visualise the ways in the little things you do and how you go about your day help and inspire others to follow your lead.
Do this daily for 21 days and notice the difference in you and everyone around you ..
A favourite of mine is to smile at everyone I meet.. not just a smirk but a full blown smile that shines from your eyes 👀.. Especially now, Everyday, at Everyone..

❇️ that says I see you

✳️ I feel you energetically

✅ I acknowledge we are in this together

♻️ A smile can become contagious, and encourage or inspire others to smile..

Love and Light



Life of an empath 💕... I feel the most painful feelings at present come from segregation and divide of the human race... We are all in this together whether we realise this or not ! Every single living being on this planet is free to make their own choices, it’s called free will !! The only way through this chapter is to stand together - because the time will come very soon when we will need each other whether you like or approve of the choices people have made.. will your narrow mindedness, stubbornness or pride stop you from seeking help or giving help to others ?
Fear and Panic cause reactive behaviour, scattered thinking and aggressiveness - those who are easily provoked are easy to control..



Confusing, hostile, intense, fearful, coercive, dictating, tyranny, forceful and so many other lower energies are flooding the world daily..
Some days I feels like a bad dream, others a living nightmare..
Join me in manifesting a future worth living for ourselves and our children.. see the hidden truths brought to light... those abusing power finding themselves powerless.. the people United as one, standing together to create a future worth living, free and abundant trusting the universe to provide us with all we need and want.. it’s astounding what collective thoughts and intent can manifest when we all want the same thing ...
I’m in... who is with me ??


The energy most days in that past few months has been heavy, intense, destructive and full of despair.. it’s important to feel the emotions, but not absorb or sit in them for too long.. Salt baths, spending time in nature at the beach, forrest, river or even gardening can help ground these emotions and cleanse your auras.. Stop the fear mongering and divide by constantly projecting love and light to all..
The world needs healing love... let your unconditional love chase away the fear and trust the universe 💕
My door is always open to those who need it, I welcome you into a safe space to heal, transmute lower energies, to recharge and feel complete once again ...


Anytime something feels overwhelming, take a deep breath and call a time out to allow you to Reset, Refocus on what you want and where you are going... Take time to Readjust your priorities to find balance for a new and refresh start as many times as it takes... This is your journey through life, nobody but you knows your chosen path, where you go, how long it takes and how many hidden paths you explore along the way...

How Unloved Daughters Rationalize Verbal Abuse 01/06/2021

How Unloved Daughters Rationalize Verbal Abuse

This was my childhood, a misfit that tried so hard to fit into a family that never wanted me too... Luckily for me, a loving neighbour became my role model for motherhood and shielded me at times from my mother... I haven’t spoken to my mother since 2006 nor do I want to... I out grew her years before but gave her chance to be in my children’s lives, they both stopped communicating with her soon after... I broke generational behaviour patterns, stopped seeking love and approval I knew were never going to be given to me and gave it to myself 💕... I was her lesson, she just didn’t get it and I have no regrets living a loving life without her in it ....

How Unloved Daughters Rationalize Verbal Abuse Insights into why it often takes so long to recognize toxic behavior


Are you ready ? It all starts and ends with you !
Ask me how intuitive life coaching can help you break the cycles you need to break...

Are you ready to break unhealthy cycles ?


How many of you have been sucked into someone else’s drama that has ended in an argument ?

When you argue with another it becomes a hostile energy exchange that leaves neither party feeling great ... nothing is achieved, no one wins and you feel depleted !

Healthy debates are much more satisfying, each person is open to understanding each other, not necessarily agreeing but open to another viewpoint and maybe negotiation can be achieved with a little compromise..
So you may feel energised and satisfied after..

You always have a choice or engage or disengage... by walking away or staying silent


Running can also be avoiding by numbing yourself, lost in a bubble of avoiding reality, how many years go by ? How will you fit into the real world when your bubble bursts ?

The Irony... many who do this have underlying control issues.. not realising the freedom and personal control they regain over their lives, the way they interact to others and how others interact with them, when they finally face their s**t and address the way they handle their business...


How many of you endured this during your teenage or young adult lives ? How did this affect your self esteem and self worth ? Does feeling these deep wounds impact upon your relationships with others, work life or social life ? How different would your life and relationship you have with yourself be if you had been raised to feel worthy of everything?


Did you know this ?
Are you aware if this is you ? Why you react this way...
Independence can be an attractive trait in a person but when you become to extreme, you shut others out...
Find a balance between independence and vulnerability.. by asking for support.
I know first hand this can be hard, when you have asked in the past and not received the support you needed in the hardest times, it becomes second nature to just soldier on alone...
Your greatest strength can also be a weakness !

Tom Walker - Leave a Light On (Official Video) 10/05/2021

Tom Walker - Leave a Light On (Official Video)

If ever you find yourself in a dark place with no one to talk to or just sit and hold space for you... know here at Hidden Truth Healings...
I will leave a light 💡 on for you... You are not alone... I am here to listen without judgment or just hold a safe space for you to heal 💕


Tom Walker - Leave a Light On (Official Video) Download & stream the Deluxe Edition of Tom Walker's debut album "What a Time to Be Alive" here: http://smarturl.it/TWWATTBADeluxe Stream / download Tom Walk...


As children we are taught that our parents, teachers mentors are role models to emulate..
What if they didn’t live up to the role they were meant to play in our life to support our dreams and growth... Sometimes what we learnt was how not to do or say things a certain way, that what they were actually showing us was the opposite to what we needed, but it was still a learning lesson - good or bad... So when I became a parent, I choose to give my children an adult I needed growing up rather than the one’s I was surrounded with... There is no right or wrong way... You just do the best with what you have at the time.


Ask yourself why you feel this way ? Why is this affecting me ? Sit quietly, feel your bodies response, what is it trying to tell you ?
Until you get completely honest with yourself, dive deep within and marinate yourself with these emotions to find the source and bring it to the surface of your consciousness to heal, the same response will happen again and again.


This what intuitive life coaches do... I see and recognise your potential even if you don’t !
Everyone is great at something, some just need extra help and assistance to believe in themselves 💕


Are you ready to break unhealthy cycles ?


Truth 🙌..... Make choices for you !!!
Never, ever let others choose for you ...


Ask me about my special 1 day workshop
Dates and venues available soon ....
limited to 16 spots only...


It takes work and commitment to free yourself from who others expected you to be... find your real self 💕


When you can no longer be Manipulated, Controlled, Abused, Intimidated, Made to feel less than, Too much....

You become dangerous because nothing anyone says affects the way you feel about yourself !

Finally you completely accept and love yourself....



By finally finding your voice, speaking out and sharing your story, the shameful, rejected and unloved parts of us can no longer stay hidden, the healing process can start to begin...


I'm fine.....


Welcome to Hidden Truth Healing.....

I truly believe many suffer from hidden truths they don't talk about because they feel no one will listen and if they do find someone to listen, often they are told to 'get over it', not believed, not understood as many cannot comprehend truly what one has gone through, sometimes its so shocking others recoil and distance but mostly the experience is so humiliating, degrading, shocking and seemingly unreal, almost made up, like surely that didn't happen, no way, I don't believe it or you....

So it stays hidden away, no matter how truthful it is. Lets not talk about it, because if it is acknowledged and found to be truthful then something might have to be done about it.

This page is about uncovering Hidden Truths, bringing them into the light and healing. Healing starts the moment you address the Hidden Truths in your life.

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