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Strong adjectives ;)

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Strong adjectives ;)

What day of the week do you usually feel blue?

Going into Monday like... đŸ˜­đŸ˜‚ Even Prince isn't ready!#Monday #work #NOOOOOOO..#ActivaIdioma #learnEnglish #speakEnglish...

Museums and pubs and kilts, oh my! The Quest was a smashing success thanks to our brave and enthusiastic Questers! More ...

First Snow!
Snow finally made it to Andorra la Vella! (made it = arrived) Are you ready for it?Another example of 'made it':- I mad...

"to pass sth around"watch the video, needs no explanation

New phrasal verb!own up to = admitMy son broke my smartphone and refused to own up to it!

Buckle up
Another phrasal verb for your collection!buckle up = corda't el cinturĂ³ / ponte el cinturĂ³n

Another phrasal verb. Meet up = trobar-se (encontrarse) / quedar

Phrasal verb: Lie down (from