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Tourist Guide training at WFTGA International Centres or In House.

Mission: Standardize tourist guiding training worldwide.

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Máster OMT-UOC en "Estrategia y Gestión Sostenible de los Destinos Turísticos"

Está abierta la inscripción para postular al DESCUENTO aplicado a la matrícula del Máster OMT-UOC en “Estrategia y Gestión Sostenible de los Destinos Turísticos” y sus posgrados, que se imparten en línea y en español en el campus de la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

La Organización Mundial del Turismo (UNWTO) y su UNWTO Academy ofrecen el 30% de descuento en la matrícula con el objetivo de facilitar el acceso a profesionales del sector que luego sean capaces de aplicar el conocimiento obtenido en sus organizaciones y empresas y así mejorar la gestión del turismo global.

Se invita a funcionarios de Estados Miembros de la OMT y graduados de programas con certificación UNWTO.TedQual a presentar su candidatura antes del 30 de septiembre de 2019.

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FEG Tourist Guides


Huge congratulations to the nine new tourist guides with their shining Scottish Tourist Guides Association Green Badges for the Northern Highlands. #FEG_QualifiedTouristGuides


Sometimes a small group can achieve far more then years in making. That day in Macau the 5 of us around that round table following the lunch break simply wrote what Tourist guides were, meant and needed.

It seems an appropriate time to re-post a document created in 2013 by Delegates to the WFTGA Convention in Macau, SAR China.

Certificates titled the Macau Declaration were distributed to convention attendees, posted on our website and emailed to all members.

It's message is even more important to the tourism community today.

World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations
2013 Macau Declaration for
Tourist Guides Around the World

1. WFTGA declares that its member tourist guides act as ambassadors of their countries and regions and as custodians of their area’s traditions, history, culture and environment.

2. WFTGA supports the definition of tourist guiding as an area-specific qualification, usually issued and / or recognised by the appropriate authority. WFTGA believes that any person without a qualification is not competent to interpret and explain the cultural and natural heritage and specialities of that area.

3. WFTGA declares it is not ethical or appropriate for anyone to work as a tourist guide without having the above qualifications.

4. WFTGA declares that tourist guides are essential to the tourism industry and should be acknowledged as professionals by tour operators, tourism stakeholders and local and / or national authorities and be fairly compensated.

5. WFTGA and its member tourist guides stand by our declaration that

“ We are the Professionals,’’

who work in the best professional manner to achieve high standards of service and contribute to society.

This Declaration was agreed by the WFTGA General Assembly at the 15th International Tourist Guide Convention in Macau SAR China on January 18, 2013.

Thank you Tatev for bringing this to our attention

FEG Tourist Guides

If tourism is a capitalist phenomenon, overtourism is its demented late-capitalist cousin: selfie-stick deaths, all-you-can-eat ships docking at historic ports, stag nights that end in property crimes, the live-streaming of the ruination of fragile natural habitats, et cetera.


Seven guides who played major roles in the development of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association were recognised by being put on a new Roll of Honour. They include as shown in this photograph (left to right): Forbes McNaughton, Ros Newlands, Norma Clarkson, chair Linda Arthur, Sally Spaven, Tom Caskie and Doreen Boyle. Also, Mary Kemp-Clarke who was away guiding when photo was taken. #ScottishTouristGuides #FEG_QualifiedTouristGuides

World Tourism Organization and Fundación ONCE Seek Best Accessible Destinations UNWTO and Fundación ONCE launch the first annual Accessible Tourism Destination Distinction, recognizing the world’s best accessible destinations. Deadline for submissions is 30th June 2019.

FEG Tourist Guides

Sad news

The MSC Opera smashed into the busy Giudecca Canal, a major thoroughfare that leads to Saint Mark’s Square, at around 8.30am in Italy today, police confirmed.

UNWTO.Themis Foundation


El Curso Internacional de la OMT en Argentina sobre “Turismo Rural Comunitario como modelo de desarrollo endógeno” fue inaugurado esta mañana en la ciudad de San Salvador de Jujuy (Jujuy). La ceremonia dio la bienvenida a los funcionarios de la administración nacional de turismo y administraciones regionales y locales de Argentina, así como funcionarios de administraciones turísticas de Estados Miembros de la OMT de habla hispana.

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FEG Tourist Guides

The construction of a metro network beneath the Greek city of Thessaloniki has unearthed an extraordinary treasure trove of ancient artefacts, from gold wreaths and rings to statues of the goddess Aphrodite.
The qualified tourist guides of Greece will start guiding their visitors next year, when the new metro stations open to public #FEG_QualifiedTouristGuides

Quick Tips to Help You Find a Great Tour Guide

Continuous learning. By Larisa Wong The travel industry is not complete without tour guides. Being a tour guide is more than just reading facts from documents. It is a task

Wonderful news. Do share.

We are pleased to announce that the World Food Travel Association (WFTA) and the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (FEG) have signed an agreement to offer the world’s first truly online, comprehensive Culinary Tourist Guide Certification training programme.

Offered exclusively to the FEG’s association members and affiliates, the programme will be delivered 100% online and is custom designed to meet the needs of professional tourist guides. English subtitles make comprehension easier for those whose native language is not English.

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DVV International in Armenia

Happening now!
“The Power of Adult Learning and Education-Achieving the SDGs”
Adult Education and Development Conference

«Մեծահասակների ուսումնառության և կրթության զորությունը. կյանքի կոչելով Կայուն զարգացման նպատակաները»
Մեծահասակների կրթություն և զարգացում համաժողով

The Unesco Courier

With 265 translations to date, "The Little Prince" is the most translated non-religious book in the world, with 1,300 editions and 145 million copies sold.

23 April is #WorldBookDay!

Check out the #UNESCOCourier issues on books:


WFTGA TRAINING currently underway in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. HOT and TtT Courses taking place under WFTGA Lead International Trainer Jean Wang.
#wftgatraining #Touristguides

FEG Tourist Guides

The international WFTGA tourist guide trainer Mateja Kregar has just completed successfully the training of the tourist guides in the Grosuplije Municipality in Slovenia. #FEG_QualifiedTouristGuides

World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations. (WFTGA)

The International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) in 1982 announced April 18 as the World Heritage Day. Every year, ICOMOS proposes a theme for the celebrations and activities which are to be organised on the World Heritage Day. In 2019, the theme is Rural Landscapes.

This interesting blog explains more;

“Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve


Notre Père, qui es aux cieux,
Que ton nom soit sanctifié,
Que ton règne vienne,
Que ta volonté soit faite sur la terre comme au ciel.

Donne-nous aujourd'hui notre pain de ce jour.
Pardonne-nous nos offences
Comme nous pardonnons aussi à ceux qui nous ont offensés.
Et ne nous soumets pas à la tentation,
mais délivre-nous du mal,
car c'est à toi qu'appartiennent le règne,
la puissance et la gloire, aux siècles des siècles.


Devastated for Paris.

FEG Tourist Guides

Wales Green and Blue Badges are awarded by the Welsh Government. Furthermore, since 2019, the Wales Official Tourist Guide Association has been working with the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (FEG) to ensure that the Blue Badge course meets in full the requirements of European Standard EN15565:2008

UNWTO Academy on LinkedIn: "Later today, as a part of the workshop agenda, UNWTO Academy team and workshop participants have visited Expo 2020 Dubai. Big thank you to our partners from MODUL University Dubai and Ministry of Economy, UAE for... April 10, 2019: UNWTO Academy posted images on LinkedIn

UNWTO Academy on LinkedIn: " Convocatoria de becas para el Máster OMT-UOC en "Estrategia y Gestión Sostenible de los Destinos Turísticos" Se encuentra abierta la convocatoria de becas para cursar uno de los posgrados del Máster OMT-UOC en... March 27, 2019: UNWTO Academy posted an article on LinkedIn

Congrats to our friend, colleague and great trainer Mary jan.

Mary Kemp Clark received her Roll of Honour certificate for all her work to the tourist guide industry. Congratulations and thank you.

UNWTO.Themis Foundation

📢🔔🇲🇽 Congratulations to Universidad de Guadalajara that has just been awarded the #UNWTOTedQual Certification for the tourism programme "Licenciatura en Turismo" in their campuses CUCEA, CUCOSTA, CUCSUR and CUVALLES.


World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations. (WFTGA)

WFTGA is in Russia! We are here to celebrate International Tourist Guide Day 2019 with the Russian Tourist Guide Association.
#ITGD2019 #DIGT2019 #TouristGuide #wftgamemories #feg
Alushca Ritchie, WFTGA PRESIDENT and Efi Kalampoukidou, FEG PRESIDENT enjoying a guided tour of Moscow before the event. Thank you to qualified Moscow guide Elena Fominykh for an informative introduction to this city.

UNWTO.Themis Foundation

▶️ Call for Expression of Interest.

#UNWTO is currently looking for a Lead Expert for its Tourism Market Intelligence and Competitiveness Department to work on the Gastronomy Tourism Product Development Project in #Ubud, #Bali, #Indonesia.

Follow the link below for more information!

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Will you be at ITB Berlin? Don't miss the #UNWTO Silk Road Tour Operator's Forum!

This year's forum will have a strong training component to improve cooperation between various tourism stakeholders active within the cultural tourism routes.

Following introductory presentations on cooperation opportunities and recent activities happening along the Silk Road and the Phoenicians Route, a training session will be held centred on stakeholder expectations and service quality.

The forum will conclude with a question and answer session, where participants will be able to share their own ideas and experiences.

Register 👉

Tourism Armenia

Հայաստանյան 11 զբոսաշրջային ընկերություններ միանալով նորաստեղծ «Տուրիզմ Արմենիա» ասոցիացիային, օրեր անց մեր հիանալի երկիրը կներկայացնեն «ITB Berlin 2019» միջազգային ցուցահանդեսին։

Armenia Holidays Armenia Travel VivaTour Armenia Z Travel Armenia Arminius Tours Vis-à-Vis Go2Armenia Sima Tours Armenia Infinity Travel Armenia by Luxury Voyage Princess Maneh Tours /ARMENIA Nueva Vista

UNWTO.Themis Foundation

🔔🌐📢 ¡Únete al equipo!
Buscamos 2x facilitadores + 1x coordinador para curso #OMT en #Argentina 🇦🇷durante junio de 2019.

🗓Fecha límite: 18 de marzo de 2019.

Más detalles 🔽

World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations. (WFTGA)

#ITGD2019 🌏👣👐
A special message from WFTGA 2019-2021 Executive Board member,
Viola Lewis - Head of Training (Scotland)
#TouristGuide #wftgamemories #DIGT2019

World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations. (WFTGA)

#ITGD2019 🌏👣👐
A special message from WFTGA 2019-2021 Executive Board member,
Mary Kemp Clarke - Vice President (Scotland)
#TouristGuide #wftgamemories #DIGT2019

World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations. (WFTGA)

#ITGD2019 🌏👣👐
A special message from 2019-2021 WFTGA PRESIDENT,
Alushca Ritchie (South Africa)
"Tourist Guides play a very important role in the value chain of Tourism. Let us use this day and take the opportunity to celebrate our Profession"
#TouristGuide #wftgamemories #DIGT2019

World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations. (WFTGA)


21st February 🌏👣👐

In 1990, Mrs. Titina Loizides, President of the WFTGA was involved when it was held for the first time, and 15 countries participated. Since then, tourist guides in an ever growing number of countries have been giving help to their local communities, conducting tours for disabled persons, disadvantaged persons, for children, industry partners, officials and the general public.

Events are also held for local tourist guides including presentations and retraining courses. It is a public relations event par excellence, drawing the attention of local authorities, fellow citizens and the media to the quality and value of the work of professional tourist guides. Each member country contributes to the success of the day in its own way; coach companies have contributed complimentary coaches, attractions and museums have opened their doors without charge. Each year, awareness grows and there is an increasing contribution by both regional and national governments to the International Tourist Guide Day.

2019 Theme: Tourist Guiding in the Digital Era
#DigitalTransformation #ITGD2019 #BeAgentsOfChange #WFTGAITGD
#Touristguides #wftgamemories

Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides / AAPTG

Հարգելի՛ գործընկերներ,
Սիրով շնորհավորում ենք ձեզ Զբոսավարների միջազգային օրվա առթիվ: Մաղթում ենք ամուր առողջություն, հետաքրքիր շրջագայություններ և անսպառ էներգիա՝ մեր հայրենիքը հյուրերին հավուր-պատշաճի ներկայացնելու համար:

ՊԶՀԱ ֆեյսբուքի էջը հատուկ այս օրվա կապակցությամբ թողարկում է հատուկ տոնական շրջանակ:

UNWTO.Themis Foundation

¡Únete al equipo!
Buscamos 2x profesores para la Maestría en Gestión de destinos turísticos.

🗓Fecha límite: 16 de febrero de 2019.

Más detalles 🔽

#UNWTOAcademy #OMT

Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides / AAPTG

#Զբոսավարների դասընթաց-վարժանք

Հայկական խաչքար։ Ծագումն ու զարգացումը, սիմվոլիկան։

Դասախոսության բանախոս՝ Համլետ Պետրոսյան

The Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides visiting a winery. Part of their education program and refreshing courses.

#Զբոսավարների դասընթաց-վարժանք

Այսօր ճանաչողական հետաքրքիր շրջայցով "Արմենիա վայն"(Armenia wine)գինեգործարանում էինք, ուր ծանոթացանք գինեգործության զարմանահրաշ գործընթացին և, կարելի է ասել, համտեսեցինք մեր երկրի համը գինու տեսքով։
Շնորհակալություն բարեհամբույր ընդունելության և հետագա համագործակցության համար։

UNWTO.Themis Foundation

Pencil in act on.

#UNWTO Executive Education Workshop on “Sustainability in Tourism Destinations” in #UAE.


🔔🇰🇿👩‍🎓Congratulations to The Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism that has just been awarded the #UNWTOTedQual Certification from World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) for their following tourism education programmes:

🌐 Master Degree MSc. Program - Specialty Tourism
🌐 Bachelor Degree Program BSc - Specialty Tourism
🌐 Bachelor Degree Program BSc - Specialty Hotel & Restaurant Business

Visit Kazakhstan
#UNWTOAcademy #Tourism4SDGs #Kazakhstan
Kazakh Tourism ҰК АҚ - Казах Туризм

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Yerevan State University
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ArmFriends ArmFriends
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Армянская социальная сеть

"Շանս" ուսումնական կենտրոն "Շանս" ուսումնական կենտրոն
Չայկովսկի 34
Yerevan, 0001


PTPI Armenia PTPI Armenia
Yerevan, Sebastia 104

PTPI Armenia (People to People International)

Cambridge Club of Armenia Cambridge Club of Armenia

Cambridge Club of Armenia promotes Cambridge University and its traditions in Armenia and unites all Cambridge Alumni there.

Արարատյան բակալավրիատ / Araratian Baccalaureate Արարատյան բակալավրիատ / Araratian Baccalaureate
19a, Koryun Street
Yerevan, 0009

Արարատյան բակալավրիատն ավագ դպրոցի համակարգային վերափոխման ծրագիր է։ Մենք վերափոխում ենք ուսուցիչներին, դպրոցների ղեկավարներին, առարկայ

Tesl Edu Tesl Edu
5 Nalbandyan, 3rd Floor, Suite 30

“TESLEDU” LLC offers a variety of Language courses: General English, Intensive English, Communictive English and English for kids.

HDMarket Armenia HDMarket Armenia
Վազգեն Սարգսյան 10
Yerevan, 0010

Ֆինանսական շուկաներում աշխատանքն այժմ գրավում է ավելի մեծ քանակությամբ ներդրողների, քանի որ նրա բնորոշ գծերն են՝

EVN Wine Academy EVN Wine Academy
74 Teryan Street
Yerevan, 0009

Whether you are student of oenology or a complete beginner in the world of wine, EVN Wine Academy has a course for you!

UK Education UK Education
Buzand Street 1/3
Yerevan, 0010

Student Recruitment Education in London Masters degree at affordable price

Advance by Challenges Advance by Challenges
4 Tigran Mets Avenue
Yerevan, 0010

4 Tigran Mets Street, Yerevan, AM +37496561530, +37498561531

Club de Hispanohablantes Club de Hispanohablantes
"Espaces" Youth Training Center , Nalbandyan 29


Institute of PsychoBioSocioEconomic Sciences Institute of PsychoBioSocioEconomic Sciences
Sundukyan 15/ 2,206

The institute of PsychoBioSocioEconomic Sciences aims to facilitate any project and activity in the domain of Psychological, Biological, Social, & Economic issues.