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Tourist guides redeployed as safe distancing ambassadors during circuit breaker period

Our colleagues in Singapore, role models. Bravo

During the circuit breaker period, safe distancing ambassadors play a crucial part. Tourist guides and agents have come forward to sign up as ambassadors. Th...

FEG: Western Silk Road Experience Online Course for Tourist Guides | GTP Headlines FEG and Athina Training Centre Skills Academy are inviting tourist guides on a trans-European journey with the new “Western Silk Road Experience” online course.

FEG Tourist Guides

Keukenhof, also known as the Garden of Europe, is one of the world's largest flower gardens, situated in the town of Lisse, in the Netherlands. According to the official website, Keukenhof Park covers an area of 32 hectares and approximately 7 million flower bulbs are planted in the gardens annually.

For those who love them - Dutch tulip, daffodils, and hyacinths- blossoming in spring, the Keukenhof Garden opens their online doors to us. Enjoy now from home, visit them when possible.

Քրիստոս Յարեաւ ի մեռելոց:

Let us all be in unity of prayer!
Christ is Risen from the Dead!

Himalayas Visible for First Time in 30 Years From Some Parts of India as Lockdown Sees Drop in Pollution For the first time in 30 years, India’s snow-covered Dhauladhar mountain range has become visible to locals as a result of plunging pollution levels.

I don't know who wrote this, but it's beautiful.. ♥️

We fell asleep in one world, and woke up in another.

Suddenly Disney is out of magic,
Paris is no longer romantic,
New York doesn't stand up anymore,
the Chinese wall is no longer a fortress, and Mecca is empty.

Hugs & kisses suddenly become weapons, and not visiting parents & friends becomes an act of love.

Suddenly you realise that power, beauty & money are worthless, and can't get you the oxygen you're fighting for.

The world continues its life and it is beautiful. It only puts humans in cages. I think it's sending us a message:

"You are not necessary. The air, earth, water and sky without you are fine. When you come back, remember that you are my guests. Not my masters."

World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations

WFTGA President and ExBo come to you with their letter. We wish them well, as they do us. Together we Stand.

The official web site of The World Federation of the Tourist Guide Associations is:

Dear WFTGA Members,
Tourist Guide colleagues,
and friends of the WFTGA family,

We have been faced with trying times as of late and it has been increasingly evident that this could potentially be one of the greatest challenges we face in our lives. As the current pandemic keeps escalating, we realise as a global organisation that the challenges faced by members include both financial and personal, with stress factors increasing as time goes by. We would like to encourage you to look at this global crisis through a multi lens accommodating the many stakeholders involved.

This is a reminder that now is not the time for finger pointing, accusations, xenophobia and disrespectful remarks. Nor is it a time for stress to convert itself into conflict and negativity. Tourist Guiding is a sector that is both inspirational and aspirational and can only be achieved and maintained through positivity, respect and support by acting reasonably rather than in haste.

The Travel and Tourism sector has been hit hard, and it has become evident that no-one was prepared for an event of this nature. Professionals across the globe are working hard at finding solutions to the new and unprecedented challenges that have emerged. The SMME and free-lance sectors is among those affected severely by this crisis. Governments and private sector companies are also hard at work to find solutions. The implications on cancellations, postponements, loss of work and loss of jobs obviously being high on country agendas. It will take time before we start to hear some success stories and a way forward emerges. It is going to take time and patience. Associations are speaking on their members behalf in some countries, and as always WFTGA is at any Tourist Guide Associations' disposal to assist within our constitutional limits.

We urge you to look at opportunities that could arise from the global crisis and come up with a battle plan to deal with the impact. Associations should draw from this and encourage their tourist guide members to come together and address both the current status and the recovery plan. Peter Syme wrote: "disaster is just an opportunity in hiding" and provides a checklist of tasks we should be using to complete and protect our tour businesses. This is available online with the link on our official WFTGA page.

We represent members from across the Globe, all currently sitting, with a different set of challenges and timing thereof. Feedback that we have received from multiple sources, not all of which will be relevant to your particular situation, but Area Representatives and ExBo have come up with some wonderful ideas which we will gradually start to implement and share in the coming weeks. We look forward to your participation and positive contributions.

Here are some high-level suggestions below that may assist in the interim. In the coming weeks WFTGA will be sharing articles which will provide additional detailed information on these aspects:

* Setting up of a dedicated office space,
* Staying in touch / Technology,

The mental health of our Tourist Guides is one of our priorities. We will be sharing access to a mental health expert who will guide Tourist Guides through any concerns they may have. We will also be sharing some useful tools with regards to communication and education.

* Keep your daily routine,
* Take regular breaks,
* Webinars and training courses.

We have been overwhelmed with these invitations. We will identify useful ones and share some new ones with you. Use the time to learn a new skill, grow your knowledge about a specific attraction or destination, or use the time to learn more about your colleagues across the globe.

* Plan your comeback,

This is the perfect opportunity to collaborate with fellow Tourist Guides and colleagues.

* Feedback on country employment status,
* Feedback on Government payment/access to unemployment,
* Surveys and graphs,
* Managing your association.

As WFTGA are partners with a few global organisations, we have consulted with regards to best practice of Associations and information/statistics needed within industry. A very short official WFTGA survey has been set up and will be shared soon.

In conclusion, we would like to ask of all Tourist Guides to please be sure of the accuracy of information on hand prior to sharing. There are many 'sources' out there and in order to avoid panic, unsolicited remarks and actions, take note that all official WFTGA information will be share on our OFFICIAL social media platforms and through our official emails. We as an organisation encourage all to adhere to the best practice as presented directly fro their official government channels, as well as that of:
WHO (World Health Organisation)
and UNWTO (World Tourism Organisation)

We work in a dynamic and inspiring sector and look forward to the day when we as a sector can emerge stronger and unified. As an organisation will do what we are able to do in support of our members during these unprecedented times.

Stay safe, stay healthy, keep positive.

Yours in Tourist Guiding
WFTGA President
The WFTGA Executive Board

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«Οι ξεναγοί δεν θα πάρουν βοήθημα…»

Ο τουρισμός στην Ελλάδα έχει χτυπηθεί ανελέητα από την επιδημία του Κορωνοϊού, όμως οι περίπου 2300 Διπλωματούχοι Ξεναγοί στην Ελλάδα, που θα άρχιζαν την εργασία τους ήδη από τον Μάρτιο, δεν θα πάρουν ούτε ένα ευρώ ενίσχυση.
Σε ανακοίνωση της η Πανελλήνια Ομοσπονδία Ξεναγών αναφέρει:
Το Υπουργείο έχει συμπεριλάβει στην ρύθμιση τα Τουριστικά Γραφεία, δηλαδή τους εργοδότες μας και τους Ξεναγούς που εργάζονται ως ελεύθεροι επαγγελματίες, που είναι ελάχιστοι, (λιγότεροι από 1%), ενώ όλοι οι υπόλοιποι Ξεναγοί στην επικράτεια, μένουν χωρίς κρατική ενίσχυση.
Οι Ξεναγοί, σύμφωνα με την ελληνική νομοθεσία, είναι μισθωτοί με πολλούς εργοδότες. Δεν έχουν ΚΑΔ, γιατί δεν έχουν επιχείρηση και δεν είναι υπάλληλοι ενός μόνο Τουριστικού Πρακτορείου για να δηλωθούν από αυτό. Κατά συνέπεια, δεν μπορούν να μπουν στην πλατφόρμα που έχει δημιουργηθεί. Εξαιτίας μάλιστα των παραλείψεων του Ελληνικού κράτους διαχρονικά, τα ένσημα των Ξεναγών δεν
έχουν ακόμα μηχανογραφηθεί. Τα ένσημα των Ξεναγών πανελληνίως,
καταμετρούνται μόνο από ένα γραφείο του ΕΦΚΑ στην Αθήνα, ενώ οι αρμόδιοι υπάλληλοι για την καταμέτρηση είναι ελάχιστοι. Το αποτέλεσμα είναι να μην έχουν καταχωρηθεί ακόμη τα ένσημα του 2018 και 2019, και οι Ξεναγοί που δικαιούνται επίδομα ανεργίας κατά τους χειμερινούς μήνες, να μην έχουν πάρει ακόμη τίποτα,
ενώ τελειώνει ο Μάρτιος και οι αιτήσεις έγιναν τον Νοέμβριο του 2019.
Η Πανελλήνια Ομοσπονδία Ξεναγών έχει στείλει ήδη τρία υπομνήματα στα υπουργεία Οικονομικών, Εργασίας και Τουρισμού, προτείνοντας επακριβώς, πώς με μία Κοινή Υπουργική Απόφαση θα μπορέσουν και οι Ξεναγοί της Ελλάδας να λάβουν την έκτακτη επιδότηση, ως άμεσα πληττόμενοι, όπως και τόσοι άλλοι συμπολίτες μας που πλήττονται. Δυστυχώς, μέχρι αυτήν την στιγμή δεν έχει βρεθεί
κάποια λύση, σε ένα θέμα που είναι αρμοδιότητα του Υπουργείου Οικονομικών κατά κύριο λόγο, και του Υπουργείου Εργασίας κατά δεύτερο.
Κανείς δεν ξέρει πότε και αν θα ξεκινήσει η τουριστική περίοδος.
Πλέον, ξεκάθαρα πρόκειται για θέμα επιβίωσης ενός ολόκληρου κλάδου, και η Ομοσπονδία μας θα κάνει τα πάντα για να υπερασπιστεί τα δικαιώματα των Ελλήνων Ξεναγών.

Michael Jackson Performs In Jamaica - DreDreamEnt

For You, For Me... Facebook Comments

FEG Tourist Guides

Join us.

Any Opera lovers? During the confined quarantine period in France, the Paris Opera will be offering to the public its most beautiful ballets and operas to stream from its website for free.

[03/19/20]   Tomorrow’s itinerary: A Guided Tour!

* Departure: 8:30 am from the washroom to the bedroom
* meeting in kitchen to take part of breakfast (breakfast details shall follow)
* After breakfast, you will continue your visit to the room(s) for assessment and note taking
* Meeting in the action room, action room being ‘sitting room’ to prepare the ‘cleaning schedule’
* Lunch is scheduled for 13:00 in the kitchen and the theme is ‘make your own’
* Siesta time from 13:00 to 14:00
* Free time to visit the hallways, stairs where applicable or for self discovery in own room, yelling, screaming allowed. No crying, No fighting
* Tea time is scheduled for 16:30 in Dining room, cookies will be served sorry no scones
* Your tour today ends in washroom (kindly go easy on toilet paper, some washrooms have zillions, others just enough for now.
* Free time to prepare for dinner.
* Dinner is whatever we have.

See you tomorrow morning same time, same place for, well, same tour until further notice. One thing I can assure you of your Tourist Guide will be there to Guide you. God Bless the Tourist Guides everywhere. Proud to stand in line with you.

Explore Pitt Rivers Museum in 3D Matterport 3D Showcase

For you Italy.

Le cascate del Niagara... Forza ITALIA 🇮🇹💪🏻

WFTGA - Convention 2021, Novi Sad, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia 🏙️


Wonderful news

Today COAF and DVV International in Armenia signed a memorandum on an adult education program. During the three-year partnership, a total of around € 50,000 will be invested in programs including adult education initiatives, diverse training courses and workshops, career counseling, and community initiatives at the COAF SMART Center in Lori region of Armenia. We are confident that working together will have greater outcomes for beneficiaries.

#COAF #DVVInternational #investment #partnership #adulteducation

Այսօր ՔՈԱՖ-ն ու Դի-Վի-Վի Ինթերնեյշնալը մեծահասակների կրթության ծրագրի իրագործման հուշագիր ստորագրեցին։ Եռամյա համագործակցության արդյունքում 50,000 եվրո կներդրվի Լոռու մարզի ՔՈԱՖ ՍՄԱՐԹ կենտրոնում մեծահասակների կրթության նախաձեռնությունների, տարաբնույթ դասընթացների և աշխատաժողովների, մասնագիտական խորհրդատվության ու համայնքային նախաձեռնությունների համար։ Մենք վստահ ենք, որ միասին գործելու դեպքում շահառուների համար ավելի մեծ արդյունքներ կարող ենք գրանցել։


Novi Sad, Serbia 🇷🇸 venue of WFTGA convention 2021.

Every home,every heart,every feeling, every moment of happiness is incomplete without you. Only you can complete this world… Celebrating the Elegance of woma...

Թաթուլ Հակոբյանը Արցախի թեմայով՝ «Պրոֆեսիոնալ զբոսավարների հայկական ասոցիացիայի» հյուր | Aniarc News Թաթուլ Հակոբյանը Արցախի թեմայով՝ «Պրոֆեսիոնալ զբոսավարների հայկական ասոցիացիայի» հյուր միջոցով admina - March 5, 2020 2 «Պրոֆեսիոնալ զբոսավարների հայկական ասոցիացիայի....

FEG Tourist Guides

You can do it too.

Mega congratulations to the 31 newly qualified tourist guides in the Netherlands. They are all now members of Guidor, the Dutch National Guides Association which was established in 1957 and is based in Amsterdam. #FEG_QualifiedTouristGuides

World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations. (WFTGA)

~ Fossilized shells of ancient armadillos the size of Volkswagen Beetles that roamed the earth 20,000 years ago are discovered in Argentina ~

Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides / AAPTG

Փետրվարի 29֊ին ՊԶՀԱ֊ում ունեիք հատուկ հյուր՝ գերմանացի զբոսավար Տորստեն Ֆլայգ։ Նա հեղինակել է Հայաստանի մասին գերմաներեն գայդ բուք, իսկ մեզ ներկայացրեց Հ.Թումանյանի հեքիաթների գիրքը, որը հրատարակվել է իր նախաձեռնությամբ։

On the 29th of February we had a special guest in AAPTG. Torsten Flaig is a German guide who published a guide book about Armenia, and now on his own initiative fairly tales by H. Tumanyan are published.

#AAPTG #weunify #ՊԶՀԱ

World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations. (WFTGA)

The unfortunate reality shared by many of our colleagues worldwide.
Wishing speedy recovery to all within our industry and all others and happy trails to all.

ITB Berlin 2020 is Cancelled ITB Berlin is cancelled due to the increasing spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, the travel trade show's organizer Messe Berlin announced on Friday.

WFTGA - Convention 2021, Novi Sad, Serbia

Novi Sad. WFTGA Convention venue 2021.

#seeserbia #visitserbia #seebelgrade #wftga

News from Novi Sad, Serbia. Venue of WFTGA convention 2021.

We are done with Tourism Fair in Belgrade for this year. All meetings were successful.
Next stop ➡️ ITB Berlin 🇩🇪

FEG Tourist Guides

Quite interesting

Poland has unveiled a glow-in-the-dark bicycle path that is charged by the sun.

FEG Tourist Guides

WFTGA - Convention 2021, Novi Sad, Serbia

We are at the Tourism Fair in Belgrade with our friends from Knjaževac! ☺️

The Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides.

Զբոսավարների շարունակական կրթության ծրագրի շրջանակներում այսօր ՊԶՀԱ֊ում տնտեսագիտության թեկնածու Աշոտ Պետրոսյանը ներկայացնում է ՀՀ տնտեսությունը։

Ashot Petrosyan, Candidate of Economic Sciences, is presenting the economy of RA in the framework of AAPTG's continuous education project for guides.

#aaptg #պզհա

Updates. Info. Clock is ticking for the WFTGA convention.

Serbian wine – produced in many regions in Serbia, including charming town of Sremski Karlovci where you can taste Bermet, which was served on the world's most famous ship TITANIC and in the courts of Maria Teresa. 🍷

Source: Dragan Bosnić, National Tourism Organisation of Serbia

WFTGA - Convention 2021, Novi Sad, Serbia

The great variety in Serbia’s cuisine originates from its geographical, national and cultural diversity, and the jigsaw of centuries of population changes. Influences on Serbian cuisine have been rich and varied – it first began as a mixture of Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish and Hungarian cooking.

Dough-based foods, such as breads, strudels and pasta, and various kinds of processed meats produced from healthy stocks of cattle and poultry are characteristic of modern day VOJVODINA. Spinach pies and spit-roast pork are characteristic of ŠUMADIJA. Smoked meat is the speciality of WESTERN SERBIA and the lamb dishes of Zlatibor and Zlatar are not to be missed. The cuisine of EASTERN SERBIA is noted for its dry shepherd’s pies, lamb cooked in milk, smoked wild boar meat, janjija with three kinds of meat and various vegetables, and Homolj kačamak (a regional type of polenta made from cornmeal, potato and sometimes feta cheese). In SOUTHERN SERBIA grilled or spit-roasted meat dishes, particularly the famous Leskovac grilled specialities, are very popular. Hundreds of tasty dishes, both vegetarian and meat-based, are eaten in KOSOVO AND METOHIJA: bingur, pirjanice, various pies and baklava, as well as lamb and mutton specialities.

More about Serbian food you can read here:!/food.777.html

Source: Dragan Bosnić, National Tourism Organisation of Serbia

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Yerevan?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.





Yerevan State University
Other Schools in Yerevan (show all)
Winx Club Shop Armenia Winx Club Shop Armenia
«Երևան Սիթի» առևտրի կենտրոն, 2-րդ հարկ, 13-րդ տաղավար, Կոմիտասի 60/2
Yerevan, 0014

Գրենական պիտույքներ և պարագաներ

Նիկոլ Աղբալյանի թիվ 19 միջ. դպրոց Նիկոլ Աղբալյանի թիվ 19 միջ. դպրոց
ք. Երևան, Տերյան 54
Yerevan, 010

Interactive English with Marina Interactive English with Marina
37 Pushkin Street

The English Club is where English as a Second Language Learners interact to brush up and improve their English skills.

Kidvestor club Kidvestor club
Yerevan, Tsarav Aghbyur 55/15
Yerevan, 0052

Մանկապատանեկան զարգացման և ժամանցի ակումբ

Ծիր Կաթին Այլընտրանքային Կրթության Կենտրոն Ծիր Կաթին Այլընտրանքային Կրթության Կենտրոն
ул. Екмаляна 6
Yerevan, 0002

ՀՀ, ք. Երևան, Եկմալյան 6 (Պուշկին, Սարյան խաչմերուկի մերձակայք) հեռ. 091532872 010501201

Whiz Code Academy Whiz Code Academy
Չարենց 17
Yerevan, 0025

Ռոբոտաշինության, Ծրագրավորման և Անիմացիայի դասընթացներ 6-16 տարեկան երեխաների համար

Foreign Language Academy Foreign Language Academy
Գուլակյան 105
Yerevan, 00

Foreign language Academy is Online Language School, its main purpose is to study languages with modern and useful methods.

GRACE+ful learning GRACE+ful learning
Armenakyan 1st Pass 25
Yerevan, 0047

I guarantee it will be an unforgettable learning experience!

Բու - Նախադպրոցական Ակադեմիա Բու - Նախադպրոցական Ակադեմիա
67/1 Marshal Baghramyan Avenue
Yerevan, 0033

Boo Pre-School Academy is a perfect start to your kids education.

Metropol School Armenia Metropol School Armenia
Leningradyan 4/2

Մետրոպոլ Չեխական դպրոցի հայաստանյան պաշտոնական ներկայացչություն