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Let your child create something truly incredible by combining science, mathematics, engineering and technology.

The robotics for kids program does just that in a fun and interactive way to promote learning. This allows kids the opportunity to explore their curiosity and use it to make purpose-built robots to solve problems, practically applying the concepts that they learn in school.

The robotics program aims to subject children to topics of science, maths, engineering and technology at an early age in way that they can understand and apply it to create unique solutions to everyday problems.

The program takes kids through modules such as robots for invention, health and fitness, starting a business and life hacks, covering a large variety of interests. The sessions are conducted in a way that is easy to follow and open to interpretation as per the child's curiosity and imagination, motivating them to think, solve and lead.

Suitable for kids of ages 10+.
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Introducing the Robotics Summer Camp.

The Robotics & Coding introduces STEM concepts (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) to kids in a fun and interactive manner so that they 'LEARN through PLAY'.

The program motivates children to think critically, analyse facts, and solve complicated issues with real-world significance regardless of their level of learning.

Give your children the academic and professional skills today that will prepare them for tomorrow!


Happy New Year!
May this new year be full of learning and growth!



Career Assessment Program (CAP) is the most comprehensive career counseling program for students from grade 9 to 12. It is a scientifically designed and approved career guidance program that helps students to decide right stream, course and career selection in accordance with their personality and abilities.

A form of Psychometric assessment, the CAP Test is a standard scientific method used to measure ability, skills and personality traits of an individual and assist them in opting for the right career path.

Personality Test
Personality plays a vital role in choosing the right career. This test measures the natural behavior of students in different situations.

Aptitude Test
Aptitude is a person’s ability to perform different tasks naturally. It is crucial to identify what a student is good at versus what he thinks he is good at.

Career Interest Test
Students are asked to select the career options in which they are interested and which they would like to pursue. We then map the career fields of interest to their personality and aptitude.

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The SAT and EmSAT are built to measure the students' skills independently of the curriculum and the exams specify the students’ performance level nationally and internationally.

The SAT and EmSAT Exams are important because:

1. The SAT and EmSAT tests are an alternative to other higher education entry tests.

2. The SAT and EmSAT tests evaluate the skills, language and subject knowledge of students based on their grades.

3. Enroll in any colleges or universities within UAE or abroad.

So, leave the stress of university/college admissions behind and focus on achieving a high test score to set up for success and open opportunities to top universities.

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Which is the correct 3D Shape for the 2-Dimension Drawing? A or B?

Understanding 2D Drawings and creating a visual 3D image is an important skill for any engineer/machinist to have. The same goes for creating the 2D Drawing with Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerances of a 3D Shape. It is essential for an engineer to be proficient in design and drawing so that all information can be conveyed accurately to make a part/component with sound engineering principles.

So, are you able to figure out the correct Isometric/3D view of the drawing? Type your answers in the comment section below.

Also, if you would like to know more about our CAD programs, simply drop us a message and we'll be happy to assist you!


Happy International STEM Day !!!
A day to celebrate and inspire students to think creatively, collaborate, and solve problems for a better world in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The foundation of innovation lies in a dynamic, motivated and well-educated workforce equipped with STEM skills; Skills that can be learnt from a very young age and nurtured to create curiosity and grow passionate about solving real world problems by simple, innovative and effective solutions.


Life is often described as a learning journey. Whether we realised it or not, we are perpetually undergoing the process of learning (and sometimes relearning).


If you have ever wondered 'what makes a trainer qualified to teach?' then let us tell you a bit about our expert trainer Ms. Shaihla.

Ms. Shaihla leads the English Language Programs at Prime Education Centre such as IELTS Test Preparation, Academic English for IG/A-level and Business English for Career & Development.

With qualifications such as Master's Degree in English Language, Literature and Education, TESOL Graduate and Level 2 Trainer in Teaching English to Students of Other Languages; Ms. Shaihla is also pursuing her PhD in English to acquire the esteemed Doctorate title.

While having such qualifications is impressive, they wont help unless the trainer is backed with years of teaching and training experience, this is what makes Ms. Shaihla stand out. With many years of teaching experience, she understands the requirements and needs of different students and candidates. This helps her to effectively conduct learning sessions and deliver the best learning experience to our students.

Get in touch with us to learn more about us, our trainers and programs!


Did you know about our Accounting, Business Studies & Economics Academic Skills Development Program for IG and A-level?

A strong foundation in these commerce based subjects is imperative for a successful career in this field.
Our expert trainer Mr. Shahzaib understands the academic requirements and the needs and trends of the current market. This has enabled him to customize the Academic Skills Development Program in Accounting, Business Studies and Economics to not only be relevant for improving the students academic performance but also set them up for a successful career in the future.

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The Academic Skills Development Program is more than just Subject Tutoring.

The academic skills development program is carefully designed to not only teach subject topics but to impart other benefits to the child as well.

Our trainers, with their many years of experience, understand that each child is different and has different needs and requirements. With the knowledge of teaching hundreds of students, our tutors are able to adapt their teaching style in order to deliver the best learning experience for the students.

While covering new topics and clearing the concept, our teachers also advise on taking proper notes that help students at a later time. When children open their books to revise and comes across clear notes that are easy to understand, this increases their confidence and makes the learning process easy and interesting. The child feels motivated to study and is able to solve challenging questions without fear or panic, allowing them to perform at their highest potential.

We at PEC work hard towards maintaining an atmosphere that makes students excited and look forward to learn. This creates a space where students are able to focus and concentrate while learning, making the most of their time spent with us.

If you'd like to learn more about the culture, values and courses at PEC, get in touch with us and we'll be happy to assist you! 10/10/2022

The After School Program is designed to take away the stress of Learning and Homework from the Parents and their Children.

With the After School Program Parents can focus on spending more quality time with their kids at home and building a strong bond with them, without worrying about the school performance.

Our Expert Trainers help to develop the child's learning skills in Maths, Science & English and aid with the homework completion while also engaging in social interactions and dialogue. This approach helps the child to improve their academic performance and become confident in their social interactions.

The fun and lively atmosphere at PEC encourages the kids to learn and keeps them excited to come everyday while also improving their behaviour at home.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you and your child!


Learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics concepts through Robotics is a fun and interesting way for kids to develop their Science, Maths and Teamwork skills with other students.

The Robotics and Coding course helps kids understand the teachings from school in a practical and interactive manner.

Developing STEM skills in kids from an early age helps them set up for success in their future where they are able to understand and solve real world problems in a critical way with application of applied concepts.

The Robotics and Coding program also helps kids explore their creativity in problem solving such that they are able to develop innovate solutions to any problem or task they are presented with.

Get in touch with us to know more about the course!

# Maths

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The most common area of confusion for candidates is whether to take the IELTS General Training or Academic Test.

Here is a post breaking down both the tests and giving you all the essential information in order to make the decision of whether to choose the IELTS General Training or IELTS Academic Test.

1. If you are planning to migrate to another country like Canada, UK, Australia, etc. you will need to give the IELTS test in order to prove your English Language Proficiency. If you are migrating for Work, then you will have to give the IELTS General Training Test. If you are planning to migrate for further studies, then you will have to give the IELTS Academic Test. Each of the tests are designed for their on specific purposes so make sure you are attempting the correct IELTS Test.

2. Apart from the purpose, the IELTS General Training and Academic Tests have some differences in the modules as well. For example, the Reading and Writing Modules of the IELTS General Training have topics which are more Generic and used in everyday life. However, the topics in the IELTS Academic Test for the Reading and Writing Modules are based on Professional or Scientific Research. Hence, the content of theses sections differ according to the purpose.

3. Don't be worried, there are a few similarities in the two IELTS Tests as well. For example, the Listening and Speaking Modules for both the tests have similar topics. The topics for the IELTS General Training and Academic Tests are generic and used on a daily basis.

4. Some consider that the difficulty level of the IELTS General Training and Academic Tests also differ. However, in our experience of both the Academic and General Training Tests, we found the difficulty level of both the tests to be the same. After all, the IELTS is a test for English Language Skill rather than a test for being an expert in the subject topic provided in the test.

Hope these points helped you understand the similarities and difference of both the IELTS Tests and informed you on which one is the right choice for you.

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Speaking English proficiently has never been more important than in recent times. With the whole world being a cultural mix of people from different backgrounds, English is the language that unites us and helps us communicate with each other.

Speaking English proficiently and confidently bears many advantages like improved career prospects for professionals, better performance in school and academics for students and socializing with people, friends and family.

Here are a few tips that will help you be more confident in your English speaking skills and communicate with other effectively, leaving a good impression on them.

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Studying may seem dry and boring. However, it does not have to be that way. It really depends on our mindset and how we approach it.

If we think of studying to be a chore, then it is going to be a long and struggling process. However, if we are excited to learn something new, this is going to help us have fun while gaining new knowledge.

Learning is an essential part of human life and it never ends whether we like it or not. So we should make this process as fun and interesting as possible.

Here are a few Studying Do's and Don'ts that we believe will help you build good habits and get rid of the bad ones.

Happy Studying!

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Do you want to help your child become a next-generation Innovator?
Robotics classes for kids creates a learning environment in a fun and creative way.

The aim of the Robotics Coding Program is to open an exciting world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) to kids by simply teaching robotics. It will help children explore the skills required in the STEM-related fields and will help them express their imagination and creativity.

Prime Education Centre offers the Robotics Coding Program for Kids to guide them with an in-depth understanding of STEM concepts through practical sessions. Students take part in creating robots through an organized learning curriculum and this structured course helps them develop the most essential skills required for academics and their future careers.

Get in touch with us to learn more!

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The English Language Programs at Prime Education Centre are customized to help students,
1. Prepare for English Proficiency Tests and Exams like IELTS and TOEFL.
2. Perform well at School and in Academics.
3. Improve Careers prospects by refining and polishing Communication Skills in a Business Environment.

Contact us to learn more on how we will be able to help and support you!

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Back to School is here!

Are you excited to go back to school and meet all your friends again?
What have you planned for your first day back in school?

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The After School Program at Prime Education Centre provides an environment for children to continue learning after school in a fun and interesting manner.

The program focusses on developing the academic skills of the student so that they may perform better in school and set them up for success.

The program offers a range of activities like Math and Science skills development, improving English for better understanding of academic concepts and social situations, homework assistance to make sure the child understands and completes the topics taught in school.

The after school support program is a comprehensive program to develop the overall learning skills of the child for better academic performance in a fun and creative way.

Get in touch with us to learn more!

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Our primary goal is to have a positive influence in a student's life and set them up for success in their future. This is what we work hard for and strive towards.

Kind words like these from our students and the trust from their parents is a rewarding feeling and makes the countless hours of training and support we provide worth it.

We love seeing our students thrive and receive the high achiever award giving us a similar feeling a parent undergoes when they see their child succeed.

This simply adds fuel to our passion to provide the best training and educational support to every student that comes to us.

Check out more such reviews on our google page!

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The IELTS Training Program, with the help of our Expert Trainers, develops your 4 main skills tested in the IELTS Exam. With many years of experience, our Qualified Trainers have some useful tips and strategies that help our Students attempt the IELTS Test with confidence and achieve a high Band Score. In addition, the program comes with many perks and benefits too.

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Studying does not have to be tedious and boring. Here are some common bad habits that students normally do and make studying a chore rather than being fun and interesting.

1. Missing classes sets you up for failure. Classes might seem boring and uneventful. However, the teacher covers and explains key concepts in the class that cant be conveyed through the text in a book. It also affects subsequent classes that you will attend as you wont know the points covered in the previous class and will make you feel lost and lose interest further.

2. Taking notes in class is crucial and easily overlooked. When a teacher covers a topic in class, the explanation of the concept is fresh in your mind and you are able to grasp the information quickly. However, this information is not stored permanently in our brain. Taking notes in your own words creates a key point and a system to look back at the topic in the future and remember exactly what the topic is about and the information that is trying to be conveyed.

3. Simply attending the class wont do you any good. It is natural to have doubts and questions about a new topic that is being taught. Not asking questions creates a knowledge gap in your mind, where you understand the concept however do not know the reason behind the information being a certain way. Clearing these doubts and questions in the class will eliminate any ambiguity and create a solid foundation for understanding upcoming topics.

4. Studying is much more than reading from a book. The study environment plays a huge role in the understanding and retention of new information/data. Studying in a dull environment will affect your mood and make you tired easily. Also, your mind wont process and store new information effectively. It is advisable to study under white/bright light to feel more active and grasp concepts quickly. One study even went ahead to see whether the sense of smell and taste could affect retention of information. They experimented with a chewing gum while studying and chewing the same flavoured gum during an exam to see whether it helped to recollect the information quicker. While the results had many variables we like the idea of munching on something tasty during the study sessions and exam to keep things fun and stress-free.

5. Studying for the sake of studying and trying to memorise information will only get you so far. You will not be able to retain the information for a long time, making you study from the start again when you try to revise the topic at a later point in time. Studying to understand is the best way as once the concept is understood thoroughly, you will eliminate the need to go through it again and revision of the topic in the future will be a breeze saving your valuable time during the exam days. It does take longer than simply memorising, however, it is worth the effort.

6. The worst study habit is having gadgets nearby that distract you from your study session. Whatever gadget is not essential during your study session must be kept away or on silent to keep your mind from diverting and focused on the task at hand. Multitasking while study will only make the session longer and ineffective.

As the schools are reopening now, keep these points in mind to set yourself up for success for this new academic term. Good luck!

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Academic Skills Development Program has been specifically designed to equip students with the necessary skills for ongoing academic success. It includes a number of targeted courses that students can choose from, depending on which subject they need to improve in.

We know that students invest significant time and effort in their studies, but all too often many struggle to obtain the results that reflect their commitment and potential.

With a team of highly trained and qualified trainers, EVERY student can achieve academic success. We are now taking registrations for the Academic Skills Development Program that will give students the confidence to ace their academic challenges.

Register with us Now!


We are familiar with these commonly used words on the left. However, can you match the words on the left with their synonyms (words that have the exact or similar meaning) on the right?

Practice these words and use them in your next discussion, presentation or day to day life and improve your English proficiency and command over the language.

Remember, a little progress each day adds up to big results. Happy Learning!

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Improve your English Skills with Prime Education Centre.
Whether you want to learn English for Work, Study, Travel or Business Communication, we have got you covered with our English Language Programs.
Get in touch with us for more info!


With the advent of technology, the pandemic crisis, and the overall fast pace at which things are changing…today there are hundreds of career options, with people trying out new and different things almost every day.
How would a student then know what’s right and what’s not for them?
At PEC we are well aware of the stress and anxiety that comes with selecting the right career.
To resolve that, we have experts who have years of experience in guiding confused students and working professionals. Reach out to us and get back on track to your path of success.

To learn more about PEC and the courses offered by us click on the link in our bio or if you have any queries you may contact us at +971 50 375 50 49.

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Tell us the answers in the comments section below.
Also, how many of these did you get right?

PEC has experts in English, Arabic, and French who teach students that are spread across all levels i.e. beginner, intermediate and advanced.

If you’re eager to learn and get better at any of them you can click on the link in the bio for more details or if you have any queries you may contact us at +971 50 375 50 49.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in UAE ?

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Let your child create something truly incredible by combining science, mathematics, engineering and technology.The robot...
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Studying does not have to be tedious and boring. Here are some common bad habits that students normally do and make stud...
We are familiar with these commonly used words on the left. However, can you match the words on the left with their syno...
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